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Secret Marketing Formula


The following report includes 50 powerful marketing formulas. Do you really need to know all of these formulas to be successful? Of course not. But if there are at least a few formulas you didn’t know before, just imagine how valuable they could be to your business.

The most important thing is to study each marketing formula with an open mind. The more you understand about any formula, the more useful and beneficial it will be. A careful reading of these formulas could really make a big difference in your profits.

The entire point of this report is to give you inspirations and idea so that you might have new marketing ideas which help you to grow your business to the next level.

  1. The “Problem Solver” Formula
    The “I’m going to solve the problem I found with (product owner’s name and name of
    his popular product)…” formula tells your prospects that you fixed a problem(s) with a
    popular product that you and many others have had and solved it with your new
    product release. So, if your prospects had the same problem they will likely buy your
    quick fix.
  2. The “Upsell Motivator” Formula
    The “I just added an upsell page with another product and you’ll earn (no.) per
    sale…” formula tells your prospects that if they promote or are currently promoting
    your product through your affiliate product they can earn commissions on the upsell
    offer now too. It will motivate new and old affiliates to promote your product. You can
    even mention the conversion ratio of the upsell product and how much they could
    potential earn on top of your main product sales.
  3. The “Increasing Proof” Formula
    The “don’t refresh the page or the price will go up, I know from experience…” formula
    tells your prospects that if they refresh the page of the affiliate product you are
    promoting that the price will go up. You can tell them you made that mistake because
    you tested it and then you had to pay a higher price for it. It will show them proof that
    it’s not a marketing ploy like they may have been thinking and it will motivate them to
    buy now. Also tell them if they can’t order now, leave the page up till they come back
    to it.
  4. The “It’s Not Luck” Formula
    The “famous people/experts just didn’t (your product’s benefit) by chance…” formula
    tells your prospects that when they benefitted they didn’t do it by themselves, they
    had help. Of course you should mention your product was the help they had. Many
    people think celebrities and professionals just get lucky, but their secret is they
    sometimes can afford and try out products before the general public does.
  5. The “Impatient Mob” Formula
    The “customers are hounding us left and right to see how soon they will get (your
    product’s name)…” formula tells your prospects that your physical product must rock
    because customers are that impatient about waiting for it to ship to them. You can
    even mention the ones that paid for express shipping can’t wait either and they will
    get it before everyone else. Tell them your customers are ringing your phones off the
    hooks, you’ve had countless e-mails, tons of posts on your messages boards, etc.,
    asking when they can expect your product to be delivered and some have even
    offered to pay you double the price to get it there faster.
  6. The “Investment Proof” Formula
    The “it worked so well I bought the rights to it…” formula tells your prospects that you
    paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a product you got to try out before it was
    released to the general public and offered the owner one lump sum for the rights to
    release it yourself. People will realize it must work like crazy for you to invest that
    much money in it.
  7. The “Distraction To Focus” Formula
    The “it’s easy to get distracted, there are roughly (no.) products released every
    day/week/ month/year about (your product’s niche)…” formula tells your prospects to
    agree with you if they realize and notice how many products are released regularly
    and they are always trying to buy the next greatest product. Just tell them to stay
    focused only on purchasing products that will directly gain and support their desired
    benefit and then show them how your product can help them do that.
  8. The “Shell Shocked” Formula
    The “it’s less than $(very high number)…” formula gives your prospects a clue that
    your product or an affiliate product that you are promoting costs less than a 3,4 or 5
    digit number. Then later on you can really shock them in your sales letter that it’s only
    a 1 or 2 digit price. For example it’s less than $1495…(later on)It’s only $9.97! People
    will lower their buying defenses when they are a little shell shocked.
  9. The “Right Way” Formula
    The “it’s a 100% (legal, ethical, moral, lawful, etc) way to (your product’s benefit)…”
    formula tells your prospects that your product will give them a desired benefit without
    the normal mod-like methods used by some unethical people or products. For
    example, increase your sales with out spamming. If they are legal but unethical
    products you could use word like: cheating, black hat, immoral, corrupt, etc.
  10. The “Scream The Theme” Formula
    The “(your product’s benefit) or walk the plank…” formula tells your prospects that
    you are relating your whole product presentation to a certain theme in your sales
    letter. For example, if your theme was war you could use graphics like tanks,
    camouflage background, guns, you dress up as a soldier, etc. You could use lines
    like fire in the hole, about face, cover their flank, etc. An entertaining product theme
    can lower your prospect’s buying defenses.
  11. The “Over Production” Formula
    The “my fulfillment company mistakenly produced (no.) extra copies…” formula tells
    your prospects that you originally thought you sold out your product but you were
    mistaken and now you have more to sell. You can even tell them that you a had few
    returns and add to that number. You could charge your prospects less if the
    fulfillment company didn’t charge you for the extra copies or if the returned ones were
    slightly damaged.
  12. The “Lower Standards” Formula
    The “I’m promoting this product even though it slightly goes against my business
    ethics but (a reason)…” formula tells your prospects that you don’t usually promote
    these types of products because they go against your business principles but you
    had a good reason to do so. The problem with the product could be the sales letter
    uses many questionable persuasion tactics, it has an unprofessional cheap looking
    web site, it’s a highly saturated resell rights product, etc. Your reason to promote it
    could be it’s one of your close friend’s products, it’s a business you owed a favor to, it
    donates a percentage of the profits to charity, etc.
  13. The “Field Trip” Formula
    The “bonus: take a field trip to our headquarters in (city, state)…” formula tells your
    prospects they can take a tour of how you run your business and create the products
    that will give them their desired benefit in person if they purchase your product. It
    could be at your office, in your factory, at your home (business), etc. At the field trip
    you can also offer food, drinks, free products, free consulting, live entertainment, etc.
  14. The “Little Niche” Formula
    The “when you do a search for the term (popular niche) in (name of the search
    engine) you get over (no.) results…” formula tells your prospects that if they purchase
    the resell, master resell, private label rights, etc to your product it will be in a different
    niche with less competition to sell it. Just follow by showing them the lower search
    results for the niche your product is in.
  15. The “Big Time” Formula
    The “I’ve been in business for (no.) minutes…” formula tells your prospects that
    you’ve been in business a long time because you timed it in minutes instead of years.
    Usually, the larger the number sounds the more credibility you’ll get. You could
    present your total years in business by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks,
    seasons, etc.
  16. The “Just One” Formula
    The “check out the screen shots of just one of our affiliates…” formula tells your
    prospects to view a highly detailed, graph charted commission report of one of your
    super affiliates. They will actual imagine themselves having that type of commission
    report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in their own account. It could motivate
    them enough to sign up to your affiliate program and/or promote your product like
  17. The “Idea Generator” Formula
    The “it will make your brain start to spin…” formula tells your prospects that your
    product will stimulate their brain to come up with new ideas they would have never
    thought of to improve their life. You product could be a brainstorming product, an
    information product or any other product that would switch on people’s minds to turn
    out new ideas.
  18. The “Please Everyone” Formula
    The “keep in mind, I have lot of newbies and experts on my list…” formula tells your
    prospects that you had to create the product in a way so it would make sense for
    beginners and advanced enough for gurus to learn something new. You could tell
    them that you added a beginners quick start guide/instructions and experts skip over
    the easy stuff guide/instructions.
  19. The “Humble Beginning” Formula
    The “I’m not going to brag or show off here…” formula tells your prospects you are a
    very humble person and you just want to help them succeed. You can tell them you
    won’t show them photos of all your benefits to make them jealous, you won’t show
    them screen shots of your results to make them think you are better than them, etc.
  20. The “Teacher Was Wrong” Formula
    The “my teacher gave me a (a bad grade like D or F) in (a subject related to your
    product)…” tactic tells your prospect that even though other people tell them they
    aren’t good at something doesn’t mean they can’t improve their life. For example, you
    could be selling a weight loss product and you lost 100 pounds but your nutrition or
    physical education teacher gave you a F in the class.
  21. The “Crash Into Cash” Formula
    The “our server crashed…” formula tells your prospects that so many people wanted
    to learn more about your product and buy it that you couldn’t handle all the traffic.
    You can tell your prospects and the affiliates that are promoting your product not to
    worry because you just added a number of extra servers and everything is running
    properly. Your affiliates will be really motivated to sell it because of all the interest
    people are having with your product.
  22. The “Behind It All” Formula
    The “I never told anyone this before but I secretly helped tons of (type of
    experts/celebrities) (your product’s benefit)…” formula tells your prospects that before
    you released your product you worked behind the scenes to help people solve their
    problems and reach their goals. People will be curious about why you kept your
    product hidden for so long and want to try it out for themselves.
  23. The “We Are Hiring” Formula
    The “help wanted, we are hiring…” formula tells your prospects that you are looking
    for a few select individuals to work at your business. Just send them to your web site
    to fill out an application and maybe while they are there they will purchase your
    product(s) too. You can tell the potential employees the positions you are hiring, a
    description of the job, how much experience they need, the yearly salary or wage,
    etc. It doesn’t matter who your target audience is because almost everyone needs a
    job or better paying one.
  24. The “Ya, It’s Dead” Formula
    The “(a product/market niche) is dead…” formula tells your prospects that a product
    or system they usually buy or worship is dying and your new product is better and
    taking it’s place. You just have to give them some real life proof you are totally right.
    Also using terms related to death grabs peoples attention like it has been murdered,
    it has been put to rest, it has been killed, it will rest in peace, it’s been destroyed and
    annihilated, it’s been slain, etc. You could even list the dates the niche was created
    and died are graphics like on a tombstone, executioners in masks, weapons,
    caskets, cemeteries, etc.
  25. The “High Fee Or Free” Formula
    The “I just added (type or name of product) to the member’s area…” formula tells
    your prospects that if they become a paid member of your subscription only site that
    they would get the product for free. Plus tell them the product’s value which should
    be higher than the monthly or yearly fee of your private membership site. Also allow
    them to buy the product separately without being a member of your site for a little
    more and they will see the savings of being a member.
  26. The “Way Beyond 100%” Formula
    The “grab 125% commissions…” formula tells your prospects that if they join your
    affiliate program and promote your product you’ll give them 100% of each sale and
    then some. It will motivate people to send people to your squeeze page to build your
    list. To make sure you can afford to pay them you just offer an OTO to their
    prospects that will make you money on the upsell/backend.
  27. The “Moderator Motivator” Formula
    The “I just become a moderator of (a popular forum/message board)…” formula tells
    your prospects the popular forum owner must trust your judgement and they should
    too. You could just send the prospects the link to the forum so they can see for
    themselves. As a moderator you could set up a deal with him/her to run a certain
    section/topic of the forum that’s related to your product and have an ongoing ad
    posted on it as long as you are the moderator.
  28. The “Rich To Richer” Formula
    The “brain surgeon quits his job to (your business opportunity)…” formula tells your
    prospects that your money making program, course or opportunity is so good a
    highly paid professional would quit his career that he/she went through years of
    college to do. You just need to present your prospect with testimonials,
    endorsements or case studies of how your business idea worked for him/her.
  29. The “Pot Grows” Formula
    The “for every sale the affiliate bonus goes up $(no.)…” formula tells your prospects
    that you are holding an affiliate contest for the most sales and the bonus amount will
    grow with every sale every affiliate makes until a certain date. You could even add
    your own out of pocket money to the bonus to make it bigger. At the end of the
    contest you could divide the total affiliate bonuses up between the certain number of
    the highest resellers. For example, 1st place gets 50% of the bonus, 2nd place gets
    30% of the bonus, 3rd place gets 20% of the bonus, etc. You could also use a more
    imaginative detailed example by saying if the affiliate bonus total ends up being
    $20,000, then theoretically divide up the money 1st place would get $10,000; 2nd,
    $6000; 3rd $4000, etc.
  30. The “Reality Of It All” Formula
    The “total visitors on the site (no.)…” formula tells your prospects in real time how
    many people are at your web site or sales letter along with them. You could be more
    detailed and tell your visitors how many paying customers you had today, how many
    op-in subscribers you had today, how many forum registrations you had today, etc.
    People are usually followers and will sometimes copy the leaders (which is the
    people that already took an action on your web site).
  31. The “Hard Copy” Formula
    The “bonus: grab the physical resell rights…” formula tells your prospects they can
    turn your digital product into a physical product like a book, audio, video, etc and sell
    and keep 100% of the profits. You could even produce the physical product and drop
    ship it for them for a percentage of their resell profits, once they get an order they pay
    you a certain amount and you ship it to their customers. They’ll have no hassles of
    duplication, packaging or shipping the product. The good thing about this is you won’t
    have to compete with your resellers because you’re selling the lower priced digital
    version and they are selling the higher priced physical version. You could eventually
    have an army of people sending you profitable orders.
  32. The “Over Re-Payment” Formula
    The “get a full 110% rebate in one year…” formula tells your prospects they will get a
    rebate of over their full purchase price after a long period of time. If your business is
    online you can have them turn in your rebate by e-mailing you their receipt after one
    year. They will realize that all the risk will be on you and they won’t lose any money
    plus they will gain some money. You can say the extra 10% is interest for taking the
    time to order and try out your product or a way to say thanks for being a loyal
    customer. If most people are like me, they will forget about turning in that one year
    rebate. People are busier than ever now a days, quit using the product and store it
    away, throw away or lose the rebate mail-in forum or email, etc.
  33. The “Tone It Down” Formula
    The “I’ve just released a toned down version of (your sold-out product)…” formula
    tells your prospects that you sold out of your limited edition, high ticket product but
    because so many people wanted it who couldn’t afford it, you created a lower priced
    version. The difference of each version could be that one is a physical product and
    one a digital product, one comes with bonuses and one doesn’t, one has detail
    information and one has general information. Plus, you can upsell them the advance
    information separately if they need it.
  34. The “Buying Guide” Formula
    The “free ecourse: things to consider when buying (your type of product)…” formula
    tells your prospects they will get a free consumer buying course when they opt-in to
    your e-mail list. You could offer the course as downloadable ebook or by
    autoresponder sending a lesson every few days. Of course, everything you tell them
    to look for when buying your type of product should be what your product offers and
    place your ad for it after each lessen.
  35. The “Higher The Better” Formula
    The “make (no.) per sale with the bronze level, make (no.) per sale with the silver
    level, etc…” formula tells your prospects the bigger and higher priced the product
    package/membership they purchase the higher their affiliate commission will be. For
    example, earn $15 per sale when you buy the basic plan, earn $25 per sale when
    you buy the deluxe plan, earn $35 per sale when you buy the advanced plan, etc.
  36. The “Show Me How” Formula
    The “Bonus: a reseller/affiliate manual…” formula tells your prospects you will give
    them an ebook, report or booklet of step by step set-up instructions, advertising
    resources, creative tips and marketing strategies on ways to make money with your
    affiliate program or resell rights product. Beginners as well as some experts will like it
    because it will help eliminate their mistakes and learning curve.
  37. The “Volunteered Compliments” Formula
    The “the experts actually volunteered their testimonials…” formula tells your
    prospects that most people think that experts or professionals give you testimonials
    because they owed you a favor or you paid or bribed them somehow. That will
    remove their buying defenses and make your expert testimonials a little more
    believable and extra persuasive.
  38. The “Fast Discount” Formula
    The “the next (no.) people that order get a 75% discount on (the name of your
    upcoming product), the next (no.) people that order get a 50% discount on (the name
    of your upcoming product), etc …” formula tells your prospects if they purchase your
    main, current product you will give them an early bird bonus of a discount on your
    future product release. It will create urgency because the quicker they order the
    bigger discount they will get on your next product launch.
  39. The “Single Is Cheaper” Formula
    The “it’s only $(low price). you have (no.) days/week to order it or you will be required
    to order (a more expensive product) to get it…” formula tells your prospects they will
    have to buy an high price product later on in order to get you current product release
    unless they purchase it now at a lower price. If they are at all interested in your
    product they will definitely buy before they have to spend more money down the road
    to get it in a big product package deal.
  40. The “Fresh Words” Formula
    The “Bonus: ongoing, fresh user generated content…” formula tells your prospects
    they will get free access to other customer’s information they donate to the
    members/customers area of your online, private product delivery location. It could be
    community content they could read like from a forum or blog, donated private label or
    republishable content from your customers, etc. Plus, you could allow your
    customers to use the content for their own web site or information products if they
    include your ad.
  41. The “Number Of Letters” Formula
    The “just one (no.) letter word can (your products benefit)…” formula tells your
    prospects a clue about a word that relates to the product you will be offering them.
    You could use the hint to persuade them to read the rest of your ad, click on your
    web site link, open your e-mail message or opt-in to your list. People will take action
    just to see what the word is or if their guess was right.
  42. The “Drum Roll” Formula
    The “let’s have the drum roll please…” formula has your prospects subconsciously
    think back to a time and remember a specific sound when there was an important
    announcement going to follow it. Other branded sounds you could describe or use in
    your audio or video messages to gain your prospects attention are sirens, horns, gun
    or cannons firing, severe weather tv beeps, a vehicle backing up sound, a horn
    blowing, etc.
  43. The “Re-Uniting” Formula
    The “I’m re-uniting one last time with (expert/famous person’s name) to show you
    how to (your product’s benefit)…” formula tells your prospects that you worked with
    that person in the past on a successful product (they may already own and like).
    Since you will be meeting one last time people will want to have one last chance to
    see how you can help them improve their life. It could be that you are reuniting to
    create and present a new product together, doing a teleseminar or seminar tegether,
    doing a workshop or class together, etc. You can even tell your prospects the total of
    how much you two together normally charge and offer them a much lower price.
  44. The “Reward The Reader” Formula
    The “I’ll regularly reward you for (opening, responding to, reading, etc) my e-mails…”
    formula tells your prospects that they shouldn’t delete your e-mails because they may
    get something for free that will help them reach their goals in life. Explain to them you
    know that we all are getting bombarded with spam but you will offer them goodies
    because you want to truly help them. You could even tell them the types of rewards
    you will be offering them like free products, subscriber only discounts, win/win first to
    know JV offers, subscriber only affiliate bonuses, etc.
  45. The “If You Can” Formula
    The “if you can (something simple/quick) you can (your products benefit)…” formula
    tells your prospects that your product will give them their desired benefit if they can
    accomplish an easy or everyday action. It could be if they can point and click, copy
    and paste, swallow a pill, stick on a patch, breath in and out, talk on the phone, etc.
    People like products that won’t interrupt or change their normal habits or way of life.
  46. The “Money Up-front” Formula
    The “I’ll offer you $(no.) to joint venture with me…” formula tells your prospects that
    you will pay them an upfront fee if they send your product offer to their lists. And
    that’s on top of the commissions you will pay them. You just want to make sure the
    marketer has a big or highly targeted list of mostly proven buyers. Some marketers
    may think you’re just being desperate so you may want to give them a reason why
    you’re offering money up-front. For instance, you don’t want them to take any risks
    or because you know you’ll make the upfront fee back because it converts so well.
  47. The “Build Up” Formula
    The “if you just (verb – lose, make, etc.) (no.) (an amount – pound, dollar, etc.) a (time
    period – year, day, week, etc.)it would equal (no.) (an amount – pound, dollar, etc.)
    and (time period – year, day, week, etc)…” formula tells your prospects your product
    will give them an easy formula or system that will add to their desired benefit over a
    certain period of time. For example, if you just lose 5 pounds a month that would
    equal 60 pounds in one year. Another example, if you only make a $500 a week that
    would amount to $26,000 a year.
  48. The “Affiliate Compliment” Formula
    The “my affiliate bonus is the perfect compliment to (the name of product you are
    promoting)…” formula tells your prospects that if they order the affiliate product
    through your link you will give them a personal bonus of your own that will make the
    product even better. Your bonus could help make the product easier to use, the
    benefits appear faster, make them easier to understand, etc.
  49. The “Get Your Share” Formula
    The “get your share of (a major benefit that someone else is selling or owns)…”
    formula tells your prospects your product will help them gain their beneficial slice of
    pie from a resource that already has an abundance of it. For example, get your share
    of the 20 billion (type of industry) market. Another example, get your share of the
    50,000 pounds this amazing weight loss formula has removed from people all over
  50. The “100% Winner” Formula
    The “win 100% commissions for (no.) (days, weeks, months, years, etc)…” formula
    tells your prospects you are holding an affiliate contest and if they sell the most they
    will qualify to keep all the profits they sell. You could even offer a 100% commissions
    contest for multiple web sites and/or products you own instead of only one product.

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