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Gen bin & order tut

ccgenn0.pw – (generate bin)
dollarshaveclub.com – (site na oorderan)


  1. ito bin 521069035833xxxx|01|­27
  2. igenerate mu lang ung CC no. wag na ksama date and year ..
    3 . punta ka amazon. co. uk
  3. pili ka item na 40gbp below and then add to cart.
    5.generate ka email mu sa getnada. com
  4. register ka and check out muna ung order mu wag kna magprime direct na agad.. 7.Ph address sabay lagay mu ung na generate mu na bin CC no. at icopy paste mu na lang ung date at year nia. 8.pipili ka dun ng dlawang currencies PAY IN PHP or PAY IN GBP .. PILIIN MU UNG PAY IN GBP then proceed boom..

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