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US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance – Michael Salla

In December 2015, a remarkable book was published detailing a
highly credentialed aerospace engineer’s direct exposure to secret space
programs and extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs. What immediately
distinguished William Tompkins’ book, Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life
in the top secret world of UFO’s, think tanks and Nordic secretaries, was the
extensive number of documents he presented that substantiated key aspects of
his testimony. The documents he included could be confirmed and fact
checked. Information found within them allowed for further investigation,
especially in terms of historic records and Freedom of Information Act
documents, to confirm whether or not he was revealing actual historic events
that had taken place.
What lent even greater credibility to Tompkins’ book was that its
editor, Dr. Robert Wood, had worked at the same aviation company where
Tompkins says he was asked to design kilometers-long secret spacecraft for
the US Navy. Dr. Wood was employed with Douglas Aircraft Company (later
McDonnell Douglas) over a 43 year period (1949-1993), and worked there at
the same time as Tompkins (1950-1963), even though the two had never met
prior to 2009.[1]
Among Dr. Wood’s assignments while at Douglas was to research
UFO reports to determine the feasibility of flying saucer designs for the
aerospace industry. He was assigned this task by Douglas after he met with
chief executives:

One day after I reported to a couple of VP’s on how we were doing,
one of them asked me personally if I was doing anything interesting
outside of my job. ‘You’re not going to believe this, but I’ve read
about 50 books on UFOs’, I said, and ‘the amazing conclusion I have
come to is that they are very real extraterrestrial craft’. The only thing
that’s uncertain is whether we find out how they work before or after
our competitor Lockheed. After a moment of silence one of them
(VP) said, ‘how much would it cost to take a look at that question’?
Therefore we started a project, quite low key, to take a look at the
question of how they work.[2]

Dr. Wood was able to corroborate the names of key engineers, scientists and
projects at Douglas, which Tompkins referred to; especially senior company
officials such as Elmer Wheaton and Dr. Klemperer who are key figures in
what Tompkins said took place in a secret think tank at Douglas. Regarding
this Dr. Wood wrote:

I knew or had met nearly all of the people he referenced, especially
the key persons he worked for in a “think tank”, Elmer Wheaton and
his German scientific advisor, Wolfgang B. Klemperer. His story of
the work he did exactly coincides with what I remember, although I
was not aware that there was a think tank at that time at that location.

Dr. Wood was so impressed with Tompkins’ detailed and accurate testimony
that he decided to assist him by becoming the editor of his autobiography. He
wrote the following conclusion in his Preface to Tompkins’ book:

I have total confidence that he is honestly telling the story as he best
remembers it. Fortunately, Bill had kept some copies of some photos
and documents that support this story and are included as figures as
they apply. They do indeed enhance the credibility of this man’s
amazing life so far.[4]

In January 2016, after I had heard several interviews featuring both
Tompkins and Dr. Wood, which aired in December 2015 on the popular Jeff
Rense radio show, I immediately got in touch with Dr. Wood to learn more
about Tompkins.[5] He vouched for Tompkins bona fides and the significance
of his testimony for understanding the UFO phenomenon. What I found
especially intriguing was that Dr. Wood pointed out that when he read my
own book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Life,
which had been published in September 2015, he was struck by the
similarities with Tompkins’ information. He immediately ordered a copy for
Tompkins and gave it to him. Dr. Wood said that Tompkins reaction upon
reading my own book was one of astonishment. I subsequently spoke by
phone with Tompkins. He stated that he had been told that he would be the
first to reveal the role of Nazi Germany and the US Navy in developing secret
space programs, and the role played by different extraterrestrial civilizations.
My book investigated the whistleblower claims of Corey Goode, who

said he served in a secret space program created by the Navy called Solar
Warden, as well as other related programs for a twenty year period, from 1987
to 2007. I found much in the way of historic documents, additional
whistleblower testimony and circumstantial evidence which supported
Goode’s startling claims. Tompkins’ information added significant details and,
most importantly, documents that helped validate key parts of Goode’s
testimony. More significantly, as you will read in chapter nine of this book,
there is a very good reason why there are so many similarities between
Tompkins and Goode’s accounts of respective Nazi Germany and US Navy
secret space programs.
After speaking with Dr. Wood and Tompkins in January, I decided to
travel from my Hawaii home to San Diego to meet with them both in
February 2016. I encountered Tompkins as someone who despite his
advanced age (92 at the time) still possessed a sharp mind and great attention
for detail. While no longer having a photographic memory, which marked him
out as exceptional early in his aerospace career, Tompkins could still
remember the bulk of what he had experienced.
At his San Diego home, Tompkins brought out six boxes of
documents which Dr. Wood and I examined. He allowed us to copy the most
relevant documents for our respective investigations. These documents were
invaluable since they added more details about Tompkins’ long and
distinguished career in the aerospace industry, and with the US Navy in
various capacities. Significantly, despite his official retirement, Tompkins
continues to work as a ‘consultant’ for the Navy with a current security
clearance. I have travelled two more times to San Diego to meet with
Tompkins (October and December 2016). On each visit, Dr. Wood and I have
been able to see more of his documentation, which he needs to retrieve from a
nearby storage area—some of which are reproduced in this book.
In mid-2016, I began working with an attorney, Duke Brickhouse,
Esq., to track down Freedom of Information Act documents that shed light on
Rear Admiral Rico Botta, the senior Navy officer Tompkins identified as the
key figure in a World War II covert Navy operation to spy on Nazi Germany’s
secret aerospace programs. The FOIA documents we received (over 1500
pages) provided conclusive evidence that supported Tompkins’ claims of
having worked with Admiral Botta on a covert intelligence gathering project
related to experimental aircraft research. Some of these documents are
presented in chapter two.
Chapters three and four discuss developments at Douglas Aircraft
Company and its offshoot, Project RAND, after World War II concerning
intelligence briefing documents about Germany’s secret space program, and

the study of crashed UFOs. Of special interest is Tompkins’ account of the
role played by competing groups of extraterrestrials, described by him as
“Reptilian” and human-looking “Nordics,” in the development of advanced
aerospace technologies both in Nazi Germany and the US. Tompkins says that
the “Nordics” had infiltrated Douglas Aircraft, and helped him create designs
for future US Navy space battle groups.
Additional FOIA requests were made concerning other Navy officers
identified by Tompkins as relevant to what had occurred in Nazi Germany,
and the Navy’s subsequent development of a secret space program. The FOIA
documents received to date provide important details, which corroborate key
aspects of the big picture Tompkins has revealed about Navy space battle
fleets capable of interstellar operations. Chapters five and eight will discuss
these “big picture” aspects in terms of “soft disclosure,” where two popular
science fiction series can be directly connected to the Navy’s secret space
program that Tompkins helped design.
I also was able to track down and interview three retired US Navy
officers (a Rear Admiral, a Captain and a Commander) who were willing to
attest to Tompkins’ bona fides, as an expert in areas of special interest to the
Navy, when he was President of the Rogue Valley Council Navy League from
1991 to 1999. In particular, two of the officers were identified on a document
provided by Tompkins revealing the existence of a “Special Projects
Committee” that Tompkins says discussed plans for various extraterrestrial
and secret space program related projects. Two of the Navy officers
confirmed that the Special Projects Committee existed, and that Tompkins
often discussed the extraterrestrial topic in meetings. Importantly, they
confirmed that Tompkins was regarded as an expert on the extraterrestrial
topic and was well connected to important Navy officials when it came to this
subject. Documents pertinent to the projects Tompkins conducted at the Navy
League are found in chapter seven.
It is important to note that Tompkins states he was permitted to come
forward with his testimony and documents with the approval of a senior Navy
official wanting to disclose the existence of the Navy’s secret space program.
Tompkins’ claim that his disclosures are covertly sanctioned by the Navy is
borne out by his continued work as a Navy consultant, and is confirmed
within a document he confidentially showed Dr. Wood and I.
Tompkins’ continued relationship with the Navy while coming
forward with his testimony becomes even more momentous given the
outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election. Chapter 10 reveals a limited
disclosure initiative that involved key figures in the Clinton campaign. They
were informally briefed about a “limited disclosure” initiative involving a US

Air Force run secret space program, which operates independently of the
Navy’s more technologically advanced program. Chapter 11 focuses on the
key institutional relationships that President Trump needs to develop in order
for “official disclosure” of secret space programs to occur. What this means
for ending a technological divide between the vast majority of humanity and
those belonging to a smaller breakaway human civilization is vital to
The prospects of “full disclosure” of secret space programs and
extraterrestrial life under President Trump’s administration is examined in
chapter 12, in light of his choices of senior national security personnel. The
prospects of them gaining “need to know” access to secret space program
information in order to competently brief Trump will be assessed, as will
Trump’s likely response. The final chapter takes a close look at the role of the
“Nordics” and other friendly extraterrestrials in terms of what their
technological and spiritual assistance means for full disclosure, as well as
preparing humanity for predicted solar and cosmic events that are expected to
radically transform life on Earth.
The documents presented in this book not only directly support the
testimony of William Tompkins, but also corroborate the testimony of Corey
Goode and other secret space program whistleblowers. This book should
therefore be considered as volume two to Insiders Reveal Secret Space
Program and Extraterrestrial Alliances. The information in these two books
about the connection between the historic development of multiple secret
space programs and different extraterrestrial civilizations is life changing—it
certainly was for me.

Michael E. Salla, M.A., Ph.D.
Kaimu-Kalapana, Hawaii
February 7, 2017

Spectacularly Enigmatic Los Angeles Air Raid

On the night of February 24, 1942 and on into the early hours of the
25th, residents of Los Angeles, California were awakened by an extraordinary
UFO event. An unknown number of unidentified aircraft silently flew in a 40-
mile arc across the sky, centered over Long Beach, while the US Army and
Navy ships in Long Beach Harbor unleashed anti-aircraft artillery barrages
against the mysterious objects. They were feared to be Japanese aircraft about
to launch another surprise Pearl Harbor-like attack. Hundreds of thousands
witnessed the hovering UFOs, which were well lit up for several hours by
searchlights and the anti-aircraft artillery during a total blackout. The UFOs
did not attack but damage was done by the artillery shells which fell to the
ground causing significant property losses.
The events of that night were extensively covered by major
newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, which wrote a number of
stories about the unexploded artillery shells and property damage. Here is
how a 1983 book officially documenting US Air Force history, The Army Air
Forces in World War II, described the incident which involved as many as 25
unknown craft flying near Long Beach as written in an Army Colonel’s

During the night of 24/25 February 1942, unidentified objects caused
a succession of alerts in southern California… An alert called at 1918
[7:18 p.m., Pacific time] was lifted at 2223, and the tension
temporarily relaxed. But early in the morning of the 25th renewed
activity began. Radars picked up an unidentified target 120 miles
west of Los Angeles.

Figure 1. Los Angeles Times Coverage of Air Raid Incident

Antiaircraft batteries were alerted at 0215 and were put on Green
Alert—ready to fire—a few minutes later. The AAF kept its pursuit
planes on the ground, preferring to await indications of the scale and
direction of any attack before committing its limited fighter force.
Radars tracked the approaching target to within a few miles of the
coast, and at 0221 the regional controller ordered a blackout.
Thereafter the information center was flooded with reports of “enemy
planes, ” even though the mysterious object tracked in from sea
seems to have vanished. At 0243, planes were reported near Long
Beach, and a few minutes later a coast artillery colonel spotted “about
25 planes at 12,000 feet” over Los Angeles. At 0306 a balloon
carrying a red flare was seen over Santa Monica and four batteries of
anti-aircraft artillery opened fire, whereupon “the air over Los
Angeles erupted like a volcano.”[6]

This book, published by the Office of Air Force History, went on to describe
unconfirmed reports of several of the UFOs being shot down:

These mysterious forces dropped no bombs and, despite the fact that

1,440 rounds of antiaircraft ammunition were directed against them,
suffered no losses. There were reports, to be sure, that four enemy
planes had been shot down, and one was supposed to have landed in
flames at a Hollywood intersection. Residents in a forty-mile arc
along the coast watched from hills or rooftops as the play of guns and
searchlights provided the first real drama of the war for citizens of the

In contrast to the Air Force official history book’s account of the Los
Angeles Air Raid’s mystery craft, the official explanation by Frank Knox,
Secretary of the Navy, at a Press Conference on the morning of the event was
that the incident was “just a false alarm” caused by jittery nerves. His
statement is illustrated in the following February 25, 1942, Los Angeles
Times article (see Figure 2).
Henry Stimson, Secretary of the Army, waited a day before issuing a
statement that laid the foundation for the subsequent 1983 official Air Force
history of the Los Angeles incident. He said that up to five unidentified craft
were involved in the incident and proposed two explanations:

[L]ocal commanders … indicated a belief that from one to five
unidentified airplanes had been over Los Angeles. Secretary Stimson
announced this conclusion as the War Department version of the
incident, and he advanced two theories to account for the mysterious
craft: either they were commercial planes operated by an enemy from
secret fields in California or Mexico, or they were light planes
launched from Japanese submarines. In either case, the enemy’s
purpose must have been to locate anti-aircraft defenses in the area or
to deliver a blow at civilian morale.[8]

Figure 2. News Coverage of Navy Secretary’s View of LA Air Raid

The conflicting Army and Navy explanations served only to confuse the
situation as a New York Times editorial explained:

The New York Times on 28 February expressed a belief that the more
the incident was studied, the more incredible it became: “If the
batteries were firing on nothing at all, as Secretary Knox implies, it is
a sign of expensive incompetence and jitters. If the batteries were
firing on real planes, some of them as low as 9,000 feet, as Secretary
Stimson declares, why were they completely ineffective? Why did no
American planes go up to engage them, or even to identify them?[9]

Knox’s quick dismissal of the Los Angeles UFO incident appeared to be an
effort to cover-up the seriousness of what had happened. This was highlighted
by the Army’s more forthright statement about the unidentified aircraft that
were involved. What was the Navy trying to cover up?

Figure 3. Los Angeles Times Covers Army Secretary on LA Air Raid

Among the thousands of witnesses to the event was a young William
Tompkins, who was 17 years old at the time and living with his parents in
Long Beach. He got to see the extraordinary event up close. Now at age 93,
Tompkins wrote about the incident in his 2015 autobiography, Selected by

On February 25, 1942, three months after the attacks on Pearl Harbor,
a very strange thing happened. By this time, my family had moved to
Long Beach. We were now living in a high second-floor apartment
that was converted from a large home. It was only four blocks from
the ocean. At about 8:00 pm on the night in question, my father called
my brother and me to our deck, which faced the bay. There was a
strange intense light just above the horizon: a narrow beam pointing
towards the ocean. The little beam turned horizontally, right into our
eyes, and hit the back wall of our apartment and the surrounding
trees. It was blinding. Suddenly, and bafflingly, the light went out.
Whatever it was, had gone. There was nothing we could do but stand
there amazed. Finally we retired to our beds.
Just after midnight, the air-raid sirens and anti-aircraft guns of
the coastal artillery woke everyone up. We ran out onto the street and
saw a large round craft, above seven thousand-feet up, floating in the
air above us. It slowed to a stop right overhead and remained
stationary. It was lit up by eight searchlights, while anti-aircraft shells
burst all around and against it. Most of the shells exploded on the
bottom of the craft – we just couldn’t believe the thing hadn’t
exploded or been shot down. Three, then five, other ships appeared
near it; some of the searchlights, as well as the anti-aircraft teams,
focused on each one as they passed the first object. Eventually, the
first craft slowly departed as well.[10]

Tompkins and many other reports support the official Army position
that there were several unidentified aircraft involved in the Los Angeles Air
Raid incident. The Los Angeles Examiner reported that civilian witnesses had
estimated 50 planes that slowly traveled in a “V” formation.[11]
Some of the UFO craft stopped motionless over Long Beach,
according to Tompkins. Clearly, these were not conventional aircraft, and
displayed an advanced propulsion system unknown at the time. It would be
after the war that the first helicopters would be built with the ability to hover,
yet these hovering craft over Los Angeles were silent according to Tompkins
and other witness reports. The motivation for the Navy’s Secretary Knox to
cover-up the incident now becomes clearer. The unknown craft’s ability to
hover and withstand an artillery barrage would have sent shock waves
through the general public and the War Department.
There were several aircraft companies in the Los Angeles area which
included the Douglas Aircraft Company, headquartered in Santa Monica, and
Lockheed Aircraft, headquartered in Burbank. We know that senior personnel
from Douglas, including its President Donald Douglas, personally witnessed
these events, according to Tompkins, who later worked for 12 years with the
Douglas Aircraft Company.[12] These aviation industry leaders immediately
realized the revolutionary significance of the propulsion systems displayed by
the hovering UFOs as described by Tompkins.
In addition, Long Beach Naval Shipyard at the time was under the
direct flight path of the UFOs, and this would have been a major concern for
the Navy. Were the UFOs part of a reconnaissance mission by Japan, or other
Axis powers, to ascertain the strength of anti-aircraft defenses for a possible
future attack, as the Secretary of the Army hypothesized? Or, were the UFOs
interplanetary in origin raising the possibility of revolutionary propulsion
systems that could radically transform the aviation industry and significantly
impact the war effort?
In either case, both the Office of Naval Intelligence and Army
Intelligence (G-2) would certainly have attached great urgency to studying the
UFOs involved in the incident, and especially retrieving any artifacts from the
craft targeted by the artillery barrage. This leads to the question of whether
any of the reports of up to four craft being shot down were in any way
accurate, despite the Army’s official dismissal of such reports? According to
the Los Angeles Examiner, civilians reported that three craft had been shot
down while over the ocean.[13] Tompkins says that he learned from
confidential Navy sources (he was working at the time as an asset for the
Office of Naval Intelligence) that two flying saucer-shaped craft were shot
down.[14] The saucers were recovered respectively by the Navy and the Army,

and it was discovered that the saucer-shaped craft were unmanned fully
automated drones.[15]
A leaked official document, whose authenticity is still disputed, refers
to two UFO craft being shot down and being secretly retrieved respectively
by the Navy and the Army:

… regarding the air raid over Los Angeles it was learned by Army
G2 that Rear Admiral Anderson … Naval Intelligence, has informed
the War Department of a naval recovery of an unidentified airplane
off the coast of California with no bearing on conventional
explanation. Further it has been revealed that the Army Air Corps has
also recovered a similar craft in the San Bernardino Mountains east of
Los Angeles which cannot be identified as conventional aircraft. This
Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery
airplanes are in fact not earthly and according to secret intelligence
sources they are in all probability of interplanetary origin.[16]

The document is an alleged Top Secret Memorandum from Chief of Staff of
the Army, George Marshall, to President Roosevelt, dated March 5, 1942.
According to the document, Marshall:

… issued orders to Army G2 that a special intelligence unit
be created to further investigate the phenomenon and report
any significant connection between recent incidents and those
collected by the director the office of Coordinator of
Information. [17]

This is allegedly the genesis of the Army’s legendary “Interplanetary
Phenomenon Unit.”
The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) was a highly classified
army intelligence unit that did exist during the World War II era. After
initially denying its existence, the US Air Force was eventually forced to
acknowledge that the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit did exist for a period
of time. Documents released through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
confirmed the existence of this highly secretive investigatory group, despite
the best efforts by Air Force officials to cast doubt on its existence.
In May 1984, for example, UFO researcher William Steinman sent a

FOIA request to the Army Directorate of Counterintelligence. Steinman
received a reply from a Lieutenant Colonel Lance R. Cornine:

As you note in your letter, the so-called Interplanetary Phenomenon
Unit (IPU) was disestablished and, as far as we are aware, all records,
if any, were transferred to the Air Force in the late 1950’s. The ‘unit’
was formed as an in-house project purely as an interest item for the
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence. It was never a ‘unit’ in the
military sense, nor was it ever formally organized or reportable, it had
no investigative function, mission or authority, and may not even
have had any formal records at all. It is only through institutional
memory that any recollection exists of this unit. We are therefore
unable to answer your questions as to the exact purpose of the unit,
exactly when it was disestablished, or who was in command. This last
would not apply in any case, as no one was in ‘command’. We have
no records or documentation of any kind on this unit.”[18]

Figure 4. Alleged Memo from General Marshall to Roosevelt

Cornine’s letter did acknowledge that the IPU did exist, but downplayed its
existence as merely an “interest item” that was never an operational army
“unit” of any kind.
In March 1987, British researcher Timothy Good also sent a FOIA
request to the US Army’s Directorate of Intelligence. Good received a reply
from Colonel William Guild. Guild’s letter not only confirmed the IPU’s
existence, but also revealed that the IPU was operational at one time:

Please be advised that the aforementioned Army unit was
disestablished during the late 1950’s and never reactivated. All
records pertaining to this unit were surrendered to the U.S. Air Force
Office of Special Investigations in conjunction with operation


So according to the Army’s Directorate of Intelligence, the IPU did exist and
was abolished in the late 1950’s. No time line is given for when it was active.
Consequently, the leaked March 5, 1942 memorandum, where General
Marshall ordered “Army G2” to create “a special intelligence unit” to
“investigate the phenomenon,”[20] almost certainly was referring to the
Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit. This is the conclusion reached by Dr.
Robert Wood and his son Ryan in their respective efforts to authenticate the
Marshall Memorandum:

The memo bears correct Office of Chief of Staff (OCS) file numbers
and has “Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit” (IPU) typed on it at a later
time by a different typewriter. It is logical to believe that this is the
order that sets up the IPU.[21]

Additional support for the authenticity of the leaked March 5, 1942 Marshall
Memorandum comes from a document officially released in 1974, through the
Freedom of Information Act.[22] The document is dated February 26, 1942,
and again involved a memorandum from General Marshall to President
Roosevelt. Issued one day after the Los Angeles Air Raid, it provides a
preliminary report of what occurred that is consistent with the contents of the
March 5 document, issued one week later. In the February 26 Memorandum,
Marshall tells Roosevelt:

The following is the information we have from GHQ at this moment
regarding the air alarm over Los Angeles of yesterday morning:
From details available at this hour:

  1. Unidentified airplanes, other than America Army or Navy
    planes, were probably over Los Angeles, and were fired on
    by elements of the 37th CA Brigade (AA) between 3:12 and
    4:15 am. These units expended 1430 rounds of ammunition.
  2. As many as fifteen airplanes may have been involved, flying
    at various speeds what is officially reported as being “very
    slow” to as much as 2000 mph and at elevations from 9000 to
    18000 feet.
  3. No bombs were dropped.
  4. No casualties among our troops.
  5. No planes were shot down.
  6. No American Army or Navy planes were in action.
    Investigations continuing. It seems reasonable to conclude that if
    unidentified airplanes were involved they may have been from
    commercial sources, operated by enemy agents for purposes of
    spreading alarm, disclosing locations of antiaircraft positions, and
    slowing production through black out. Such conclusion is
    supported by varies speed of operation and the fact that no bombs
    were dropped.[23]

The official February 26 memorandum points out that further Army
investigations were being conducted, indicating that Marshall would send
updates on the incident as more was learned.

Figure 5. Feb 26, 1942 Memorandum to Roosevelt
Significantly, the February 26 memorandum refers to the speed of
some of the unidentified craft as “very slow,” corroborating Tompkins’
account that some of the craft were indeed hovering over Los Angeles. This
helps authenticate that the craft were non-terrestrial in origin since the only
known hovering capable aircraft at the time were balloons/dirigibles, which
would have been easy targets for the anti-aircraft guns. Consequently, after
the first memorandum was sent on February 26, Marshall was informed that
two of the unidentified craft had been located, and possessed highly advanced
propulsion technologies. These developments, after the February 26 memo

was issued, would have required a follow-up memorandum by Marshall to
Roosevelt, which is what the March 5 memorandum appears to be.
Finally, further support for the authenticity of the March 5, 1942
Marshall Memorandum may come from the Director of the FBI, J. Edgar
Hoover. In an official memo released through the Freedom of Information
Act, Hoover handwrote on July 15, 1947 (a week after the alleged Roswell
UFO crash): “We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For
instance, in the La case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for
cursory examination.”[24] Was Hoover referring to a flying disc recovered after
the Los Angeles Air Raid, or a disc stored at Los Alamos (La) National
Laboratory after the Roswell incident? Whatever the answer, Hoover is
indicating that the Army was studying recovered flying discs and not sharing
information with the FBI.
So, if Army Intelligence created the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit
to study the crashed remains of one of the Los Angeles Air Raid craft, what
did the Navy do with the craft it retrieved from the Pacific Ocean? According
to information provided by Tompkins, the Navy created its own intelligence
program to gather as much data about the flying saucer phenomenon as
possible using its worldwide intelligence assets. This was especially
important when it came to investigating intelligence reports of Nazi Germany
developing flying saucer prototypes.
Figure 6. Hoover’s Handwritten Comment on FBI Memo

Covert Navy Espionage Program on Nazi
Germany’s Flying Saucer Projects

Mussolini’s Flying Disk

With the formal entry of the US into War World II on December 7,
1941, the two main military services of the United States, the Army and
Navy, would rapidly expand their global intelligence gathering operations to
learn about the latest weapons and technology programs of the Axis Powers.
Then came the extraordinary February 24/25, 1942 Los Angeles Air Raid
UFO incident, which propelled the Army’s G2 to set up the Interplanetary
Phenomenon Unit to investigate reports of “flying saucer” technologies being
seen or developed anywhere that the US military could gain access.
On a parallel course, the Office of Naval Intelligence would set up its
own intelligence gathering operation to investigate the UFO phenomenon
using its world-wide assets. Both the Army and Navy were clearly concerned
over the possibility that the Axis Powers were developing technologies
reflected in what had been seen and recovered during the Los Angeles Air
Raid incident.
Yet, the first documented study of an advanced flying saucer craft can
be traced to Fascist Italy almost a decade earlier. In the late 1990’s, 18
Fascist-era documents were leaked to Italian researchers dating from the
1930’s, which dealt with UFOs.[25] These files were allegedly official
documents leaked by someone who had inherited them from a former top
level insider in the Italian Intelligence community. Of paramount importance,
the Italian documents were originals, which allowed forensic analysis to
determine their age and authenticity. After forensic analysis was completed
and dismissed the possibility that they were modern forgeries; Italian
researchers released the documents and their findings.
Among the files were documents mentioning a 1933 UFO crash in the
Lombardy region involving a highly advanced craft that resembled a flying
saucer. A top secret organization called Cabinet RS/33 was created to study
the captured craft, along with the growing number of flying saucer sightings.
[26] It was headed by famed Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi.
As Cabinet RS/33 continued its classified study of the captured 1933
flying saucer and sightings of similar craft in the immediate years after,
advisors at some point would present Mussolini with the determination that
Nazi Germany was involved. The 1933 flying saucer in possession of the
Italians, and/or later UFO sightings, were either part of or related in some way
to a top secret Nazi advanced aviation program.
Once Mussolini’s Cabinet RS/33 realized that it was Nazi Germany,

and not France or Britain, behind the flying saucer phenomenon, this would
surely influence Fascist Italy as it feverishly modernized its Air Force with
the increasing likelihood of another major European war. Discovery of a
flying saucer and related craft belonging to a secret space program created by
Germany explains Mussolini’s puzzling decision to increasingly ally himself
with Hitler.
A secret agreement between Hitler and Mussolini for the study and
development of flying saucer technologies was reached sometime in 1938,
according to one of the leaked Italian UFO documents:

… in this latest consignment of material, he included copies of new
documents which—so he said—demonstrated the existence of
agreements between Hitler and Mussolini for the study of alien
technology, agreements that had been made in 1938; these documents
were: an Agency Stefani message from Florence containing an
interview with the Fuhrer Hitler when he was visiting Italy; a
banknote of the nominal value of a million Lire (maybe “black funds
of the RS/33 CABINET”); minutes regarding the oath of secrecy
given by the professors who collaborated with the Fascist
Government; an invitation (registered) to Benito and Rachele
Mussolini to Villa Torlonia (said by “MR. X” to be for … an
extremely private meeting dedicated to the RS/33 CABINET).[27]

The secret agreement between Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, to
cooperate in the development of flying saucers and a secret space program,
would have come to the attention of the military intelligence services of major
European nations such as Britain, France and the Soviet Union on the eve of
World War II. In particular, Winston Churchill corresponded from 1936 to
1940 with Benito Mussolini in a failed attempt to dissuade him from
establishing an alliance with Hitler. It’s very likely that at some point
Churchill learned something about what the Italians were doing in the field of
advanced aeronautics. After World War II, Churchill, allegedly with the aid of
Britain’s MI6, traveled to Northern Italy to find his private correspondence
with Mussolini and have it destroyed.[28]
As Britain and the United States increasingly cooperated after the start
of armed hostilities on September 1, 1939, British intelligence would share its
findings about the Nazi Fascist cooperation on flying saucer programs. A
possible connection to the craft involved in the Los Angeles Air Raid incident
required serious investigation by the US military intelligence services.

A covert espionage program was subsequently created by the Office of
Naval Intelligence to infiltrate the advanced aerospace programs of Nazi
Germany, which were known to be developing antigravity vehicles for
possible use in World War II and even for space flight. Covert naval
operatives were embedded inside a number of Nazi Germany’s most
advanced research and development programs, and tasked to report back what
they had seen in debriefings secretly held at Naval Air Station, San Diego.
This information was then relayed by an appointed “Information
Disseminator” to various US think tanks, aircraft companies and university
departments, where scientists and engineers attempted to understand the
principles and the war potential of the Nazi antigravity technology projects.
Now, we finally know all this occurred since in December 2015, the Navy’s
Information Disseminator publicly revealed himself.

William Tompkins: Information Disseminator for Navy’s
Covert Espionage Program out of Nazi Occupied Europe

William Tompkins has revealed that he worked as the “Information
Disseminator” for the US Navy’s covert espionage program out of Nazi
Germany from 1942 to early 1946. To support his claim, he has supplied a
mission statement dated September 26, 1945, which he explains was
retroactively applied to his wartime service. Tompkins’ mission statement is
documentary support for his assertion that he was a participant in the covert
Navy espionage program set up in Nazi Occupied Europe to learn about
advanced aircraft programs, some of which he described as using antigravity
Tompkins’ story begins in 1932, when he was only nine. He recounts
how his father took him to the Navy’s deep water harbor in Long Beach,
California where he began the first of many public tours of aircraft carriers,
battleships, cruisers and destroyers, which were anchored. The public was not
allowed to take photos of the ships whose gun placements and radar designs
were still classified.

Figure 7. Tompkins’ Mission Orders

Possessing a photographic memory, Tompkins tells how he walked all
around the ships and took notes of what he observed, and soon after began

reproducing scaled models. Eight years later, Tompkins had built many
detailed and flawlessly accurate models of the Navy ships he had seen, and
his father was subsequently displaying them in a Hollywood Department
In 1941, after the Navy learned about the model ships displaying top
secret details, they interrogated Tompkins’ father rigorously, and then
Tompkins, himself. The models were quickly withdrawn from public
circulation. Senior Navy officers were nevertheless greatly impressed by
Tompkins’ remarkable talent.

Figure 8. Tompkins’ Ship Models on Display in Hollywood

A March 26 article in the Evening Outlook newspaper of Santa
Monica featured a photograph of Tompkins (age 17 at the time) showing
some of his ship models to Navy Captain G.C. Gearing, Commandant of the
11th Naval District in San Diego.
Rear Admiral C. A. Blakeley was quoted in the Evening Outlook:
It is with considerable interest and pleasure that I, together with
officers of my staff, examined several of the ship models.
Craftsmanship such as you have evidenced shows that you are a keen
student of detail and naval construction. Best of all, however, you are
doing something worthwhile as a young American—you are helping
to build into the American mind the importance of the nation’s first
line of defense to each American, young and old.[29]
Admiral Blakely had written directly to Tompkins on March 10, 1941,
directly congratulating him on his accomplishment.

Figure 9. Bill Tompkins Showing his Models to Captain Gearing

Tompkins’ photographic memory and ability to reproduce complex
ship design was extraordinary, and a US Naval Intelligence Officer, Lt. Perry
Wood, understood the contribution Tompkins could make to the Navy’s
pursuit of advanced technology:
Early in 1942, naval intelligence officer Lt. Perry Wood,
understanding the technical capabilities and historic research
necessary to create the ship models, put together a mission package
that resulted in Bill’s induction into the navy. After completing boot
camp in San Diego he was assigned a position in naval intelligence
on advanced technology projects.[30]

Figure 10. Admiral Blakely’s Letter to Bill Tompkins

Fatefully, Tompkins’ abilities would come to the attention of senior
officials looking for the right person to participate in the debriefings of spies
involved in a covert espionage program out of Nazi Germany and its occupied
territories. Tompkins says that Rear Admiral Rico Botta placed him on his
personal staff for four years (1942-46), and quickly elevated him to a
leadership position in the covert intelligence program, which used Naval
operatives with the rank of Lieutenant. All were second generation Americans
with German ancestry, which allowed them to easily infiltrate Nazi Germany.
Though officially only a seaman (E-3) when he began the covert
operation, Tompkins says he replaced a Commander at North Island Naval
Air Station in San Diego, who previously performed the role of
“Disseminator of Aircraft Research and Information” in the espionage
program. According to Tompkins, the spies, which numbered 29, travelled in
to San Diego on a six monthly rotational basis to give debriefings to a small
group comprising the head of the program, Admiral Botta, three captains, a
stenographer, and himself. Tompkins described how the meetings occurred:

We had this little small office. He [Rico Botta] was commander of
Naval Air Station, San Diego and so the admiral would be sitting
here. I’m sitting next to him and one of my three captain bosses
sitting here. A typist was sitting at the other side of the table and the
Navy operative — a Lieutenant Commander or Lieutenant would sit
over there. And he would lay out the information [with] some
sketches, very few photographs, so it was almost all verbal, almost
all. And if it was a system that we had already known about, other
operatives from the information two years before, and it was an
update of it, he would tie together all of the other organizations that
were tied with that specific part, of say the cigar shaped vehicles,
what the weapons were, what the operations were, the different
companies underneath the ground, which were slave labor
organizations .[31]

With the utmost care and attention, Tompkins would listen to the spies’
debriefings and subsequently create a detailed briefing packet, which he
would personally carry to select US aerospace facilities using a private
aircraft supplied to him by Admiral Botta. Tompkins has explained more of
this process in an interview:

Figure 11. Tompkins with Four of His Typist Assistants

… a Navy guy comes back from Germany, he tells us about this, we
put those packages together. I had 10 or 12 girls, typists, put together
the packages. The package is not to do it, the package is to take it to
Caltech and “you study it.” Take the package to Lockheed, “what can
you do with this?”[32]

He has also identified some of the Navy research facilities that the
packages were taken to:

We took the data to every Navy Research organization. We took it to
Navy Development Center, Warminster, Pennsylvania. OK. That’s a
big facility. I bet I went 20 times back there with stuff. The Caltech
one, I didn’t even go to Pasadena for that. I went to the Navy’s
weapons system at China Lake because Caltech was working on other
programs there. They would pull their scientists off, whatever that
was, and throw these guys into a package, and run with the ball…[33]

In support of his claim, Tompkins has supplied copies of two separate
passes he received to enter and leave the San Diego Naval Air Station with up
to three packages. These packages contained the alleged secret data provided

by the Navy agents being distributed by Tompkins to select think tanks and
corporations. The two passes in the following image show Tompkins was
permitted to carry one and three (briefing) packets out of the Naval Air
Station, respectively on April 17, 1944 and December 24, 1943.
In addition to the signature of the final authorizing officer, Admiral
Rico Botta (bottom left) in itself is highly significant; close examination of
the April 1943 exit pass provides additional crucial corroborating information
for Tompkins’ story. In his book, Tompkins says that he was given access to
the smaller of two

Figure 12. Tompkins’ Two Exit Passes from Naval Air Station, San Diego

planes that were at the disposal of Admiral Botta. Tompkins then explains that
he used the plane to take the briefing packages to different aerospace facilities
where the packages were used for research of extraterrestrial related
Flew admiral’s plane to Douglas El Segundo, Lockheed Burbank and
China Lake for four years… 1943-1945. Spent much time at China
Lake facility modifying rockets for testing (40 visits) and working on
their alien projects.[34]
The exit pass (see Figure 13) says “four [for] issue of non-combat

aircraft.” This corroborates his claim that he was authorized to expeditiously
take the briefing packages to a select number of aviation companies, think
tanks and university departments. The April 1944 exit pass authorizing
Tompkins to carry a packet using a non-combat aircraft is highly significant
in terms of demonstrating that he performed covert assignments as a
“Disseminator of Aircraft Research and Information,” in addition to his
official duties at the Naval Air Station.

Figure 13. Analysis of April 17, 1944 Exit Pass
The next document, issued just prior to his honorable discharge in
1946, shows Tompkins completing a final work assignment during World War
II as an Aviation Machinist’s Mate Petty Officer 2nd Class (AMM2).

Figure 14. Tompkins’ Final Duty Before Honorable Discharge

According to the Bureau of Naval Personnel Bulletin of May 1944,
the official duties of an Aviation Machinist’s Mate were: “Maintains and
repairs aircraft engines, propellers, fuel systems, brakes, hydraulic system,
gears, starters. Operates machine-shop tools.”[35] Carrying “packets” to
unknown locations, and using non-combat aircraft to do so, is clearly well
beyond the responsibilities of an Aviation Machinist’s Mate.
Furthermore, Tompkins’ two exit passes display a signature which he
states belonged to the commander of the Assembly and Repair Department,
Naval Air Station, San Diego—Admiral Rico Botta. If it was indeed Botta
that signed the two exit passes, this would help considerably in confirming
Tompkins’ claims of performing covert missions in addition to his official
duties. Botta’s signature appears on a number of documents received from the
National Archives under the Freedom of Information Act.[36] One document
shows a picture of Botta dating from 1934 when he was a Lieutenant

Figure 15. Botta’s Signature on 1934 Document

The 1934 document contains a clear image of his signature which can
be compared to the signature on the two exit passes supplied by Tompkins. As
the following graphic shows, and as document verification expert Dr. Robert
Wood confirms, the signatures look identical.[37]

Figure 16. Comparison of Botta’s Signatures

The confirmation that it is indeed Botta’s signature which appears on
the exit passes is documentary evidence supporting Tompkins claim that he
was performing duties as a disseminator of “Naval Aircraft Research and
Development” as described in his mission orders. In addition, Tompkins was
allowed to fly an airplane in support of his mission.
Botta is a crucial figure whose exceptional job performance was
recognized in running the San Diego Naval Air Station and spy program. He

was in charge of five thousand personnel performing maintenance, repair and
upgrades for the Navy’s top combat aircraft at the start of World War II. By
the end of the war, the Assembly and Repair Department had expanded to
over ten thousand personnel. The Admiral’s exemplary technical knowledge
and leadership at the vital San Diego base led him to be awarded a Legion of
Merit in 1945.

Figure 17. Legion of Merit Awarded to Rico Botta

It is no small fact to be missed that the distinguished commander, with
such vast responsibilities, is the one who signed Tompkins’ exit passes. A
lesser ranked superior would normally sign off on such minor documentation.
Clearly Tompkins was operating within a position of key importance to the
Admiral, and it placed him directly under Botta’s wing within the covert
intelligence program.

Admiral Rico Botta’s Special Expertise & Secret Intelligence

It is critical to connect Botta to the retrieval of craft from the Los
Angeles Air Raid incident, and uncover the reason why he was chosen to
head the debriefings of covert Naval personal reporting on secret Nazi
activities. The next FOIA document (see Figure 18) reveals that on February
25, 1942, the day of the Los Angeles Air Raid, Botta was ordered to travel
from the Navy’s Bureau of Aeronautics, in Washington DC, to Wright Field,
Dayton, Ohio. At the time, Wright Field was the location for both the Army
Air Force and Navy’s study of foreign and experimental aircraft. It was the
place where either or both Army G2 and the Office of Naval Intelligence
would have transferred the craft retrieved from the night of February 24/25.
The experimental aircraft facilities at Wright Field was the very same
location that the craft, later retrieved from the July 1947 Roswell UFO
incident, would be taken according to multiple documents and
whistleblowers. An official FBI teletype, dated July 8, 1947, confirms that
UFO debris from the Roswell incident was indeed immediately taken to
Wright Field after its discovery, despite the Army Air Force’s misleading
claim that it was a mistaken weather balloon (see Figure 19):

Figure 18. Document Showing Botta’s Travel to Wright Field Authorized on Feb 25, 1942

Figure 19. FBI Teletype Shows Roswell UFO Debris Was Taken to Wright Field

UFO researchers, Tom Carey and Donald Schmitt, wrote the book,
Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson, detailing the
substantial evidence linking Wright Field, and its successor, Wright Patterson
Air Force Base, as the premier US Air Force installation for studying
recovered antigravity craft. They wrote:
Outside of the UFO community, few are aware of Wright-Patterson’s
distinction of maintaining the U.S. government’s official
investigation of the UFO phenomenon from 1947 until 1969. With its
vital experience of testing and reverse-engineering all materials both
foreign and “from space,” it is a historic fact that whatever crashed
outside of Roswell fell under their purview. It is also a documented
fact that the “debris” from New Mexico was sent to Wright Field…[39]

The February 25, 1942 document confirms that on the day the Army Air
Force captured and began the process of shipping the captured Los Angeles
flying saucer craft to Wright Field, Botta received his orders to travel there.
He arrived on March 2, and stayed for at least two days examining the
captured Los Angeles UFO craft on behalf of the Navy’s Bureau of
The significance of the document cannot be underestimated since it
reveals that Botta was identified by the Navy’s leading engineering division,
the Bureau of Aeronautics, as their representative for investigating the power
systems of retrieved antigravity craft. At the time, Botta, then a Commander,
headed the Bureau’s Power Plant Design Branch. His technical expertise and
knowledge of massive power systems was well known to his Bureau
superiors. After the War, he received a Citation for his exemplary service as
the head of this Branch, as the following February 18, 1946 document shows.

Figure 20. Botta’s Citation for Exemplary Work in Navy Power Plant Design Branch

Yet, another FOIA document (see Figure 21) shows that on October 1,
1942, one month before he was assigned to Naval Air Station, San Diego, the
now Captain Botta, still stationed at the Bureau of Aeronautics, visited five
top West Coast research facilities working on experimental aircraft. This
FOIA document, issued on September 30, 1942, confirms that Botta was
directly involved in the study of experimental aircraft, and that this was
connected to his impending reassignment to one of these facilities, Naval Air
Station, San Diego, in December 1942.
Of special significance is the reference to the Douglas Aircraft
Company, which according to Tompkins was heavily involved with the Navy
and Army Air Force in studying the feasibility of antigravity research and
development. He says this cooperation led to an informal working group
comprising: three Douglas engineers, two generals and two admirals to create

a plan for what to do with the UFO craft retrieved from the 1942 Los Angeles
Air Raid. The working group culminated in the launch of Project RAND out
of the Douglas Headquarters in Santa Monica, California, in October 1945. I
will examine Tompkins’ claims regarding Project RAND in the next chapter.
Finally, the above travel authorization document demonstrates that
Botta had the background and experience to direct Tompkins to different
experimental aircraft facilities to deliver briefing packets in a covert
intelligence program which he directed. Regarding the reference to Botta’s
rank as Captain in the September 30, 1942 FOIA document (see Figure 22),
US Senate records available online confirm that in 1946, Botta had been
retroactively promoted to Rear Admiral as of June 1943, based on his war
time responsibilities.[40] FOIA documents provide additional information, such
as the following document signed by Botta where he accepted his retroactive
This confirms that at least seven months after he began his new
assignment running the Repair and Maintenance facility at the

Figure 21. Experimental Aircraft Facilities Visited by Rico Botta in Oct 1942

Figure 22. Rico Botta’s Acceptance of Retroactive Promotion to Rear Admiral

Naval Air Station in late December 1942, Botta was given a temporary
wartime promotion to Rear Admiral. Due to the contingencies of the war
which rapidly expanded the number of flag officer positions, the normal
official promotion process was suspended in many cases. Botta is among a list
of 58 Navy Flag Officers who had to wait until after the completion of the
war for the official process to resume, and receive retroactive commissions
reflecting their wartime ranks.[41] FOIA documents further confirm that Botta
retired in December 1952 with the rank of Rear Admiral Upper Class (a two
star admiral) after completing his final assignment as the head of the Naval
Air Material Center in Philadelphia.
Analysis of the previously shown documents corroborate Tompkins’
claim that he was indeed acting as a courier (“Disseminator for Aircraft
Research and Information”) for a covert Naval Intelligence program with up
to 29 spies in German occupied Europe during World War II. This leads to the
question: What did Tompkins learn and what information was he carrying in
the briefing packets to top US research and development facilities studying
experimental aircraft?

Nazi Germany’s Antigravity Programs & Extraterrestrial

What the naval operatives were reporting during their nighttime
debriefings was completely unexpected, even astounding according to
Tompkins. Admiral Botta and the three Navy captains could hardly believe
what they were hearing. Tompkins says the operatives discovered that up to
and during the World War II, there were two independent flying saucer
programs under development in Nazi Germany. The first was largely a
civilian effort that predated the Nazi rise to power in 1933, while the second
was led by the Nazi SS.
Tompkins said that the civilian German space program had been
inspired by a Nordic group of extraterrestrials, who were communicating
through young female German mediums. In an interview, Tompkins
confirmed that the leader of this group was Maria Orsic.[42] A stunning
physical likeness between her and one of the Nordic aliens Tompkins says he
met while working at Douglas Aircraft Company will be discussed in chapter
four. Similarly, Corey Goode says that when a photo of Maria Orsic was
allegedly shown to the Swiss contactee, Billy Meier, he identified her as
“Semjase,” the Pleadian/Plejaran/Nordic extraterrestrial who was meeting
with him. In a February 19, 2016 lecture, Goode said:

… when the military found out about Meier’s case, they sent people
over with some photographs for him to try and identify the female
being he saw. He quickly pointed out one photograph, saying, “That’s
her! That’s her!” Apparently the photo he pointed out was of Maria
Orsic, the medium from the Vril Society, who was making contact
with inner-Earth groups, and who played an intimate role in the pre
and post World War II German secret space program.[43]

Orsic was allegedly sharing ideas and theories with leading inventors
such as Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi. As mentioned earlier, Marconi
headed the Italian Flying Saucer study group formed by Mussolini in 1933.
Due to his association with Orsic, Marconi became aware of how advanced
the civilian run German Secret Space program had become. After passing on
some of this information to Mussolini, who was likely influenced by it to
form an alliance with Hitler, Marconi decided to fake his death and disappear
to South America to set up a civilian flying saucer program.[44]

Tompkins went on to explain that there were many inspired by Orsic’s
information, and/or the alleged Aldebaran extraterrestrials she was working
with in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The goal was to build vehicles capable of deep
space flight using principles of teleportation, and to even travel to the
Aldebaran star system.
He said that there were a staggering 1,442 individuals from all walks
of life devoting resources to what could be likened to a modern day Noah’s
Ark to escape another prophesied World War:
Figure 23. Maria Orsic Photo which Meier Allegedly Saw and Claimed was Semjase
Some of those people in the 1,442 were scientists and engineers in
Germany, and some were shoe salesman. They all wanted to build a
space ship. They borrowed money, took out loans on the farm, and
were in debt up to their necks [as] they were trying to [buy] materials
to build their spaceship. It was like they thought they could simply

load their families and friends into their ship and fly off to some
distant star.[45]
It may sound implausible that ordinary civilians could build vehicles, capable
of deep space flight using teleportation principles, without significant
assistance by national governments. However, in the early 1960’s, Otis Carr, a
protégé of Nikola Tesla, developed a flying saucer craft that used
teleportation principles. Carr’s goal was to also kickstart a civilian spacecraft
industry. Unfortunately for Carr and his supporters, his civilian space program
was terminated by government authorities who confiscated Carr’s prototype
spacecraft, the OTC-X1, and jailed him on concocted securities fraud.[46]

Figure 24. Otis Carr’s OTC-X1 in 1961

The second flying saucer program in Nazi Germany was under the
control of Himmler’s SS, who were attempting to weaponize the program for
the war effort. According to Tompkins, the spies reported that the Nazi’s
effort to win the war through weaponizing flying saucer technologies was
being assisted by another group of extraterrestrials, called the Reptilians. This
dangerous and conquest oriented faction had reached secret agreements with
The Navy agents (spies) in Germany discovered what all those “out
of this world” aliens gave Hitler: UFOs, antigravity propulsion, beam
weapons, extended life and plenty of mind-controlled willing girls
programs. The Reptilians made a deal with the Third Reich SS giving
them this big box full of toys in exchange for letting Hitler enslave
the rest of the planet.[47]
Tompkins has further exposed how “Reptilian consultants” were helping the
Nazi SS develop advanced weapons technologies:
They had, if you want to call them, “consultants”, who are Reptilian

consultants assisting on all of these different things that it takes to
design and build these spacecraft carriers, and propulsion systems. So
this is an extremely well developed program and documented like
crazy. Getting copies of the documents was hard for them, hard for
our spies. This was an open program in the upper level of the SS.[48]
The spies learned that the goal of the Reptilian plan was not only to
assist the Nazis to win the war and achieve planetary conquest, but to build
fleets of antigravity spacecraft carriers that could be used for interplanetary
conquest in other star systems:
Holy cats the thing went way beyond that [world conquest]. Again,
what we just said about this was the tip of the iceberg of what they
were doing. Already Reptilians were doing it to other stars’ planets all
over this area of the Galaxy…. These young kids, the operatives, they
couldn’t believe half of what they brought back, what was going on.
But some of them were really good people, and they knew how to get
into places and listen to what’s going on, and finding what that guy he
had talked to, or he heard, and going to so and so, because yes they
were doing that over there. [49]
Tompkins’ information is startling, but it is not the first time claims have been
made about Nazi Germany receiving extraterrestrial help during the War. The
father of German rocket science, Herman Oberth, said the following in
response to a question about Nazi Germany’s rapid technological
“We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain
scientific fields alone. We have been helped.” When asked by whom,
he replied, “the peoples of other worlds.”[50]
In 1998, Linda Moulton Howe interviewed a former CIA agent (using
the aliases Kewper and Stein), who from 1957 to 1960 was given access to
highly classified briefing files. He said that the documents revealed that the
Nazis had indeed been helped by an extraterrestrial race in their advanced
aeronautical weapons projects:
When Vril was building that first craft, the Vril had one or two of the
aliens that worked with them in Germany where they fired rockets
from Peenemunde. The documents I read in Washington said that’s
where the first Vrilvehicle was made…. They [aliens] were helpers to
Germany. [51]
More recently, another whistleblower, Corey Goode, says that from 1987 to
2007, he read intelligence briefings on smart-glass pads that detailed what had
happened during World War II. Goode’s claims concerning multiple “Secret

Space Programs” he served on were extensively examined in my 2015 book,
Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances, and
found to be consistent with many historical documents, circumstantial
evidence, and other whistleblower testimonies.
Goode described how German Secret Societies were helped, before
and throughout World War II, by two different extraterrestrial groups. He
identified one as a Reptilian-like race called the “Draconians” and the other as
The Germans were in contact and working hard alongside the
Reptilians … but there were Nordic groups involved as well that
different elements of the German Space Program were in contact
with. [52]
Both the Reptilians and Nordics were involved in assisting the Germans in the
development of advanced antigravity spacecraft:
At the same time these [German Secret] Societies had made contact
with the Draco Federation and another group [Nordics] that avoided
the Draco’s. The German Occultists were very busy from the early
1900’s, especially the time just before, during and after World War
One. Their major breakthroughs occurred in the late 1930’s.[53]
Goode said that the ultimate goal of the Reptilians, in helping German Secret
Societies and the Nazi SS, was to create advanced space carrier battle groups
that would be capable of interplanetary conquest. The eventual German/Nazi
space battle groups became what Goode described as the “Dark Fleet.” It
operates outside of our solar system, and is discussed at length in the book,
Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances.[54]
Consequently, the whistleblower testimonies by the CIA Agent and
Corey Goode support Tompkins’ claims that intelligence briefing files, dating
from World War II, did indeed refer to Nazi Germany being assisted by
extraterrestrials—two alien groups with very different agendas. The Nordics,
or Aldebarans, had the objective to help Germany develop both
technologically and spiritually for space exploration. They worked largely
with private citizens/groups such as Orsic and the Vril Society, which Hitler
allowed to continue once he came into power. In regard to this Tompkins
commented in an interview:

Germany found out about the blonde [Orsic], took her over, stopped
everything, and then got to this point where there was some sort of
pressurized program by the SS to control that original group. Now,

several times they did work together, but Hitler allowed them to
operate independently of the whole SS program – the whole
development. So we had two developments going on in Germany.
The girls didn’t want their vehicles to be used for anything else but
travel. They were afraid that somebody would get a hold of it and
they’d use it for military, which is, of course, what they got.[55]

The Reptilians, on the other hand, had no ethical or spiritual program they
wished to encourage among the Germans or on behalf of humanity, and
worked primarily with the Nazi government to develop spacecraft which were
essentially built to become weapons of war. The ultimate goal of the German-
Reptilian alliance went far beyond winning World War II and mere planetary
conquest, which Tompkins attests the US Navy had alarmingly learned from
its spies.
Tompkins further says that in 1939, the Nazi SS was given the
location of two large caverns in Antarctica by the Reptilians, and proceeded
to move the bulk of the German secret space programs there over time. By
August 1944, when it became clear that the war was lost after the successful
Allied landing in Normandy, the Nazi’s accelerated their efforts to relocate the
best scientists, engineers and vital resources to Antarctica, and alternate
Argentinian caverns, through specially built submarines capable of carrying
very large cargoes.
According to Tompkins, the US Navy learned of the existence of these
secret Antarctic bases directly from their spies embedded within Nazi
Germany, who found that the Nazis/Germans used these remote bases to
launch the first space missions by modern humanity. Elaborating on this,
Tompkins says that the Germans began moving equipment and supplies to
Antarctica as early as 1913. This coincides historically with the Second
German Antarctic Expedition from 1911-1913 led by Wilhelm Filchner .[56]
This period also corresponds with the increasing role of German secret
societies in exploring remote global locations for occult knowledge.
Significantly, Filchner later led Nazi expeditions to Nepal and Tibet. The
movement of equipment to Antarctica accelerated in the lead up to World War
II, as Tompkins highlights: “The move from Germany to Antarctica was in
operation from … [1938] way before the war started. In fact some of the stuff
went down in 1913.”[57]
Navy spies, who Tompkins heard candidly in debriefings, had learned
about secret agreements which had been reached between Hitler’s regime and
Draconian Reptilians. Tompkins has revealed some of the major elements of
this agreement and how it concerned Antarctica:

Large portions of equipment were sent down there. But right next to
them were three tremendous size caverns which the Reptilians had.
Not Grays, but Reptilians. Germany got two more, about a tenth the
size of the big Reptilians [cavern]. They were able to … [go] down,
usually by submarine. They built these flat submarines, these regular
class, so they could ship all this stuff down.[58]
Tompkins’ remarkable information is consistent with Grand Admiral
Karl Donitz, who referred on three occasions to an impregnable fortress being
built for Hitler in a remote location using Germany’s advanced submarine
fleet. In 1943, Donitz is reported to have stated: “the German submarine fleet
is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-
La on land, an impregnable fortress.”[59]
The second occasion was in 1944, when he revealed how plans were
in place to relocate Hitler so he could launch a new effort for his thousand-
year Reich:
The German Navy will have to accomplish a great task in the future.
The German Navy knows all hiding places in the oceans and
therefore it will be very easy to bring the Führer to a safe place
should the necessity arise and in which he will have the opportunity
to work out his final plans.[60]
Finally, Donitz’s remarks at his Nuremberg war crime trial clearly
suggest that it was Antarctica where Germany’s most advanced technologies
had been secretly relocated by his submarine fleet. At the trial he boasted of
“an invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the middle of eternal ice.”
Donitz’s remarks were made plausible in 1966 by cartographer and
artist for the National Geographic Society, Heinrich C. Berann. In Berann’s
depiction of an ice-free Antarctica, he shows underwater passageways that
run throughout the Antarctic continent.[62] This provided a plausible way in
which submarines could travel under the ice for considerable distances to
Nazi Germany’s “invulnerable fortress.”

Figure 25. Illustration of Ice Free Antarctica by Heinrich Berann

Donitz’s claims are further supported by documents provided by an
alleged German submarine crewman after the war, which described the
instructions for U-Boat Captains to reach the Antarctica bases through the
hidden passageways. Figure 26 displays an image of the document with the
translated instructions. [63]
Tompkins describes simultaneous flying saucer programs that had
been developed by the Nazis. One was in Nazi Occupied Europe, while the
second was in Antarctica. In his response to a question about where
Germany’s antigravity craft were being built, he said:

Figure 26. Directions to Antarctic Bases

They built the prototypes in Germany. They built pre-prototype,
something which is ready for production, in Antarctica. They put this
stuff in production in the countries all over Germany [Occupied
Europe], and they continued to build similar vehicles in Antarctica.[64]
Next comes one of the most astonishing secrets gained by the Navy
spies embedded in Germany. Tompkins shares that with the help of the
Reptilians, the Nazi’s Antarctica program had successfully launched manned
missions to the Moon, planets, and even other star systems.
Now the question was asked whether did we ever get to the Moon?
You see it was in some way, it was well known that the Germans had
a number of vehicles that flew out and came back. One of the first
ones, they got into trouble, they crashed and the whole group died.
But that was almost all coming from Antarctica. Way before, four

years before, the war ended, they were always moving all of this stuff
out. And so the flights, almost everything came from Antarctica with
the same people. … I don’t know if it was true or not, but it was
stated by some of those fellows [Navy spies] that they had gone to
other stars and come back. [65]
Furthermore, Tompkins heard from the Naval operatives that the
Germans had also achieved the first space flight to Mars in late April 1945,
which had a crew of 30, including three Japanese astronauts. This stunning
achievement ended in disaster when the spacecraft crash-landed, resulting in
the death of the entire crew.
Tompkins remarkable claims again corroborate the testimony of secret
space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, who says that the “smart glass
pads” he had access to described the successful Nazi space program that
operated out of Antarctica. Goode stated, however, that the Antarctica
program was controlled by German secret societies rather than the Nazi SS:
As explained, the Nazi remnants that were made up mostly of Secret
Societies that created a “Break Away Civilization,” kept the most
advanced technology secret from even their highest Military and
Political leaders, setup enclaves in South America and Antarctica.
The locations in Antarctica were some ancient civilization ruins that
had remained occupied by certain groups in thermal areas that cause
areas similar to lava tubes and domes under the glaciers.[66]
Goode goes on to corroborate Tompkins’ claim that the Nazi bases were built
adjacent to caverns controlled by another advanced civilization, the
There was an underground and under glacier city complex that was
already occupied and setup in a couple of locations and the NAZI’s
renovated an area that was mostly crushed above the surface but had
plenty of room under the domed ice, thermal underground energy and
caverns (accessible via U-boat under the ice flows and openings that
made it ideal for a hidden multipurpose base) that were perfect for
them to secretly build out during the entire Second World War.[67]
Statements by Admiral Donitz support Tompkins’ claims that Nazi
Germany had succeeded in locating and building underground facilities under
the Antarctic continent. The long route under the Antarctic ice sheets, which
the German submarine fleet allegedly took to reach these hidden caverns,
gives credence to Tompkins’ testimony that Reptilian extraterrestrials had
provided the Nazis with the information necessary to locate the hidden
Antarctic caverns, and the under-ice passageways to reach them.

What the Navy spies were revealing to Admiral Botta, and his
subordinates, which included Tompkins at the Naval Air Station from 1942 to
1946, was astonishing. The information made it even more urgent that what
was retrieved by the Navy and Army from the Los Angeles Air Raid be
investigated for its potential war applications, as well as bringing all captured
Nazi prototypes from liberated Europe to the US for further study:
At the end of World War II, Naval Intelligence operators (spies)
penetrated virtually every German secret weapons, advance system,
rockets, aircraft, UFO’s and heavy water [projects] in the country.
They located the individuals in these facilities, and they were tagged.
When the hostilities ceased, the Naval Intelligence and additional
intelligence officers went straight into these locations and removed
not only the research scientists, but their documentation, and as much
of the weapons system as they could. They were all brought to the
United States in what was called Project Paperclip.[68]
The twin imperatives of learning about extraterrestrial and Nazi flying saucer
technologies led to an informal working group, initiated by Donald Douglas,
founder of the Douglas Aircraft Company, evolving into Project RAND by
the end of World War II.

Project RAND & the Future of Non-Terrestrial

Leaked “Majestic Documents” reveal that President Roosevelt,
following the advice of military officials, decided that the advanced science
behind the recovered antigravity craft from the Los Angeles Air Raid would
be too challenging to reverse engineer in a timeframe suited to the war effort.
In a 1944 memorandum to his science advisor, Dr. Vannevar Bush, Roosevelt
firmly ruled out a research and development program of “non-terrestrial”
technologies based on antigravity principles. Expense was the issue and it
would impact on the development of more conventional military weapons
such as the atomic bomb. In this Top Secret memorandum, Roosevelt wrote:

Various points have been raised about the difficulties such an
endeavor would pose to the already hardened research for advanced
weapons programs and support groups in our war effort and I agree
that now is not the time. It is my personal judgment that, when the
war is won, and peace is once again restored, there will come a time
when surplus funds may be available to pursue a program devoted to
understanding non-terrestrial science and its technology which is still
greatly undiscovered.[69]

Yet, Roosevelt went on to postulate that the US would eventually play a
leading role in developing the incredible technologies that had fallen into their

Figure 27. Top Secret Document Signed by President Roosevelt

Consequently, only after the war would significant scientific resources
finally be devoted to research and development of the recovered antigravity
craft. In the meantime, the US military would gather as much intelligence as
possible on what the Axis Powers were doing in this arena, and endeavor to
further retrieve any craft of non-terrestrial origin that came their way.
During this interim, at least three things were done to gain necessary
intelligence data in preparation for the time when the US government and its
military could channel significant resources into developing a comprehensive
scientific plan for the flying saucer phenomenon. First, the Army Air Force,
through the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, would gather as much
intelligence as it could on antigravity vehicles, and relocate any craft that
came into US military possession, or that of its allies, to the United States.
Second, the Navy, through its covert operatives in Nazi Occupied
Europe, would gather data secretly on what the Nazis were doing in their

research and development of flying saucer technologies. And third,
preliminary studies would be conducted by an informal study group capable
of fully appreciating the military and scientific potential of what had been
acquired from the Los Angeles Air Raid, along with the intelligence provided
by both the Army Air Force and the Navy. The informal study group would
use the right people and protocols to prepare for the future when funding and
personnel became available for a comprehensive reverse engineering program
of the captured flying saucers and the data retrieved from Nazi Germany.
William Tompkins has disclosed key information about this informal study
Shortly after the 1942 Los Angeles Air Raid incident, Tompkins says
the President of Douglas Aircraft Company, Donald Douglas Sr., along with
his chief engineer, Arthur Raymond, and his assistant, Franklin Colbohm,
convened an informal working group that included two Army Air Force
Generals and two Navy admirals. The goal was to investigate the scientific
principles and research the implications of the two retrieved UFO craft.[70]
The Douglas Aircraft Corporation was headquartered in Santa
Monica, so it is natural to assume that senior Douglas personnel would have
witnessed the Los Angeles event. An immediate investigation began, which is
certainly what Tompkins contends in his autobiography, where he wrote:

Frank Collbohm – under the direction of Arthur Raymond and
Donald Douglas – has been secretly investigating the strange flight of
vehicles over Santa Monica and Los Angeles since 1942.[71]

In addition, Tompkins described the powerful influence the Los
Angeles incident had on Donald Douglas and other key individuals who
directly participated in or became aware of the informal working group,
which came to be known in-house as Advanced Design. This group would
ultimately lead to the formal establishment of Project RAND in October

There were several people in the Navy Department, Army Air Corps,
and an aircraft company whose entire lives were impacted. They were
Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, Secretary of the Navy, James V.
Forrestal, Army Air Corps General Nathan F. Twining and General
Curtis Le May, Edward Bowles of M.I.T., Dr Vannevar Bush and
Donald Douglas, Sr., to name a few.[72]

Douglas Aircraft Company was among the leading manufacturers of aircraft
for both the US Navy and the US Army Air Force at the beginning of World
War II. By 1945, Douglas produced nearly 30,000 aircraft for the successful
war effort, and its engineers and production facilities were world-renowned.
Tompkins was very familiar with the operations and history of Douglas
Aircraft Company, due both to his employment in its engineering division
from 1950 to 1963, and also because of his visits to Douglas when working
under Rear Admiral Rico Botta out of the San Diego Naval Air Station from
1942 to 1946.
Consequently, it is very plausible that Donald Douglas Sr. would have
contacted senior officers in both the Army and Navy in early 1942, to form an
informal working group to discuss the Los Angeles UFO incident, and its
implications for the aeronautical industry. After all, Douglas Aircraft
Company was ramping up aircraft production for both the Army Air Force
and Navy for the war effort, and it behooved everyone to learn as much as
possible about the UFOs involved in the Los Angeles incident.
In the immediate months after the Air Raid took place, intelligence
data about the Nazi research and development programs began to accumulate
at Naval Air Station, San Diego, and was made known to Douglas Aircraft
Company according to Tompkins. In the previous chapter, a document was
presented showing Admiral Botta traveling to Douglas Aircraft Company in
October 1942 to discuss experimental aircraft issues. This was likely the first
time Douglas would have been told about the Navy’s gathering of intelligence
on the Nazi programs.
After beginning his covert assignment under Botta, Tompkins says
that from the Spring of 1943 onward, he travelled at least three times to
Douglas Aircraft Company with the briefing packets containing the latest
information about the Nazi programs.

I had been flying up to Douglas, from Naval Air Station North Island,
San Diego, since spring 1943. I was staff to Admiral [Rico Botta],
Commander, Naval Intelligence. I had his high wing DH-2 aircraft
assigned to me as needed for these and other local, western [U.S.A.]
missions…. visited classified Douglas Santa Monica and Cal Tech
facilities, 3 to 4 times each. [73]

Tompkins named both Arthur Raymond and Franklin Colbohm as

being directly involved in the study of the briefing packets delivered to
Douglas Aircraft Company. In an interview, Tompkins recalls that one of the
Douglas engineers he spoke to about the briefing packets may have been
Colbohm, who later became the first President of the Rand Corporation.[74]
Consequently, Tompkins’ claim that the genesis of this informal working
group, established by Donald Douglas, would lead three years later to the
formal establishment of Project RAND in October 1945, is supported by
historical events.
Tompkins described the formation and purpose of Project RAND and
its connection to a top secret think tank in the engineering division of Douglas
as follows:

The Douglas/RAND scientists and concept conceivers were studying
topics actually way above top secret. They were in a Think Tank deep
inside the Douglas Aircraft Company’s Engineering Department A-
250, that nobody knew existed at the Santa Monica, California

He identified some of the key people involved in the Project RAND/Douglas

Under the direction of James Forrestal, who was the Secretary of the
Navy, on October 1, 1945, several high-ranking big shots were
brought on board, including General Hap Arnold, Edward Bowles (of
M.I.T.) and a consultant to the Secretary of the War, Donald Douglas
… They met in secret at the Army Air Corps [Force] Headquarters,
Hamilton Field, California to set up Project RAND, a way-above-top-
secret scientific think tank. It was created in … [October] 1945, as a
special contract to Douglas Aircraft Company. At the Santa Monica
Municipal Airport. Inside a highly classified walled-off area in the
Douglas Engineering Department, Project RAND studied the
implications of threating alien agendas…. Then, on March 2, 1945,
a letter of contract was executed, which put Project RAND under the
direction of Douglas’s Assistant Chief Engineer, Frank Collbohm.
The Douglas Think Tank was born. [emphasis added][76]

Tompkins emphasized the exclusive role given to the Douglas
campaign at the end of the war in establishing the first US think tank set up to

focus on flying saucer craft, and the possible threat posed by extraterrestrial
visitors as starkly exemplified by the 1942 Los Angeles Air Raid incident:

Unknown to most of us in 1945, the Douglas Aircraft Company was
“sole-source selected.” It was given an above top secret RAND
contract to study and locate military satellites in earth orbit
(unofficially, alien threats). The Advanced Design Section in
Engineering was extensively expanded to accommodate the massive
problem. The first galactic Think Tank on this planet was formed. [77]

Further, Tompkins explained how the Project RAND contract gave
Douglas employees access to the technical information possessed by all other
US research and development programs that were relevant to flying saucer
technology and extraterrestrial life:

This contact provided almost complete access to, and support from,
nearly all of the technical individuals and organizations in the U.S….
This RAND contact thrust Douglas into fantastic, technical programs.
They defined the alien threats, and researched every possible method
and technical task for the people involved in Naval defense and
offensive missions. They were methods designed to conceive Naval
space missions and battle groups, and to design space
vehicles/spacecraft carriers and weapons to combat the alien battle
groups. It was to be supported technically North American Aviation,
Inc, Northrup Aircraft Company, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, SRI, MIT and Caltech. What we knew was
dwarfed by all we had to learn. [78]

A document that directly supports Tompkins’ claim that Project RAND
was primarily set up to study the flying saucer phenomenon, and collaborated
with other leading US scientific organizations conducting advanced aerospace
research in doing so, is one of the leaked “Majestic documents.” The “White
Hot Report” lists Project RAND among the research organizations studying
artifacts recovered from the crash of extraterrestrial vehicles:

Based on all available evidence collected from recovered exhibits
currently under study by AMC, AFSWP, NEPA, ABC, NACA,

JRDB, RAND, USAAF, SAG and MIT, are deemed extraterrestrial in
nature. [emphasis added][79]

Significantly, the leaked “White Hot Report” received the highest level of
authenticity from the independent investigation by veteran document
researchers, Dr. Robert Wood and Ryan Wood.[80]

Figure 28. Leaked “White Hot Report” Dated Sept 19, 1947. Source: Majestic Documents

Consequently, the “White Hot Report” document is independent confirmation
that the Douglas Aviation Company, through Project RAND, was involved in
the study of retrieved alien spacecraft, just as Tompkins claimed. This also
supports another core element of Tompkins’ testimony regarding him joining
a secret engineering division think tank in Douglas in 1951, which did
feasibility studies on different antigravity spacecraft for the Navy.
Tompkins told the following about the secrecy surrounding Project
RAND: “They had the highest, secret clearance even above the nuclear
bomb.” [81] His statement about the extraordinary level of security given to
Project RAND is supported by a document written by a senior radio engineer
with the Canadian Department of Transportation. Dated November 21, 1951,
Wilbert Smith wrote to the Controller of Telecommunications concerning
flying saucer technologies being secretly studied in the US at the time: “The
matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States government,
rating higher than the H-bomb.”[82] A November 1965 article in The
Progressive, by journalist Wesley Marx, further corroborates Tompkins’ claim
about the extraordinary security procedures set in place by the Douglas

Company for Project RAND:

Douglas furnished administrative services, security guards, and
locked rooms in its Santa Monica, California, facility, and RAND
became a subsidiary, but virtually autonomous, division of Douglas.

In addition to Donald Douglas, another one of the founders of Project
RAND was the Commanding General of the Army Air Force, Henry H.
“Hap” Arnold. He wrote a report to General Marshall, the Army Chief of
Staff, stating:

During this war the Army, Army Air Forces, and the Navy have made
unprecedented use of scientific and industrial resources. The
conclusion is inescapable that we have not yet established the balance
necessary to insure the continuance of teamwork among the military,
other government agencies, industry, and the universities. Scientific
planning must be years in advance of the actual research and
development work.[84]

Project RAND was set up to provide a think tank to help the military services
develop the necessary strategic scientific planning that would be essential for
the eventual research and development of advanced aerospace technologies,
especially those using antigravity and other exotic propulsion systems. This
was vitally influential to developing long term plans when it came to UFOs
that were either of interplanetary origin, or linked to Nazi advanced
technology projects.
Significantly, Arnold was also a key figure in the creation of the
Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit set up to deal with UFO crashes soon after
the Los Angeles incident. At the time, Arnold was the Commanding General
of the newly created Army Air Force, which had been formed only eight
months earlier in June 1941, and unified the two previously separate entities,
Army Air Corps and General Headquarters Air Force. As the Commanding
General of the Army Air Force, Arnold would have had to provide personnel
with the necessary technical expertise for the secretive Army intelligence unit
specially created to investigate reports of aircraft crashes that involved
interplanetary UFOs or other forms of advanced aerial technologies.
Arnold’s involvement establishes an important connection between the

formation of Project RAND and the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit. This
supports Tompkins’ claim that Project RAND emerged out of an informal
study group to examine the Los Angeles UFO incident in 1942, and that from
the beginning RAND’s secret mission has been to help develop a long term
coordinated policy on the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life.
In his November 1965 article, Marx described how Arnold raised
money for Project RAND, bypassing Congress and the conventional bidding
process altogether:

Without Congressional authorization and without taking bids, Air
Force General H.H. “Hap” Arnold managed to shift around enough
funds to award a $10 million contract to Douglas Aircraft Company
to set up Project RAND.[85]

Ten million dollars, in 1945 terms, converts to as much as 790 million dollars
in 2016 terms.[86] At the time, this was an enormous amount of money to give
to an aviation company to conduct research, without taking bids from
competitors. Arnold’s decision shows that at that key time, he believed that
the Douglas Company was well ahead of its main rivals, Lockheed, Boeing
and Northrup, when it came to research and development of advanced
aviation technologies.
Arnold’s choice of the Douglas Company for funding Project RAND
in 1945 supports Tompkins’ claim that an informal study group had been
formed at Douglas in 1942, after the Los Angeles Air Raid incident. By 1945,
Douglas had become the obvious private entity to develop a long term
coordinated plan between the government, military and private sector when it
came to the study of flying saucer and antigravity technologies.
In addition to General Arnold, the RAND website identifies others
involved in setting up the RAND Project:

Other key players involved in the formation of this new, private
organization were Major General Curtis LeMay; General Lauris
Norstad, Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Plans; Edward Bowles of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, consultant to the Secretary of
War; Donald Douglas, president of the Douglas Aircraft Company;
Arthur Raymond, chief engineer at Douglas; and Franklin Collbohm,
Raymond’s assistant. The name of the organization? Project RAND.

The historical overview found in the website of the RAND Corporation, the
successor to Project RAND, is notable since it confirms the leading role of the
Douglas Aircraft Company in supporting the US military in helping to
develop the necessary scientific plans for researching and developing
advanced aerospace technologies. The expertise of Douglas’ scientists and
engineers was unparalleled at the time.
While the RAND Corporation website corroborates Tompkins’ claims
of leading Army Air Force generals and Douglas Aircraft Company engineers
being involved in the formation of Project RAND, there is no mention of the
Navy or of Secretary Forrestal’s involvement. Why?
Funding for Project RAND was provided by the Army Air Force,
through General Arnold, as noted earlier. The RAND contract came to be
managed by the newly created Army position of “Deputy Chief of Air Staff
for Research and Development,” who in October 1945 was General Curtis
LeMay—also an acknowledged co-founder of Project RAND. LeMay was in
charge of the Army Air Force research facilities at Wright Field, Dayton,
Ohio, which had received the retrieved flying saucer craft from the Los
Angeles Air Raid incident. Wright Field would also receive other craft
retrieved by the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, including the July 1947
Roswell crash, and also Nazi antigravity craft brought to the United States
under Operation Paperclip.
The fact that only Army Air Force officials would be acknowledged,
by official RAND historians, in its establishment was a reflection of the
principal funder being the Army. It is also due to the Navy’s downplaying of
its wartime interest in flying saucer and antigravity research, as exemplified
by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox’s public dismissal of the Los Angeles
Air Raid incident as a false alarm. Yet the Navy, according to Tompkins,
immediately began working behind the scenes with the Army Air Force and
Douglas Aircraft engineers, through the Douglas informal study group from
1942 to 1945, to understand the phenomenon. At the same time, the Navy ran
its covert intelligence program with operatives embedded in Nazi Germany’s
flying saucer programs.
Quickly, the Navy realized that the Army Air Force planned to assert
its primacy when it came to the newly emerging field of space operations. Put
simply, the Army Air Force viewed space as turf belonging to the soon to be
created US Air Force (1947). Through Project RAND, scientific and military
study of the flying saucer phenomenon would serve to exclude the Navy from
playing a leading role in space. A policy battle arose between the Army Air
Force and Navy when it came to developing the first system of space

surveillance satellites. This policy battle is exemplified in a brief description
on the RAND Corporation website:

Interest in the feasibility of space satellites had surfaced somewhat
earlier in a Navy proposal for an interservice space program (March
1946). Major General Curtis E. LeMay, then Deputy Chief of the Air
Staff for Research and Development, considered space operations to
be an extension of air operations .[88]

LeMay commissioned a study by Project RAND that was published in May
1946, titled “Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling
Spaceship.”[89] The study led to the Navy losing its emerging policy struggle
with the Army Air Force over jointly developing a space satellite
reconnaissance system. Subsequent RAND publications then served to create
the impression that only the Army Air Force, and later the US Air Force
(formed September 1947), was serious about space operations, and in
developing the exotic propulsion systems needed for space flight.
In the meantime, the Navy would secretly continue its own research
and development work on reverse engineering the recovered extraterrestrial
craft from the Los Angeles Air Raid, and the Nazi flying saucer prototypes
acquired at the end of the war that were brought to its own research facilities.
The principal location the Navy would choose to conduct its examination of
flying saucers technologies was to be its flagship research and development
location in California, the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake.
Tompkins says that during World War II, he flew multiple missions to
China Lake with the briefing packets he had prepared from the debriefings of
Navy spies: “Spent much time at China Lake facility modifying rockets for
testing (40 visits) and working on their alien projects.”[90] This reflects the
Navy’s sustained interest in understanding extraterrestrial technologies after
the recovery of the alien craft from the Los Angeles incident, and its broader
goals for future Navy space operations.
Due to Project RAND, all of the general public’s attention fell upon
the Army Air Force when it came to future space operations and the UFO
phenomenon. This escalated after the July 1947 Roswell Incident when the
Army Air Force announced that a flying saucer had crashed, only to retract
the announcement hours later.[91] The effect of giving the public the
impression that the Army Air Force was covering up the flying saucer
phenomenon was laid. In this way, public attention was firmly directed away
from what the Navy was secretly doing at its leading research and

development facilities.
By late 1947, a decision was made to formally separate Project RAND
from Douglas, which the RAND Corporation website explains:
By late 1947, it seemed as though Project RAND—which was
already operating fairly autonomously—should consider separating
from Douglas. In February 1948, the Chief of Staff [Carl A. Spaatz]
of the newly created United States Air Force wrote a letter to the
president of the Douglas Aircraft Company that approved the
evolution of Project RAND into a nonprofit corporation, independent
of Douglas.[92]
According to Tompkins, the separation was not as smooth a transition as the
RAND website depicts. In an interview, he said that roughly two thirds of the
approximate 200 personnel working in Project RAND moved over to the
Santa Monica facility of the newly created RAND Corporation. The one third
left remained with Douglas at its own highly classified engineering facility in
Santa Monica.[93]
It is this remnant of Project RAND that stayed with the secret Douglas
think tank, Advanced Design, which Tompkins began working for in early
1951, after joining Douglas only months earlier in late 1950. Tompkins
likened the separation of Project RAND from Douglas as a traumatic divorce,
as he describes in his autobiography:
I had been flying up to Douglas, from Naval Air Station North Island
San Diego, since spring 1943… Now seven years later, it had been
over a year since the divorce. The atmosphere in the Tank was thick
with overwhelming tension and resentment. The personnel who had
been forced to stay with the family [Douglas Aircraft Company] were
hit the hardest. Those who wanted to stay, but who had to leave, also
had strong feelings.[94]
Tompkins went on to explain his surprise when he learned in 1951 of the
antigravity projects being secretly studied by the Douglas scientists and
engineers in its classified think tank, and how a separate think tank [RAND
Project] also existed with a similar purpose:
We were totally unaware that this strange, out-of-this-world thing had
ever existed inside a classified engineering area, inside an aircraft
company, one which in turn, must have existed inside another
classified area. Another Think Tank [RAND], comprised of other
people, was also tasked to evaluate the unbelievable events.[95]
Although Advanced Design continued, albeit restructured, with the

nearly 70 scientists and engineers remaining from Project RAND, an
antagonistic relationship quickly developed between the RAND Corporation
and the Douglas think tank. What Tompkins says next in his book illustrates
that this became a long term problem:
For years, this was a thorn in our sides. We were subjected to
continuous interruptions in our conference rooms, by other people
who appeared there to evaluate our studies and concepts.[96]
These “other people” were agents of industrial sabotage, according to
Tompkins, and they would set back the Navy’s efforts to work with Douglas’
Advanced Design think tank towards the goal of creating antigravity vehicles.

Extraterrestrial Assistance & Industrial Sabotage

Advanced Design would find itself to be a player in two unfolding
alien agendas. Put briefly, on the one hand, human-looking extraterrestrials
that looked Scandinavian, and hence described by Tompkins as “Nordics,”
began helping Douglas think tank engineers to design kilometers-long space
carriers and cruisers.[97] Tompkins says that the Nordic extraterrestrials were
cultivating the Navy as a future ally because of the military conflicts that were
occurring with (Draconian) Reptilians, elsewhere in the galaxy:

I’m convinced some of those white hat aliens [Nordics] are pushing
us. They want us to develop spacecraft carriers and help their Naval
space battle groups combat the black hat aliens [Reptilians].[98]

On the other hand, Tompkins explains further, the Reptilians, along
with their Nazi allies, were sabotaging projects that Douglas Advanced
Design was working on for a future Navy-run space program. The RAND
Corporation, according to Tompkins’ testimony, was linked to this industrial
sabotage, suggesting that RAND and the USAF were being influenced by the
Reptilian extraterrestrials and Nazis.
There are two major issues to consider here when evaluating
Tompkins’ incredible statements about Nordic and Reptilian extraterrestrials
using the US Navy and Air Force as proxies in a galactic conflict. Both
directly relate to the history of the RAND Corporation and its current
First, it is well known that former Navy Secretary, James Forrestal,
who became the inaugural Secretary of Defense in September 1947, was
locked in a number of bitter policy struggles with Stuart Symington, the first
Secretary of the US Air Force (from September 1947 to April 1950).[99] What
is not well known, according to Tompkins, is that Forrestal was in charge of
the Navy espionage program on the Nazi antigravity programs and their
alliance with Draconian-Reptilians during World War II. Tompkins says that
the findings of the Navy espionage program led directly to Forrestal’s order to
establish the Office of Research and Inventions in May 1945 (see Figure 29),
which formalized his oversight of the covert intelligence program run by
Admiral Botta out of Naval Air Station, San Diego.
Forrestal’s role in the Navy’s espionage program was very likely a

significant factor in his promotion to Secretary of Defense in September

  1. Certainly he was fully aware of the nuances and extent of the looming
    problem. Forrestal was in favor of the Navy taking a leadership role in
    solving the Nazi and extraterrestrial problem, and to reveal more of the truth
    to the general public.
    Tompkins states that Forrestal was being directly influenced by Nordic
    extraterrestrials who had made contact with him. In an

Figure 29. Forrestal Creates Office of Research and Invention

interview, Tompkins made the startling claim that it was the Nordics who had
recommended Admiral Botta to Forrestal as the person who should head the
Navy espionage program in Nazi Occupied Europe.

What’s most important here, and frankly I would say that this is
definitely not common knowledge. Secretary of the Navy [Forrestal]
had a communication from Nordics to make a selection of the
individual who was to take this [Navy espionage] program. That
individual [Botta] was not even an American. He was from Australia.
He went to school here. Joined the Navy, went up the ranks very fast,
to finally a one star admiral. But what’s important here is that of the
37 admirals that could have been picked to handle this, an individual
who had not been influenced by having graduated from Annapolis, or
gotten all of the incorrect information about everything on this planet,
which is misinformation that’s been given to us by the Reptilians for

at least 5000 years, controlling this planet. None of those Annapolis
graduates were selected, but an individual was selected that had never
gotten a university education. And I think this is extremely important,
because virtually every Ph.D. on this planet has been given incorrect
information. It is the major problem that we have in this subject as far
as disclosure is concerned. Because the Ph.D’s have been lied to, all
of them! Why was it that Secretary of the Navy Forrestal, selected an
Australian man, without an education to be the implementer of the
most important information that’s ever taken place on this planet. We
got to ask questions, period.[100]

Botta’s technical expertise and leadership skills during WWII were
recognized by the Navy, which had rapidly promoted him, and bestowed
various military honors as historical records prove. Forrestal’s choice of Botta
to lead the Naval intelligence program had been a good one.
If Tompkins is correct, Forrestal was directly working with Nordic
extraterrestrials, who influenced him not only to choose the Naval officer who
would establish the Navy’s Research and Development of Nazi flying saucer
technologies, but to also steer the US administration away from cooperating
with the Nazis and Reptilians, and to reveal the truth to the public.
However, Forrestal was in a small minority among the policy makers
dealing with the Nazi and extraterrestrial problem through an appointed
committee set up by President Truman in 1947, which was called Operation
Majestic 12 (see Truman Memo, Figure 30). The Majestic 12 Committee was
not in favor of any kind of public disclosure of the alien problem.
The Air Force Secretary Symington was a firm supporter of General
Curtis LeMay, who “considered space operations to be an extension of air
operations,” and therefore supported the US Air

Figure 30. Truman Memorandum that Authorized Operation Majestic 12

Force in a dominant role when it came to developing future space programs.
[101] Both Symington and LeMay were firmly opposed to Forrestal’s attempt to
give the Navy the leadership role when it came to space, Nazi spacecraft, and
extraterrestrial life. Furthermore, Symington and LeMay were vehemently
opposed to revealing the truth of the extraterrestrial problem to the general
These policy disputes were a direct factor in the events that led to
Forrestal’s sacking as Secretary of Defense on March 28, 1949, and
“assassination” two months later. Significantly, this was the same period
when the Navy and Army Air Force collaboration in Project RAND, through
the Douglas Aircraft Company, came to an end. The RAND Corporation was
launched as an independent corporate entity in early 1948.

Figure 31. James Forrestal Receives Distinguished Service Medal from President Truman in
March 1949

The second issue to consider is a proxy extraterrestrial war involving
separate USAF and Navy led secret space programs. There are a number of
whistleblower testimonies describing that the USAF led the way in a secret
treaty with a group of extraterrestrials directly connected with the Nazi-
Reptilian alliance. In February 1955, a meeting occurred at Holloman Air
Force Base, where President Eisenhower secretly negotiated an agreement
with a group of Nazi linked extraterrestrials, called the “Tall Grays.”[102] As
stated by a number of whistleblowers, the USAF worked directly with
extraterrestrials and Nazis behind the 1955 agreement to develop squadrons
of antigravity spacecraft, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, for a USAF run secret
space program.[103]
Charles Hall is a former weather observer for the US Air Force from
1963 to 1967. He was stationed at the Nellis Air Force Base’s Indian Springs
facility, where he claims he frequently witnessed extraterrestrials called the
“Tall Whites” (aka Tall Grays) regularly meeting with senior military leaders.
A secret underground base was built at Indian Springs to house the
extraterrestrials and their advanced interstellar ships. Rumors of the
extraterrestrials at Nellis AFB date back to the mid-1950’s, which is
consistent with testimonial evidence that agreements were reached during the
Eisenhower administration. Confirmation has been found for some of Hall’s
claims concerning anomalous events at the weather ranges, including
government funding for a secret underground base at Indian Springs.[104]
Hall explained the legalistic way in which agreements with the Tall
White extraterrestrials are interpreted, in this response to an interview
question, about why he was chosen to liaise with them:

… the decision to send me, and no one else, out to the ranges, was
made by a committee of individuals that included the Tall Whites as

well as high ranking USAF Generals and other high ranking members
of the U.S. Government. The Tall Whites are very meticulous about
keeping their agreements and expect the U.S. Government to be
equally meticulous about keeping its agreements as well. If I were
victimized or threatened by anyone, The Tall Whites would interpret
that to mean that the U.S. Government could not be trusted to keep its
agreements. The consequences would be enormous.[105]

Hall’s testimony is significant since it reveals that extraterrestrials are
supplied a number of resources, including basing rights in exchange for
technological assistance to the USAF. Secretly formalized by officials in the
Pentagon and other key government agencies, one or more undisclosed
agreements have arisen out of face-to-face meetings between both Air Force
and national security officials with the Tall Whites.
Another former Air Force employee with direct first-hand experience
of Gray extraterrestrials working with the USAF is Niara Isley. She worked
for the US Air Force in the late 1970’s as a radar specialist. During a three
month period from January to March 1980, she was involuntarily recruited
into a black project after being asked to get a radar lock on a UFO at the
Tonopah Test range. After successfully performing her assigned mission, she
describes what happened as a consequence of her viewing a UFO:

I was dragged down what seemed like an abnormally long staircase
through another door in the room. I was placed on the floor of a room
with a one-way mirrored observation glass, mirrored of course on my
side. Locked in there, I went through the effects of the injection,
which was terrifying also. I can only describe feeling like I was
coming apart at the molecular level. I don’t remember pain, only the
fear of dissolving away into nothing. After the effects of the injection
were beginning to fade, I was dragged out of the room and raped by
two security guards while eight other people watched, one of them a
Grey extraterrestrial. I remember quite a bit of detail of this and can
draw elements from these memories in detail.[106]

Isley’s testimony is further evidence that Gray aliens actively collaborate with
members of the US military in a secret space program that routinely violates
human rights. The cooperation between the USAF and Grays, and other
Reptilian allied extraterrestrials, extends to this day.

The RAND Corporation continues to help the USAF develop a
coherent policy in terms of global research and development related to its
secret space program, which is entirely separate to the very public NASA
space program. RAND, then and now, in collaboration with the US Air Force
Space Command, secretly studies antigravity designs that could help develop
new squadrons of antigravity spacecraft in the future.
Currently, USAF Space Command uses antigravity craft developed
with extraterrestrial assistance, such as the TR-3B flying triangle out of Area
51 in Nevada, for near-Earth space operations.[107] The flying triangles service
two stealth space stations which secretly orbit the Earth. In response to a
question about whether astronauts on the International Space Station observe
the activities of secret space programs, Goode reveals critical information
about the USAF covert space stations:
Yes, they [ISS astronauts] absolutely do observe activity going on
around them. For the most part, they’re seeing the military, the MIC
SSP, the program that is controlled by the NSA, the DIA, Air Force,
that kind of thing. They have a couple of space stations up there that
every time they orbit the Earth, they get a look at. So they’re seeing
these space stations that are about 400 miles to 500 miles out, and
then they see the unacknowledged craft [TR-3B flying triangles] that
are servicing these space stations.[108]
In contrast to the close USAF cooperation with RAND, the next
chapter reveals that up to the early 1960’s, the US Navy worked closely with
Douglas Aircraft’s Advanced Design in designing space battle groups with
massive space carriers and cruisers. According to Tompkins, the Navy and
Douglas were assisted by a very different group of extraterrestrials.

Inside the Douglas Think Tank & Its Infiltration by
Nordic Extraterrestrials

Over a 12 year period, beginning in 1951, William Tompkins worked
for an above Top Secret think tank within the Douglas Aircraft Company
designing antigravity spacecraft, covertly requested by the US Navy.
Tompkins says he was given the job at “Advanced Design” due to the
exceptional skills he exhibited in his wartime service with Naval Intelligence
from 1942-1946.
It was throughout his service at San Diego’s Naval Air Station that
Tompkins directly participated in intelligence debriefings of the Navy agents
working within Nazi Germany’s most secret aerospace facilities during and
immediately after World War II. Tompkins said that over his four years with
the Naval intelligence program, he helped in the covert distribution of data
from Nazi Germany’s two distinct secret space programs to Douglas Aircraft
Company, along with other select aerospace companies and universities that
had the scientific expertise to understand what the Nazis were doing.
When Tompkins joined Douglas Aircraft Company in 1950, the
Advanced Design think tank still existed to study and design antigravity
spacecraft, although no longer as part of Project Rand (1945-1948). A
Majestic document called the “White Hot Report” provides an independent
source corroborating that Douglas was involved in highly classified studies of
retrieved alien spacecraft through Project RAND.[109]

Designing Navy Space Battle Groups

Once Tompkins moved within Douglas over to Advanced Design in
1951, he was specifically tasked to design a variety of antigravity space
vehicles, using his knowledge of the Naval Intelligence gathered on
approximately 30 Nazi German prototypes, and his own talent for detailed
technical designs. Tompkins describes the two individuals who were his
superiors at the Advanced Design think tank:
I reported directly to Dr. [Wolfgang] Klemperer and Elmer Wheaton,
the V.P. of engineering who wore two hats. He was V.P. of all the
classified missile and space-systems programs. Unknown to 99.9%,
Wheaton was V.P. of the above top secret compartmentalized
extraterrestrial threats research Think Tank, too, sometimes referred
to as Advanced Design.[110]
Wheaton and Klemperer were leading experts in missile and space-
systems, and co-wrote chapter 15 in the 1946 Project Rand study for the
development of the world’s first earth orbiting satellite, where they examined
the time and cost of the project.[111] In addition to their known expertise in
conventional rocketry, Tompkins has supplied a document confirming that
Wheaton and Klemperer were also researching UFO reports and antigravity
studies in open source material. The document confirms that Tompkins’
immediate superiors in the Douglas think tank were indeed studying
antigravity propulsion theories during the 1950’s, and this would directly aid
them in overseeing the designs of large spacecraft for the Navy.
Tompkins says that he approached his work by developing mission
parameters for the requested future space battle groups. He then was able to
come up with designs that would allow the Navy to fulfill its forecasted space

Figure 32. Memorandum Confirming Douglas Study of Antigravity Propulsion

Every possible mission was considered for spacecraft carriers, battle
cruisers, and support star ships capable of missions to the southeast
quadrant, spiral arm of our Milky Way Galaxy, and its stars and
planets. By conceiving naval space missions utilizing Think Tank
Naval attack destroyer and Navy/marine assault space ship carrier
configurations … unsolicited bids could be submitted to the Navy by
Tompkins describes in his autobiography the covert way in which the
Navy went about making design requests to Advanced Design, and accepting
unsolicited proposals:
After receiving our unsolicited proposal for star ships [the Navy put
out a sole source request for a proposal for exploratory star mission
vehicles…]. Actually we didn’t even get an RFP (Request for
Proposal); it was just slipped in under the floor door to our Advanced
Design…. on the envelope it only said: “To Whom it may concern.”
Admiral Bobby Ray Inman was allegedly an intermediary for the

unsolicited Douglas bids for Navy contracts to design the interstellar craft. In
his autobiography, Tompkins describes a conversation between himself and
Elmer Wheaton about how to get a bid accepted by the Navy:

“Don’t worry about ONR’s [Office of Naval Research] approval,”
Wheaton said: They can get it for us.” Then he said, “Okay, great job,
gentlemen. If we can get this through the heavies in the other part, we
might get a final out. I think ONI [Office of Naval Investigations] and
ONR will both run with it. This is the kind of backup Bobby Ray
(Bobby Ray Inman) needs to convince Forrestal’s people that we can
close the gap with the other ones out there. I thought, who are they?
And who are the heavies in the other part?[114]

Dr. Robert Wood, the book’s editor, added the following clarifying note
immediately after Tompkins’ above quote:

My interpretation of these remarks and their chronology is this: Elmer
Wheaton had contact with the UFO-cleared group in the Navy, which
he referred to as “Forrestal’s people” as the ones who knew about the
UFOs issues. One of the new young Navy officers who was cleared
for the UFO topic appears to have been Bobby Ray Inman, and his
inside knowledge of the UFO problem may well have been the
special link to his subsequent highly successful career. Apparently
Bobby Ray was the main person interacting with the Wheaton think
tank at the time of this conversation. Since Bill Tompkins time in this
vault spans several years [1951-1963], it is not real clear that this
conversation occurred in 1952 or perhaps a year or so later. [115]

I was able to reach Admiral Inman and asked him about Tompkins’
claim. He said: “There is no way in the 50’s or 60’s I could have had any
knowledge or been involved at all with anything Douglas Aircraft was
doing.”[116] Regarding his firm denial of any involvement with the Douglas
Company and its projects, it is important to point out that he would have
been, and likely still is, officially obliged to deny any involvement if the
project had been classified as an unacknowledged special access program.
According to Tompkins, the projects at Douglas received the highest
security classification possible in the defense industry, which today would
correspond to an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (SAP). A 1995

Department of Defense (DoD) Manual titled: “National Industrial Security
Program Operating Manual” describes the security obligation of those
participating in a SAP:

There are two types of SAPS, acknowledged and unacknowledged.
An acknowledged SAP is a program which may be openly recognized
or known; however, specifics are classified within that SAP. The
existence of an unacknowledged SAP or an unacknowledged portion
of an acknowledged program,will not be made known to any person
not authorized for this information .[117]

Despite his retirement, Inman would still be officially required not to disclose
the existence of, or his involvement in, any unacknowledged SAPs involving
the Navy and Douglas Aircraft Company. Inman’s career postings do raise the
possibility that he was a Navy liaison between the ONI and Douglas Aircraft
during Tompkins’ time in Advance Design up to 1963.
In my December 1, 2016 phone interview with Inman, he said that he
began his Naval Commission in March 1951, and after several assignments,
attended a Naval Intelligence postgraduate program in 1957 in Washington
DC. He further stated that after graduation, he stayed on at the Pentagon as an
intelligence briefer until 1960. Then after another short assignment, he was
sent to a Navy office in the National Security Agency from October 1961 to
1965 as an Intelligence specialist. During his time at the Pentagon and/or
NSA, he could have played a liaison role between the Navy and Douglas
Aircraft’s Advanced Design, as Tompkins claims.
Tompkins also said that Advanced Design worked closely with a
number of Navy research development facilities such as Naval Development
Center, Warminster, Pennsylvania; Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake;
and the Naval Air Station, San Diego.[118] He asserts that 75% of the technical
projects at Advanced Design were funded by the Navy, and admirals could
often be found at the think tank. In contrast, it was rare to see an USAF
general at Douglas Aircraft’s Advanced Design. The USAF focus had
changed and it became the major funder of the RAND Corporation after it
separated in 1948 from the Douglas Aircraft Company.
How he went about creating the configuration of a Naval Space Battle
Group, comprising kilometers-long vehicles from the mission parameters he
had been given, Tompkins explains:
I redefined a standard Naval space battle group complement, stating

that it would consist of one 2.5 kilometer spacecraft carrier, with a
two-star on board as flag, three to four 1.4 k heavy space cruisers,
four to five 1k space destroyers, two 2k space landing assault ships
for drop missions, two 2k space logistic support ships, and two 2k
space personal transports. [119]
Tompkins writes about two Navy starship designs completed at the Douglas
think tank, and includes the documents in his autobiography:
The figures following show two original drawings of naval spacecraft
carriers and battle cruisers that were visualized in Advanced Design,
in 1954, from dozens of alternate configurations. Scale modes of
these kilometer-long craft were subsequently made. [120]

In one of the two designs, Tompkins used for comparative purposes
the USS Akron, a Navy airship deployed in 1931 that was 240 meters (785
feet) in length. It could carry “F9C Sparrowhawk” and “Waco XJW-1”
aircraft, and was the world’s first flying aircraft carrier.
The USS Akron, and its sister ship, the USS Macon, were built as a
joint venture between the US based Goodyear and German based Zeppelin
companies. The Akron class airships confirm that the US Navy was already
involved in building flying aircraft carriers in the late 1920’s. The Navy,
therefore, had the history and expertise to begin work on developing similar
space carriers once antigravity propulsion technologies became feasible in the
In Tompkins’ design for a heavy transport spacecraft that was three
kilometers (two miles) long, he compared it in size to the USS Akron. He
showed how it would be built using a modular construction process with
nearly 15 million ‘10 foot’ cubes [see figure 35].

Figure 33. Sparrowhawk Fight Being Pulled Into USS Akron

Figure 34. USS Akron Was a Helium-Filled Ridgid Flying Aircraft Carrier that Crashed in April
Figure 35. Massive Space Carrier

Tompkins describes how by 1952, just two years after he had joined
Advanced Design at Douglas, he and his colleagues had already accumulated
a large number of designs for the different classes of vehicles for the future
Navy space battle groups:
At the time, we in the tank, had already conceived a file cabinet full
of Naval Space Missions and another full of Naval spacecraft ships
from spacecraft carriers to spacecraft transports, six years before
NASA even existed [created on July 29, 1958]. A great number of
these missions became NASA’s (NAVY) prototype for our next thirty
year penetrations to solar system planets and stars.[121]
Tompkins provided another document showing a mile long (1.6
kilometer) battle group flagship. In the diagram, the annotation shows that the
design was originally conceived at Douglas’ “Advanced Design,” and re-
introduced at a similar think tank within TRW, called “Advanced Concept,”
where Tompkins worked from 1967 to 1971.
Figure 36. Space Battle Group Flagship

The next graphic displays a close up of the hull of the flagship showing how it
would operate as a space carrier for smaller triangular shaped fighter
spacecraft (similar to the TR-3B to be discussed in chapter ten). In an
interview on Gaia TV, Tompkins explained:
Figure 37. Triangle Spacecraft Entering Flagship
And what you see there is the different classes of attack and fighter
aircraft returning to the mothership, or the spacecraft carrier, and with
vacuum-controlled entry sections … Actually, they would design to

fold down so that you’re already in support of making inside landing.
Nobody actually flies in these squadrons controlling any of the
vehicles. It’s all automatic, so you’re not going to be hitting the walls
or any of this kind of thing. But very quickly, you can open these
hatches on the side. The hatch then becomes sort of a platform to
possibly land on if you’re too low. And this answers the question of
how do we handle the large spaces aboard the ships that are going to
be operating on the missions.[122]
While the designs for the enormous space battle groups were being
conducted at Douglas, and later at TRW, the detailed engineering and
construction occurred at a classified facility in Utah near the Wasatch
Mountains, according to Tompkins. In response to a question on this subject,
Tompkins told of a conversation with “Admiral Roscoe” (Hillenkoetter) about
completing the project, and wrote about it in his autobiography:
Well Admiral … as you know, we here on the working side of the
DAC/RAND Think Tank – are proposing to build a large spaceship
development and manufacturing plant in Utah. It can handle your
two-kilometer spacecraft carriers, with the capability to expand the
facilities to accommodate ships that are ten times that size. We’ll
need the funding, of course. That’s where you come in, Admiral.[123]
In a radio interview, Tompkins provided more details about the construction
facilities for the kilometers-long spacecraft that was designed at Douglas, and
the aerospace companies involved in the construction process:
One of the facilities that was used is east of the Wasatch Mountains in
Utah. This was a very, very large cavern. It has smaller ones adjacent
to it, but it’s a massive one. And they were able to put together
Lockheed space systems, Northrop-Grumman facilities, and even
Boeing were involved in the actual construction of these kilometer-
long spacecraft carriers that the Navy now has eight of these
spacecraft carrier battle groups out in the galaxy.[124]
It is worth pointing out that Lockheed Martin (formally Lockheed)
and Northrup Grumman (formally Northrup), along with Douglas Aircraft
Company, had received briefing packets from Tompkins from 1943 to 1946.
Tompkins says that Lockheed’s top secret think tank, “Skunk Works,” which
was officially formed in June 1943, emerged as a direct result of the contents
of the briefing packets he delivered.[125] In 1997, Boeing absorbed McDonnell
Douglas, which had previously formed out of the 1967 merger between
Douglas Aircraft Company and McDonnell Aircraft. Consequently, the three
main corporations responsible for building and upgrading the Navy’s eight

space battle fleets, which were constructed in secret Utah locations since the
1980’s, can all be directly traced to the original companies that received
Tompkins’ briefing packets.

Nordic Extraterrestrials Infiltrated Douglas Aircraft Company
Tompkins says he and his colleagues were helped by three Nordic
extraterrestrials secretly posing as normal citizens, who had gained
employment within the Douglas Aviation Company. He described how these
three Nordics, two females and one male, provided key information about the
design and construction of space vehicles without revealing their true identity.
Tompkins even explained to a co-worker in Advanced Design how his
Secretary, Jessica, would not reveal her true origin, but was clearly one of the
Nordic extraterrestrials assisting him in completing Douglas company
projects on behalf of the Navy:
I tried to explain to John that Jessica has never said that she is a
Nordic, even though … exposing her unbelievable knowledge of the
universes. And yes, she frequently stuffs my head with exactly what
is needed on a program. When I implement the plan it works every
time. [126]
Upon seeing a photo of Maria Orsic, which Tompkins saw for the first
time on page 67 of the book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and
Extraterrestrial Alliances (2015), he was startled. This is because she looked
exactly as he remembered Jessica, the Nordic extraterrestrial who had
infiltrated Douglas Aircraft Company as a secretary.[127]

Figure 38. Tompkins Said Jessica (a Nordic ET) Looked Exactly Like Maria Orsic

Tompkins’ claim, that the Douglas Aircraft Company has been
infiltrated by three Nordic extraterrestrials, is supported by multiple
whistleblowers and private citizens that claim human-looking extraterrestrials
have successfully integrated into all facets of human society, including the
most senior levels of the world’s military, including NATO.[128]
Robert Dean (CSM, US Army Ret.) worked at NATO’s Supreme
Headquarters from 1963-1967, and during this time was stationed in the
Operations Center with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance. He says he viewed a
secret NATO study that was commissioned to analyze the threat posed by
UFOs to NATO operations in Eastern Europe. The classified report was titled:
“An Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military threat to Allied Forces
in Europe.” It focused on the dangers of UFOs being mistakenly identified as
an incoming ballistic missile attack from the Soviet Union.
Dean claimed that the NATO study identified four different
extraterrestrial civilizations visiting the Earth at that time. According to his
testimony, what really worried the NATO top brass was that some of the
visitors looked so much like us that they were virtually indistinguishable.
Dean says that NATO generals were paranoid over the possibility that some

of the extraterrestrial visitors could be walking in the corridors of NATO or
the Pentagon, or even the White House itself. In an interview Dean stated:
There was a human group that looked so much like us that that really
drove the admirals and the generals crazy because they determined
that these people, and they had seen them repeatedly, they had had
contact with them…. These people looked so much like us they could
sit next to you on a plane or in a restaurant and you’d never know the
difference. And being military and being primarily paranoid, that
bothered the generals and the admirals a little bit. That the fact that
these intelligent entities could be involved with us, walking up and
down the corridors of SHAPE, walking down the corridors of the
Pentagon. My God, it even dawned on a couple of them that these
guys could even be in the White House! Of course, as I said, being
paranoid in those years it really shook things up a little bit.[129]
Another public official to have disclosed the truth about
extraterrestrials infiltrating and living among humans is the current Russian
Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev. On December 7,
2012, he made some startling off-air comments to reporters while his
microphone was still switched on. He was asked whether the President is
given any secret files on extraterrestrials while in office. In his responses,
Medvedev not only confided that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth, but
that some are actually living among us:
Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the
country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety
contains information about aliens who visited our planet… Along
with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special
service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our

Dean and Medvedev’s statements are a vital key in unlocking the truth
of extraterrestrials living among the human population, and infiltrating the
military-industrial complex. His testimony conclusively demonstrates that
official military and government agencies are aware of this penetration, and in
fact have developed strategies for such a contingency.
Corey Goode says that for several years, he was employed in an
intercept and interrogate program involving extraterrestrials found on Earth.
[131] The intercept program would identify aliens that had infiltrated human
society and bring them in for interrogation. Goode said that his task was to
find their purpose for being on Earth, and detect any deception on the part of

the extraterrestrial during their interrogation. Coercive methods such as
torture were used on the alien infiltrators. What Goode witnessed was deeply
traumatic, and he says he needed assistance in dealing with the trauma of the
incidents which he still fully recalls. He said in an email to me:
Their [Mayan] technology was all neurologically interfaced
technology and was very impressive. The device they used to assist
me in the removing of the “Pain” and “Negative Energy
Associations” with certain very dark memories was interesting. It was
what they called a “Halo” and looked like it was made of “Gold” but
was light as a feather. When they put it on top of my head it “Sucked”
to my skull/scalp like my head was a magnet. And they looked at a
floating console and they never touched but interacted with mentally.
… They were of great service to me and I am told they have been
brought in to assist many of the Humans who have been “Recovered”
from Bases and even from slavery in other solar systems. There are
secret locations in other Sol Systems that have colonies for these
humans to recover as they will not be able to reintegrate with our
society anytime soon. This group has assisted them greatly. Many
assume that they are “Aliens” that are assisting former Human
Slaves. These people just do not have the full facts.[132]
In the case of the Nordics that had established their presence inside
Douglas, Tompkins claims they assisted him greatly. In fact, the assistance he
was receiving from his Nordic friends had elevated him into a preeminent
position as an authority on different types of extraterrestrials and their
Over time, both in and out of the Advanced Design Think Tank, I got
the reputation as the principal thinker addressing the black hat alien
[Draco Reptilians Empire] threats and conceiving programs to
counter them. Somehow, other white hat aliens [Nordics] dropped
concepts in between my ears that always worked. It was like I had
some of their technology that was thousands of years more advanced
than ours here on planet Earth.[133]
In a later chapter, both documentary and witness evidence will be introduced
to show that Tompkins was indeed considered to be an authority on
extraterrestrial life and technology by the retired Navy officers who worked
with him on “Special Projects” with the Navy League in the 1990’s.

Navy Approved Tompkins’ Relationship with Nordic
Tompkins specifically recalls a conversation with Elmer Wheaton,
who told him that the Navy considered him to have been chosen by the
Nordics at a young age to play a critical role in being an intermediary
between the Navy and Nordics:
We know that several of you guys, especially you, have been selected
by some of these alien guys, if you get my meaning. Naval
intelligence wasn’t alone when they took an interest in you. There are
aliens – probably Nordics – who selected you as a child to assist them
in their endeavors to prod the US into developing galactic Naval
spaceships and operations advantageous to us both…. Our Naval
Intelligence considers you a preferred human contactee. The
communication link between these extraterrestrial races and you
contactees provides us with advanced counter threat concepts, not just
for the Apollo program, or for the Navy base on the Moon, but
literally for all advanced space concepts for subsequent encounters….
Tompkins recollections here are staggering in their implications. They suggest
that key figures in the Office of Naval Intelligence were aware that Tompkins
and others, such as Navy Secretary James Forrestal and Rear Admiral Rico
Botta, had a special connection to a friendly human-looking group of
extraterrestrials, which were in conflict with the same Reptilians who had
formed an alliance with Hitler. This meant that these specially selected
individuals, or “preferred human contactees,” would form a critical role in
helping establish a covert alliance between the US Navy and Nordic
Such an alliance had to be covert, due to the infiltration of the military
industrial complex by Nazi Breakaway groups and their Reptilian allies,
which had occurred as a result of formal agreements between the Nazi-
Reptilians and the Eisenhower administration, beginning at Holloman Air
Force Base in February 1955. The Nazi-Reptilian alliance would increasingly
coopt many elements of the US military industrial complex over time,
including key components of the Air Force, the RAND Corporation, the
Central Intelligence Agency, and even the Douglas Aircraft Company.
In contrast, senior Navy officials covertly worked with the Nordics
both to prevent Nazi-Reptilian infiltration, and to build future Navy space
battle groups. In a Gaia TV interview with David Wilcock, Goode
corroborated Tompkins’ testimony of the Navy permitting Nordic

extraterrestrials to infiltrate major corporations like Douglas Aircraft
David: How would one of these Nordic men or women be able to get
into such a highly compartmentalized, highly classified thing?
Wouldn’t our government or the military-industrial complex be
highly afraid of them because of the possibility of them either
deceiving us or bringing intel back to their own group and then
weaponizing it against us?
Corey: Yeah, and after a while, they found out that we were being
deceived about some things that the Nordics – that we’re calling them
– did for operational security, you know? There were definite[ly]
some deceptions that were given to us. But for the most part, they
were learning about the reptilian threat and the threat of their allies.
And this group [Nordics] look a lot like us. Basically, it’s like a
cousin coming to help a cousin.
David: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Corey: Yeah, yeah. But these people presented themselves as wanting
us to get rid of our nukes, wanting us to become more loving and
peaceful. And they just … They [US Military] did not see as big of a
threat from them [Nordics] as they did their enemy, the Reptilian
The fruit of this covert cooperation was the development in the 1980’s
of joint operations between the first Navy space battle groups and the Nordic
extraterrestrial space fleets, which Tompkins describes here:
I don’t know the actual mission right now, but for most of the periods
the first ones were built [1980’s] and went out into the galaxy because
they were built here. They were operating with only one of the eight
who operated around the solar system. The others were out in the
galaxy jointly operating missions against Reptilians and other bad
people, but jointly working with the Nordic Navy, and who were the
people that had been assisting at least us on the Apollo.[136]
Tompkins went on to illustrate the extent of the cooperation between
the Nordic fleets and the Navy’s Solar Warden program, and the disparity in
numbers with the Reptilian imperial fleets:
[W]e’re operating, and have been, since the ’80s, with the Nordic
Navy. And these people … It’s easiest to describe the situation there
… For every ten Nordic Navy battle groups, the Reptilians have 100.
So we’re sort of at a disadvantage, by numbers, but a Nordic Navy

has been tremendously supportive of us. Our Navy works with them
and actually is at war not just with Reptilians out in space but several
other bad civilizations.[137]
While the above scenario may sound like an episode of Star Trek,
involving a galactic conflict between the fictional United Federation of
Planets and the Klingon Empire, there is reason to believe that Gene
Rodenberry was made aware of key elements of the truth. Rodenberry,
through the son of a Navy admiral, was confidentially told about plans to
build a Space Navy, and of a galactic war between Nordic extraterrestrials and
the Reptilian Empire. Humanity found itself in the midst of this galactic wide
conflict, and Star Trek was inspired in part to reveal key elements of this
conflict in order to prepare humanity for the truth through a “soft disclosure”

Star Trek Based on Secret Navy Space Fleet

September 8, 2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the release of the
“Star Trek” science fiction series that began in 1966 on NBC television. Its
official creator, Gene Roddenberry, is highly respected for this series’
groundbreaking concepts, yet there is significant evidence that he did not
simply come up with the idea of Star Trek on his own. Instead, he was
encouraged to create the series based on classified information surrounding
the development of a secret US Navy space fleet that was allied with a group
of human-looking extraterrestrials. This laid the foundation for Roddenberry
to conceive the idea of a United Federation of Planets in which many worlds
cooperated peacefully, sometimes sharing technology and personnel for space
Roddenberry began developing ideas for a science fiction show after
one of his series had bombed in 1964:
The only reason Roddenberry created Star Trek, at least initially, was
to sell another series to a network. He was, if not desperate,
anxious… He had just failed with The Lieutenant, for Norman
Felton’s Arena Productions … No one was clamoring for another
series from Roddenberry, or even his scripts. His agent suggested he
come up with a space series… This may have led to what The Outer
Limits historians insist are the accurate — if generally unknown —
accounts of Roddenberry hanging out at times on the set of The Outer
Limits. When I learned this, it wasn’t hard to imagine that series
creator, and executive producer, Leslie Stevens … was someone that
Roddenberry may have sought to emulate.[138]
This account is confirmed by Tom Seldon, one of the production assistants of
the television series “The Outer Limits,” which ran for two seasons (1963-
1965) on ABC:
Star Trek was in fact an outgrowth of The Outer Limits. Gene
Roddenberry watched our dailies all the time and took a lot of phone
calls from our screening room. He was spurring his imagination and
checking on the incredible quality control we had. I wondered why he
was there but he was there more often than not during the time he was
coming up with Star Trek.[139]

Chris Knowles, a media blogger who wrote an eight part series of
articles about the genesis of Star Trek, states that Roddenberry and Leslie
Stevens IV had reached a business arrangement for the planned sci-fi series:
Bearing in mind that Roddenberry was contracted to a rival studio
and a rival network, the odds are essentially slim to none that the two
men didn’t have some kind of business arrangement, whether in
writing or not. [140]
Gordon White, a book author, reaches the same conclusion about Stevens and
Rodenberry’s highly unusual relationship:
The case is convincingly made [by Knowles] that Leslie Stevens –
rather than Roddenberry – was at the terrestrial epicentre of Star
Trek’s prescient high strangeness, which it inherited from The Outer
Limits. Having worked in broadcast production before, there really
isn’t any such thing as innocently sharing production resources. If
Roddenberry was camped out with The Outer Limits team for a whole
year, then that very much means something.[141]
What lends further credence to the Stevens and Rodenberry
connection is that they both shared the same production assistant, Robert
Justman, who worked on both the Outer Limits and Star Trek. According to
For decades, Stevens and Roddenberry shared the same assistant, Rob
Justman, passing him backward and forwards whenever one of them
had a gig on. Justman would go on to be part of a military space
futures experiment in the early nineties. [142]
The evidence firmly points to Stevens and Roddenberry having indeed
developed a business arrangement for the new Star Trek series. This is where
Stevens’ background becomes critical in understanding the nature of their
Stevens was born in 1924, and when his father, a US Navy officer,
was assigned to the US Embassy in London in 1935, the following happened:
… the 11-year-old boy attended performances of Shakespeare at the
Old Vic as part of his schoolwork and decided to become a
playwright. Back in the States four years later he sold a play, The
Mechanical Rat, to Orson Welles’s Mercury Theatre and ran away
from home to join the troupe. Truant officers tracked him down and
he finished schooling with a Bachelor of Arts degree. [143]
In 1942, at age 18, he joined the Army Air Force and became an intelligence
officer. Stevens quickly distinguished himself due to the skills he had

acquired as a playwright, and ended the war as the youngest serving captain
in the Army.[144]
As an intelligence officer, his playwriting skills would have suited him
to psychological warfare operations. Consequently, it is possible that during
his military intelligence service, Stevens learned about the Interplanetary
Phenomenon Unit, set up by Army G2 to investigate the flying saucer
phenomenon. Psychological warfare was a significant component of the
Unit’s work in “hiding the truth” about the phenomenon from the general
public while seriously investigating it.[145]
Even more significant is the fact that Stevens’ father was Navy Vice
Admiral Leslie Stevens III. Vice Admiral Stevens was a contemporary of
Rear Admiral Rico Botta, who had played a pivotal role in the Navy’s initial
efforts to study the retrieved flying saucer craft from the Los Angeles Air
Raid, and oversaw a covert Navy espionage program out of Nazi Germany to
learn about Nazi flying saucers during World War II. The 29 Navy spies in the
program had not only learned that the Nazis had developed up to 30 different
flying saucer prototypes, but were also being directly assisted by an
extraterrestrial civilization comprising Reptilian hominoids in building bases
in Antarctica for future space battle fleets.

Figure 39. Leslie Steven III & IV
Both Admirals Botta and Stevens were leading experts in aerospace
engineering and headed top Navy aerospace facilities at various points during
their careers. Botta headed the Navy’s Bureau of Aeronautics Power Plant
Branch when he traveled to Wright Field and other top experimental aircraft

facilities in 1942.
In 1946, both were retroactively promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral as of
1943, for their wartime duties as the following document shows. Botta’s
promotion was retroactively dated a week before Stevens, suggesting he was
the more senior when it came to their respective wartime command
appointments. Botta went on to head the Naval Air Material Center out of
Philadelphia Shipyard from 1950 to 1952.[146] It is from this and similar

Figure 40. US Senate Approval of Admirals Stevens Serving on Same Committee
assignments that plans began for a secret Navy space fleet aimed to counter
what the Nazis had developed in Antarctica. Similarly, Admiral Stevens was
known for his accomplishments in aeronautics, and is quoted as having “had a
hand in the design or conception of all naval aircraft, aircraft carriers and
carrier landing apparatus.”[147]
Admiral Stevens’ aeronautics expertise meant that he was almost
certainly aware of what Botta had learned about Nazi aerospace projects
beginning in early 1942, after the Los Angeles Air Raid incident. According
to William Tompkins, Admiral Stevens was indeed made aware of what the
Navy had learned about Nazi Germany’s flying saucer programs.[148]
Documents reveal that Admirals Botta and Stevens did serve together
on a line selection board for Navy Commanders. One document is dated

January 6, 1950, and requests Admiral Botta to the Bureau of Naval
Personnel to meet with a number of other admirals, one of whom was Stevens
(see Figure 41). The document confirms that Botta and Stevens did meet in
the fulfillment of their normal roster of duties, giving them the opportunity to
discuss policy and technical issues related to the development of the Navy’s
secret space program. What is important here to keep in mind is that around
the time Botta and Stevens served on this Board, Stevens had been assigned
responsibility within the Joint Chiefs of Staff for clandestine activities and
covert operations, as a declassified CIA document confirms (see Figure 42).
Soon after, Stevens was appointed to be the head of “The Joint
Subsidiary Plans Division,” which was formed in late 1949 under the control
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Army historian Alfred H. Paddock describes the
mission of this Division as follows:
[To] coordinate the peacetime development of psychological warfare
and covert operations capabilities within the Armed Services,
coordinate detailed military plans and other agencies of the
government, particularly with Department of State and the Office of
Policy Coordination [CIA), and, in wartime, [to] become the means
by which the JCS would provide continuous direction and guidance
in these specialized fields to commanders under their control.” Rear
Admiral Leslie C. Stevens was selected to be the first chief of the
JSPD, although he had limited experience in psychological warfare
and covert operations. Stevens, assisted by deputies from each of the
other services, initially had a small staff of six officers. The Army
concurred in his nomination.[149]
Figure 41. Document Shows Admirals Botta & Stevens Serving on Same Committee

Figure 42. Document Showing Admirals Leslie Stevens Involved with Covert Operations

While Paddock was unaware of any previous experience Stevens had in
psychological warfare and covert operations, it is hard to envisage the latter
being given such an important assignment under the Joint Chiefs of Staff
without any prior experience.
Stevens’ aeronautical engineering background suggests that he had
become aware of, or was directly involved in, the Navy’s research into the
recovered flying saucer craft from the Los Angeles Air Raid incident, and of
the covert intelligence program being run out of Naval Air Station, San
Diego. It is more than likely that while Botta was handling the debriefing of
the 29 naval operatives out of San Diego, Stevens was involved in other
aspects of the same or a similar program run elsewhere by the Navy.
Stevens was awarded a Legion of Merit for:

… exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of
outstanding services to the Government of the United States as
Assistant Chief of Staff for Material on the staff of Commander, Air
Force, Pacific Fleet, from 3 November 1944 to 5 August 1945. [150]

In such a position, Stevens would have been a key Navy official in assisting
the Army’s Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit to achieve its objectives. These
would include investigating the flying saucer phenomenon in the Pacific
theater of the war, and participating in psychological operations to hide the
Unit’s covert operations. Consequently, it is almost certain that Admirals
Botta and Stevens were early recruits to a covert Navy leadership group that
would, beginning in the late 1940’s, oversee the design and development of
the Navy’s space fleet that would in time join an interplanetary alliance. This
fleet would be based on similar strategic principles used for the deployment
of modern aircraft carrier battle groups.
Being familiar with covert operations and psychological warfare,
Admiral Stevens more than likely was instrumental in revealing intimate
details of the Navy space fleet to his son, whose own wartime military
intelligence service would have made him very familiar with psychological
warfare, and even the operations of the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit. This
means that after leaving military service in 1945 to resume his playwriting
career, Stevens IV would have in all likelihood continued to have been
involved in ongoing psychological warfare operations.
When his father, Admiral Stevens, became the head of “The Joint
Subsidiary Plans Division” in 1949, it is realistic to assume that he recruited
his son as a military intelligence asset for disseminating key ideas (that were
part of psychological warfare operations) into his plays and the film/television
industry. According to Knowles, this is a possibility many have long
suspected about Stevens:
Stevens, Sr. died in 1956 but his son was himself an intelligence
agent during the Big One and almost certainly maintained his
connections after the war. In fact, some believe he remained on the
payroll throughout his Hollywood career.[151]
Tompkins confirmed in an interview that Admiral Stevens played a direct role
in setting up a secret Navy space program, and that his son, Leslie Stevens IV,
was aware of what was happening.[152]
Consequently, we know that prior to his death in 1955, Admiral

Stevens revealed significant classified information about the existence of
extraterrestrial life and secret space programs to his son. Therefore, Stevens
IV was most certainly part of a Navy sanctioned “soft disclosure” initiative,
which strategically used the television/movie industry to reveal elements of
the Navy’s planned secret space program. This would be part of a bigger
psychological warfare process that both prepared the public by hiding the
truth in plain sight, while also enabling a means of ridicule for those revealing
details of the Navy’s secret space program without authorization.
Exemplifying this process are the recommendations by the 1953 CIA-
sponsored Robertson Panel that issued the Durant Report, which advised the
use of the mass media to “educate” the public about flying saucers. The
Durant Report recommended debunking flying saucer investigations – by
ridiculing the flying saucer phenomenon and the possibility of extraterrestrial
life—for national security reasons. The Report stated:

The “debunking” aim would result in reduction in public interest in
“flying saucers” which today evokes a strong psychological reaction.
This education could be accomplished by mass media such as
television, motion pictures, and popular articles.… Such a program
should tend to reduce the current gullibility of the public and
consequently their susceptibility to clever hostile propaganda.[153]

Television and movies would be used as part of a psychological warfare
program that worked with a number of methods to hide the reality of the
flying saucer/UFO phenomenon, and ridicule those investigating it.
A National Security Agency document released by Edward Snowden
shows six different ways in which the general public can be deceived through
what they are being shown. The document is titled “The Art of Deception:
Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations,” and it contains
a graphic illustrating different ways in which the truth can be hidden in plain
sight by techniques such as “masking” and “mimicking.”[154]
The method of hiding the truth in plain sight would lead to movie and
television producers being given partial briefings of classified programs,
which would be used for creating new productions. This “soft disclosure”
process served the simultaneous goals of creating a means to debunk UFO
researchers by critics asserting that their claims were based on popular
movies/television series, and also secretly preparing the general public for the
truth in case of some catastrophic extraterrestrial disclosure event, e.g., alien
motherships appearing over New York City.

Figure 43. NSA Document: Different Ways of Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight
All of this information helps considerably in finally understanding the
nature of the business relationship between Roddenberry and Leslie Stevens
IV. Stevens could not directly create a science fiction show himself to reveal
details of the classified information given to him by his deceased father or
from what he had learned while serving with Army Intelligence. Instead,
however, it is very plausible that he received permission from Navy officials
to share classified information with television/movie producers such as
Roddenberry, who then fictionalized the information.
Rodenberry was not alone among television/movie producers with
whom Stevens divulged classified information through ideas for new movies
or television series. In chapter eight, I examine Stevens relationship with
Glenn Larson, creator of yet another famous movie/television franchise
—“Battlestar Galactica” —which has a unique place in television history.
Notably, on March 17, 2009, its principal actors and script writers were
invited to a special forum hosted by the United Nations to discuss lessons
learned from the TV series for interspecies conflict resolution.
The business relationship between Gene Roddenberry and Leslie
Stevens, suggests that Star Trek was initially based on classified information,
acquired through Admirals Botta and Stevens, and possibly by the younger
Stevens’ own direct involvement in military intelligence operations during
and after World War II. A future Navy space fleet was to be developed that
would actively cooperate with Nordic extraterrestrials in an alliance that
countered the Nazis and their Reptilian allies. In the Star Trek series, the

Nordics were depicted as Vulcans, the Reptilians as Klingons, while the Nazis
were represented as genetically enhanced humans.
Ample evidence suggests Star Trek was no mere science fiction series,
but was actively encouraged through a business arrangement between
Roddenberry and the son of a Navy admiral, who had been directly involved
in developing a secret US Navy Space Fleet. During the airing of the original
Star Trek series from 1966-1968, the Navy was taking a significant
incremental step towards its secret goal, which at the time was through the
Apollo Moon Program.

Apollo & the Navy’s Nova Program

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech
before a joint session of Congress promising to put “a man on the Moon and
returning him safely to the earth” by the end of the decade.[155] He called for
the development of rockets “much larger than any now being developed, until
certain which is superior.” Kennedy’s speech led to major Congressional
funding being provided to NASA for the development of heavy lift rockets to
send people and equipment to the Moon. Major aerospace companies
immediately began competing for the lucrative contracts to build the heavy
lift rockets that NASA would require for the Apollo space program, dedicated
to achieving Kennedy’s vision.
According to William Tompkins, NASA’s Apollo program was only
the first stage of a far more ambitious plan that had been developed by the
Navy in the early 1950’s. While the Army’s “Project Horizon” planned to put
a dozen soldiers on the Moon for a military/scientific mission by 1966, the
Navy planned to have 10,000 people on the Moon by the 1970’s as part of a
far more extensive manned lunar bases project.[156]
Tompkins says that NASA, and its various civilian space programs
such as Apollo, was designed to be a cover for the Navy’s secret space
program; an arrangement both Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy
supported. The Navy would work through the ostensibly civilian NASA
program to achieve its military space objectives, which were considered to be
of the utmost national security concern. Consequently, Tompkins has asserted
that “NASA is a Naval military organization.”[157]
His claim here is supported by NASA Researchers, Richard Hoagland
and Mike Bara, the authors of Dark Mission who wrote:

NASA ostensibly is “a civilian agency exercising control over
aeronautical and space activities sponsored by the United States”…
But contrary to common public and media perception that NASA is
an open, strictly civilian scientific institution, is the legal fact that the
Space Agency was quietly founded as a direct adjunct to the
Department of Defense tasked with specifically assisting the national
security of the United States … It says so right in the original NASA


“Sec 305 … (i) The National Aeronautics and Space
Administration shall be considered a defense agency of the
United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the
United States Code.”[158]

The Navy’s manned lunar bases program was part of a four-tiered space
program called Nova, which Tompkins states was to be partially implemented
through NASA. Nova was designed, from its inception, to enable the Navy to
use conventional rocket technologies to establish large bases on the Moon and
Mars in the 1960’s and 1970’s.
According to Tompkins, the Apollo Moon landings were only the first
stage of an ambitious four stage plan for Nova. Stage 2 of Nova was to put
10,000 people on the Moon. Stage 3 was to place bases on Mars and other
planetary bodies in the Solar System. Finally, Stage 4 was to place manned
Navy bases in 12 adjoining star systems.[159]
While Nova would enable the attainment of the first two stages, along
with initial elements of the third, it would also require more advanced
spacecraft using antigravity and other exotic propulsion systems to achieve all
of stage 3, and especially stage 4. These more advanced craft would be
secretly designed and developed in the Navy’s research facilities at China
Lake, California, and then built at a massive underground base in the Wasatch
Mountains of Utah, resulting in deep space operations with interstellar travel
It is an accepted fact that the Nova concept of massive rocket
launchers was being studied by two major aerospace companies in the early
1960’s that had not been awarded contracts for the production stages of the
Saturn heavy launchers for the Apollo Moon missions. According to
Encyclopedia Aeronautica:
General Dynamics (Convair) and Martin Marietta – were given
‘consolation’ study contracts for Nova in July 1962. Philip Bono of
Douglas Aircraft characteristically did his own study without a contract.
The contractors were to make preliminary designs of million-pound-
payload launch vehicles … Martin handed in the most comprehensive
study, with all possible combinations evaluated… General Dynamics had
the most conservative designs, using existing engines or enormous
conventional bell-chamber engines in the 3 million pound thrust class.

Bono at Douglas characteristically was optimistic about achievable stage
mass fractions and had designs with masses considerably less than
calculated by the other two contractors.[160]
Citing his involvement with the Douglas study, Tompkins says he and other
engineers had utilized various innovative propulsion systems over the years to
develop different configurations for the massive Nova rockets and their
respective million pound payloads—ten times the payload of the Saturn V
We had spent seven years on-and-off with these concepts before
NASA put out requests for a bid on the Nova space vehicles (Nova
was way before Apollo). Jim Jenkins, Mack Davis, and I spent an
enormous amount of time discussing and conceiving these rockets.
Our mission in Advanced Design was to analyze the propulsion
scheme, develop configurations, trade-off studies, and design massive
space freight trucks… I personally designed a 600+ foot high, cone-
shaped NOVA vehicle…[161]
The Nova study program officially lasted from 1959 until 1964, when
funding was cancelled by NASA due to the successful testing and
development of the Saturn V rocket. According to Tompkins, however, Nova
continued to be supported behind the scenes by the Navy, which maintained
interest as major aerospace contractors submitted unsolicited proposals for
Nova’s feasibility.

Figure 44. Douglas Design of Nova Rockets

During this critical early period in the design and development of
heavy lift vehicles for the NASA space program, Tompkins’ 12 year career at
Douglas came to a tumultuous end. It is worth reviewing what happened, and
how his dismissal led to him moving over to other major aerospace
companies that supported his efforts to get Navy contracts to build the Nova
rockets, well after its ostensible cancelation by NASA.
On July 1, 1962, Tompkins took the initiative to go over the heads of
the Douglas Aviation Company’s manufacturing division to meet with, and
establish a personal relationship with the head of NASA’s Launch Operations
Center (later renamed Kennedy Space Center after the JFK assassination), Dr.
Kurt Debus.[162] In 1961, after the Kennedy speech pledging to land a man on
the moon by the end of the decade, Debus was chosen to direct the “design,
development and construction of NASA’s Saturn launch facilities” at Cape
Canaveral.[163] He was subsequently appointed as the Space Center’s first
Director on July 1, 1962; a position he held until his retirement in November
Tompkins states that he travelled to Cape Canaveral with a detailed
model and design proposal for the Saturn launch facilities, together with
proposals for building and streamlining the Launch Operations Center. He
met with both Dr. Debus and Dr. Werner Von Braun. Debus in particular was
so impressed by Tompkins’ design and detailed knowledge that he approved
his plans on the spot, and had him appointed to a number of NASA
committees, including the prestigious Launch Operations Committee Working
Group that Debus personally headed. The committee was set up to design and
oversee the construction of the Apollo launch complex for both the Saturn
and Nova rocket programs. Tompkins recalls what Debus said after their
initial meeting:
I am putting you on my Launch Operations Committee, Complex 39
Facility Planning Committee, and Mission Planning Committee.
Then, I would like you to technically consult my Systems
Management Committee, Mission Control Committee, Facilities and
Complex Pane, Launch Operations Working Group, and Checkout
Project Office, and Launch Project Office.[164]
Tompkins has provided a Douglas Aviation Company document that
corroborates his claim of having been a member of the Launch Operations
Committee (L.O.C.) Working Group for the Kennedy Space Center, where he
was directly advising Debus on various design proposals. The document
refers to Tompkins as “a member of the L.O.C. Facilities Working Group
headed by Dr. Debus, Director of L.O.C. for NASA.”
Tompkins’ personal relationship with Debus led to him securing a $36

million systems engineering contract for the Douglas Aircraft Company.[165]
However, by going over the heads of more senior people, he angered leaders
of the powerful Manufacturing Division of Douglas. This led to Tompkins
being fired, and then the decision was rescinded due to the intervention of his
Engineering Division superiors. Finally he was fired again, for a second time,
by the Douglas Aviation Company on May 4, 1963.
According to Dr. Robert Wood, who worked at the Douglas Aircraft
Company, and its successor McDonnell Douglas, for a total of 43 years, he
vividly recalls the firing incident(s) described by Tompkins.[166] He says it was
big news at Douglas at the time that someone was fired for getting a large
contract with NASA by going over the heads of more senior Douglas
officials. Years later, in 2009, Wood would eventually meet Tompkins and
decide to help him publish his autobiography by becoming its editor.
In chapter four, it was explained that Nordic extraterrestrials had
infiltrated the Douglas Aircraft Company and were covertly assisting
Tompkins with the designs of kilometers-long Navy spacecraft. This
assistance also included designs for the Nova heavy launch vehicles, and later
the Saturn rockets for the Apollo program. His firing incidents were
orchestrated, according to Tompkins, by Reptilian extraterrestrials who were
controlling key personnel in the Manufacturing Division of Douglas. Their
goal was to sabotage Douglas Aircraft Company efforts to assist the Apollo

Figure 45. Douglas Memo Showing Tompkins in Debus’ NASA Working Group

After noting the disappearance of two engineers from the Engineering
Division, Tompkins says he told a colleague:
There must be Reptilians at the very top of manufacturing
management in Douglas. They are preventing us from implementing
all of our engineering proposals that I have presented to Douglas
Corporate to manage all of the NASA Moon and Mars mission
Offering a further explanation, Tompkins reveals that the Reptilians could
infiltrate Douglas by using advanced technologies that made them appear
physically human. He said: “some of the Nordic aliens in the Douglas shop
whom I thought were helping us, may be disguised Reptilians, and this could

be happening now in NAA [North American Aviation], too.”[168]
Subsequently, Tompkins summarizes the complex situation involving
different extraterrestrial groups that had infiltrated different companies to
either help or sabotage the Navy and Apollo programs:
My main concern … is why the hell are the Nordics pushing us to the
Moon, but those damn Reptilians, who seem to look like the Nordics,
are throwing wrenches into the gears?[169]
Furthermore, Tompkins contends that Debus was very knowledgeable
about the Nordic extraterrestrials that had been helping Maria Orsic establish
the first German Vril flying saucer prototypes.[170] Debus was himself,
according to Tompkins, telepathically in touch with Nordic extraterrestrials
who were working behind the scenes to help the Apollo Program succeed. In
a later interview, Tompkins described how his initial meeting with Debus was
orchestrated by his Nordic extraterrestrial secretary from Douglas, who made
it possible for him to overcome many obstacles in order to meet with Debus.
My secretary had said before we even went down there that I’ve
written you a letter which will introduce you to the top people in
NASA, but you’re never going to use it. So then she did all of that
stuff where I’m driving into that zone arsenal, the secret area, and the
secret doors, gates, opened without stopping me. The armed guards
don’t grab me and shoot me… And all of these things happened
exactly as she told me it would.
She also told me not to believe a lot of the stuff that the German guys
would say. But Dr. Debus, to me, even though von Braun was the top
guy, Debus somehow immediately, right after I started talking,
became a friend. And I can’t describe it any other way. And virtually,
I couldn’t say anything wrong.[172]
The connection that both Tompkins and Debus had with Nordic
extraterrestrials was a key factor in why they established a strong personal
rapport from their first meeting.
After being sacked for the final time by Douglas in May 1963, it was
Debus who put Tompkins in touch with his next employer, North American
Aviation (NAA). Tompkins summarizes the situation as follows:
Because of my unsolicited, major change to the entire Apollo Moon
proposal a year earlier, I was fired at Douglas. This was for going
over corporate heads. My [July 1, 1962] presentation was to the two
most important space people on the planet. Dr. Kurt Debus and Dr.
von Braun, the head of NASA… Dr. Debus was so impressed with

my depth of [knowledge of] the alien threats and their implications
with the Apollo and Naval missions that he appointed me to his
Mission Launch Control and Facilities Planning Committees. A call
to Dr. Debus and I was on board the next week at North American
Aviation, Rocketdyne, a NAA division and Nucleonics, also a
division of NAA, at a director level in advanced technologies
research. [173]
From 1963 to 1966, Tompkins worked at the Rocketdyne Division of North
American (now part of Boeing), and took with him many of the advanced
spacecraft designs he had developed at Douglas.
During his Rocketdyne employment, Tompkins relates how he
successfully persuaded management to replicate what he had been doing at
Douglas in terms of sending unsolicited proposals to the Navy to win
contracts for classified programs.[174] Tompkins got Rocketdyne managers to
approve an unsolicited bid to build Nova heavy lift vehicles based on the old
Douglas Aircraft proposals he had previously worked on.
Tompkins says that he was now being assisted by two different female
Nordic extraterrestrials, other than those at Douglas. They were helping him
solve the complex engineering design problems for building large rocket
systems such as Nova and the Saturn V, which he also worked on at
Rocketdyne. He wrote that the two Nordics were “aliens assigned here to see
that the Apollo Moon program will accomplish its goals.”[175]
Tompkins prepared a business plan for Rocketdyne which
incorporated some of the innovative propulsion technologies he had studied at
Douglas for interstellar travel, as well as more conventional rocket
technologies for Nova missions throughout the solar system:
These included interplanetary, manned Mars, Venus, Mercury and
deep space, major solar system planets, or their habitable moons. I
conceived and they developed naval bases on all of them… the
availability of the improved NOVA truck vehicle rockets into naval
scout ships will considerably increase the effectiveness of early solar
system, manned naval planetary Moon, Mars fly-by and station
missions. It will also increase development of the naval Mars base
operation. [176]
This culminated in a detailed systems engineering plan for colonizing our
own and adjacent solar systems. The North American systems plan was to use
the powerful Nova rockets as a critical aspect for colonization. Tompkins says
that his lack of enthusiasm for incorporating nuclear propulsion systems into
his designs for future Navy spacecraft came to be resented by senior figures at

During this time, one of his old Douglas bosses encouraged him to
move over to TRW where his advanced design and engineering skills would
be better utilized:
Noel Crates, my old Douglas Delta-II Thor DM-18 missile Boss who
had resigned Douglas after I was fired, had accepted a research
position at the TRW space Think Tank at Redondo Beach, near
LAX…. For years, Noel constantly tried to get me to switch over
from North American Rocketdyne to TRW saying, “Bill, this is the
center of the Galaxy where the action is, it is all happening at TRW.
You must get on the staff here. There is a lot of that they are not
aware of, for some reason, you do understand. There are literally
hundreds of classified projects that need your big picture evaluation.
Bill, in many ways you are light years ahead of them.[177]
Come 1966, Tompkins’ interest in antigravity over nuclear propulsion
led to him being booted out of Rocketdyne’s Nucleonics, and so he finally
took up his friend’s offer to move over to the greener pastures of TRW
(acquired by Northrup Grumann in 2002). Tompkins spent the next four years
(1967-1971) at TRW, and says he found much support for his innovative
design and engineering ideas for different space propulsion systems at TRW’s
futuristic campus at Redondo Beach:
TRW is the most fantastic space Think Tank campus at the tip of this
southwest arm of the galaxy. It has been addressing extraterrestrial
threats, conceiving Naval space battle groups and weapons to process
these threats since 1960.[178]
Due to his background in Naval intelligence and success in getting
major Navy contracts when working at Douglas and Rocketdyne, Tompkins
was given multiple TRW projects to work on.[179] This included a Nova
proposal by TRW, where the company eventually won the much sought after
Navy contract. Tompkins wrote:
After extensive evaluation of hundreds of research projects, involving
every possible concept to unconventional space population and 14
major classes of Naval space ships, from fighter to 2.5 kilometer-long
intergalactic battle cruisers, an unsolicited system development plan
was conceived and submitted to ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence]
and ONR [Office of Naval Research], along with countless
Apollo/NOVA lunar, planet and star missions projects. I
accomplished those missions, several years later, at TRW. [180]
However, Tompkins said that the covert Navy plan for developing

Nova in order to place 10,000 personnel on the Moon came to a crushing end
during the Apollo 11 mission. At the time of the Apollo Moon landing,
Tompkins was working for TRW, which was responsible for a range of critical
components used in Apollo spacecraft. TRW personnel received the same
telemetry viewed at the Launch Operations Center/Kennedy Space Center for
Apollo Moon missions. As a TRW employee, there is no reason to doubt
Tompkins’ account of being physically present among a large contingent of
staff at TRW’s Redondo Beach “Space Park” headquarters to witness the
Moon landing.
During the Apollo 11 Moon landing in July 1969, Tompkins states that
television cameras from the Apollo Lander provided a live feed of what was
being witnessed by Armstrong and Aldrin. Next, Tompkins explains how
Armstrong and Aldrin were met by a fleet of extraterrestrial spaceships that
were ominously close to the Apollo Lunar Lander:
The Landing Module (LEM) actually impacted the Moon surface in
the Sea of Tranquility Crater, which had tremendous size vehicles
parked around part of its rim. When astronaut Neil Armstrong made
that First Step for Man on the Moon he looked up to the edge of the
crater and said to mission control: “There are other ships here, they
are enormous. The public did not hear that statement or see the
massive alien starships. Armstrong panned his camera in a 360
degree motional all around the crater and the CIA then classified the
information as way above top secret.[181]
Tompkins drew a picture (Figure 46) of what he, along with other TRW and
NASA personnel, witnessed on the Apollo live feed camera.
Incredibly, Tompkins says an alien voice was clearly heard over the
Apollo 11 radio transmission: “Finish a total of six of your Apollo missions;
take your photos, pick up some rocks, go home, and don’t come back.”[182]
How this threatening action by one or more extraterrestrial groups effectively
put an end to the Apollo program, as well as the Navy’s covert Nova program
for manned Moon bases, is described by Tompkins this way: “The NO
TRESPASSING sign went up. With the program over, everybody went home,
and nearly all 400,000 NASA and contractor employees got the pink slip.”[183]
What Tompkins clearly outlines he saw happen via the NASA live
feed of the Moon landing is consistent with HAM radio intercepts of the live
feed, and the claims of former NASA employee Otto Bender. According to
Bender, the Apollo 11 astronauts transmitted that they were being watched by
large alien vehicles.

Figure 46. UFOs Tompkins Witnessed on NASA Live Feed During Apollo 11 Landing

Bender confirmed that HAM radio operators had indeed intercepted VHF
signals transmitted from Apollo 11 to NASA’s Houston headquarters with the
following message, which NASA screened from the public:
Mission Control: What’s there ? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.
Apollo 11: These babies are huge, sir … enormous….Oh, God, you
wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other space craft out
there… lined up on the far side of the crater edge… they’re on the
moon watching us.[184]
On August 27, 2012, Dr. Steven Greer, Founder of the Disclosure Project,
revealed that he spoke with close relatives of both Armstrong and Aldrin who
had been told the truth about what the astronauts saw on the moon:
Close friends and very close family members of both Neil Armstrong
and Buzz Aldrin have separately told me that indeed there were
numerous, large UFOs around the crater where the Lunar Module
landed and that these were seen by both Armstrong and Aldrin. I have
also spoken to military officers that have seen the footage of this
event – but it has never been made public.[185]
Greer’s testimony is significant since it supports Tompkins’ claim that there
was a live video feed recording what Armstrong and Aldrin were seeing.
So why did NASA eventually terminate the Apollo missions if
extraterrestrial visitors were there and watching the Earth? The answer
according to Armstrong, as relayed by an unnamed Professor at a NASA

symposium, is as follows:
Professor: What really happened out there with Apollo 11?
Armstrong: It was incredible … of course, we had always known
there was a possibility … the fact is, we were warned off. There was
never any questions then of a space station or a moon city.
Professor: How do you mean “warned off”?
Armstrong: I can’t go into details, except to say that their ships were
far superior to ours both in size and technology – Boy, where they
big! … and menacing …. No, there is no question of a space station.
Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?
Armstrong: Naturally – NASA was committed at that time, and
couldn’t risk a panic on earth…. But it really was a quick scoop and
back again.[186]
The unnamed Professor was first quoted by Timothy Good in his ground
breaking book, Above Top Secret, and he corroborates Tompkins’ claim that
NASA was verbally warned off the moon, and that there were plans to build a
“moon city.” The city was in fact planned to be a Navy base that was part of
the Nova program.
The extraterrestrial occupants of the large starships intimidating the
Apollo 11 mission did not want the US Navy establishing a beachhead for
future military bases on the Moon. By preventing the Navy from moving
forward with its plan to put 10,000 people on the Moon using a number of
Nova rocket launchers throughout the 1970’s, the Nova program effectively
came to a crushing end in July 1969.
It would take the Navy more than a decade before it could complete
the construction of its first antigravity space vehicles as part of its secret space
program. This was achieved with the covert assistance of Nordic
extraterrestrials, despite the sabotaging efforts of Reptilians embedded within
the military industrial complex. According to Tompkins and other
whistleblowers, the first Navy space battle groups were deployed in the early
1980’s during the Reagan Administration, thereby establishing a US Navy
presence in deep space for the first time.[187] During this period, Tompkins
retired from the aerospace industry. In the late 1980’s, he began a new
mission of covertly preparing Navy personnel and their children for a future
where open contact with extraterrestrial life, and knowledge of the secret
space programs, would become widespread.

Extraterrestrial “Special Projects” at the Navy

William Tompkins has revealed that from the late 1980’s to 1999, he
was given permission to create a number of “Special Projects” involving
extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies at a council of the Navy
League of the United States. The purpose was to use this civilian organization
as a vehicle for educating retired Navy officers and their children about the
reality of these pressing issues.
The Navy League is a national organization with approximately
40,000 members in more than 220 councils around the world. It provides
support for the Navy and its sister sea services. Founded in 1902, it launched
with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt who said: “Give
hearty support to the policy which the Navy League is Founded to
Further.”[188] The Navy League describes itself as: “the foremost citizens’
organization to serve, support and stand with all the sea services—the US
Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard and US-flag Merchant Marine.”[189]
Tompkins created the Navy League Rogue Valley Council in Medford,
Oregon in 1991, and became its inaugural President. His prior work for Naval
Intelligence and leading aerospace contractors, from 1942 to 1984, had led
him to the conclusion that the Navy League had an important role to play
when it came to the topic of extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies.
This was a conclusion that was shared by senior officials in the Navy League
and his contacts in Naval Intelligence.
Previous chapters have discussed Tompkins participation in various
aspects of the Navy’s secret space program as it went from the early design
phase in the 1950’s, leading to detailed architectural and systems engineering
plans for their construction in the 1970’s, and finally to the space battle
groups being deployed in the early 1980’s. Coinciding with the deployment of
the Navy’s secret space battle groups, Tompkins “officially retired” from the
aerospace industry in 1984. He then began a new phase in his already
remarkable career. Tompkins would now educate select Navy officers and
their children about extraterrestrial life and technology to prepare them for a
world where the existence of alien life and an interstellar Navy space program
became common knowledge.

In January 1984, Tompkins moved to Medford, Oregon where a high
concentration of reserve and retired Navy officers resided. He says that he
later attended a Navy League National Convention in Seattle, Washington.
Conversations with senior Navy officers and members of the Navy League
led to him receiving support for a plan to develop a series of Navy led
“Special Projects” dealing with the extraterrestrial topic.
Tompkins wrote a letter to Rear Admiral Larry Marsh, Commander of
Naval Base Seattle and head of Submarine Group Nine at Bangor,
Washington (from September 1990 to June 1992), requesting permission to
have a group of retired Navy personnel take a ride on a submarine. Tompkins
says he also let the Admiral know of his plans to form a Navy League Council
in Medford.
The Navy is very careful when it comes to who it allows on its nuclear
submarines, according to Tompkins, and does strict security checks.
Presumably, after doing a security check on Tompkins, Admiral Marsh
decided to not only grant permission for the submarine ride, but he would also
take what Tompkins describes as a rare step, by personally traveling down to
Medford and presiding over the inauguration ceremony for Medford’s Rogue
Valley Navy League Council.
Public records verify that the Admiral did travel to Medford where he
met with Tompkins and the other retired or reserve Navy officers, and
formally participated in the launch of the Rogue Valley Council Navy League.
A photo appears below of Tompkins meeting with Admiral Marsh at the
opening ceremony for the Council in 1991.

Figure 47. Bill Tompkins & Admiral Larry Marsh at Opening of Navy League Rogue Valley
Council in 1991

Later, Tompkins and fellow Navy League officials travelled to Seattle
for their submarine ride, and he reports that Admiral Marsh privately met with
him there too. Tompkins recalls specifically discussing the extraterrestrial
phenomenon and UFO sightings in the Seattle area with the Admiral. Marsh,
according to Tompkins, in turn related some of his own direct knowledge of
extraterrestrial life and technology, and how this was being developed for a
Navy secret space program. Tompkins further states that Admiral Marsh had
been briefed about the Navy’s secret space program, and approved the
“Special Projects” that Tompkins planned to implement at the Medford Navy
League Council.
It’s worth pointing out that service on submarines has many
similarities to service in space. Indeed here, Tompkins points out that the first
Navy prototype spacecraft were in fact converted submarines. In an interview,
he explained that these prototypes were first developed in the 1950’s using
And at Douglas, in the secret think tank, we were looking at every
type of space vehicle we would need to go out into the galaxy, then
our U.S. Navy. So submarines came up and we discussed this. We
said, “That’s the easiest thing, the quickest way, we can get out there.
We’ll just take a regular Navy submarine, pull out the whole nuclear
system, put in the anti-gravitational system, and we’re going to use
these right away.”[190]
Historical records show that the first nuclear powered submarine, the USS
Nautilus (SSN-571), became operational in 1955.[191] This makes Tompkins’
scenario possible, since it was feasible for a “Nautilus class” of spacecraft to
be based on converted nuclear powered submarines. Tompkins says that

converted submarines were first deployed in space in the 1970’s as a prelude
to the deployment of the larger kilometers-long spacecraft.[192]

Figure 48. First “Nautilus Class” Nuclear Submarine Built for US Navy by General Dynamics

As the commander of the Submarine Group Nine facility, it is
probable that Admiral Marsh would have at least known of the idea of
“Nautilus class” spacecraft, especially considering that training of personnel
would have been very similar to the conventional training of crews on nuclear
powered submarines. This connection would support Tompkins’ claim that
Marsh was familiar with the Navy’s secret space program, and could have
revealed some of this in their second meeting.

Figure 49. Tompkins with Navy League Members Who Took a Ride on the Nuclear Powered
Submarine USS Alaska SSBN 732

Of critical importance, if Tompkins was helping to prepare Sea Cadets
associated with the Navy League for future space operations with the Navy’s
secret space program, “Solar Warden,” then their training would have been
invaluably assisted by instructors who were familiar with the conventional
training of crews for modern nuclear powered submarines.[193] Tompkins
emphasized in an interview that the submarine visit was not merely a joy ride,
but was a vital component of one of the “Special Projects” to be undertaken at
the Rogue Valley Council in training personnel for future space missions.[194]
Tompkins later met with Rear Admiral Hugh Webster, President of the
San Diego Council and corporate director at the national level of the Navy
League. During their meeting, Tompkins says that he shared with Webster
some of his knowledge about extraterrestrial projects he had been involved in
during his Navy and aerospace career. Admiral Webster, prior to his 1991
retirement, was Commander of the Operational Test and Evaluation Force.[195]
Previously he had served as Commander of the Naval Surface Group Western
Pacific (Commander Task Force (CTF) 73/CTF 75).[196] On November 1,
1986, Admiral Webster led the first visit to China in 40 years. From 1978 to
1980, he was commander of the USS England DLG/CG-22.
Moreover, Tompkins says he also received Admiral Webster’s full
support for his plans to develop a series of Navy led “Special Projects”
dealing with the alien topic. Accepting Tompkins’ testimony, this means that
two navy admirals, Marsh and Webster, were familiar with the “Special
Projects” he was leading at Medford, Oregon.
Later, in 2001, Tompkins says Admiral Webster gave him permission
to disclose all he knew about the Navy’s involvement in extraterrestrial
related projects in his planned autobiography. On the back cover of Selected
by Extraterrestrials, Tompkins recalls the conversation he had with Webster:

Early in 2001 I called on Admiral Hugh Webster, Navy League
Corporate Director, Washington DC and San Diego CA. We had a
five hour meeting on my ongoing book–writing concerning the
extraterrestrial threats to our planet. After Admiral Webster read
portions of my document and backup technical documentation, I
asked Hugh, “How much of this can I include in a published book?”
He said. “Bill; TELL IT ALL. This is most important to our country.
Don’t leave anything out.”[197]

Figure 50. Rear Admiral Hugh L. Webster & Admiral Xinchun Ma Celebrating the First Visit by

US Navy Ships to China in 40 Years
As the inaugural President of the Rogue Valley Council, Tompkins
was soon after promoted to Vice President of the Navy League for the entire
State of Oregon. He has supplied documents confirming that he was indeed
assigned to these very senior positions within the Navy League, despite not
having previously been a member. This is highly unusual and would only
have occurred through the approval of top senior figures at the national
leadership for the Navy League, such as Admirals Marsh and Webster, as
Tompkins claims.
In his autobiography, Tompkins describes his main mission in creating
the Navy League Council in Medford:
Created Southwest Navy League Council [Medford] with 37 top
Navy officers, the “special projects” group, pilots from various
employers, all working on alien interaction projects.”[198]
Later, in an interview in March 2016, Tompkins further added:
You’ve got a hand out of Navy people responsible for this Navy
League Council that I started up in Oregon, and we had specific
missions up there with extraterrestrials, particularly in large

mountains up there. It’s interesting that if you read that little list of
names how many of these personnel, who were out of the Navy, but
are still in the Reserve, are pilots, Navy pilots, Commanders or
Captains. I happened to have one of the largest groups in the country
in this Navy League, supporting extraterrestrial missions.[199]
One of his immediate tasks was to set up a Command, Communications and
Control system for the Navy League’s Medford Council. To achieve this,
Tompkins set up the “Sea Cadets” in which junior high school children of
navy officers and others would be given a basic education of naval maritime
and aerospace operations.
Tompkins was able to secure 14 computers from the Miramar Naval
Air Station (previously used for F-14 flight training) for this purpose. He says
that the command and control system (CIC), which was set up for the Sea
Cadets, was planned for use as a means of educating Navy officers and “sea
cadets” about extraterrestrial and secret space operations.

Figure 51. Letter Thanking Miramar NAS for Computer Systems for CIC Simulator

Significantly, Tompkins has supplied documents to support his
remarkable claims. One of these documents confirms the computer systems
given to him by the Miramar Naval Air Station (see Figure 51).
Another document is a hand out prepared by Tompkins for the Navy
League, describing the deep space and extraterrestrial operations project
being set up at the Navy League. He refers to the operations system that was
being set up as a “Special Project.”

Figure 52. Special Projects for Inter-Galactic Operations

Yet another document confirms that “Special Projects” were indeed
being discussed and conducted at the Navy League in Medford, as Tompkins
claims. This document is the minutes of a meeting held on October 5, 1993. It
confirms that Tompkins was President of the Rogue Valley Council
Most importantly, the “Minutes” confirm that an item on the agenda
was a report by a “Special Projects Committee.” Tompkins says that this
Committee was in charge of six “Special Projects” with each having their own
sub-committee. One was the “Inter-Galactic Operations Special Project”
according to the previous document.

Figure 53. Minutes of Meeting Featuring Special Projects Committee

In private interviews, Tompkins has described some of the other
“Special Projects” that he says he was directly involved in. One involved
reports of UFO’s seen entering and leaving Mount Shasta, which was
believed to be an extraterrestrial base. Pilots affiliated with the Navy League
would fly around the mountain to find entrances, and all-terrain vehicles were
employed for the same purpose.
Another “Special Project” dealt specifically with programs on
“extended life.” Tompkins says that while he worked at TRW from 1967 to
1971, one of the programs he was assigned to concerned extending life.
Tompkins claims that TRW made important breakthroughs in developing
pharmaceutical products that could extend life through the principle of age-
regression. In Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial
Life, one chapter discusses the testimonies of Corey Goode, Randy Cramer
and Michael Relfe, who all claim to have experienced age-regression
technology as part of their respective “20 and back” service with secret space
programs. Tompkins has since confirmed that age-regression is a standard
practice for many personnel in the “20 and back” programs.[200]

Support for Tompkins’ testimony comes from geneticists who have
recently publicly identified the genes that control the aging process. In
stunning experiments, the results of which have been released in peer
reviewed scientific journals, geneticists have demonstrated that they were
able to reverse the aging process to varying degrees of success. The lead
genetic scientist in the publicly announced age reversal studies is Dr. David
Sinclair, who discussed in a November 2014 interview the results of his
genetic experiments first conducted on mice:
We’ve discovered genes that control how the body fights against
ageing and these genes, if you turn them on just the right way, they
can have very powerful effects, even reversing ageing – at least in
mice so far… We fed them a molecule that’s called NMN and this
reversed ageing completely within just a week of treatment in the
muscle, and now we’re looking to reverse all aspects of ageing if
Yet, another “Special Project” was a contact program where personnel
could meet and interact with Nordic extraterrestrials at a remote mountain
location in the Cascades. Tompkins has described how holographic
technologies were used to help participants learn about the history of
extraterrestrial life, and their interactions with Earth. It is worth repeating that
according to Tompkins, Nordic extraterrestrials were covertly helping the
Navy in a project that would facilitate open cooperation between them in the

Corroborating Tompkins’ Testimony & Documents

Tompkins has privately supplied a November 1995 list of Navy,
Marine, and Air Force officers, along with local officials who participated in
the Navy League, Medford Council. From this list, I was able to locate two
Navy officers. In a phone conversation, each confirmed serving with
Tompkins. Both of their names also appear in the October 1993 “Minutes of
Meeting” document presented earlier.
First, I spoke with Art Lumley (Commander, USN ret.) on May 19,
2016, who at the time was the serving President of the Rogue Valley Council
Navy League.[202] Lumley served for 20 years with the Navy and Navy
Reserve, and then worked for 26 years as a pilot with United Airlines, retiring
as a Captain. He recalled that extraterrestrial life was a topic discussed in
“Special Projects” as areas of interest for the Rogue Valley Council during the
time that Tompkins was President. He said that Tompkins would raise the
extraterrestrial topic in discussions, and it was known among council
members that he was an expert on the topic. Lumley said he does not recall
any direct involvement in such projects himself, but did recall Tompkins’
discussion of them.
Next, I talked with Larry Boeck (Captain, USN ret.) on May 24, 2016.
His naval service spanned 25 years and he retired as a Captain in the US
Naval Reserve in 1995. During his career he commanded five Naval Reserve
units. Captain Boeck said that while he does not recall any direct involvement
in “Special Projects” himself, he does remember Tompkins talking about
extraterrestrial life and giving reports to committee members about them. He
also remembered Tompkins discussing hologram technologies as a means of
educating Navy League personnel and Sea Cadets. Boeck stated that
Tompkins was very knowledgeable about the extraterrestrial topic, and
researched it a lot. He said that due to Tompkins’ knowledge and contacts, he
found him very credible when it came to the topic of extraterrestrial life.
Finally, on November 1, 2016, I spoke by phone with Admiral Marsh
too, who confirmed key parts of Tompkins’ story. He recalled having had
communications with Tompkins about plans to launch a chapter of the Navy
League in Medford, Oregon, and that Tompkins had requested permission to
visit the naval submarine facility at Bangor, Seattle. Admiral Marsh also
remembered meeting with Tompkins in Medford, Oregon, where they
discussed the creation of the Navy League, which was a challenging
organizational process. He said he vividly recalled Tompkins’ interest and
knowledge about earthquakes and this topic’s relevance for Naval operations.

I asked Admiral Marsh why he had decided to attend the opening of
the Navy League Council in Medford, and he said that it was regarded as an
important event for the Navy League, which prior had no official presence in
that region of Oregon. At least in part, this corroborates Tompkins belief that
it was indeed unusual for an active admiral to launch a Navy League Council.
Tompkins says that he met with Admiral Marsh a second time, this
time in Seattle, where they discussed “Special Projects” involving UFOs and
extraterrestrial life. I asked the Admiral whether he recalled this second
meeting and the topics Tompkins said were discussed. Admiral Marsh stated
that he didn’t recall the second meeting, but included that he was not
surprised that Tompkins was interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial life given
his wide range of interests. The admiral added that he had no direct
knowledge of the subject of extraterrestrial life. Then he further explained
that due to his heavy schedule with many daily meetings with many members
of the general public, it was very possible he did meet with Tompkins in
Seattle even though he didn’t recall it. However, he did recall that Tompkins
and his Navy League colleagues did complete the submarine ride at the
Submarine Group Nine facility at Bangor, which he was in charge of at the


With regard to the Navy League in Oregon being involved in a
number of extraterrestrial related “Special Projects” from at least 1991 to
1999, Tompkins has provided documents that support his key claims. The
most significant document is the 1993 “Minutes” of a meeting discussing
reports by a “Special Projects Committee,” and the names of officials
attending that meeting.
Critically, two officials of the Navy League at the time, who are
identified on the “Minutes” document, have confirmed their participation in
the Rogue Valley Council meetings and Tompkins’ reports and discussions
concerning extraterrestrial related projects. Both Captain Boeck and
Commander/Captain Lumley acknowledged that Tompkins was viewed by
members of the Rogue Valley Council as an expert on the extraterrestrial
issue and advanced aerospace technologies. In addition, Admiral Marsh has
confirmed that Tompkins was regarded quite highly by senior figures in the
Navy League at the national level, and that Tompkins was very
knowledgeable about topics of interest to the Navy.[203]
What adds a further layer of credibility to Tompkins’ claims is the
testimony of Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Assistant Secretary of the
Department of Housing and Urban Development. She says that in 1998, she
was told that the Navy had initiated a plan to adjust its operations for a future
where it is openly known that extraterrestrials exist and live among us. Fitts
was asked to participate in strategy sessions that were being conducted by the
Arlington Institute, a non-profit organization headed by John Peterson, which
was assigned a number of Navy contracts. Back in September 2002, Fitts
In 1998, I was approached by John Peterson, head of the Arlington
Institute, a small high quality military think tank in Washington,
DC… John asked me to help him with a high level strategic plan
Arlington was planning to undertake for the Undersecretary of the
Navy…. I met with a group of high level people in the military in the
process – including the Undersecretary. According to John, the
purpose of the plan … was to help the Navy adjust their operations
for a world in which it was commonly known that aliens exist and
live among us.[204]
In support of her testimony, Fitts later released the “Minutes” of a March 26,
1999 Board of Directors meeting which confirm that discussions of

extraterrestrial life were being conducted by the Arlington Institute, as at least
one of its contracts—very likely with the Navy— required.[205]
It is more than coincidental that while Tompkins was conducting
extraterrestrial “Special Projects” out of the Rogue Valley Council of the
Navy League from 1991 to 1999, aiming to educate Navy personnel and their
children about extraterrestrial life, that the Arlington Institute was doing
something very similar on the other side of the country in 1998. In both cases,
senior Navy officials had authorized these initiatives through private civilian
Consequently, documents and the supporting testimony of two Navy
officers confirm that from 1991 to 1999, the Medford Council of the Navy
League did discuss extraterrestrial related activities that were occurring in
“Special Projects.” A third Navy officer, Admiral Marsh, corroborates
Tompkins’ expertise and connections in a variety of more conventional topics,
e.g., earthquake studies, which he thought might be connected to the
extraterrestrial topic. Marsh’s command of Submarine Group Nine at Bangor,
and the permission he gave to Tompkins and his colleagues to be provided a
tour of a submarine while in operation, does raise the possibility that this was
done to aid one of Tompkins’ “Special Projects.”
All this supports Tompkins’ claims that he had set up a number of
“Special Projects” in Medford, Oregon, aimed at educating Navy and other
military personnel, along with their children enrolled in the Sea Cadets, about
extraterrestrial life and technology, and training for a secret Navy space
program. In doing so, Tompkins had the direct support of senior leaders in the
national organization of the Navy League. More significantly, he had the
support of high level officials in the Department of the Navy who approved
for a busy Rear Admiral, holding two command positions, to attend the 1991
opening ceremony of the Rogue Valley Navy League Council.

Battlestar Galactica & the Artificial Intelligence

On March 17, 2009, a select group of United Nations officials learned
about war and peace from the perspective of those living on an extraterrestrial
mothership with much battle experience against a form of artificial
intelligence bent on human genocide. It was not however real-life
extraterrestrial veterans imparting their knowledge of war and peace in space,
but the creators and cast members from the popular TV series, Battlestar
Special significance marks this United Nations Panel event because
the Battlestar Galactica series was created by Glenn Larson, another protégé
of Leslie Stevens IV. In chapter five, I presented elements surrounding the
unusual business relationship between Stevens and Gene Rodenberry, and the
conclusion that Rodenberry was told about a secret Navy Space Program.
Due to Stevens’ military intelligence background and briefings he received
from his father, Vice Admiral Leslie Stevens III, he was privy to classified
information that became a key inspirational force behind Rodenberry’s Star
Stevens had a similar business relationship with Larson, and in fact
wrote the original script for the Battlestar Galactica pilot episode. This raises
the intriguing possibility that key elements of Battlestar Galactica are based
on real life threats in space as perceived by senior Navy officials running a
secret space program. As a prelude to examining this space threat, it is first
worth learning what the United Nations thought it would gain from its
Battlestar Galactica Panel.
The United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) and the
Sci Fi channel co-hosted the panel, which was scheduled a day before the
closing finale to the four season series. The panel explored “themes of
importance to both the United Nations and Battlestar Galactica” as described
by a March 16, 2009 United Nations Press Release:


… The discussion will explore some of the themes that are of
importance to both the United Nations and the critically acclaimed
television show: human rights; terrorism; children and armed conflict;
and reconciliation and dialogue among civilizations and faiths.[206]
The Press Release went on to mention the panel participants and that it would
be moderated by Whoopi Goldberg—who had previously starred as a popular
character in Rodenberry’s Star Trek: The Next Generation:
The panel will be moderated by Academy Award-winning actress and
producer Whoopi Goldberg. Oscar-nominated actress Mary
McDonnell, Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor
Edward James Olmos, and Battlestar Galactica creators and
executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick will participate
in the panel.
Also participating will be Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special
Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed
Conflict; Craig Mokhiber, Deputy Director, New York Office, Office
of the High Commissioner for Human Rights; Robert Orr, Assistant
Secretary-General for Policy Planning, Executive Office of the
Secretary-General; and Famatta Rose Osode, Minister and Deputy
Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Liberia to the
United Nations.
The Press Release explained what it was about the Battlestar Galactica series
that was of special relevance to the United Nations:
“As one of the launch projects of the Creative Community Outreach
Initiative, this event will show how skillful storytelling can elevate
the profile of critical humanitarian issues,” said Kiyo Akasaka,
United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Communications and
Public Information. “Not only does it present an opportunity for
creative discussion, but, more importantly, it offers a chance to
deliver a message about the many harsh realities that still exist
The Press Release then described some of the topical content of the Battlestar
Galactica series and why this contributed to it winning numerous awards and
Battlestar Galactica is the gripping saga of humanity’s last remnants
and their struggle to find a new home while fleeing from their deadly

Cylon enemies. Its issues-driven topicality and command
performances have garnered it numerous awards, including several
Emmy Awards and the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award.[207]

Shortly after the 2009 event at the United Nations, I contacted Juan
Carlos Brandt, Chief of Advocacy and Special Events at the UN, who
explained that the initiative grew out of the Sci Fi channel’s interest in
participating in the Secretary-General’s Creative Outreach Initiative. [208] The
initiative was launched in July 2008 by Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and
aimed to foster collaboration between the entertainment industry and the UN.

“They came to us and explained that there were themes common to
both the show and the UN” according to Mr. Brandt, and “that those
themes could be discussed here in a serious manner.”[209]

He explained that this would be the first time that a TV show has been invited
to participate in a UN panel discussion. The choice of Battlestar Galactica to
cast light on global conflicts was intended to seriously explore the virtues of
reconciling cultures with a history of armed conflict.[210]
Summarizing the plot, the show depicts 50 thousand human survivors
from a devastating war in a double binary star system, which had 12 colonies
on planets with a combined population of 50 billion. The surviving humans
escape aboard spaceships and are pursued by a form of Artificial Intelligence
(AI), called Cylons, bent on the genocidal destruction of all human life.
Prior to the outbreak of the “Second Cylon War” (the first had ended
in a stalemate 40 years earlier) the Cylons learned to replicate human bodies
controlled by AI to create humanoid Cylons. The Cylons proceeded to
infiltrate the extraterrestrial human society on the twelve colonies before
launching another all-out war to wipe out humanity. After all but destroying
humanity on their twelve colonial planets, the humanoid Cylons again
infiltrate the remaining humans seeking to find a legendary 13th colony,
which according to ancient legends had left the original home world of the 12
colonies called Kobol.
Kobol had itself reached a high degree of technological development
before undergoing a planet-wide war, leading to the exodus of the 13 tribes.
12 left to establish the human colonies in the four star system that became the
12 Colonies of Kobol, while the 13th tribe traveled to a distant world they
named “Earth.” It turns out as the series develops that the 13th colony are in

fact humanoid Cylons, which had left Kobol after an earlier war between
humanity and their AI creation. Ironically, the humanoid Cylons on “Earth”
underwent a similar conflict process after creating their own mechanical
Cylons with AI, which rebelled against them. Five surviving humanoid
Cylons from Earth then travelled to the 12 Colonies of Kobol, and ended the
First Cylon war by secretly promising to help the rebel mechanical Cylons
create humanoid Cylons. The newly created humanoid Cylons decide to
launch the Second Cylon War out of vengeance.
By the end of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica in 2009, the
fleeing humans and the two generations of humanoid Cylons, have learned
the painful lessons of war, and the repetitive nature of human-AI conflict.
They are finally ready to seriously embark on a new adventure of
reconciliation and dialogue, choosing to integrate the surviving humans and
humanoid Cylons into a new hybrid species that would peacefully evolve
together in a primitive world. Their new chosen world would also be called
“Earth,” which turns out to be our planet about 150,000 years ago. The series
ends with the revelation that modern humankind are the hybrid descendants
of the extraterrestrial human and humanoid Cylon races that merged as a
solution to the ancient conflict.
The Battlestar Galactica series certainly raised thought provoking
themes about war and peace. At least the United Nations Panel who convened
to study the series thought so. Therefore I asked Mr. Brandt:

In what way does the Battlestar Galactica depiction of
extraterrestrial life practicing reconciliation and dialogue assist
humanity in preparations for a future where extraterrestrial life may
be discovered?[211]

He responded with a selection from a speech from Asha-Rose Migiro, Deputy
Secretary-General of the United Nations:

Nobody can close their doors to cultural intervention. And if we’re
talking of peace and security, we have to talk of the different cultures
that there are, the different beliefs, and how human beings should
learn to live with one another. So this is one way that also contributes
to peace, contributes to stability and, therefore, creates the conditions
for development.[212]

Battlestar Galactica takes themes related to past genocidal conflicts and more
recent ethnic cleansing campaigns, to the level of a planet wide war of
extermination by cybernetic AI extraterrestrials that have learned to infiltrate
and subvert human society. This would certainly not be the form of “cultural
intervention” envisaged by Ms. Migiro.
Among the United Nations officials scheduled to attend the Battlestar
Galactic panel discussion listed on the Press Release was Dr. Robert Orr,
Assistant Secretary General for Policy Coordination and Strategic Planning.
He earlier served at the US National Security Council, where he was in
charge of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. If the United Nations
were to ever be seriously confronted with issues of reconciliation and
dialogue with extraterrestrial life and/or AI life forms in conflict with
humanity, Dr. Orr would be high on the list of UN officials qualified to lead
such an effort.
The choice of Battlestar Galactica for discussing themes of war and
peace from the perspective of a fictional galactic conflict raises an intriguing
question. Was the show’s central premise of a galactic conflict between
human-like extraterrestrials and an AI life form in any way inspired by real
events? In particular, was classified information received by the show’s
creator, Glen Larson, from Leslie Stevens about a secret Navy run space
program in any way related to a global threat posed by an AI life form?
First, it is worth analyzing the relationship between Stevens and
Larsons, and the genesis of the “Battlestar Galactica” idea. In an interview
with Alan J. Levi, the Director of the original Battlestar Galactica series,
Susan J. Paxton made a surprising discovery. In an article titled, “Leslie
Stevens is The Creator of Battlestar Galactica,” she wrote:

Levi is known to BG fans as the director of “Gun on Ice Planet
Zero,” but he also directed half of the premiere after Richard Colla
was let go by Larson. Levi was a good friend of the late Leslie
Stevens, the producer best known for the famous science fiction
series The Outer Limits. Recently I interviewed Alan Levi. I had not
planned to ask him any questions about the origins of Battlestar
Galactica because he had not been involved early enough in the
process to know about it. But, out of the blue, with no prompting
from me whatsoever, he said, “Well, Leslie Stevens wrote the
original script. Leslie was one of my best friends. I do know that
Leslie had told me at one time way before he ever got into the script
that he had this great idea for a script that he was going to take to
Glen Larson and talk about.”

In other words, sometime in 1977, Stevens had told Levi about an
idea for a series he was going to discuss with Glen Larson, an idea
that recognizably was Battlestar Galactica. Now before people start
running around screaming that Larson “stole” BG from Stevens, it’s
clear that whatever happened, Stevens must have agreed with it,
though for what reason we cannot at this time know.[213]

In her analysis of the genesis of Battlestar Galactica, Paxton pointed
out Larson’s earlier efforts in developing a sci fi series that had no
resemblance to Battlestar Galactica. It was really Stevens’ idea, who
originally pitched it to Larson, according to Levi. Then even more tellingly,
Stevens wrote the original script for Battlestar Galactica, and was content to
let Larson take all the credit.
This is similar to what Stevens had previously done with Rodenberry
from 1964 to 1965 while shooting the Outer Limits. A business relationship
was developed where they collaborated in setting up the original idea of Star
Trek. Now, just over a decade later, in 1977, Stevens began doing the same
thing with Larson.
It is very unusual for television and movie producers to forego taking
credit for their creations, unless there is a deeper agenda at play. In the case
of Stevens, his military intelligence connections and involvement with
psychological operations led him to disseminate classified information into
the movie and television industry to hide the truth in plain sight.
If Star Trek was modeled on a real life secret Navy space program
cooperating with Nordic extraterrestrials in a galactic battle with Reptilian
aliens, what was Battlestar Galactica representing? For the answer, we can
go to the testimony of secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, on
the issue of artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial life.
Goode’s claims that the space programs he served with, from 1987 to
2007, had identified Artificial Intelligence as an existential threat to humanity.
Goode describes elaborate security protocols that have been put into place to
detect and eliminate an “AI Signal” that not only has the ability to infiltrate
advanced technology, but also biological systems.

The best way to avoid the dangers of AI is to educate yourself on the
potentials they have to cause a loss of sovereignty. Becoming too
dependent on technology is something else that will make you more

of a target to be controlled by AI influence or even be infected by an
“AI Signal” that can live in the bioelectric field of your body. This
signal can then have an effect on the way you think and behave. This
is something that is screened for even currently when operators and
guests arrive at SSP [Secret Space Program] Facilities and is
something that other ET Groups take seriously as well.[214]

Goode says extraterrestrial civilizations have much experience in
observing how AI has taken over countless other worlds, and led to the
eradication of the indigenous population that created the AI. Essentially
Goode is warning that the storyline of Battlestar Galactica is more genuine
galactic history than science fiction:

Those who are AI Prophets are already working on a timeline to
create a society completely dependent on technology that at one point
will hand its sovereignty over to this “AI God” because it will be
believed that this AI is the only thing that can rule the world from a
neutral perspective and bring world peace for the first time. These AI
Prophets have been shown the information of the thousands of other
civilizations that have fallen for this trickster god model and were all

Is there any evidence to support Goode’s information that Artificial
Intelligence is not only an existential threat to humanity, but has plagued
many different extraterrestrial civilizations as depicted in Battlestar

The Real Life “Friendship” Case of Extraterrestrial-AI
Conflict on Earth

A 2009 book titled, Mass Contacts, details the history of a mysterious
group of human-looking extraterrestrials that established underground bases
in Italy, and met with local residents between 1956 and 1978.[216] The author,
Stefano Breccia, was a highly regarded Italian UFO researcher with an
electrical engineering background, who previously taught at several Italian
and foreign universities. He investigated the “Amicizia” (Friendship) case
over a period of several decades during which he met and questioned many of
the primary witnesses. The most prominent was Bruno Sammaciccia, a
prolific Italian author and scholar with many high connections in the Italian
national security system, including certain generals and diplomats.
Some of the many photos taken of UFOs and extraterrestrials in the
Friendship case rank among the best quality ever taken. Breccia included
about 20 of these photos in Mass Contacts. In terms of its overall impact,
number of participants involved, and documentary evidence compiled, Mass
Contacts is the most compelling case of direct human extraterrestrial contact
in modern history.

Figure 54. Amicizia (Friendship) Flying Saucer Craft Photo from Mass Contact, p. 361

The story of Mass Contacts began back in 1956, when Sammaciccia
and two of his friends met with two mysterious individuals who said they

were extraterrestrials. One was over eight feet tall, while the other was just
above three feet in height. Sammaciccia and his friends, initially skeptical,
were eventually taken into a large underground base where they saw more of
the alleged extraterrestrials. They also saw their children being educated,
some of the advanced technologies they used, and their spaceships. Finally
convinced that they were really having physical contact with beings from
another world, Sammaciccia and his friends began to help the
extraterrestrials. They began with material support by arranging for
truckloads of fruit, food and other material to be transported and unloaded at
an extraterrestrial base. Eventually, two truckloads of supplies were being
delivered every month to bases in different regions of Italy where
Sammaciccia and his assistants lived.
Sammaciccia described the various people involved in the case,
including those who had direct meetings with the extraterrestrials. The
number of individuals involved grew over time, while Sammaciccia
continued to assist the extraterrestrials in helping prepare humanity for the
reality of human-looking extraterrestrials from other planets. Breccia said that
he personally met and interviewed almost 80 people who worked with, or
met, the extraterrestrials. Most were in Italy, but others were from other
countries and had also been exposed to this same group of extraterrestrials.
Many of the extraterrestrials could easily blend into human society and even
take normal jobs when necessary. The Friendship case helps confirm other
accounts by a number of contactees and whistleblowers who state that human-
looking extraterrestrials have blended into human society and have walked
among us.[217]
Sammaciccia finally described a violent conflict between two factions
of extraterrestrials trying to influence humanity’s development and future.
While his “Friendship” faction were biologically human and promoted
spiritual development, the other faction were advanced humanoid robots with
Artificial Intelligence that promoted technological development at all cost. In
Mass Contacts, Breccia included an interview where one “Friendship
extraterrestrial” discussed the history and activities of the robotic life forms
known by the acronym, CTR (Italian for “Contrarians”—adversary):
The CTR are the results of an experiment that has run out of control.
They are robots, in the full meaning of this word, even if centuries
ago they have started an activity of biological reproduction. To you,
at this point, it’s no longer possible to discriminate between a natural
being and a biological robot….[218]
The alleged extraterrestrial elaborated further on how these synthetic AI
robots were indistinguishable from organic humans:

The CTR’s (and, by the way, not them only) are on the contrary
artificial creatures, and they remain as such, even if nobody among
your physicians would be able to discriminate; actually there is
nothing physical that may allow to state whether an organism is a
descendent from artificial robots or not.[219]
The philosophical and biological differences between the two
extraterrestrial factions in the Friendship case led to periodically violent
clashes. Eventually, the underground bases of Sammaciccia’s extraterrestrial
friends were destroyed in 1978. This included their largest base, which was
under the Adriatic Sea, just off the Italian coast. Survivors had to leave the
Earth, but promised to return later when humanity was ready for a more
ethical future when it could openly interact with extraterrestrials.
The story revealed by Breccia is astoundingly similar to the storyline
of Battlestar Galactica, where the humanoid Cylons have evolved to the
extent that they are physically indistinguishable from biological humans and
launch a genocidal war against their human creators. The humanoid Cylons
chase the humans all across the galaxy until they reach the Earth and settle
here. The humanoid Cylons have evolved so far as to be capable of physical
reproduction and interbreeding with humans, which is how the series ends
with a new hybrid Human-Cylon race populating the Earth 150,000 years ago,
to create the current human civilization.
Battlestar Galactica has many elements that correspond to
information released by Corey Goode and Stefano Breccia about AI life forms
being an existential threat to human civilizations throughout the galaxy. It is
markedly significant that the alleged defeat of the Friendship extraterrestrials
by their AI (CTR) humanoid robot opponents took place in 1978, which
coincides with the time Stevens worked with Larson, resulting in the launch
of the Battlestar Galactica series. Was this mere coincidence, or was Stevens
passing on classified information about the real and present threat posed by
AI humanoid extraterrestrials to humanity?
It’s very likely that NATO and the US Navy in particular, closely
monitored the escalating conflict between the two extraterrestrial factions,
and the resulting violent destruction of the bases belonging to the more
peaceful human-looking extraterrestrials by the AI humanoid group. After all,
Italy was a NATO ally at the time, and everything Sammaciccia was doing to
help the human-looking extraterrestrials was being closely monitored by
Italian national security authorities, and tacitly allowed by them. Destruction
of the extraterrestrial bases, knowing fully well the surrounding
circumstances, would certainly have set off alarm bells for the US Navy,
which was monitoring ocean activities through its naval bases in Italy at the

time.[220] The violent destruction of underwater bases would have set in
motion a process whereby Leslie Stevens, due to his military intelligence
background and continuing intelligence mission with Hollywood, was given a
classified briefing of what was happening and the threat posed by AI life
The 2009 United Nations Panel on Battlestar Galactica emphasized
the importance of the reconciliation and conflict resolution depicted in the
series finale, especially when it came to resolving complex ethnic and social
problems. Perhaps this was a way for the United Nations to encourage one
solution to a complex galactic conflict between organic and AI life forms,
which was now involving our planet.
In contrast, Goode emphasized the danger of infiltration by an AI
signal that could penetrate both advanced technology and human biology. He
says that technology has been developed that can distinguish between humans
and AI life forms, and is used as a security measure by different secret space
programs and extraterrestrial civilizations. According to Goode, some leaders
of the Draconian Reptilians had been compromised by this AI signal in the
form of nanites: “it turns out that a lot of these reptilian higher castes are
highly infected with nanites—artificial intelligence-type of nanites.”[221]
The threat posed by AI is consistent with the original message found
in the first Battlestar Galactica series that was influenced by Stevens, and
tacitly by leaders of the Navy space program, then making final preparations
for its secret launch in the early 1980’s, while also monitoring developments
in Italy. This suggests great caution in how humanity should deal with the
complex social, legal and national security issues posed by the development
of AI, and the possibility that AI life may be attempting, or has already
succeeded in, efforts to infiltrate human society, secret space programs and
even some visiting extraterrestrial groups.

The Current Operations of Solar Warden

Thus far, William Tompkins’ role in the design and development of a
Navy Secret Space Program during his almost 40 year Navy and aerospace
career has been laid out at length. The Navy’s space program, which
Tompkins says was called Solar Warden since its inception, became
operational in the early 1980’s. With his retirement from full time
employment in the aerospace industry in 1984, Tompkins devoted himself to
a new chapter in his life where he would influence the Navy’s policy on how
to prepare humanity for the truth about extraterrestrial life and the advanced
technologies used in its space program. This policy involvement would be
done through his membership in the Navy League in Oregon (1991-1999),
and more recent active participation in the Navy’s annual “West” meetings in
San Diego (2000-2016).
Tompkins’ knowledge about the Navy’s Solar Warden program goes
beyond a detailed understanding of its origin and development stages, and
remarkably extends to current operations. This is highly significant since
many of his revelations help corroborate the testimony of others who have
also come forward to reveal operational details of Solar Warden. Of these,
Corey Goode’s claims are the most significant in terms of their scope and
similarities to those of Tompkins.
In short, Goode says that he was covertly recruited into Solar Warden
in 1987, and served in it and several other secret space programs until 2007.
During this time, he had access to “smart glass pads” which contained
extensive briefing documents about the history, development, and operations
of Solar Warden and other secret space programs. Goode recalls that some of
the documents he read on the smart glass pads looked like they had had been
prepared decades ago by stenographers.
When Goode’s revelations were first released in book form by me in
Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Life (September
2015), neither Tompkins nor Goode knew of each other. It was only after the
publication of Tompkins book, Selected by Extraterrestrials (December 2015)
that its editor, Dr. Robert Wood, received a copy of my book. After reading it,
he noted the remarkable similarities between my analysis of the history and
development of secret space programs, which was based largely on Goode’s

testimony, and what Tompkins was saying in his own newly released book.
After further investigation, it turned out that the substantive match
between Tompkins and Goode’s respective histories of the secret space
programs could be traced back to the 29 Navy spies and approximately 1200
nightly debriefings that Tompkins attended from 1942 to 1946. These
debriefings run by Admiral Rico Botta out of Naval Air Station, San Diego
were recorded by stenographers. In addition, the briefing packets prepared by
Tompkins and delivered by him to various aerospace companies, think tanks
and research institutions, were assembled with the assistance of a pool of
typists and copy girls.
Apparently in the due course of maintaining historical archives, both
the records of the Navy spies’ debriefings and Tompkins’ subsequent briefing
packets from the World War II period were uploaded onto the smart glass
pad’s expansive database. Rather fatefully, more than forty years later, Goode
would read these same documents that Tompkins had prepared or was privy
to when stationed at Naval Air Station, San Diego. Goode later told in an
interview how he came to the realization that the briefing documents
Tompkins was discussing were the same ones he had read:
I’m really beginning to believe that a lot of his briefings during the
time period – 1942 – were what made it into the database that I was
reading on the smart glass pad, you know, like 30 [40] years ago…
we were viewing old typeset documents.[222]
Tompkins has described his involvement in two space programs.[223]
First came his assignment in naval intelligence operations on a German/Nazi
led secret space program during World War II. Tompkins learned that the
most advanced elements of this program were relocated to Antarctica after a
secret agreement was reached with an extraterrestrial Reptilian race, called
the Draconians. This German/Nazi space program in Antarctica evolved into
what Goode later described as the “Dark Fleet,” which would essentially form
a mercenary space force to assist the Draconians in their plans of galactic
Many key elements in Tompkins’ revelations about the subsequent
activity of the German/Nazi space program correspond to what Goode has
independently released from his sources. The Nazi/German space program
used German scientists that were part of Project Paperclip to infiltrate the US
space programs and military industrial complex. This strategic action,
together with what both Tompkins and Goode described as a Nazi fly over of
Washington DC in the summer of 1952, led to subversive agreements with the
Eisenhower administration. Goode says these agreements were a “silent

During the 1950’s and after they [NAZI’s] had successfully infiltrated
and subverted the Military Industrial Complex and major Corporate
heads they had effectively won control of the direction of not only the
Break Away Civilization Programs but also the mainstream
government and financial system. It was a very effective and silent
coup that gutted what was once the American Republic and turned it
too into a Corporate Entity with each of us being “Assets” with our
very own serial numbers.[225]
Both Tompkins and Goode say that the Navy played catch-up for
several decades with the more advanced German/Nazi space program. It was
only in the early 1980’s that Solar Warden became operational with its first
spaceship deployments in what would ultimately lead to eight space battle
groups. Tompkins asserts that the key to the Navy finally succeeding in its
efforts was the covert assistance provided by Nordic extraterrestrials, who
offered highly advanced engineering expertise to help design and build the
future space battle groups, despite Nazi-Reptilian sabotage efforts.

Tompkins’ Sources for Current Solar Warden Operations

Knowledge about the current operations of secret space programs
derive from both terrestrial and non-terrestrial sources for Tompkins, and are
independent to those of Goode. Foremost, Tompkins says he continues to be
linked to the human-looking Nordic extraterrestrials. In fact, he says they are
the same ones who formally assisted him when he was working for various
corporations in developing designs for many different classes of spacecraft
that would enter into either: a. the Apollo Program; b. the Nova Program; or
c. the Solar Warden program.
Tompkins explains that he would be given “flashes” or “downloads”
of information revealing complex details about the designs he was working
on. These extraterrestrial-assisted designs would be passed on and Tompkins
emphasizes that they invariably worked the first time. This was a
communication process that Tompkins’ superiors, both at Naval Intelligence
and Douglas Aircraft Company, were familiar with. Tompkins recalls what
Elmer Wheaton, the head of the Advanced Design think tank at Douglas, told
him back then:
An extraterrestrial race has contacted our government, and from what
we have learned they be Nordic people; very similar to us. Navy
Intelligence recruited you because they knew that you and others like
you were visited and selected as children, and now, in your adult
lives, these entities have been communicating with you telepathically.
Wheaton, according to Tompkins, went on to state that the Office of Naval
Intelligence viewed Tompkins as vital for distinguishing between different
groups of extraterrestrials that were covertly intervening in human affairs:
Naval Intelligence has informed us of your capabilities and that your
judgement is impeccable. As a contactee, you’ve been put in a
position where you can begin to sort out why these different races are
at war with each other. More important, what our involvement on this
planet is and what should be…. You’ve been implanted with a
program that transfers highly advanced information from
extraterrestrials to what the Navy calls ‘preferred human
How can it be verified that the Navy regarded Tompkins as a
“preferred human contactee” with a unique telepathic connection to friendly
Nordic looking extraterrestials? In chapter seven, I introduced different types

of evidence that Tompkins, with the active support of senior Navy officers,
was allowed to establish “Special Projects” for the Navy League Rogue
Valley Council that involved educating retired/reserve Navy officers and their
children about extraterrestrial life. The documents and testimonies of the
retired Navy officers, confirming key aspects of Tompkins’ claims, offers
meaningful support for the accuracy of what Tompkins recalls from his
conversation with Wheaton.
Tompkins says he continues to receive telepathic flashes/downloads,
which reveal current operational details about both extraterrestrial and Navy
vehicles in space. He believes this is because the Nordic extraterrestrials have
formed a covert alliance with the Navy’s Solar Warden space program. This
means that Tompkins continues to be an important intermediary for this
alliance, which operates covertly due to the formal agreements between
different US administrations and the Nazi-Reptilian alliance, as detailed in
chapter three.
The second source for Tompkins’ knowledge about current Solar
Warden operations comes from his time at the helm of the Rogue Valley
(Medford, Oregon) chapter of the Navy League from 1991 to 1999. During
this period, he was given briefings about operations of secret space programs
and extraterrestrial life, and shared some of this information through a
“Special Projects Committee” with retired Navy, Marine and USAF officers
and their children.
Tompkins says that Admiral Hugh Webster, who ran the Navy League
chapter in San Diego and more importantly was an executive officer for it
nationally, was very familiar with the Navy’s secret space program operations
and the historic role played by Admiral Rico Botta in the program. He was
also very aware of Tompkins’ key role as a “preferred human contactee”
possessing reliable information from a friendly group of extraterrestrials
covertly assisting the Navy. In 2000, when Tompkins moved to San Diego, he
had more opportunities to work directly with Webster. It was Admiral
Webster who gave Tompkins permission to reveal in his autobiography all
that he knew about the Navy’s secret space program, and the covert alliance
with Nordic extraterrestrials.[228]
Furthermore, Tompkins has disclosed that he is a regular participant in
the Navy’s annual “West” meetings in San Diego, where leading aerospace
companies come together to share their research and development findings.
The annual West meetings are organized by the Armed Forces
Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), describing itself as
AFCEA provides a forum for military, government and industry

communities to collaborate so that technology and strategy align with
the needs of those who serve. We are a member-based, non-profit
international organization that has helped members advance
information technology, communications and electronics capabilities
since 1946.[229]
Among the many purposes of these annual “West” meetings is the
goal to learn about the latest technologies that may be useful for the Navy’s
secret space program. Tompkins reports that he has attended all Navy West
meetings since the year 2000. In February 2016, he attended again and says
he was given access to classified meetings, where plans to disclose Solar
Warden to the general public was discussed. Advanced technologies such as
“life extension,” according to Tompkins, are scheduled to be released in the
next two years as part of the Navy’s disclosure initiative.
What makes Tompkins’ claims very plausible are recent
announcements, by biologists such as Dr. David Sinclair, that life extension
technologies are scientifically feasible based on open source studies on mice.
Dr. Sinclair explained how the life extension process could also be done
safely for humans:
We’ve gone from mice into early human studies actually. There have
been some clinical trials around the world, and we’re hoping in the
next few years to know if this will actually work in people as well …
They show that the molecules that extend lifespan in mice are safe in
In a November 2014 interview, Dr. Sinclair went on to say that drugs based
on the nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) molecule could be successfully
developed “to restore youthfulness in human cells.”[231] Sinclair’s view that
NMN based drugs will eventually be developed for safe use by humans is
exciting and solid corroboration for Tompkins’ claims.
In private, Tompkins has shown both Dr. Robert Wood and I the pass
he used to gain access for the West 2016 meetings. This important piece of
evidence that we witnessed makes it very possible that the events he
described did occur. It also confirms that senior Navy officials still view
Tompkins as very important for their long term policies concerning Solar
Warden, no doubt due to his long historical background in developing it and
his ongoing communications with Nordic extraterrestrials that still continue
Tompkins’ testimony about what he learned at the 2016 Navy West
meetings correspond closely with Goode’s information from ongoing sources.
The Solar Warden program, in Goode’s account, is linked to an alliance of

space programs called the Secret Space Program Alliance, which has been
developing strategies for “full disclosure.”[232] This would involve the
disclosure of: multiple secret space programs; the existence of extraterrestrial
life and of ancient human civilizations in the Earth’s interior; and finally the
release of many advanced technologies that would revolutionize life on our
planet. Goode has been reporting that since March 2015, up to the present,
there have been sustained negotiations over how much of the truth should be
disclosed to the general public.[233]
At the time of this writing, Tompkins is planning to attend the Navy
West conference in February 2017, and crucially, he still has the necessary
security clearance to be present at classified meetings. Tompkins is currently
93 years old, with a sharp mind, excellent memory and he is still physically
healthy. It would be fair to say that he is considered to be a “wise elder”
among those running current operations within the Navy’s secret space
program, and highly respected for continuing to be a liaison with Nordic

What is Happening in Solar Warden Today?
Given Tompkins’ background, and continuing involvement with the
Navy’s Solar Warden program, his statements about its current operations
bear special significance. In a September 2016 interview, he publicly revealed
important information about it:
Thousands, thousands, not just a few, thousands of people have
joined the Navy here in the United States. They joined the Space
Navy. They signed up for a 20-year tour. So these folks, men and
women, were given a lot of examinations and a lot of information on
what they were going to need.
Many of them went to the Moon, our Moon, and facilities there and
got checked out and organized and established where is the best place
they’re going to go, what their criteria is going to be, what major area
they’re going to develop, like what class in the university.[234]
Tompkins’ comments here corroborate the testimony of Goode, who also
asserts that there are thousands of personnel involved in the Navy’s secret
space program. Goode, and another alleged whistleblower, Randy Cramer,
spoke of an operations center on the Moon called “Lunar Operations
Command,” and both claim they were taken there in 1987 for their formal
How secret space program personnel are assigned after their induction
process is described by Tompkins, who says:
And then they get assigned to a specific base. And they work for a
short time in the base before they’re assigned a naval cruiser, or a
naval attack vehicle, or even a naval spacecraft carrier, which are one,
two, and four kilometer long class. And we have eight of those battle
groups out there. So there’s plenty of room for new people to come
aboard…. [236]
The above statement corroborates Goode’s description of what he personally
experienced after his induction at “Lunar Operations Command.” He says he
was assigned to a research vessel, the Arnold Sommerfeld, where he spent six
years performing a number of science and exploratory missions in the solar
Tompkins next corroborates Goode and Cramer’s claims, along with a
third whistleblower, Michael Relfe, about what happened at the end of their
20 and back programs. Goode and Cramer say they were age-regressed 20
years and respectively sent back in time to 1986/1987, and at that time their
military memories were wiped. Relfe said that he had the same thing happen

to him as he was returned to 1976, to then relive the next twenty years of his
life again as a young man. Tompkins says:
So at the end of the 20 years, they have an option for another 20
years. They could go for another 20 years. Or they have the option to
come back to Earth where they were born and where they entered the
Navy. And then they make this decision they want to come back. So
they age regress. They’re now 20 years older than when they joined
the Space Navy, okay? And so they take several weeks or several
months, and they reverse their age back to 21 when they joined the
Navy…. And now, during that several weeks returning, their minds,
not painfully, but their minds are played with to where 90.99 [likely
meant to say 99.99 percent] of their memory for the last 20 years out
in space is removed…. that system is operating and has been
operating since 1980. [238]
In Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial
Alliances, a chapter is devoted to a comparative study of the testimonies of
Goode, Cramer and Relfe.[239] Tompkins’ testimony adds a significant level of
credibility to what each of these individuals had to say about the process they
underwent at the end of their 20 year tours of duty in their respective secret
space programs.
Tompkins has further revealed his knowledge about a corporate run
space program that emerged to rival the Navy’s Solar Warden program:
But the corporations, at the same time they were doing the military
mission programs, they were doing other programs which could
possibly allow them to nullify the space programs of the military, like
Solar Warden. And these people, then, utilizing all the advances in
space systems, militarily wise, developed the capability to move off
the planet and mine materials on other planets in the solar system
and/or continue on out into the galaxy through the 12 closest stars,
Alpha Centauri being the first, and mining or extracting materials, or
whatever, and making money.
This same group of top corporate people of all these companies that
are doing the jobs, that they are getting paid for, were paralleling the
space missions for industrialization – making money… We’ve got
corporate operations operating parallel to missions to solar system
planets and other stars’ planets, doing the same thing.[240]
This testimony by Tompkins corroborates what Goode revealed in early 2015
about the existence of a corporate run space program; Goode specifically calls
it the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.[241] Back in April 2014, Cramer

claims he was assigned to a Mars military base from 1987 to 2004, to protect
five corporate run colonies that he identified as the Mars Colony Corporation.
[242] Similarly, Relfe says that during his time on Mars, from 1976 to 1996, he
was part of a military operation to protect Mars colonies.[243]
Based on Tompkins’ identification of the corporations involved in the
construction of the Navy’s secret space program at underground facilities in
Utah, we know which of them are very likely to form the core of a similar
corporate run program—the “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.”
Previous material in chapter six includes Tompkins naming Lockheed Martin,
Northrup Grumman and Boeing Aerospace as the major corporate contractors
responsible for building the Navy’s kilometers-long spacecraft. It was pointed
out how each of these three companies could be directly linked to
predecessors who had received the briefing packets Tompkins had put
together from Navy spies’ debriefings.
As primary contractors for building a corporate run space fleet, these
corporations would sub-contract out to hundreds of other companies, using
basic compartmentalization security procedures which are standard for
Unacknowledged Special Access Programs.[244] The various components for
the kilometers-long spacecraft, as described by Tompkins, would be
assembled together using modular construction practices. Modular
construction, which was first used decades ago in Unacknowledged SAP’s,
has recently been declassified for modern engineering use in conventional
aerospace and maritime projects.
Here is how General Dynamics/Electric Boat, for example, describes
the use of modular construction for its new Virginia-class of nuclear powered
Working closely with the Navy and its industry partners, Electric
Boat agreed to reduce the cost for Virginia-class submarines to $2
billion per hull in Fiscal Year 2005 dollars. This successful effort
comprises three parts: multi-year procurement, improvements in
construction practices and design for affordability…
The Virginia Class has been designed and built using advanced
electronic design and data management tools that have been
integrated into modular construction techniques. The use of
Integrated Product and Process Design (IPPD) is credited with
contributing to the success of the program.
Improvements in construction performance will reduce construction
span from 84 months to 60 months. This is being achieved through
greater use of modular construction, pushing as much work as

possible into a manufacturing setting where it can be done more
efficiently. USS New Hampshire was the first ship to be assembled
from four modules, compared with the 10 modules required to build
the lead ship of the class, USS Virginia.[245]
Using modular construction practices and compartmentalized security
procedures in place for the military industrial complex, large aerospace
corporations can build massive kilometers-long spacecraft not only for the
Navy, but also for the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, and others.

Figure 55. Virginia Class Submarine Built Using Modular Construction Practices

Tompkins’ testimony supports Goode’s claim that the Interplanetary
Corporate Conglomerate essentially became a rogue space program outside of
the constitutional authority of the Navy’s Solar Warden program. Goode’s
assertion that the Corporate Conglomerate became a key ally of the
German/Nazi Dark Fleet based in Antarctica, and sabotaged other space
programs, is also corroborated by Tompkins. This directly connects to Goode
and Tompkins’ allegations regarding a slave trade conducted by the Dark
Fleet with the active support of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.
After agreements were reached in 1955, the US military industrial
complex began assisting the German/Nazi space program by providing it with
resources, and most importantly, personnel. This led to a rapid increase in the
use of slave labor by the Dark Fleet, which coordinated closely with its
Reptilian allies. On this topic, Tompkins says:
[T]he Germans were totally more advanced and capable of learning
how to operate these vehicles and go out in space with the Reptilian
naval groups and operate with them in the galaxy, essentially doing
what Germany was going to do to this planet, which was essentially
to take out the people they didn’t want on the planet and make the
rest of them their slaves.[246]

Goode elaborates on the extensive use of slave labor by the Dark
Fleet, and the collusion in this by the military industrial complexes of the
United States and other major nations.
The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates discovered that a
large amount of humans were being taken off the planet by various
ET’s anyway so they decided to find a way to profit from it and have
control over which people were being taken. In prior arrangements
they were made promises of receiving technologies and biological
specimens for allowing groups to abduct humans but the ET’s rarely
delivered on their promises. Once they had developed the advanced
infrastructure (ICC) in our Sol System along with advanced
technologies (that some of the thousands of ET groups traveling
through our system were now interested in obtaining) and now had
the ability to deter most unwelcome guests from entering Earths
airspace the Cabal/ICC then decided to use human trafficking as one
of their resources in interstellar bartering.[247]
The extensive use of slave labor and a galactic trade in trafficking abducted
humans are among the most critical issues being currently negotiated in terms
of future “official disclosure(s),” according to Goode. Revealing the true
scope of such crimes would predictably lead to demands for members of the
Cabal/Illuminati, and complicit global elites, being charged with “crimes
against humanity.” Predictably, behind the scenes this has led to Cabal/global
elite demands for “limited disclosure,” where the truth of such crimes is
delayed for up to 100 years.[248]
Another issue relevant to current Solar Warden operations concerns
giant planet-sized spheres that have recently entered our solar system.
Tompkins reveals what he knows of this phenomenon:
As far as our situation now today, It’s been accepted that we have a
number of different vehicles, which are actually planets that are
hollow, that move through the galaxy to monitor good guys and bad
guys, wars and no wars, people taking advantage of other people on
different stars’ planets, and that, as of about a year and a half ago, one
of these parked just outside of the solar system. And it has been there
for the past year and a half. And this vehicle is quite large, and it has
over 2,000 different extraterrestrial civilization people on board as
observers and as monitors.[249]
This information is comparable to Goode’s claim that a group of five
extraterrestrial races, linked to giant planet-sized spheres (Sphere Being
Alliance), have recently entered our solar system in order to monitor and
influence the relations between humanity and different visiting extraterrestrial

civilizations. According to Goode, this began in the early 1980’s and
accelerated in 2011, when giant Jupiter-sized spheres entered our solar
Next what Tompkins explains in more details is very significant in
terms of supporting specific assertions made earlier by Goode. Tompkins
claims that the giant sphere(s) that are monitoring our solar system: “have
blocked the extraterrestrials who are here, are underground in the caverns,
from leaving, and they’re not allowing their buddies to come in.” [250] This
closely matches Goode’s claim that the spheres created an “outer barrier”
around both the Earth and the entire solar system which has led to a
realignment of resources and personnel among different space programs and
extraterrestrial visitors:
There are also some very powerful Secret Earth Government and
Syndicate Members/Leaders who have defected and have been
granted an “Off World Witness Protection Program” for them and
their families for actionable intelligence, evidence against their
former leadership as well as promise of being witnesses in future
World Courts when there are the “Post Full Disclosure” hearings
against all of the groups who are trapped in the Sol System behind the
“Outer Barrier”.[251]
Tompkins also describes the key functions of the giant planet sized spheres:
I understand that there’s two goals. One of them is to nullify the
problem with the Sun. The Sun is alive. Okay? Stars are alive. I think
it’s a hard time accepting this. And they have moods… If the Sun
sneezes, all of our communication – radio, electronics, everything – is
affected. So there’s this group of people, whatever you want to call
them, who are attempting to primarily nullify the effects to a region,
which is not just like the solar system or our star’s system, but do this
as a business so that the levels of catastrophes, things that cause
dangers to the people and to the planet, are less. [252]
This is very similar to what Goode cites as being one of the key
functions of the giant spheres belonging to the Sphere Being Alliance; they
are to act as a buffer for the cosmic energies coming into our solar system that
initiate enormous changes for all life in our region of the galaxy and trigger
the sun into hyperactivity.
The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic
changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the
Galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands
of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our Sol

System and neighboring Sol Systems (electrically connected in the
“Cosmic Web” and natural portal system) to buffer and diffuse
incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that change the
vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to
a higher state in the “Density Spectrum”. This energetic change has a
direct effect on not only every planet and star in the region but also
every life form below a certain vibratory level.[253]
The “solar sneeze” Tompkins refers to is much the same as the possibility of
the sun’s corona being ejected in a massive burst of solar activity as Goode
was told.
The most scientific and pragmatic of these “secret syndicates” believe
the entire surface area of the Sun’s corona is about to mass eject.
They believe the Sun will then go almost completely dark for a
number of days before it re-awakens into a new state of equilibrium.
These syndicate “egg heads” believe that the proceeding energetic
shock wave and then the impact of this Mega CME would take out all
communications, electronics and sources of electricity on Earth…
Some of these syndicates further believe this will cause a flip in
polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field, having a dramatic effect on
every living creature on the planet. The neurology and magnetic
fields of our bodies would be affected as would our consciousness.
Tompkins’ detailed knowledge of current operations of the Navy’s
secret space program, a corporate run program, and his willingness to now
relate this information is a sizable development for all who have been closely
following his testimony. It helps greatly in substantiating the earlier testimony
of Goode and others concerning Solar Warden and parallel secret space
program operations.
The main contention by Tompkins is that the Navy has been secretly
allied with a positive human-looking group of extraterrestrials called the
Nordics, and this is especially revealing. It was raised in chapter four that
multiple whistleblower and private citizens claim human-looking
extraterrestrials have infiltrated all facets of human society, including the
military industrial complex of major nations.[255]
Tompkins testimony points to such infiltration having both positive
and negative elements. The more negative elements correspond to a Reptilian
extraterrestrial race that either directly, or through the use of proxies, has
infiltrated the US military industrial complex. The goal has been to co-opt
personnel and resources for its mercenary Dark Fleet, or to sabotage the
Navy’s efforts to establish its own independent space program.

There is also the problem of infiltration by extraterrestrial life forms
that use or are dominated by Artificial Intelligence, as discussed in chapter
eight. These AI aliens have been combatting more positive extraterrestrial
visitors for influence over human affairs. A clear example was illustrated in
the case of the Amicizia/Friendship extraterrestrials that were very active in
Italy, from 1956 to 1978, before having their bases destroyed by the AI aliens.
More disturbingly, these AI aliens have been silently encouraging humanity to
develop in ways that make it more dependent on Artificial Intelligence. This
is an effort that may well lead to global domination by what Goode describes
as an “AI signal” in the future.
The more positive elements of extraterrestrial visitation, e.g. the
Nordics, have been covertly assisting the Navy and affiliated elements of the
military industrial complex to help build space battle groups with huge
vehicles. Tompkins says that the goal is not only to help the Navy establish a
security perimeter around our solar system, but to build a broad based alliance
with human-looking extraterrestrials concerned about Draconians engaged in
imperial space conquest. In addition, these more positive extraterrestrial
visitors have been warning secret space program personnel about the dangers
posed by Artificial Intelligence.
The similarity of the above two scenarios to key elements in the
popular science fiction series Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica is not
accidental. Chapters five and eight presented evidence that Gene Rodenberry
(creator of Star Trek) and Glenn Larson (creator of Battlestar Galactica) were
clearly influenced by Leslie Stevens IV (creator of the Outer Limits), who
was privy to key information about the Navy’s secret space program through
his father, Admiral Leslie Stevens III. The job of Stevens IV was to sow
elements of the truth into the television and motion picture industries as part
of a “soft disclosure” program. This dates back to when his father, Admiral
Stevens, led a psychological warfare program through the “The Joint
Subsidiary Plans Division,” which was started by the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs
of Staff in 1949. Using the movie/television industry to release some of the
truth about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life has been a means of
acclimating the public, while concurrently maintaining plausible deniability
over what has been disclosed.
Tompkins repeatedly says that he is not a whistleblower since he has
been given approval to come forward to reveal his knowledge about the
Navy’s Solar Warden space program, and the incredibly advanced
technologies it uses to deploy its space battle groups. Tompkins says he first
received this authority for “full disclosure” in 2001 from Admiral Hugh
Webster, who instructed him to “tell it all.”[256] To this day, Tompkins

continues to receive information from official Navy sources about the Solar
Warden space program.
Significantly, three retired Navy officers, Rear Admiral Larry Marsh,
Captain Larry Boeck and Commander Art Lumley, have all agreed to publicly
identify themselves in stating that Tompkins is a highly regarded and well
respected figure in the Navy and its principal support organization, the Navy
League. They have all confirmed that Tompkins is an expert in a number of
esoteric topics of interest to the Navy. This expertise, according to Boeck and
Lumley, extends to Tompkins detailed knowledge and extensive Navy
contacts when it comes to the topics of extraterrestrial life and technology.
By Tompkins coming forward to freely reveal his testimony, together
with the amount of documentation he has provided, as well as relevant
documents released through the National Archives and the Freedom of
Information Act, and corroborating statements from retired Navy officers, all
this furthers his claim that senior Navy officers approve his “full disclosure”
efforts. Consequently, Tompkins testimony and documents go a long way in
validating the claims of Corey Goode, who says that “full disclosure” efforts
continue to be pursued by a Secret Space Program Alliance that he continues
to coordinate with.
This Alliance has been releasing intelligence data about the full range
of activities by both multiple secret space programs and extraterrestrial
visitors. While Goode and Tompkins’ testimonies converge when it comes to
full disclosure being approved by the US Navy and other important elements
of the global aerospace community, there is also a powerful “limited
disclosure” initiative which is supported by the US Air Force.

USAF Sanctioned Limited Disclosure of its Secret
Space Program

Amongst a batch of Wikileaks’ email releases from October 2016
were those exposing the identities of two senior military and corporate
officials involved in an initiative led by Tom DeLonge, former Blink 182
guitarist and lead singer, to disclose the truth about UFOs and secret space
programs. The corporate official was the serving head of Lockheed Martin’s
Skunkworks, with a long history of building classified aerospace vehicles for
the US military intelligence community out of Area 51. The General ran a top
Air Force research laboratory out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base up until

  1. This General was shown to be secretly helping DeLonge put together a
    team of ten senior advisors to tackle the issue of how to reveal to the world
    the truth about UFOs and a secret space program run by the USAF using
    antigravity technologies.
    The hacked emails are addressed to John Podesta, former Chief of
    Staff for President Bill Clinton, and Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016
    Presidential Campaign. Podesta had also earlier been identified by DeLonge
    as an official working with him to reveal the truth about UFOs. Podesta’s
    involvement in UFO disclosure initiatives is well documented, and spans
    more than two decades during his service in both the Clinton and Obama
    Presidential administrations. More recently in December 2015, he got Hillary
    Clinton to publicly pledge to look into the UFO phenomenon and what was
    really happening at Area 51. She said: “He [John Podesta] has made me
    personally pledge we are going to get the information out. One way or
    another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.”[257]
    Arguably, the most significant among Podesta’s many statements[258]
    about UFOs and government secrecy was his tweet, sent during the final day
    of his appointment as a Senior Advisor to President Obama on February 13,
    2015, where he wrote:

Figure 56. Podesta Tweet on His Last Day as President Obama’s Senior Advisor

It is not surprising that Podesta has been secretly corresponding with
DeLonge, who gave up his position with Blink-182 to pursue his UFO interest
as he explained in an April 2016 Rolling Stone interview.[259] What the leaked
emails confirm for the first time is the seriousness attached to DeLonge’s
disclosure efforts by Podesta, and the importance given to it by other very
senior people in the US military industrial complex.
The first of the hacked Podesta emails that was released by Wikileaks
is dated October 25, 2015 and says:
Hi John-
Tom DeLonge here, The one who interviewed you for that special
documentary not to long ago. Things are moving with the project.
The Novels, Films and NonFiction works are blooming and finishing.
Just had a preliminary meeting with Spielberg’s Chief Operating
Officer at DreamWorks. More meetings are now on the books-
I would like to bring two very “important” people out to meet you in
DC. I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal
leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most
fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics.
Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well
the investment to bring all the way out to you. I just need 2 hours
from you.
Just looking to have a casual, and private conversation in person…
Tom DeLonge.[260]

DeLonge is referring to two very important people familiar with “Classified
Science and DOD topics,” which alludes to advanced technologies related to
the UFO issue. DeLonge had earlier met with Podesta in January 2015, to

interview him for an upcoming documentary.[261] DeLonge would meet with
Podesta again, this time accompanied by two important people. The next
meeting actually went ahead according to another leaked email. This email
reveals that Podesta was scheduled to meet with DeLonge and a number of
“important” people involved in his UFO disclosure initiative the next day, on
January 25, 2016.[262]
Another of the hacked emails is dated the day of the January 25
meeting, with the subject header “General McCasland.” DeLonge discusses
the General:
He mentioned he’s a “skeptic”, he’s not. I’ve been working with him
for four months. I just got done giving him a four hour presentation
on the entire project a few weeks ago. Trust me, the advice is already
been happening on how to do all this. He just has to say that out loud,
but he is very, very aware – as he was in charge of all of the stuff.
When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright
Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that
exact laboratory up to a couple years ago. He not only knows what
I’m trying to achieve, he helped assemble my advisory team. He’s a
very important man.
Best, Tom DeLonge[263]
In April 2016, a book DeLonge co-authored, Sekret Machines:
Chasing Shadows, was released. [264] It is the first in a planned multimedia
series of books and documentaries promising to blow the lid off of a cover up
of secret space programs and the UFO phenomenon. In Sekret Machines,
DeLonge describes an unnamed General who helped him put together a team
of advisors to promote disclosure:
I’ve had meetings in mysterious rooms far out in the desert. I’ve had
meetings at the highest levels of NASA. I have had conversations at
research centers, think tanks, and even on the phone connected to
secret facilities. I’ve been introduced to a man whom I call “the
Scientist,” and another whom I call “the General.” And there are
many more of whom I cannot say much about, but some have become
true friends, and all have become close counselors. Each of these men
has all held, or currently holds, the highest offices of the military and
scientific elite. The point is, I have done it. I have assembled a team
of men and women “in the know.” And they all believe I am doing
something of value, something worth their time and yours.[265]
With the Wikileaks’ release, we now know that the unnamed general is Major
General William Neil McCasland, who up until 2013 was the Commander of

a top Air Force Research Laboratory.[266] What follows is a brief biography of
McCasland prior to his retirement:
Maj. Gen. William N. McCasland is the Commander, Air Force
Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. He is
responsible for managing the Air Force’s $2.2 billion science and
technology program as well as additional customer funded research
and development of $2.2 billion. He is also responsible for a global
workforce of approximately 10,800 people in the laboratory’s
component technology directorates, 711th Human Performance Wing
and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.[267]
McCasland’s biography clearly establishes that he had the necessary
scientific and technical background to be very familiar with the topic of
advanced aerospace technologies related to the UFO phenomenon. In earlier
chapters, it was pointed out that the foreign and experimental aircraft facilities
at Wright-Patterson AFB (then known as Wright Field) was the same location
where some of the flying saucer remains from both the 1942 Los Angeles Air
Raid and the 1947 Roswell Crash were taken by the Army Air Force.
McCasland, however, is not the only USAF General supporting
DeLonge. On the back cover of Sekret Machines, an endorsement appears
from another retired Air Force General whose last military assignment was
Special Assistant to the Commander, Air Force Space Command. Here is
what Maj. General Michael Carey had to say:
Sekret Machines scratches at the surface of “who do” we trust with
our classified technology – certainly our adversaries are aware of our
undertakings, as they are doing the same, but what of our citizens, our
politicians, even our own military. Tom DeLonge and A.J. Hartley
create a convincing narrative describing the “cat and mouse” game
that is timeless between strategic adversaries. It has existed under the
sea, on the surface of the earth and in its skies, why wouldn’t we
believe it occurs in space. Our military leaders have been saying
space is a contested environment for years now, perhaps we should
believe them! -Maj. Gen. Michael J. Carey.[268]
The endorsement by Carey for Delonge’s Sekret Machines confirms that at
least two senior retired USAF officers are supporting DeLonge’s disclosure
initiative. Both Generals Carey and McCasland attended the January 25, 2016
meeting with Podesta.
The hacked emails released by Wikileaks also led to the uncovering of
the identity of the Lockheed Martin official that attended the January 25
meeting. The hacked January 24 email referred to one of the attendees as

“rob.f.weiss@lmco.com” who was tracked down via LinkedIn:
Rob Weiss can be found on LinkedIn using the email in the
WikiLeaks. There, his job title is listed as Executive Vice President &
General Manager Advanced Development Programs (Skunk Works)
at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. Skunk Works is the group that built
Area 51 at the behest of the CIA, and for decades has worked on
developing top-secret advanced aircraft.[269]
Here is how Alejandro Rojas, from Open Minds TV, described the
significance of the attendees at the January 25 meeting:
Whoa! Right? DeLonge is getting a meeting with the head of a
research lab famous for UFO research, a man who worked for the
head of Air Force Space Command, a man who is in charge of the
people who run Area 51, and the campaign manager of the person
who is, apparently, as of today, likely to be the next president of the
United States.[270]
In Sekret Machines, Tom DeLonge spends much time describing
corporate involvement in developing a secret space program involving the
USAF. This book is the aptly packaged product of what the advisory team has
been telling Delonge concerning their knowledge of the secret space
programs that evolved in the US and Russia. According to DeLonge, their
revelations are officially sanctioned by those with “need to know” access.
Therefore, this is the most authoritative disclosure yet to emerge on the topics
of UFOs, extraterrestrial life and secret space programs.
The hacked Podesta emails released through Wikileaks clearly
confirm that DeLonge has very senior insiders from the US military industrial
complex helping him move forward in his UFO disclosure initiative. This
leads to the all-important question: Is what the advisory team telling DeLonge
the full truth about these topics, or only a “limited disclosure” initiative when
it comes to secret space programs involving US corporations and different
branches of the US military? To get an answer, we need to carefully compare
Delonge’s depiction of the secret space programs to that which we have
learned in previous chapters from the evidence and testimonies presented by
William Tompkins and Corey Goode.

The Role of Nazi Germany in developing a Secret Space

In Sekret Machines, Delonge divulges information that closely
coincides with the “high octane speculations” of the historian, Joseph Farrell,
who has closely studied many Nazi-era documents in a series of books,
including The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa’s Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12.
[271] We are told by DeLonge and Farrell that Nazi Germany was partly
successful in developing an antigravity “torsion” and/or “scalar” device called
the Bell—Die Glocke. According to Farrell, the Bell was part of the Nazi
attempt to develop a super weapon based on scalar physics, whose use in
antiquity was described in ancient scriptures.[272]
This is how testing of the Nazi Bell device occurred, as summarized
by Nick Cook, author of The Hunt for Zero Point. Cook interviewed the
original source on the Bell information, who says he saw Nazi documents
describing the device:
The experiments always took place under a thick ceramic cover
involved the rapid spinning of two cylinders in opposite directions.
The mercury-like substances was code-named “Xerum 525.”… The
chamber in which the experiments took place was situated in a
gallery deep belowground…. its walls were covered with ceramic
tiles … After approximately ten tests, the room was dismantled and
its component parts destroyed. Only the Bell itself was preserved….
Each test lasted for approximately one minute. During this period
while the Bell emitted its pale blue glow, personnel were kept 150 to
200 meters from it. Electrical equipment anywhere within this radius
would usually short-circuit or break down… During the tests, the
scientist placed various types of plants, animals and animal tissues in
the Bell’s sphere of influence. In the initial test period from
November to December 1944, almost all the samples were destroyed.
While the Nazi Bell was not successfully weaponized in time to assist
the war effort in Europe according to DeLonge, the Bell was secretly
transported to South America, and eventually Antarctica in an effort by the
Nazis to establish a covert Fourth Reich. The development of the Bell project
continued at secret Nazi facilities funded by gold and corporate monies taken
out of Germany by Deputy Fuhrer, Martin Bormann, which has been well
documented by Paul Manning in the book, Bormann in Exile,[274] and more
recently by Farrell in The Third Way: The Nazi International, European

Union, and Corporate Fascism.[275]
In Sekret Machines, DeLonge describes how the Nazi Bell project was
relocated to Antarctica after South American facilities were compromised by
covert allied teams in 1946. The Nazis were able to develop several
operational flying saucer craft in Antarctica, which were capable of reaching
incredible speeds and were highly maneuverable in the atmosphere.
Operation Highjump, led by Admiral Richard Byrd, was successful in
locating the Nazi bases in Antarctica in early 1947 and military hostilities
ensued. According to Delonge, although Operation Highjump suffered
casualties, it was able to destroy the Nazi facilities and flying saucer
prototypes, and take back to the US the recovered booty in terms of scientists,
technical information, and resources related to the Nazi Bell research and
development program.[276] Here is how DeLonge described one of the
dogfights between the Navy’s Mustang aircraft and the Nazi UFOs, as
narrated by one of the book’s characters:

I had never seen anything airborne move with the agility of the Nazi
disk. It rolled and pivoted over the Antarctic mountains, leaping
forward and stopping abruptly in mid-air as if gravity had no power
over it and aerodynamics were irrelevant. It spun, firing cannon
shells, and the Mustangs fell on it like dogs on a bear… For all its
speed and maneuverability, the saucer was losing. As it turned to fire
on one plane, two more swooped in from behind, riddling it with
gunfire, and soon it began to smoke…. Moments later the disk
exploded in a fireball that could be seen for miles.[277]

Personnel at the bases of the breakaway Nazis in Antarctica were next
described as quickly surrendering. Subsequently, the Antarctica based Nazis
no longer provided a significant military challenge to US geopolitical
dominance, or to its secret research into antigravity craft using principles of
torsion and/or scalar physics.[278]
This is where a March 5, 1947 Chilean press interview with Admiral
Byrd, after the premature end of Operation High Jump, raises problems with
the scenario DeLonge was told by his advisors. The press report by El
Mercurio states:

Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States
to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. The

Admiral further stated that he didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly
but it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental
United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly
from pole to pole at incredible speeds.[279]

The tone and message that Admiral Byrd delivered in this interview does not
appear consistent with someone who has just experienced a decisive military
victory against an enemy with flying saucers, but rather, a resounding defeat.
Here, DeLonge’s version of events in Antarctica and genesis of a US
secret space program diametrically opposes Tompkins and Goode’s
revelations. According to the latter, Nazi Germany had two secret space
programs that ran concurrently during WWII. The Bell experiments and
research in Nazi occupied Europe was part of an unsuccessful “wonder
weapons” program led by Heinrich Himmler’s SS, which was under the direct
control of the civil engineer and SS Lieutenant General, Hans Kammler.
By contrast, in Antarctica another secret space program was headed by
German Secret Societies that had successfully developed advanced aerospace
technologies with the help of two different extraterrestrial races. One was a
group of human-looking Nordics, while the other was a species of Reptilians
called Draconians. While the Nordics were the first to help the German Secret
Societies in the 1920’s by providing the designs of antigravity spacecraft
through mystics such as Maria Orsic, it was the Draconians in the 1930’s who
ultimately became more influential with the Nazi regime and German Secret
Societies. According to Tompkins, after agreements had been reached with
Hitler, the Draconians provided actual working models of flying saucers, and
information about underground bases in Antarctica where these models could
be reverse engineered during World War II.[280]
Both Tompkins and Goode insist that the German Secret Space
Program in Antarctica continued independently, unencumbered by what was
happening in Europe under Kammler and the Nazi SS, due to their different
goals. The program under Himmler’s SS was essentially a weaponization
program that was ultimately unsuccessful in using antigravity technologies for
the war effort. Consequently, Tompkins and Goode agree with DeLonge and
Farrell that Nazi SS efforts to develop weapons technologies such as the Bell
were unsuccessful.
At the same time, the German Space Program located in Antarctica
had as its main goal to reverse engineer flying saucer designs and prototypes
they had acquired for deep space travel. Goode said that the separation
between the two German space programs was clearly defined. The Antarctica

based program did not share its most advanced weapons research with
Himmler’s SS, even in the waning days of the war. In response to a question
about advanced weapons systems being acquired by the Antarctica based
German program to use for the war effort, Goode said:
I think that there were [some] technologies acquired and integrated
into their breakaway secret space program that they were developing.
But they were developing this for their own [purposes] when it came
down to it, they didn’t care about [Germany winning] World War II,
the motherland, [or] using this technology to defeat the United States
and the enemies they were engaged in war with.[281]
The Germans, in their underground Antarctic bases, subsequently
began building fleets of antigravity vehicles capable of deep space missions to
the Moon, Mars and beyond. According to Tompkins and Goode, the
Reptilians had helped the Germans develop sophisticated weapons platforms
for their Antarctica-based spacecraft. This included directed energy weapons
that replaced the projectile cannons that the Nazi SS had unsuccessfully
attempted to integrate into their own saucer prototypes. The long term goal
was that the armed German spacecraft would eventually join Reptilian
interstellar fleets in galactic conflicts. Goode has referred to these German
space battle groups as the “Dark Fleet,” because it remains so highly
classified that relatively little is known about it, even to the present day.[282]
Consequently, Operation Highjump was a dismal failure with the
German flying saucers comprehensively destroying the Navy’s best fighter
planes at the time. In an interview, Tompkins revealed that as the naval flotilla
approached Queen Maud Land (Neuschwabenland), two waves of flying
saucers suddenly came out of the water and engaged the Navy’s most
advanced fighter planes.[283] The first attack wave comprised 27 flying
saucers, and the second 15, which appeared over a 36 hour period according
to Tompkins. Some of the saucers had Nazi insignias while others were
unmarked. The saucers succeeded in destroying all of the Navy airplanes and
helicopters, and sank a destroyer and several other ships. Battered and
defeated by the Nazis flying saucer fleets, the rest of the elite Naval aircraft
carrier battle group was allowed to turn back for home.
Tompkins and Goode’s version of events in Antarctica is supported
not only by initial interviews given by Admiral Byrd to the Chilean Press, but
also by KGB files citing the ease with which the German flying saucers shot
down the Navy aircraft, as reported in two eyewitness accounts. After the
Soviet collapse in 1991, the KGB released previously classified files that cast
light on Operation Highjump. A 2006 Russian documentary made public for
the first time a 1947 secret Soviet intelligence report commissioned by Joseph

Stalin on Operation Highjump.[284] In the Soviet intelligence report, never
before known testimony was released from two US Navy servicemen with
Operation Highjump. The most telling was by Lieutenant John Sayerson, a
flying boat pilot, who is quoted as saying:
The thing shot vertically out of the water at tremendous velocity, as
though pursued by the devil, and flew between the masts [of the ship]
at such a high speed that the radio antenna oscillated back and forth
in its turbulence. An aircraft [Martin flying-boat] from the Currituck
that took off just a few moments later was struck with an unknown
type of ray from the object, and almost instantly crashed into the sea
near our vessel…. About ten miles away, the torpedo-boat Maddox
burst into flames and began to sink… Having personally witnessed
this attack by the object that flew out of the sea, all I can say is, it was
In DeLonge’s version of the dogfight between a Nazi flying saucer and the
Navy fighters, the flying saucer used cannons. In contrast, according to
Sayerson, the Nazi flying saucer used a directed energy weapon that not only
took out fighter planes, but also ships.
There is controversy over whether or not a “USS Maddox” served
with Operation Highjump, as claimed by Sayerson. Perhaps he was simply
mistaken in describing the name of the destroyed torpedo boat, or the name
was mistakenly altered in the translation process. Despite unresolved
questions over this element in Sayerson’s testimony, it is more than likely that
the 1947 Soviet report is largely accurate. If so, then the Soviets had learned
that the US Navy had suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of the Nazi
flying saucer craft hidden in an underground base under the Antarctica ice
Byrd’s Naval expedition returned empty handed, and with a painful
lesson that the Antarctica based Germans would be a powerful geo-political
force for years to come. Once again, this is a very different account of the
Nazi presence in Antarctica to that found in Sekret Machines. Why the
discrepancy? Before answering, I need to examine the next major element in
Sekret Machines—the secret development of the TR-3B “Locust” dual
purpose antigravity aircraft and spacecraft.

USAF Space Command’s TR-3B Flying Triangles

In Sekret Machines, DeLonge spends much time describing the
corporate involvement in developing a secret US space program. According
to him, a global consortium of corporations secretly funded the development
of flying triangles, using antigravity and torsion field principles adopted from
the Nazi Bell experiments. These resulted in the development of a squadron
of TR-3B’s based out of Area 51’s highly secretive S-4 facility at Papoose
Lake. The US Air Force Space Command and Defense Intelligence Agency is
in charge of the TR-3B or ‘Locust’, operating out of S-4, according to
Delonge via his advisory team.
Delonge went on to explain in Sekret Machines that the TR-3B is a
combined US military and corporate made aerospace vehicle capable of
operating both near the Earth’s surface as a conventional aircraft, and in near
Earth orbit as a spacecraft. He described different sized TR-3B vehicles, with
the largest being several hundred feet across.
DeLonge’s information about the TR-3B closely matches another
earlier account by Edgar Fouche, an aerospace engineer, who worked at Area

  1. While there, he learned about the TR-3B’s existence as the most highly
    classified aerospace vehicle built by the US military industrial complex in the
    late 1980’s. In 1998, Fouche first came forward to reveal the TR-3B’s
    existence; that it was stationed at the S-4 facility, and was as much as 600 feet
    wide, which is similar to what Delonge later claims he was told by his
    advisory team.[286]
    Documents provided by Fouche add much credibility to his testimony,
    which is also supported by the many flying triangle sightings reported in
    Belgium, and elsewhere.[287] Indeed, Sekret Machines explains the 1989
    Belgium sightings as directly related to flights of the TR-3B.[288]

Figure 57. Illustration of TR-3B. Source: Edgar Fouche

Once again, the testimony of Tompkins and Goode differs
dramatically to DeLonge’s information, as provided to him by his advisory
team. In chapter four, I presented Tompkins’ information concerning his direct
involvement in the design of space battle groups that would be under the
control of the Navy. To briefly summarize, in the 1950’s Tompkins
conceptualized different designs for kilometers-long space carriers and
cruisers. The space battle groups were constructed in massive underground
facilities in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, and were first deployed in 1984
as the Solar Warden program. Eight battle groups were eventually
constructed, and these rotate with four in service at any time, while the other
four undergo maintenance—similar to the scheduling of aircraft carriers.
Goode has said that he directly served in Solar Warden from 1987 to

  1. Significantly, he says that the TR-3B became outdated with the
    deployment of Solar Warden space fleets, and was allotted as a hand-me-
    down to less classified programs run by the Air Force and other groups:
    There were more than 8 of the “Cigar” shaped carrier class and other
    class of vessels of various sizes and classifications. They were
    designed to carry various type of “craft” that many think of as the
    TR-3B… The TR-3B is considered extremely outdated technology
    and in many cases has been gifted as “hand me down” craft to
    “Elites” within the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates as

something akin to “Company Jets”. There are so many newer
technologies that are of the same general shape as the TR-3B (&
models that came after) that it would blow people’s minds.[289]
Consequently, what Goode and Tompkins’ testimonies show is that the TR-3B
is part of a second tier US secret space program run out of Area 51.

Are Extraterrestrials Real?

In Sekret Machines, an incident is described where an apparent UFO
abduction occurs, but the supposed “Grey” extraterrestrial is unmasked by its
female victim and shown to be a human disguised in an alien costume.[290]
After escaping the remote facility where she is being held, the victim learns
that she had been taken to Siberia by a covert Russian group.[291] The
abduction incident is depicted to be part of a Russian secret space program,
which uses technologically advanced arrow-shaped aerospace vehicles similar
in flight performance to the TR-3B.[292]
Delonge describes other UFO incidents involving covert Russian
spacecraft. These include UFO incidents at US nuclear facilities which led to
them being deactivated. The Russian spacecraft were allegedly interfering
with the US nukes as a means of demonstrating Russia’s ability to deactivate
and even destroy America’s nuclear arsenal. Consequently, it is not
extraterrestrials behind many UFO incidents such as abductions and nuclear
weapons deactivation, but Russian secret spacecraft according to DeLonge’s
version, which is based on information from his advisory team. Especially
relevant here is the language General Carey used in his endorsement of Sekret
Tom DeLonge and A.J. Hartley create a convincing narrative
describing the “cat and mouse” game that is timeless between
strategic adversaries. It has existed under the sea, on the surface of
the earth and in its skies, why wouldn’t we believe it occurs in space.
He is all but naming Russia as the strategic adversary that has long battled the
US in all strategic theaters of operation, including more recently, space.
Once again, there is a dramatic difference here with what Tompkins
and Goode have to say about extraterrestrials and secret space programs,
especially when it comes to long term strategic threats. Earlier, I commented
on their accounts of Nazi Germany being assisted by Reptilian and Nordic
extraterrestrial groups at different stages in their development of two secret
space programs. Later, according to Tompkins, Nordic extraterrestrials
assisted the US Navy program to establish space battle groups. The Nordics
were seeking allies in their galactic conflict with the Draconian Reptilians,
and believed that the Navy would eventually become one.
Tompkins says that Nordic extraterrestrials were embedded in
aerospace companies where he worked, such as Douglas Aircraft Company

and TRW, and actively helped in the research and development of antigravity
spacecraft. He asserts that the Nordics helped counter the industrial sabotage
by Reptilians in both the NASA and the nascent Navy secret space program.
Goode also says that the Solar Warden and Dark Fleet programs
coordinate with different extraterrestrial visitors. In addition, he states that the
corporate run space program has industrial scale manufacturing centers on
Mars that trade with up to 900 extraterrestrial civilizations.[294] DeLonge,
however, proposes a wildcard to explain stories of encounters with advanced
extraterrestrial visitors and the discoveries of non-human constructed
spacecraft. He refers to mythological accounts of the “Gods” as referred to
throughout history, and suggests these were not flights of fancy by ancient
peoples, but real beings that manipulated humanity for both positive and
negative agendas.[295]
In Homer’s Illiad, for example, the reader of this epic poem learns
how the Gods took different sides in this war in ancient times between the
Greeks and Trojans—the superpowers of that region of the world back then.
The conflict was wholly contrived by a mischievous Goddess called Eris, who
rolled her “golden apple of discord” at the foot of the Gods, and set off a
chain of events that led to the Trojan War.
Sekret Machines ends on a cliffhanger regarding the role of the Gods
and current secret space programs. It is expected that future volumes will
describe different ways in which the Gods have helped foment geo-political
conflict between major world powers such as the US and Russia—the modern
equivalents to Ancient Greece and Troy. This is likely to involve the recovery
of highly advanced non-human spacecraft at various crash retrieval sites,
which DeLonge attributes to the Gods. These are modern day versions of the
golden apples of discord that are planted by the Gods.

Limited versus Full Disclosure

How does one account for the significant differences between the
secret space program disclosures by Delonge and his advisory team, and those
of Tompkins and Goode? If one accepts Tompkins and Goode’s testimonies as
fundamentally accurate, as my analysis of the documentary evidence in this
book suggests, then there are two scenarios which come to mind to explain
these discrepancies.
The first is that we are dealing with a “limited hangout,” which
according to Victor Marchetti, a former Special Assistant to the CIA Deputy
Director, is “spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the
clandestine professionals.” [296] Marchetti went on to describe how a limited
hangout works:
When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on
a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting
—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still
managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The
public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it
never thinks to pursue the matter further. [297]
A limited hangout scenario suggests that DeLonge is being fed a well-
crafted narrative by his advisory team and the intelligence community, who
believe their cover stories for the UFO phenomenon no longer have
credibility.[298] The new narrative is designed to appeal to widespread public
belief in a UFO cover-up, by revealing some of the advanced technologies
developed in deep black programs, which would account for the UFO
phenomenon dating back to the World War II era.
While the public learns of antigravity spacecraft, they are told that the
extraterrestrial hypothesis—that UFOs are interplanetary spacecraft—is false.
The only ‘alien’ factor involved here are the elusive Gods mentioned in
historical texts who today are manipulating the US and Russia into a nuclear
war, or planting advanced spacecraft in remote locations as “golden apples of
discord.” The preceding scenario will appeal not only to scientific skeptics,
but also to followers from different religions who can view this information
as confirming the legitimacy of their scriptures.
What this scenario conveys is that DeLonge is being given access to
genuine information that is part of a limited hangout operation by senior
members of the US military industrial complex. We know from the leaked
emails released by Wikileaks that his advisory team includes retired USAF

Major Generals McCasland and Carey, and the current head of Lockeheed’s
Skunkworks, Rob Weiss. These three, plus the seven others making up
DeLonge’s advisory team, appear to be carefully crafting a narrative through
DeLonge that maintains the legitimacy of the military industrial complex. It is
modeled for some kind of official acknowledgement of a secret space
program based at Area 51 which uses the TR-3B.
After all, if there are Gods hidden in the shadows manipulating both
Russia and the US into having a nuclear conflict over advanced technologies,
then the whole issue concerning secret space programs becomes firmly
embedded in national security concerns. It is important to keep in mind that
this narrative was not only being fed to DeLonge, but also through him to
Podesta, and then certainly on to the unsuccessful 2016 Presidential
candidate, Hillary Clinton, who also has a long association with the UFO
topic dating back to Bill Clinton’s Presidential administration.[299]
A second scenario to be explored is that Delonge’s advisors, who we
know are very senior figures in the military industrial complex, are simply out
of the loop when it comes to the most advanced secret space program
technologies. Delonge has repeatedly said that his advisors work at or are
familiar with Area 51 facilities, where the TR-3B is based. We know that is
certainly the case for Levin, since Skunkworks has had a long historical
relationship with Area 51, dating back to its founding in the 1950’s. Also,
Major General McCasland would have certainly been aware of Area 51
projects, given the long historical relationship between Area 51 and the
research laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base when it comes to
studying retrieved UFOs.
According to Tompkins, however, it is in large underground facilities
in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains where the Navy’s space battle fleets have been
secretly constructed. Tompkins says that the construction facilities employ the
same modular construction technique used for the building of the navy’s
aircraft carriers and submarines at Newport News Shipbuilding facilities,
which from 2001 to 2009, was owned by Northrup Grumman. He explains
that Northrup Grumman is the primary corporation for building the Navy’s
secret space battle craft using similar construction techniques to those used to
build aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.
What this material implies is that there is a secret space program run
by military entities such as US Air Force Space Command, the Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO),
which is entirely separate to the program the US Navy has been doing in the
Wasatch Mountains with the assistance of select corporate contractors. The
compartmentalization process is so successful between the different space

programs that USAF/DIA/NRO personnel do not believe that such a Navy run
space program exists.
Such views date back to the creation of Project RAND in October

  1. As presented in chapter three, Army Air Force leaders such as General
    Curtis LeMay “considered space operations to be an extension of air
    operations.”[300] This led to the Navy being pushed into a secondary support
    role in developing future generations of satellites, which came under the
    jurisdiction of the USAF, and the National Reconnaissance Office when it
    was created in 1961. This meant that dealing with UFOs and the
    extraterrestrial phenomenon would come under the purview of the USAF and
    the NRO. Put simply, the USAF and NRO would dominate space affairs,
    while the Navy would remain focused on what was happening on and beneath
    the world’s oceans.
    The RAND Corporation subsequently worked closely with the USAF
    in developing and implementing a coordinated space policy dealing with the
    extraterrestrial phenomenon, with the Navy apparently doing little more than
    just monitoring the situation. As William Tompkins attests, however, little did
    USAF leaders realize that the Navy had not conceded space affairs to the Air
    Force at all!
    Instead, while the USAF and NRO worked on building satellites, spy
    planes, stealth space stations, and squadrons of antigravity craft out of Area
    51 for near Earth space operations, the Navy worked on large battle groups
    for deep space operations out of its Wasatch mountains facilities. While the
    USAF and NRO conducted research and development out of state of the art
    aerospace laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the Navy had its
    own, arguably more advanced, laboratories at China Lake. It is important to
    remember that Tompkins said he travelled to China Lake approximately 40
    times during the war, carrying briefing packets about the Nazi space programs
    and different extraterrestrial visitors.
    Consequently, it is not surprising that personnel participating in a
    secret space program run by the USAF and NRO, along with the DIA, would
    not know about the Navy’s space program. This is vividly illustrated in
    abduction incidents described by Goode. He says that sometime in January-
    February 2016, he was abducted at least three times by covert teams
    associated with the USAF/NRO/DIA who interrogated him.[301] This was
    followed with him being abducted again by the same group in late September
    2016, where a more senior USAF officer interrogated him.[302]
    Apparently, some of the intelligence released since September 2014
    by Goode, concerning secret space programs, was accurate enough to come to
    the attention of a “lower level secret space program” (Goode’s term for it) run

by the USAF Space Command and its NRO and DIA partners. Subsequently,
he was subjected to a military abduction by individuals he concluded were
part of the USAF Space Command.[303] He described the September 2016
incident involving the more senior USAF officer:

As I was focused on what they were doing, another person came into
the room. The two airmen snapped to attention. All three of the men
were wearing Air Force uniforms without any patches to indicate who
they were. The last person to enter the room had white hair, a white
goatee beard, and a very serious look on his face. He sat in the chair
next to me while the two airmen once again took hair and blood
samples from me. After putting away the samples, they were told to
leave the room. The man who was obviously in charge addressed me
by my first name. He began to ask random questions about the LOC
[Lunar Operations Command] and the status of the SSP Alliance.[304]

Goode stated that he experienced the military abductions on a spacecraft that
was clearly less advanced than those belonging to what he has described as a
Secret Space Program Alliance, which includes significant elements of the
Navy’s Solar Warden program.[305]
Goode’s interrogators could not find any information about him in
their databases, which is not surprising given the level of
compartmentalization involved in different unacknowledged Special Access
Programs. Cover stories and other methods are used to hide these programs
from those without “need to know” access.[306] In this regard, a 1992
supplement to a Department of Defense document titled: “National Industrial
Security Program Operating Manual,” states the need for cover stories when it
comes to unacknowledged programs:
Program Cover stories. (UNACKNOWLEDGED Program). Cover
stories may be established for unacknowledged programs in order to
protect the integrity of the program from individuals who do not have
a need to know. Cover stories must be believable and cannot reveal
any information regarding the true nature of the contract. Cover
stories for Special Access Programs must have the approval of PSO
[Program Security Officer] prior to dissemination.[307]

Figure 58. USAF/DIA/NRO Spacecraft which Landed Near Corey Goode’s Home. Credit: Gaia

Goode said that all his records were scrubbed upon returning to
civilian life in 1986, after he was age-regressed and sent back in time after
completing his 20 year tour of duty in 2007.[308] During one of Goode’s
interrogations, attempts were made to brainwash him into believing that
extraterrestrials weren’t real and that the “higher level space programs” he
was discussing—Solar Warden, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate and
Dark Fleet—did not exist.[309] In an interview, Goode recalled what one of his
Air Force interrogators said:
One of them began telling me, “You know that all of these beings are
not really aliens. They’re just us from the future from two different
timelines.” And I couldn’t really respond. And he was saying that the
Nordic type of people are us from the future. And these little grey
beings are us from a different timeline in the future. And they are
coming back to try to fight over the timelines. And they were stating
that the Greys, their genetics had broken down so badly in the future
that they were coming back to get genetic stock as well.[310]
According to this interpretation of the extraterrestrial phenomenon, all alleged
contact cases involve humans from the future, either Nordics or Greys, which
have genetically evolved from present day humanity. All this is very
significant given what DeLonge has been told by his advisory team, and what
presumably he passed on to John Podesta about the secret space program out
of Area 51.
Essentially, the military services involved in Goode’s abductions are
convinced that his disclosures about extraterrestrial life are part of an
elaborate disinformation campaign by an Unacknowledged Special Access
Program. As mentioned earlier, personnel in these programs are instructed to
use cover stories to hide the truth of their activities. Goode’s abductors clearly

believed that his secret space program disclosures were an elaborate cover
story. It’s noteworthy that the USAF officer that interrogated him during the
September 2016 abduction was highly skeptical of his story, as Goode
I asked how I should address him and he looked at me as if I was an
idiot. He said, “Just call me Sir.” I asked him why I was being picked
up again, and why he was so skeptical after the last time when I was
tricked into outing three members of the SSP Alliance. He stated he
was here to repeat the process of gathering evidence and then keep
the chain of custody of the evidence. He stated this was to rule out the
possibility that the previous team had made a mistake or had
tampered with the results.
He went on to say that he could not accept that I was telling the truth.
The information I had provided was too far outside the scope of his
briefings. He stated that it was possible that the SSP Alliance was
merely a few people from his own program who had gone rogue.[311]
Goode’s recollections of the USAF officer’s statements indicate that
full disclosure is not just a matter of the general public learning about the
broader truth behind secret space programs and extraterrestrial visitors, but
also for military and corporate personnel to come up to speed. The
compartmentalization process means that what is considered “full disclosure”
by one level of the secrecy system is but a “limited disclosure” at more highly
classified levels.
This is illustrated by the following NSA leaked slide showing how
different DHS, DOD, and NSA classified programs are hidden within less
classified programs. Due to compartmentalization, those in less classified
‘cover’ programs would be out of the loop on the more highly classified
programs. Consequently, the scenario described by Goode in terms of his
abduction by USAF Space Command personnel is entirely plausible.

Figure 59. Edward Snowden Leaked NSA Slide on Sentry Eagle


Both Goode and Tompkin’s testimonies portray a deeper layer of
secret space program operations and technologies, far exceeding anything
happening in near Earth orbit under the control of the USAF/DIA/NRO. Due
to compartmentalization, this deeper level space program, Solar Warden, is
not known by personnel working on antigravity spacecraft such as TR-3B
under the USAF/DIA/NRO. It is therefore very feasible that corporations and
personnel working on classified aerospace programs at Area 51 are out of the
loop on the Solar Warden program.
It is also plausible that the advisory team of ten senior corporate and
military personnel feeding DeLonge intelligence may be part of a limited
hangout operation. They are intentionally spilling the beans on what has been
taking place at Area 51, but only in order to keep hidden even more important
secret programs happening elsewhere. Alternatively, DeLonge’s advisory
team may be genuinely in the dark about the Navy led Secret Space Program
based out of the Wasatch Mountains, and its current operations in deep space.
Despite the question of which of the above two scenarios better
explains what is happening with DeLonge and his advisors, the disclosures in
Sekret Machines genuinely reveal the first layer of a multilayered set of secret
space programs. Wikileaks documents prove that covert leaders in the USAF
Secret Space Program have chosen DeLonge to be part of an officially
sanctioned disclosure initiative. DeLonge’s initiative became a factor in the
2016 US Presidential election through Podesta’s involvement, and his
chairmanship of the Clinton Presidential Campaign. Unfortunately, for
Podesta and Clinton, Donald Trump surprised everyone with his election win.

Pillars of Disclosure: President Trump’s
Relationships with the Navy, FBI & Russia

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump surprised most political pundits
and media networks with his Presidential election victory over Hillary
Clinton. Trump struck a chord with middle class Americans, who had become
disenchanted with the globalization process and the resulting loss of high-
paying manufacturing jobs. Trump’s plan for reinvigorating the country’s
manufacturing industry led to widespread support from millions of Americans
fearful of what the future would bring if the political status quo was
maintained. His victory requires an examination of how his administration
will impact the prospects for “official disclosure” of secret space programs
and extraterrestrial life.
There are three key institutional relationships that are very important
for anticipating the policies of a Trump Presidential administration, especially
when it comes to some kind of official disclosure. First, during the
Presidential campaign, Trump said that he would rebuild the Navy, whose
ocean-going fleets had been radically impacted by budgetary cutbacks.
Second, Trump was directly helped by the Director of the Federal Bureau of
Investigations (FBI), James Comey, whose brief reopening of an investigation
of Hillary Clinton only two weeks before the Presidential elections played a
decisive role in his victory.[312] Finally, Trump’s positive references to Russia
and its leader, President Vladimir Putin, indicated that he wants to radically
change the present strained relations between the US and Russia in a manner
that would significantly impact global affairs.
The ways in which Trump develops his administration’s institutional
relationships with the Navy, the FBI and the Russian Federation will be very
significant in terms of how much he will be able to publicly disclose about the
secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. If these relationships are
properly cultivated, then his administration may go well beyond DeLonge’s
“limited disclosure” concerning the USAF’s secret space program, and create
the conditions for “full disclosure” of all secret space programs to occur. Full
disclosure, in particular, would not only dramatically reinvigorate the US
manufacturing industry in building advanced technologies for mass public
consumption, but lead to revolutionary global changes.

A Manhattan Project to Rebuild the Navy’s [Space] Fleets

One of the core plans unveiled by Trump during the Presidential
campaign was to reinvigorate the Navy and its ship building industry. On
October 21, 2016, Trump made a major policy speech in Pennsylvania
outlying his grand plan:
Our Navy is the smallest it’s been since World War I. My plan will
build the 350 ship Navy we need. This will be the largest effort at
rebuilding our military since Ronald Reagan, and it will require a
truly national effort. The Philadelphia Navy Yard is a perfect
example. I will instruct my Secretary of the Navy to study locations
like Philadelphia with a long history of service to our military and
proximity to vibrant private industry and find ways to involve them in
this national effort.
As our fleet is rebuilt, we’ll need to invest in recruiting the skilled
American craftsmen we need, like welders and pipe fitters and so
much more. We will establish ‘centers of excellence’ in places like
Philadelphia and Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Hampton Roads in
Virginia to produce the master craftsmen we need to rebuild our
Fleet. We will rebuild our navy and we will do it with American steel
made right here in Pennsylvania.[313]
In a memo, Trump’s senior military defense advisor, Alexander Gray, referred
to the plan to rebuild the Navy’s fleets as a new “Manhattan Project”:

Donald Trump has promised to rebuild America with American hands
and American steel. On Day One of his administration, he will
immediately begin to fulfill that promise with a Manhattan Project
urgency to rebuild our navy, which has shrunk under the Obama-
Clinton years to its lowest level since World War I.[314]

Trump’s Navy policy has proved to be popular, judging by its support by
retired Navy officers. Among the list of 88 flag officers who signed a letter
supporting Trump’s candidacy, the most signatures came from the Navy; 34
Admirals signed the petition, along with an additional two Coast Guard
Admirals, and two Marine Corps Generals.[315]
Trump’s Navy policy promises to be truly groundbreaking in terms of
what it will open up for the Navy’s future development of its Solar Warden

Secret Space Program. The Navy’s eight battle groups, secretly built and
deployed in the 1980’s, are currently operational. However, according to
William Tompkins, the Navy plans to replace these existing battle groups,
which are becoming antiquated in comparison with other space programs,
with twelve new battle groups that are currently under development. These
are tentatively scheduled to become fully operational in the 2030’s,
replicating the 50 year lifecycle of modern aircraft carriers. In a February 25,
2016 interview exchange between Tompkins [WT] and myself [MS], he
elaborated upon the Navy’s plans.

[WT] All of the main eight Solar Warden battle groups are old, real
old. They are in the process of being completely replaced by 12 new
ones. Which is a major program going on, because they are very old.

[MS] So the current plan involves 12 battle groups under …

[WT] They are completely new, everything is new. Not just the ship
… [new] hardware, everything.

[MS] When will they be deployed?

[WT] – I think first deployment will be two [battle groups] in 2031,
or close.

[MS] – They are under current design and manufacture …

[WT] – It’s all part of the stage. They have built a real fast program to
get a prototype. They are four kilometers long rather that one

Such an undertaking will clearly require enormous funds and
resources that would strain the Navy’s share of the Pentagon’s “deep black
budget,” which was estimated to be $1.7 trillion per year by the end of the
Clinton administration in January 2001.[317] To fully appreciate the

significance of such a vast sum, consider that the proposed Pentagon budget
for 2017 was only $582 billion.[318] This means that the deep black budget
used by the Navy, Air Force and other secret space programs was, back in the
year 2000, three times the current Pentagon budget today! Trump’s support
for rebuilding the Navy surface fleets with “Manhattan Project urgency”
comes as a clear signal by him and his senior advisors that they would be
receptive to a policy of prioritizing the construction of a new generation of
kilometers-long spacecraft for the Navy’s Solar Warden program.
This raises the question of whether Trump was covertly supported by
groups allied with the Solar Warden program and other connected government
agencies during the Presidential Campaign. The Wikileaks’ documents, for
example, greatly assisted the Trump campaign by exposing much about the
shortcomings of Hillary Clinton and her senior campaign advisors. While
Clinton accused Russia of being behind the leaks,[319] the real culprit,
according to Corey Goode, was an “Earth Alliance” that coordinates with the
Navy’s Solar Warden program.[320]
Goode says that the Earth Alliance comprises multiple factions and
organizations involved in various supply, support and command roles when it
comes to the different secret space programs. The Earth Alliance includes
“White Hats” among the military industrial elite, the intelligence community
of the US, and many other major countries that are supportive of the goals of
the Solar Warden program, along with its allies that make up what Goode
describes as the “Secret Space Program Alliance.” In addition, the Earth
Alliance includes the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South
Africa) which are intent on creating a new global financial system.
In a November 3, 2016 update, Goode relayed intelligence from his
sources that the Earth Alliance, which includes operatives from the Navy and
the FBI, had indeed supported the Trump campaign. Among the reasons given
was that the Alliance perceived Trump as someone who would avoid
embroiling the US in wars with major nations that could result in global

… Donald Trump is indeed being backed by the Alliance. Trump is
certainly not entering into this battle free from his own baggage. He
has said and done a variety of things that are upsetting to people. He
does not, however, represent a group that actively seeks to kill
billions of people by starting World War III as soon as possible.[321]
Previously, Goode said that both the Secret Space Program Alliance and the

Earth Alliance would use document releases as their preferred method of
ensuring policy changes, and for disclosing the truth about secret space
programs. In response to a question regarding this, Goode said:

A full disclosure event would consist of a major data dump on the
Internet with many hundreds of thousands of document, audio and
video files on multiple mirrored sites for everyone to have access to.
There would be a collapse of the corporate media machine and a 24/7
television and radio education campaign would be initiated. Not all
channels and stations would be co-opted so people are not
overwhelmed and could “tune out” as they needed to due to the

Consequently, it is highly plausible that some of the documents that came
through Wikileaks were orchestrated by the Earth Alliance, as Goode
This raises the question of whether support for Trump was also due to
him being identified by Navy/Solar Warden officials as someone representing
a rare and valuable opportunity to them. In Trump, did they see a man who
would be willing to dedicate his Presidential administration to creating
another Manhattan Project, devoted to quickly building a new generation of
space battle groups? Trump’s real estate background in large construction
ventures undeniably predisposes him toward supporting such a grandiose
vision and project. This helps explain why Tompkins says the Navy is “100%
behind Trump.”[323]
Goode’s claim that the Earth Alliance supported Trump does add
weight to the possibility that he was identified as someone who would help
the Navy convert its secret space program into a publicly supported program,
reminiscent of Star Trek’s fictional “Star Fleet.” Since Gene Rodenberry
developed Star Trek in the 1960’s as a result of his collaboration with Leslie
Stevens, who had been informed about the Navy’s plans for building secret
space fleets by his father, Vice Admiral Leslie Stevens, a natural progression
may be taking place. If Star Trek was indeed planned to be a form of “soft
disclosure,” then it was foreseen by the Navy that one day Solar Warden
would have to be revealed and converted from a highly classified program
into a publicly supported space program like NASA. This would require “full
disclosure” under a President who could motivate the American public into
believing in such an enormously expensive “Manhattan Project,” and to then
build the next generation of Solar Warden space battle groups in record time.

An important clue to Trump’s favorable Navy policies of the future is
his appointment of Stephen Kevin Bannon as his chief strategist, equal in
status to his Chief of Staff.[324] Bannon is a retired Navy officer with
experience on aircraft carrier battle groups, as described in a brief
biographical description on the Breitbart website:

Before entering the business world, Mr. Bannon was in the military.
For seven years, he was a surface warfare officer in the Navy. He
served in battle groups that were stationed in the Arabian Sea and in
the Persian Gulf. After that, he was stationed at the Pentagon,
becoming special assistant to the chief of naval operations during
President Ronald Reagan’s first term. [325]

Mystery surrounds Bannon’s work in advising the Chief of Naval Operations,
since records of his military career have not been publicly released. A clue
comes from an officer who served with him, retired Rear Admiral Edward
“Sonny” Masso, who said:

He’s a pretty extraordinary guy … He’s very good at multi-tasking,
and he can do amazing things. He was absolutely a good sailor and
naval officer.[326]

It is possible that during his Naval service, Bannon learned about the Navy’s
secret space program and about different extraterrestrial visitors. Indeed, as a
“special assistant” to the Chief of Naval Operations, he may have even
participated in or known about the classified briefings Reagan received about
an extraterrestrial threat during his first term.
After January 20, 2017, President Trump will be in a position to move
forward with a Navy backed full disclosure initiative that will reveal
advanced technologies that truly revolutionize life as we know it. Trump’s
emerging relationship with, and support for, the Navy is therefore a vital
ingredient for full disclosure. Yet, there is another relationship that is equally
important in order for full disclosure to move forward.

The FBI, Flying Saucers, Trump & Disclosure

In chapter one, it was mentioned that exactly one week after major
newspapers had reported the Roswell flying saucer crash, FBI Director, J.
Edgar Hoover, handwrote on a July 15, 1947 Memorandum: ““We must insist
upon full access to disks recovered.”[327] The newspaper articles were
generated by an official US Army Air Force Press Release, made public on
the morning of July 8, which was authorized by the Base Commander of
Roswell Army Air Field, Colonel William Blanchard. By the afternoon, the
initial Army Air Force Press Release was retracted by a more senior officer,
General Roger Ramey, who said the object was a misidentified weather
balloon. The two experienced Air Force Intelligence officers, who examined
the Roswell debris, had simply got it wrong according to Ramey. Hoover’s
handwritten message clearly revealed that he did not accept Ramey’s
explanation, and wanted the FBI to be given access.
Hoover’s handwritten message specifically referred to yet another
earlier incident where a flying saucer had crashed in “the La case,” and the
Army denied access to the FBI.[328] Hoover was very likely referring to the
Los Angeles Air Raid incident on February 24/25, 1942. A leaked “Majestic
document” reveals that in July 1947, the Army Air Force had once again
denied the FBI access to a crashed flying saucer stored at the time at Los
Alamos National Laboratory.[329]
A number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents refer to
the FBI’s historic interest in the flying saucer/UFO phenomenon.[330] It is not
very surprising that the FBI would have shown an interest in the flying saucer
phenomenon, given widespread public sightings and involvement by citizens
around the country. The most significant of the FOIA FBI documents is one
confirming that Hoover wanted the FBI to launch a public investigation into
the flying saucer phenomenon, provided the FBI was given access to crashed
saucers by the [Army] Air Force.[331] The FBI was not given access, however,
and Hoover subsequently ordered FBI agents not to work with the Air Force’s
public investigation into UFOs. In 1953, this Air Force investigation was
renamed Project Blue Book, and it continued until 1969 when it was closed.
While today the FBI is generally regarded as a domestic national
crime fighting organization with minimal intelligence operations in foreign
nations, this was not always the case. The FBI traces its origin to an
investigative unit established on July 26, 1908 in the Justice Department,
which a year later was renamed the “Bureau of Investigations.” In 1935,

Hoover became the first Director of the newly renamed “Federal Bureau of
Investigations.” As World War II loomed, Roosevelt authorized the creation
of a counterintelligence branch within the FBI to work with Army and Navy
intelligence in combatting the Nazi menace. On June 26, 1939, Roosevelt
released the following Presidential Directive:
It is my desire that the investigation of all espionage, counter-
espionage, and sabotage matters be controlled and handled by the
Federal Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice, the
Military Intelligence Division [MID] of the War Department, and the
Office of Naval Intelligence [ONI] of the Navy Department. The
Directors of these three agencies are to function as a committee to
coordinate their activities.[333]
Roosevelt subsequently authorized the FBI to take responsibility for
counterintelligence and covert operations in the Western Hemisphere. This is
how a June 24, 1940 State Department Memorandum described the division
of global intelligence, and counterintelligence responsibilities between the
Army, Navy and FBI:

The President said that he wished that the field should be divided.
The FBI should be responsible for foreign intelligence work in the
Western Hemisphere … The existing Military Intelligence and Naval
Intelligence branches should cover the rest of the world, as and when
necessity arises.[334]

On July 1, 1940, Hoover subsequently launched the “Special
Intelligence Service” as a branch of the FBI that would exclusively conduct
US intelligence operations in the Western Hemisphere. Consequently, up until
the creation of the Central Intelligence Group (forerunner to the CIA) in
January 1946, it was the FBI that was responsible for intelligence operations
in South America. Here is how the FBI website describes its Special
Intelligence Service:
By 1940, South America had become a hotbed of German intrigue.
More than half-a-million German emigrants—many supporters of the
Third Reich—had settled in Brazil and Argentina alone. In line with
the Bureau’s earlier intelligence work on threats posed by Germany,
Roosevelt wanted to keep an eye on Nazi activities in our neighbors
to the south. And when the U.S. joined the Allied cause in 1941, the
President wanted to protect the nation from Hitler’s spies and collect
intelligence on Axis activities to help win the war. Over the next

seven years, the FBI sent more than 340 agents and support
professionals undercover into Central and South America as part of
the Special Intelligence Service…. The service was gathering
information and sending it back to FBI Headquarters in Washington,
where it was crafted into useful intelligence for the military and
Figure 60. “The FBI and Foreign Intelligence”. Source: CIA Website
While William Tompkins was involved in a covert Naval Intelligence
program aimed at Nazi Germany, one of the things that the Navy spies
reported was that the Nazis had poured personnel and resources into South
America. The Nazis were setting up a major staging post for building their
secret space program in Antarctica just prior to and during World War II. As
the war came to an end, Nazi Germany increased the flow of personnel and
equipment into South America and Antarctica. FOIA documents confirm that
the FBI was monitoring Nazi operations in South America during this entire
period and was aware that key Nazi leaders, such as Adolf Hitler and Martin
Bormann, had been allowed to escape to Argentina.[336] Hoover was aware
that Allen Dulles, from the Bern, Switzerland Headquarters of the Office of
Strategic Services (a forerunner to the CIA), had negotiated secret deals with
Nazi SS officials towards the end of the war, which had been approved by
Presidents Roosevelt and Truman.
Importantly, during this entire period, the FBI was primarily
responsible for intelligence operations in South America, and directly
investigated what the Nazi’s were up to. This meant that the Navy and FBI,

up to 1946, were pooling their intelligence resources to understand the extent
of Nazi operations in South America/Antarctica; to determine how far Nazi
flying saucer technologies had developed, and in response, develop a
coordinated strategy for opposing the Nazi threat in the Western Hemisphere.
Hoover was staunchly opposed to the creation of the Central
Intelligence Group, and its successor the CIA, which was established in
September 1947. He refused to share documents and resources with the CIA.
This is exemplified in a declassified CIA document showing that the FBI
withdrew its field agents and resources from Latin America in August 1946,
before Central Intelligence Group agents could be deployed.[337] Multiple
researchers have confirmed the subsequent quarter century-long animosity
Hoover had towards the CIA, which lasted up to his death in 1972. According
to historian, Mark Riebling: “there have been no fewer than twelve White
House initiatives to defuse the interagency conflict. All have failed …”[338]
Many researchers assume that the FBI-CIA conflict was due to
Hoover losing the bureaucratic turf war over the FBI playing a role in foreign
intelligence operations, or the intrinsic challenge in harmonizing intelligence
operations with law enforcement.[339] Was the real reason behind Hoover’s
animosity caused by his fear of the threat he knew the CIA posed, due to their
efforts in establishing a close working relationship with Antarctica-based
Nazis and their Reptilian allies? This became clearer as Dulles continued to
conduct secret negotiations between different US administrations and Nazi
leaders in South America and Antarctica, and rise through the CIA ranks to
become its first civilian Director in 1953.
A close relationship was developed between the USAF, the RAND
Corporation and the Nazi/Reptilian alliance after an agreement had been
reached with the Eisenhower administration in early 1955. This
USAF/RAND/Reptilian Alliance was opposed to the Navy, and the Nordic
extraterrestrials covertly working as allies through third parties such as the
Douglas Aircraft Company, which Tompkins has described at length. Hoover
saw that the CIA had been infiltrated by the Nazi/Reptilian Alliance, and had
become an integral part of what can be described as a
USAF/CIA/Nazi/Reptilian Alliance. In contrast, Hoover’s FBI would quietly
assist the Navy in its covert relationship with Nordic extraterrestrials in
developing future space battle groups, to prevent infiltration and sabotage by
the USAF/CIA/Nazi/Reptilian Alliance.
Hoover remained FBI Director up to his death in 1972. His knowledge
about flying saucers, a Nazi Space Program in Antarctica/South America, the
USAF/CIA /Nazi/Reptilian alliance, and the historic cooperation between the
Office of Naval Intelligence and Nordic extraterrestrials, has become part of

the institutional memory of the FBI. Once again, a television show, The X-
Files, would become a form of “soft disclosure,” opening a small window
into the historical FBI association with the flying saucer phenomenon and the
Nazi/extraterrestrial element.
Given the FBI’s institutional memory about flying saucers, secret
space programs, and history of covert cooperation with Naval Intelligence,
the FBI’s actions during the 2016 Presidential election raises an intriguing
possibility. Did the FBI overtly assist Trump because he is seen as someone
predisposed to publicly disclosing the truth about these controversial subjects,
of poignant concern to both the FBI and the Navy?
Undoubtedly, the most surprising event preceding the election was an
October 28 letter by FBI Director Comey stating that Clinton was once again
under federal investigation.[340] The FBI had learned from a “sexting”
investigation of disgraced congressman, Anthony Weiner, that one of his
computers was shared with his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, deputy chair of
the Clinton campaign. It contained emails between Abedin, Clinton and
others sent during her tenure as Secretary of State. This was relevant to the
FBI investigation of Clinton, which had been closed earlier in July 2016 when
Comey recommended that no charges should be brought against Clinton.[341]
Comey’s letter to the heads of different Congressional Committees, informing
them of the re-opening, rocked the Clinton campaign and led to 11 days of the
worst press experienced by Clinton during the entire campaign. Then, on
November 6, only two days before the election, Comey once again called off
the investigation and lifted a cloud of uncertainty over the Clinton campaign.
[342] Her supporters expressed a huge sigh of relief, and believed the road to
the White House was wide open once again.
Most political pundits and media organizations were bewildered by
Comey’s puzzling behavior. Why did he say anything in the first place if there
was nothing sufficiently incriminating in the Weiner/Abedin emails to change
the earlier July decision to close the investigation? Clinton supporters were
angry at Comey, and believed he had blatantly interfered in the election to
help the Trump campaign.[343] Republicans, including Trump himself,
criticized Comey for once again protecting Clinton prior to the election.[344]
After her election loss, Clinton told donors in a conference call that
Comey’s actions had indeed done her campaign irreparable harm and directly
assisted Trump. She was quoted to have said that Comey’s first letter on
October 28 had badly affected her campaign’s momentum:
There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful …
our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were
groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.” [345]

According to Clinton, Comey’s second letter on November 6 was even more
Mrs. Clinton said a second letter from Mr. Comey, clearing her once
again, which came two days before Election Day, had been even
more damaging. In that letter, Mr. Comey said an examination of a
new trove of emails, which had been found on the computer of
Anthony D. Weiner … had not caused him to change his earlier
conclusion that Mrs. Clinton should face no charges over her
handling of classified information. Her campaign said the seemingly
positive outcome had only hurt it with voters who did not trust Mrs.
Clinton and were receptive to Mr. Trump’s claims of a “rigged
Clinton’s analysis correctly identifies the damage done to her campaign by
Comey’s 11th hour intervention. The retiring Democratic leader in the Senate,
Harry Reid, went further to claim that Comey was actually a Republican Party
operative: “there is no question in my mind she would have won this election
without any problem if Comey had not been the Republican operative that he
is.” [347] Clinton and Reid’s assessment raises two questions. Was Comey’s
intervention an intentional act designed to help Trump’s campaign? Also, was
Comey’s intervention done in concert with other powerful institutional actors
covertly helping the Trump campaign?
As mentioned earlier, Goode maintained that the “Earth Alliance” had
backed Trump and was behind the Wikileaks email releases damaging to the
Clinton campaign. The Earth Alliance allegedly includes senior figures in
both the Navy and FBI, and also the Russian Federation. The possibility that
Russia and the FBI were actively colluding in undermining the Clinton
campaign was raised by Democratic critics of Comey’s actions. This included
the former Chair of the National Democratic Committee, Howard Dean, who
tweeted: “Comey put himself on the same side as Putin.” [348]
Significantly, Corey Goode said that his sources had confirmed that
the FBI was indeed working with Russia, behind the scenes. Commenting on
this relationship in regard to Comey’s intervention that effectively sabotaged
the Clinton campaign, Goode stated, “This has led to surprising public
declarations of collusion between Russia and the FBI—something that we
have been revealing for years now as a key aspect of the Alliance.”[349] If
accurate, this is an extraordinary revelation. The FBI actively colluded with
both domestic and international actors to help elect Donald Trump to the US
Presidency! To understand why, we need to examine the emerging
relationship between Trump and President Putin, and what this potentially
means for world peace, and “official disclosure” of secret space programs and

extraterrestrial life.

Russia’s Role in Disclosure & the Emerging Trump-Putin

In the previous chapter, the Clinton campaign was shown to be
connected to a “limited disclosure” initiative. This involved framing the
Russian Federation as a long term strategic enemy, when it came to a secret
space program run by the Air Force. If Clinton had won the election, many
political analysts expected increased tensions with Russia, which could have
easily escalated into a nuclear war.[350] Provokingly, after Russia’s annexation
of Crimea, Clinton referred to Putin as another Hitler, thereby setting the
scene for World War III.[351] In contrast, Trump promised a new approach to
Russia where there would be cooperation in mutual areas of interest.
This leads to the question of whether President Trump will consider
full disclosure of multiple secret space programs and extraterrestrial life a
mutual area of interest with Russia? There is good reason to believe that a
Trump administration will partner with Russia in an “official disclosure”
initiative that will forever change life on our planet.
First, let us consider what Trump had to say about Russia both prior to
and during his Presidential campaign. In a 2007 interview on Larry King Live
on CNN, Trump expressed his admiration for Vladimir Putin’s leadership in

Look at Putin — what he’s doing with Russia — I mean, you know,
what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done — whether you
like him or don’t like him — he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the
image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period.[352]

The most significant remark made by Trump during the 2016 Presidential
campaign came in response to a comment by Putin on ABC News:
[Trump is] a very colorful person. Talent, with[out] any doubt. But
it’s not our affair to determine his worthiness – that’s up to the United
States, but he is absolutely the leader in the presidential race. He
wants to move to a different level of relations, to more solid, deeper
relations with Russia and how can Russia not welcome that – we
welcome that.”[353]
Afterwards, Trump made a statement to ABC News where he again
articulated his admiration of Putin, and expressed some of his future hopes

concerning Russia:

It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so
highly respected within his own country and beyond. I have always
felt that Russia and the United States should be able to work well
with each other towards defeating terrorism and restoring world
peace, not to mention trade and all of the other benefits derived from
mutual respect.[354]

Trump’s reference to working with Russia in “defeating terrorism and
restoring world peace” on a basis of “mutual respect” is noteworthy. It is a
welcome departure from the tension and antagonism that existed at the time
due to events in Ukraine, which led to the US and European Union imposing
sanctions on Russia, and in turn being hit by Russian counter-sanctions.
A week after Trump’s Presidential victory, Trump and Putin spoke by
telephone and agreed that relations between the US and Russia were
“extremely unsatisfactory,” as described in a Kremlin report:
During the call, the two leaders discussed a range of issues including
the threats and challenges facing the United States and Russia,
strategic economic issues and the historical U.S.-Russia relationship
that dates back over 200 years,” it said.
In its readout, the Kremlin added that both Putin and Trump agreed
that the U.S.-Russian ties are in “extremely unsatisfactory” condition
now. “They spoke for active joint work to normalize ties and engage
in constructive cooperation on a broad range of issues,” it said,
adding that Putin and Trump emphasized the need to develop trade
and economic cooperation to give a strong basis to U.S.-Russia
relations. Putin and Trump also agreed on the need to combine efforts
in the fight against their No. 1 enemy – “international terrorism and
A genuine relationship of mutual respect between Trump and Putin
could lead to levels of cooperation between the US and Russia, not seen since
the days of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev during the 1980’s. The
Reagan-Gorbachev relationship led to the end of the Cold War super power
confrontation, and ushered in a period of unprecedented cooperation between
the US and Soviet Union/Russia in global affairs.
A Trump-Putin relationship is likely to be just as significant, if not
more so, than the Reagan-Gorbachev relationship in influencing global

affairs. Reagan and Gorbachev ended the Cold War, which pitted two
ideologically opposed global systems against one another—Marxism
Leninism and Pluralist Democracies. Trump and Putin will soon be in a
position to end another ideological divide between two global systems. This
involves openly sharing the benefits of highly advanced technologies secretly
developed by a transnational military-industrial complex for the exclusive
benefit of global elites and national security programs.
On the one hand, there is a global system comprising highly classified
“closed source” advanced technology projects, involving deep space
operations using exotic propulsion systems such as antigravity, which
routinely interacts with visiting extraterrestrial life. Both the Navy and Air
Force have built secret space programs using these exotic technologies, and
use incredibly advanced medical technologies such as age-regression, and
holographic healing that can restore limbs and organs.
On the other hand, there is a global system which is “open source” and
far less technologically advanced, where antigravity propulsion is considered
by “open source” scientists to be a myth, extraterrestrial life is officially yet to
be discovered, and age-regression technologies are deemed decades away in
development to be applicable to humans.[356] This is the world known to the
vast majority of our planet’s population of over seven billion. The movie
Elysium represents the “soft disclosure” of the technological gulf between two
portions of humanity, and shows that this divide was allowed to grow over
more than six decades because a classified research and development system
was maintained. This is our own technological apartheid on a global scale.
There is good reason to believe that Putin is the most comprehensively
briefed international leader when it comes to the history, development and
operations of the shadow world of advanced technology programs. He has
been either President or Prime Minister of Russia since August 1999. Prior to
that, he briefly headed Russia’s Federal Security Service, successor to the
KGB, under the Boris Yeltsin Presidency from July 1998 to March 1999, and
subsequently headed Yeltsin’s Security Council (equivalent to the US
National Security Council) before becoming Prime Minister for the first time.
He replaced Yeltsin as President on May 7, 2000.
Confirmation that Putin, while President of Russia, was given
briefings about extraterrestrial life comes from no less than a former Russian
President, and current Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev. In a hot microphone
incident in December 2012, Medvedev was recorded as saying in response to
a question:
Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the
country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety

contains information about aliens who visited our planet. Along with
this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service
that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country …
More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-
known movie called ‘Men In Black’ … I will not tell you how many
of them are among us because it may cause panic.[357]
While many in the mass media assumed Medvedev was joking, the context of
the conversation and expert analysis of his body language confirms that he
was being very serious.[358] His comments help confirm that Russian
Presidents receive classified briefing documents about extraterrestrials living
among us, and the existence of a covert program set up to monitor aliens in
Russia and elsewhere.
Confirmation that Putin is a key global leader when it comes to the
operations of secret space programs comes from Goode. He says that Putin
has been involved in secret meetings and negotiations, conducted by different
secret space programs and extraterrestrial alliances, over the “extent and
pace” in which full disclosure should occur. Goode gives the example of
Putin’s unexplained ten day disappearance, from March 6 to 16, 2015, as a
probable case of him and/or his representatives attending a secret space
program meeting held at a secret Moon base (Lunar Operations Command –
LOC) to conduct disclosure negotiations:
The timing of his 10 day disappearance occurred exactly during the
time of the SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Conference that was taking
place on the LOC along with many Earth Politicians (Non Cabal) and
Regular Earth Citizens. I did not personally see him or have I been
briefed that he was there. I was not involved in that portion of the
conference. I do strongly suspect that he or his representatives were
What is even more intriguing is growing evidence that Russia is actively
cooperating with the same Nordic extraterrestrials that Tompkins claims have
been covertly assisting the US Navy since at least the 1950’s!
This is a view that Dr. Preston James, a regular writer for the popular
website, Veteran’s Today, says he was also told independently by his own
insider sources. James refers to a Russian agreement with a positive group of
extraterrestrials (Nordics) opposed to the Draconian extraterrestrials, and
what he describes as the latter’s “Rothschild Khazarian Mafia” ( RKM)/Cabal
Sources deep within Russia have reported that the Russian Federation
has signed a treaty with a certain Alien ET group, and this particular

Alien ET group has a long conflict with the a certain group that has
allegedly been “advising and running” the top RKM Policy-makers
who have served as their agent for taking over the whole world.[360]
James goes on to say that the Russians have been given advanced weapons
technologies by the positive extraterrestrial group, which can neutralize the
best technologies available to the CIA/Mossad/Saudi equipped Islamic State
groups, who are backed by the Cabal/RKM:
At this time it is unknown what their long term agenda is, but so far
they have equipped the Russian Federation with some astoundingly
powerful weapons, especially ultra-high tech electronics which can
temporarily shut off the electrical systems of whole ships or carriers
and even aircraft and all group, air and satellite radar systems. Putin
has allegedly been told that he should go ahead and checkmate the
RKM and its Terrorists cutouts in Syria and Iran and not worry,
because this Alien ET group now has his back.[361]
James refers to an incident involving the U.S.S. Donald Cook naval
vessel as an example of these advanced extraterrestrial technologies being
successfully developed and deployed by the Russian military:
Some of Putin’s secret space war weapons are shocking in their actual
capabilities. One was tested on an America ship, the USS Donald
Cook, last April 2014. As two Russian fighters flew over, the ship’s
electric supply was disrupted, shutting down all radar and Aegis
defense systems. It was reported that the top officers were so upset
that some of them resigned their commissions and left the Navy,
feeling they could not even defend their own ships and crews
anymore against such ultra high-tech weapons. [362]
James information dovetails with Goode’s testimony about Putin’s connection
to an “Earth Based Alliance” associated with the BRICS nations, which is
dedicated to overturning the plans of the Cabal/RKM. Goode describes
Putin’s role as follows:
Putin and other elements of the “Earth Based Alliance” that make up
the BRICS Alliance among others that dove tail together are all
working for the common goal of defeating the “Satanic/Luciferian
Cabal” that is now in control of the majority of the world and
responsible for not only amazing deceptions of his and other
countries populations but also some of the most horrific Crimes
Against Humanity that have ever taken place in known history. There
are many of these crimes that have become more and more known
through recent disclosures behind the scenes. This has only caused

these groups and people to want to bring down these Secret Earth
Government Syndicates now more than ever.[363]
Regarding the Donald Cook incident, Goode replied to the following email
question I sent him:
[Salla] On April 12, 2014, the USS Donald Cook equipped with an
Aegis Combat System was allegedly disabled by a Russian Su-24
tactical bomber deploying a sophisticated electronic jamming system.
Was this an example of the kind of technological assistance given to
Solar Warden and its earth allies to change the military/political
balance of power on Earth?
[Goode] I have been told this is the case by several SSP Alliance
members, but I have not seen any briefing reports personally to be
able to vouch for that 100% myself. Other insiders have reported this
as well so it is probably a safe speculation.[364]
Yet more evidence of an alliance between the Russian Federation and
extraterrestrials emerged in an extraordinary television interview, held in May
2010, with the retiring Governor of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan
Ilyumzhinov, who had been President of the World Chess Federation since

  1. He claimed that in 1997, he was taken from his penthouse apartment
    and brought on board an extraterrestrial vehicle. Ilyumzhinov stated that the
    extraterrestrials he met were humanoid and gave him a tour of their ship.
    According to Ilyumzhinov, his experience was backed by three witnesses,
    who had searched for him at his home after he had boarded the alien
    An enormously telling fact is that Ilyumzhinov appeared on Russia’s
    no.1 rated television station, Channel One, which is 51% controlled by the
    Russian government, to openly discuss the incident. The interviewer,
    Vladimir Pozner, began the segment with questions about Ilyumzhinov’s
    experience. Clearly, the host and producers knew in advance of what had
    happened to Ilyumzhinov, and wished to discuss it on air. Also extraordinary,
    there was no censorship of Ilyumzhinov’s experience, which was immediately
    made available on the Channel One website.[366] This airing of Ilyumzhinov’s
    experience signaled a remarkable covert attempt by the Russian government
    to prepare its citizens for the eventual public disclosure of extraterrestrial life
    interacting with high level political officials.
    In the interview, Ilyumzhinov described how he was awakened from
    his sleep, and exited his apartment through a balcony onto the waiting ship.
    He said:
    In the evening I read a book, watched TV, and went to rest. And then,

probably, fell asleep, and felt that the balcony opened and someone
called. He came up, I looked – a kind of translucent half-pipe. I went
into this tube and saw people in yellow spacesuits.[367]
Ilyumzhinov went on to describe how the extraterrestrials took him on a tour
of their vehicle. Then they explained that they needed samples from another
planet and took him with them before returning him safely to his apartment.
Before the interview was over, Ilyumzhinov shared his conclusions about the
characteristics, behavior and goals of the extraterrestrials: “They are people
like us. They have the same mind, the same vision. I talked with them. I
understand we are not alone in this whole world. We are not unique.”[368]
The way Ilyumzhinov was able to publicly share his experience on a
Government controlled television station without any censorship
demonstrates the tacit approval of senior Russian officials, especially Putin,
who was Prime Minister at the time. Ilyumzhinov’s status as both a Governor
and President of the prestigious World Chess Federation ensured that his
testimony would get significant public attention both in Russia and beyond.
[369] At the very least, Russia was displaying what would seem to be an
extraordinary degree of public openness on UFOs and alien life, by allowing
an elected official to share his experience in this manner. Perhaps most
significantly, the interview suggests that Russia was already taking serious
steps with its citizenry towards official disclosure of the existence of
advanced extraterrestrial life, and the high level meetings taking place
between them and Russian officials.
What the above evidence suggests is that Russia’s President Putin is
not only aware of extraterrestrial life, but has formally entered into an
agreement with the Nordics. This places Russia, the US Navy and the FBI in
the same strategic alliance with Nordic extraterrestrials. In contrast, the
USAF, CIA and much of the US military industrial complex is on the other
side of the strategic ledger, due to secret agreements and active cooperation
with the Nazi Reptilian Alliance.
Given the Navy/Solar Warden and FBI support for President Trump, it
is very likely that he will eventually be informed of these different
extraterrestrial groups and their multi-faceted alliances. This will
subsequently lead to the development of a partnership with President Putin for
an “official disclosure” that goes well beyond the “limited disclosure”
initiatives, like the one from DeLonge, his advisors, and the US Air Force.
Consequently, the relationships Trump develops with the Navy, FBI and
Russia, can lay the foundations for “full disclosure” of Secret Space Programs
and extraterrestrial life.

Full Disclosure & Announcing the Antarctica

What has been established by the evidence presented in this book so
far is that the Navy began work on studying, designing and developing a
secret space program as a result of an intelligence gathering operation that
began in Nazi Germany during World War II. According to William
Tompkins, a direct participant in this surveillance operation, the Navy was
successful in ultimately building its Solar Warden program, largely due to the
assistance of human-looking “Nordic” extraterrestrials. This assistance
occurred covertly through both infiltration into select aerospace corporations
by the Nordics, and telepathic communications with “preferred human
contactees,” such as Tompkins, who would receive the necessary technical
information for the Navy to succeed in designing and building space battle
groups capable of interstellar operations.
The Nordic extraterrestrials, Tompkins states, anticipated that the
Navy would eventually become a counter weight to an earlier secret space
program developed by Nazi Germany in collaboration with Reptilian
extraterrestrials, which has been referred to as the “Dark Fleet.” Secret
agreements that began in 1955 between the Eisenhower administration and
succeeding Presidential administrations with the Nazi/Reptilian alliance led to
the rapid expansion of the Dark Fleet, per Goode’s testimony, along with the
establishment of yet another space program established by a consortium of
corporations, called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.
Then other major spacefaring nations began to participate in spin-off
secret space programs established under the control of the United Nations,
and/or under national control, as with the Russian Federation. In the case of
Russia, its program also appears to be receiving covert assistance from Nordic
and perhaps other friendly extraterrestrial civilizations.
The bewildering assortment of secret space programs and the
extraterrestrials alliances that are associated with them is tremendously
complex, and unknown not only to the general public, but to most senior
political and military officials in all nations.[370] The situation began to change
significantly with the “full disclosure” provided by Tompkins and Goode,
which has been sanctioned by senior officials within the US Navy and Secret

Space Program Alliance. While compartmentalization and “need to know”
access restrict which political leaders and military officials are briefed on
these programs, shifting geo-political conditions and alliances can
significantly impact this briefing process.
With the 2016 election of President Trump, a rare realignment of
geopolitical forces promises to significantly impact the prospects for an
officially approved process of “full disclosure” of these secret space
programs, and the extraterrestrial alliances that undergird them. A key
question then becomes what are the prospects that President Trump will be
briefed regarding these programs, and subsequently enter into a partnership
with President Putin of Russia for “full disclosure.” It is this intriguing
possibility that can lead us significantly beyond the “limited disclosure” that
DeLonge’s cooperation with the USAF is sanctioned to impart through his
Sekret Machines initiative.

Will President Donald Trump Be Briefed About Solar Warden
& Extraterrestrial Life?

In contrast to Russian Presidents being briefed about, and participating
in secretive negotiations over extraterrestrial life and highly classified
technology programs, many US Presidents since the Eisenhower
Administration are routinely kept out of the loop. For example, documents
and whistleblower testimonies reveal that President John F. Kennedy was
denied access to classified files dealing with advanced technology programs
and extraterrestrial life by the secretive MJ-12 Group. In my 2013 book,
Kennedy’s Last Stand, I present documents that show how Kennedy’s
attempts to gain access and control of classified UFO files were a direct factor
in his assassination.[371]
Another example of US Presidents being kept out of the loop involves
President Bill Clinton, who just before beginning his first term on January 20,
1993, made the following request to close family friend and lawyer, Webster
Hubbell: “If I put you over there in Justice I want you to find the answer to
two questions for me: One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs.”[372]
According to Hubbell, “Clinton was dead serious.”[373] Hubbell’s revelations
tells us that Clinton believed his national security advisors were giving him
the run around on the UFO and JFK assassination topics, and that finding
answers required putting his own people into key positions.[374]
Clinton assigned Hubbell to the Department of Justice on the first day
of the new Presidential administration. We know that Clinton wanted to
appoint Hubble to the top job there as Attorney General, but finally had to
settle for Associate Attorney General. Yet, as the third highest ranking official
in the Department of Justice, Hubble enjoyed impressive executive powers
and security clearances to find answers to Clinton’s questions. He
nevertheless failed to find the requested answers. Hubbell would eventually
write about Clinton’s request and efforts to find answers in his memoirs,
Friends in High Places.[375]
The lesson here is that US Presidents, especially those from the
Democratic Party, are routinely excluded from learning all there is to know
about the parallel world of classified “closed source” programs.[376] There are
examples, however, of US Presidents being given partial briefings, which are
designed to produce a particular outcome, as exemplified in the case of
President Reagan being briefed about “evil aliens.”
According to an alleged 1981 briefing document, Reagan was told that

there were five groups of aliens visiting Earth, one of whom were extremely
hostile.[377] While there is much controversy over the legitimacy of the 1981
Reagan briefing document,[378] subsequent public comments by Reagan
warning about an alien threat and the need for international cooperation
suggest it is either substantially accurate, or he received a very similar
national security briefing in his administration.[379]
What we do know for certain is that Reagan brought up the alien
threat scenario with the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, on
several occasions, and that he requested joint US-USSR action in dealing with
the problem.[380] Gorbachev later recounted the discussion from their first
meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in December 1985:

At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the earth
faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet
Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute
the hypothesis, though I think it’s early yet to worry about such an
intrusion… [381]

At their Geneva summit, Reagan and Gorbachev began a close relationship
that led to a number of stunning international developments. This included
their 1987 signing of the “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty,”
resulting in the removal and destruction of short range and intermediate
nuclear missiles from both sides.[382] Historians attribute the close relationship
between Reagan and Gorbachev as the indispensable ingredient for the
process that led to the ending of the Cold War. [383]
The result of Reagan and Gorbachev’s private discussions about
cooperating on an extraterrestrial threat was the creation of an alleged United
Nations Secret Space Program. According to Goode, this program is called
the “Global Galactic League of Nations” and operates in interstellar space,
with at least one base in an adjoining star system.[384] The end of the Cold War
can be directly attributed to the creation of this United Nations space
program, which incorporated all major space faring nations in the world.[385]
It is certain that President Trump, like Reagan, will receive a classified
briefing of some kind about extraterrestrial life and secret space programs.
The only real question is “to what extent will Trump be briefed on such
programs?” Alternatively, has he already been briefed at least informally
about their existence, as hinted at in his inaugural speech?

Trump Inauguration Speech Hints at Official Disclosure

In his January 20, 2017 inauguration speech challenging the vested
interests that control political life in Washington D.C., President Trump spoke
of a future where humanity will have full access to the kind of advanced
technologies used in the secret space programs. He appeared to be hinting at
the benefits official disclosure of these programs would bring to the US and
the world, and that he was going to challenge the vested interests hiding these.
Back in December 2016, Trump told presidential historian Douglas
Brinkley that he planned to write a short speech himself.[386] Later, Trump
tweeted a picture of himself working on his speech alone, thereby indicating
that its content would be his own creation.[387] It is highly likely that Trump’s
speech writers would have made suggestions, polished his words, and added a
few rhetorical flourishes to accentuate whatever points he wanted to make,
even throughout the various drafts, leading to the final product. Nevertheless,
the contents of his Inauguration Speech reveal much of what Trump really
thinks about the future and hopes to achieve during his presidency.
Early in his speech, Trump was clear that Washington politics only
benefited a small wealthy elite, rather than the entire population:

For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the
rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.
Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth.
Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed. The
establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country.
Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not
been your triumphs. And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital,
there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.

Trump affirmed his campaign pledge to revitalize the American
manufacturing industry, thus bringing high paying jobs back. He stated his
opposition to Free Trade deals which have led to many US corporations
taking their manufacturing plants out of the US, only to ship their cheaply
made foreign products back at a huge profit, which goes to a small group
benefited by powerful Washington DC lobbyists:

One by one, the factories shuttered and left our shores, with not even
a thought about the millions and millions of American workers that
were left behind. The wealth of our middle class has been ripped
from their homes and then redistributed all across the world. [389]

Towards the end of his speech, Trump articulated one sentence that
contained his most developed vision of the future for America and its

We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the
mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and
to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.[390]

Trump’s use of the phrase “unlock the mysteries of space” may be just a
rhetorical flourish to show his determination to rejuvenate the NASA space
program and to assist the growing commercial space industry. Alternatively, it
is a hint that he is aware that there is much more happening in space than
what the public has been informed about.
His use of the word “unlock” infers that these mysteries are kept
hidden in highly classified programs, and he now holds the keys to them. In
that sense, he is sending the message that as the President and Commander in
Chief, he holds all the keys and intends to use them to further his vision of the
future. Once again, he was signaling his intent of confronting the “small
group” hidden in Washington that benefit from keeping secrets from the
The next phrase used by Trump, “to free the earth from the miseries of
disease” raises the possibility that he is aware of the advanced healing
technologies secretly developed in classified programs. Witnesses and
whistleblowers have described advanced healing technologies used in secret
space programs that can regenerate limbs and organs, and cure any disease.
William Tompkins, who worked at the TRW Corporation from 1967 to 1971,
says this company has developed “life extension” pharmaceutical products
that could cure any disease, and physically age-regress people.[391]
Trump lastly added that he planned “to harness the energies, industries
and technologies of tomorrow.” Again, was this a rhetorical embellishment
added by a speech writer, or was he hinting at advanced technologies used in
secret space programs? In discussing the “technologies of tomorrow,” Trump
was clearly referring to more than just bringing back conventional

manufacturing industries to generate new jobs. If some of the advanced
technologies used in secret space programs, such as antigravity and free
energy were released, then this would revolutionize the automobile, aviation
and energy industries. Tens of millions of jobs would be created in the US
Trump has promised to move quickly in achieving his campaign goals,
and the vision outlined in his inauguration speech. I have learned from Corey
Goode that Trump has already been informally briefed about Goode’s own
extensive secret space program disclosures.[392] Privately, Trump has learned
about the advanced space technologies that have been kept secret from the
American public, and the “small group” that benefits from this closed system.
As the newly installed Commander in Chief, Trump now holds the keys to
unlocking these secrets, and ushering in a “new millennium” through an
official full disclosure process. Strategically, the information that launches
this process, in terms of public perception, will help define it. Therefore, the
Trump disclosure process is likely to begin with some startling
announcements about a major archeological discovery in Antarctica.

Trump & the Impending Antarctica Discovery Announcement

In a December 11, 2016 update posted on his website, Corey Goode
states that he learned of excavations taking place in Antarctica from multiple
insider sources. Later on, the excavations were brought up to him by a senior
officer (aka “Sigmund”) within a USAF led secret space program, who has
led a covert mission involving multiple abductions and debriefings of Goode.
[393] During one of these abductions/interrogations, Sigmund unexpectedly
shared some of his knowledge about the Antarctica excavations. This
information included him describing a civilization found in the ruins led by a
12-14 foot tall “Pre-Adamite” race with an elongated skull:

He [Sigmund] stated that an extremely ancient series of cities had
been discovered flash frozen deep under the ice-shelf. He confirmed
that there were also many animals and “pre-Adamites” preserved in
the ice…. They were all flattened/ crushed or knocked over by the
event that flash froze the area. They have tons of trees/ plants and
wildlife frozen in place, like they were put on pause. He described the
Pre-Adamites as beings with elongated skulls, with strangely
proportioned bodies that were obviously not designed for Earth’s
gravity and atmospheric pressure.[394]

While the discovery of the ruins date back to the first Nazi German
expedition in 1939, according to Goode’s sources, it is only since 2002 that
excavations by archeologists and other scientists have been allowed.
Significantly, where the excavations have secretly been taking place is under
2000 feet of ice below the Ross Ice Shelf. The Antarctica ruins are well
hidden from any possible aerial or satellite surveillance, thus enabling the
secret to be kept this long. The archeologists have allegedly prepared
documentary films and academic papers, whose release will one day soon
astound the scientific community.
Goode describes that three oval shaped motherships, about 30 miles in
diameter, were discovered near the site revealing that the Pre-Adamites were
extraterrestrial in origin, and it was determined that they had arrived on Earth
about 55,000 years ago. One of the three ships has been excavated and found
to have many smaller spacecraft inside. The Pre-Adamite civilization, at least
that portion of it based in Antarctica, had been flash frozen in a cataclysmic
event that occurred roughly 12,000 years ago.

Goode was also told by his contacts that the most advanced
technologies, and the remains of Pre-Adamites themselves, have been
removed from one archeological site that will be made public. Teams of
archeologists have been working with what is left, and have been told to keep
all else they have seen secret.

Figure 61. Elongated Skull Discovery in Bolivia

In addition, Goode’s insider sources report that select ancient artifacts
acquired from other locations will be brought in from vast warehouses, and
seeded across the archeological site being prepared for public release. In the
impending announcement about the Antarctica excavations, emphasis will be
placed upon the “terrestrial elements” of the flash frozen civilization, in order
not to overly shock the general population. According to Goode, the
announcement is likely to be timed for distraction away from upcoming
crimes against humanity trials against global elite members, because leaks
and investigations will continue to emerge about international pedophile rings
and child trafficking.
Up until the end of 2016, everything Goode knew about the Antarctica
excavations was told to him, either by insider sources or by his very captor
during an abduction. That changed in early January 2017, when Goode was
taken to Antarctica to witness for himself the ruins and the excavations
underway. Later that month, on January 24, I met with Goode and received an
informal briefing regarding his eyewitness experience.
Goode says that shortly after New Year’s Day, he was taken to

Antarctica aboard an “Anshar” spacecraft. The Anshar are one of seven
“Inner Earth” civilizations that Goode claims he has met with on numerous
occasions. In one of his earlier reports, Goode gave the details of his
experience of being taken to the main underground city belonging to the
Anshar, where he witnessed their advanced technologies. He has also
previously reported another experience with the Anshar, in which he was
taken by them to Antarctica, where he got to see five of the working
underground bases belonging to the “Interplanetary Corporate
Conglomerate.”[395] This corporate run secret space program is also based in
this icy region.
Goode has described in other publicly shared accounts his multiple
encounters with Kaaree, a High Priestess of the Anshar, who has acted as his
guide and friend on many trips into the Earth’s interior, Antarctica and to deep
space. Another key figure in Goode’s testimony is “Gonzales,” who is a US
Navy Lieutenant Commander and Goode’s initial contact with the Secret
Space Program Alliance, which is comprised of the Navy’s Solar Warden
Program, along with defectors from other secret space programs. After being
exposed by Goode during his involuntary abductions and interrogations by
“Sigmund,” Gonzales became a liaison between a Mayan Secret Space
Program and the SSP Alliance, which no longer requires his presence on
In his early 2017 visit to the Antarctica ruins, Goode says he was
accompanied by Kaaree, Gonzales, and two other Inner Earth Civilization
representatives. One of the representatives belonged to an Asian-looking race
that Goode has described in a previous account of his initial meeting with
representatives from the seven Inner Earth civilizations.[396] They were taken
by the Anshar spacecraft to an unexcavated portion of the ruins. This was an
area that the nearby scientific teams have not yet reached, so it was still
pristine and showed the full extent of a civilization that had been flash frozen.
Goode described seeing bodies twisted and contorted in various flash
frozen states. The catastrophe had clearly been unanticipated. He said that the
Pre-Adamites were very thin, and that it was evident from examining their
bodies that they had evolved on a planet with a much lower gravitational

Figure 62. Bodies Found After Excavation of Ancient Pompeii

In addition to the pre-Adamites, Goode claims he also saw many different
types of normal sized humans, some of whom had short tails, while others had
elongated skulls similar to the Pre-Adamites. The conclusion Goode drew was
that the Pre-Adamites were conducting biological experiments on the
indigenous humans of the planet.
Gonzales had an instrument for taking biological samples that he
plunged into the various frozen bodies. He also carried a camera and took
many photos. The biological material and photos would be given to Secret
Space Program Alliance scientists for study. Goode said he was unable to
acquire copies of the photos for public release, at least for the time being. In
addition, Goode reported seeing scrolls of a metallic alloy that were rolled up
with some kind of writing upon them. The Anshar and other Inner Earth
representatives were collecting as many of these scrolls as possible. In earlier
reports, Goode has described the Anshar Library as being quite extensive and
housing many ancient artifacts from multiple civilizations.[397] Thus, the
Anshar appeared to be adding the historical scroll records of this flash frozen
civilization to their library.
In addition, Goode said that his party was not seen by the scientists
and archeologists working on excavations in another part of the ruins. The
Anshar ship had traveled through the ice to get to the ruins, and Goode related
how the ship could easily move through walls using its advanced
The significance of Goode’s January 2017 trip to Antarctica is that it
confirms earlier briefings he had been given by various sources, including the
USAF officer, Sigmund.[398] Goode’s visit and confirmation of the Antarctica
discovery is important in another way. It is also disturbing substantiation for

the research conducted by Sir Charles Hapgood, who has studied evidence of
pole shifts that have led to the Earth’s axis of rotation shifting dramatically in
a short period. As a result, sub-tropical areas, for example, might suddenly
find themselves repositioned at the poles. His 1958 book, Earth’s Shifting
Crust, featured a foreword by Albert Einstein endorsing the rigor of
Hapgood’s research.[399] Hapgood summed up his theory as follows:
Polar wandering is based on the idea that the outer shell of the earth
shifts about from time to time, moving some continents toward and
other continents away from the poles. Continental drift is based on
the idea that the continents move individually…A few writers have
suggested that perhaps continental drift causes polar wandering. This
book advances the notion that polar wandering is primary and causes
the displacement of continents….This book will present evidence that
the last shift of the earth’s crust (the lithosphere) took place in recent
time, at the close of the last ice age, and that it was the cause of the
improvement in climate.[400]
Hapgood’s thesis that the last pole shift happened at the end of the last ice
age, about 11,000 BC, would be startlingly confirmed by the discovery of a
flash frozen Antarctic civilization. The flash frozen Pre-Adamite civilization
is not the only case of this type of catastrophe that has impacted an ancient
The visit of many dignitaries to Antarctica in 2016, including then
Secretary of State John Kerry, Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Russian
Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill, and many other VIP’s in previous years, is
circumstantial evidence that a major discovery has been made in Antarctica.
[401] Goode’s disclosure provides testimony of the full extent of the Antarctica
discovery, and the scientific excavations underway since 2002.
More support of Goode’s startling claims comes from internet data
mining expert, Cliff High. High describes his research method as the art of
predictive linguistics, which he explains as follows:

Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to
aggregate vast amounts of written text from the internet by categories
delineated by emotional content of the words and using the result to
make forecasts based on the emotional ‘tone’ changes within the
larger population. A form of ‘collective sub-conscious expression’ is
a good way to think of it. Predictive linguistics can be used to
forecast trends at many different levels, from the detail of sales to
individuals, all the way up to forecasts about emerging global

population trends.[402]

High issues a monthly “Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis Intelligence
Report.” In his January 2017 Report, titled “Sci-fi World,” he had some very
significant things to say about the global impact of a discovery in Antarctica:

The new data sets have ‘The (Antarctica) Discovery’ providing more
than ‘new technologies’ and ‘economic boom period’… There is
some suggestion from the data that a ‘hoard’ or ‘trove’ of
‘knowledge’ discovered is going to ‘transform humanity’ over these
next ‘4’/four decades (and beyond)’… There are a number of sets
within the Antarctica and The Discovery sets that may be describing
a ‘battle’ that is now, and will continue to take place over ‘how
much’, and ‘if’, and ‘when’ the ‘information’ about The Discovery is
to be ‘released’ into the wilds of humanity. However, the data is quite
clear that the ‘arguing’ and ‘discord’ will all be ‘wasted time’ as it is
describing ‘individuals’ who just ‘take it upon themselves’ to ‘awaken
humanity’ with “The Discovery.”[403]

High’s above analysis is very consistent with Goode’s claim that the
Antarctica discovery is on the verge of being publicly announced, and
preparations for this have been ongoing since 2002. Indeed, Goode’s account
of his 2017 Antarctica visit is an example of High’s reference to ”individuals’
who just ‘take it upon themselves’ to ‘awaken humanity’ with ‘The
Given Trump’s desire to revitalize the US manufacturing industry, it
can be predicted with some confidence that he will roll out the Antarctica
discovery during his administration. This will likely be a prelude to even
more disclosures about advanced technologies involved in the secret space
programs. The result will be, in High’s words, an “economic boom period”
and the release of technologies that will “transform humanity.”
Peaceful social conditions are an important requirement for full
disclosure to occur. Likewise, peaceful international conditions are also
necessary for full disclosure, and close cooperation between Presidents Trump
and Putin will go a long way in assuring this. This is where Trump’s policies
on issues such as Ukraine’s civil war, dealing with Iran’s regional power
aspirations, and fairer trade relations with China will be critical. Trump’s
mismanagement of any of these issues can lead to violent international

conflict, and set back prospects of full disclosure.
The emerging partnership between Trump, Putin, the US Navy, FBI,
and “White Hats” in other institutions and nations (which Goode calls the
“Earth Alliance”) can create the necessary domestic and international
foundations for full disclosure to occur. It is also highly significant that the
full disclosure process is being covertly supported by friendly
extraterrestrials, who Tompkins refers to as “Nordics” and Goode as the
“Sphere Being Alliance.”

The Role of Nordic Extraterrestrials in Full

While considering all the information presented thus far, it is
important to bear in mind that both the documents provided directly by
William Tompkins, and those independently released through the Freedom of
Information Act, add significant credibility to his remarkable testimony.
When combined with the independent witness reports by retired Navy
officers, it can be concluded that Tompkins’ testimony ranks very high in
terms of reliability, and may be one of the most groundbreaking and
informative bodies of disclosure material ever to publicly emerge from one
source. What adds another layer of significance to his testimony is the
considerable corroboration it lends to the earlier information revealed by
Corey Goode.
It dovetails greatly with Goode’s claim that humanity is being assisted
by positive extraterrestrial groups that want to assist the full disclosure
process. Yet in reviewing Tompkins’ testimony, it is clear that the assistance
he witnessed being provided by Nordic extraterrestrials was largely technical
and scientific. This runs contrary to what was previously known about this
specific alien group.
Beginning from the early 1950’s, there has been a succession of
“contactees” coming forward with incredible stories of Nordic
extraterrestrials wanting to disclose their presence to the world. George
Adamski, Howard Menger, George Van Tassel, Orfeo Angelucci, and Alex
Collier are but a few of the many whose testimonies have inspired millions
with their accounts of friendly space brothers, here to help humanity
spiritually evolve to properly handle the challenges posed by the acquisition
of advanced technologies now used by our modern civilization.[404] The
Nordics appeared most intent about warning humanity of the dangers posed
by thermonuclear weapons, which history shows were widely ignored by
previous political and military leaders.
Yet during this same period, as Tompkins tells it, the Nordics were
quietly and secretly helping the US Navy in the design and construction of its
secret space battle groups. “Contactees” such as Tompkins were telepathically
assisted in developing designs and prototypes for advanced aerospace

technologies. This telepathic communication process was augmented by the
Nordics infiltrating companies such as Douglas Aircraft, where they could be
in close proximity to their “contactees” as these special individuals worked
through the various problems that would arise in developing accurate designs
and prototypes.
Why did the Nordics, if we are indeed talking about the same group of
extraterrestrials, behave in such a contradictory manner? What is the reason
for them warning one group of contactees about the danger of advanced
technologies and promoting the disclosure of their presence through these
select individuals, while helping another group develop advanced
technologies in a covert manner without any public disclosure being
advocated at the time?
An answer appears to arise from a broader dilemma confronting
humanity, and the strategic problems this created for the Nordics. They were
well aware of the aggressive Reptilian extraterrestrial group, which had
imperial designs over the galaxy, and secretly reached agreements with the
Nazis. With vast material help from the Reptilians, the Nazis were able to
establish a breakaway civilization in Antarctica with an advanced space
program, and then proceeded to infiltrate the military industrial complex of
the US and other industrialized nations—with the notable exception of
In response to this complex situation, the Nordics appeared to
undertake a dual track approach. On the one hand, they contacted private
citizens and encouraged them to publicly reveal the existence of
extraterrestrial life. On the other hand, simultaneously, the Nordics
strategically identified which elements within the US military industrial
complex would most likely resist the Nazi/Reptilian infiltration efforts, and
eventually help the US break free of this nefarious influence.
The Nordics chose the US Navy and individuals like Tompkins, Rear
Admiral Rico Botta, and Navy Secretary James Forrestal, who were all
“preferred human contactees” as Tompkins put it. Forrestal was guided by the
Nordics to initiate the Naval intelligence gathering program to discover what
the Nazis were doing, and to put Botta in charge. Tompkins asserts that Botta
reported directly to Forrestal, and thereby bypassed more senior Navy
officials in the Bureau of Aeronautics, Office of Naval Intelligence and the
Chief of Naval Operations.[405] This was because Botta, due to his
unconventional engineering background, was more capable of appreciating
the significance of the incredible information he was receiving, and able to
adequately act on the dangers presented by the Reptilian alliance with the

Especially important, according to Tompkins, was that the Nordics
were very aware of Reptilian efforts to sabotage the Navy’s nascent space
program. The Nordics were very effective in countering this sabotage with
individuals such as Tompkins, through whom they provided the necessary
technical advice for the success of the Navy’s massive engineering and
construction efforts.
Tompkins insists that Navy officials were well aware of the covert
assistance they were receiving from the Nordics, and even facilitated it by
assigning prominent roles to individuals recognized as “preferred human
contactees,” such as Tompkins. Through Navy League programs, the Nordics
continued to work with Tompkins to help prepare the next generation of Navy
officers, through the Sea Cadets, about the reality of extraterrestrial life and
the Navy’s secret space program. Highly noteworthy, Tompkins’ relationship
with both the Navy and the Nordics continue to the present day.
Tompkins describes the Nordics as especially helpful in developing
life extension technologies for use in the space programs. The Nordics
allegedly live up to two thousand years and first helped scientists in Maria
Orsic’s Vril Society prior to and during the Nazi era, and later the US, in
developing life extension technologies. Tompkins says that he was involved
with classified life extension projects during their initial phases, while
employed with TRW from 1967 to 1971, and this has resulted in significant
breakthroughs. This goes well beyond their use in the “20 and back”
programs described in chapter nine.
Tompkins says that pharmaceutical products have recently been
developed that can restore a person, no matter their current physical age, to
their late 20’s for males, and early 20’s for females. In addition, brain capacity
can be enhanced by a factor of 400%, as he described in this interview:

There is a study that we did later on at TRW on advanced life systems
– extended life. And that program is down now to, within less than
two years, it’s going to be available to some people on this planet.
The way it works – I’m very involved with it – essentially you take
four aspirin [pills] over six months, pop them. Or you get four shots.
You immediately change… What you do is you revert back to – the
girl is 21 and the guy is 29. Now, it takes a while for you to do this.
You then stay at that time [age] for essentially a couple of thousand
Your brain then … which collectively we’re only using 2.2% of our

brain. I don’t care what they’re telling us. We’re only using 2.2%.
You get a minimum of 400% capability over what you normally had.
Now, what this does is this allows you to contribute.[406]

Human genetics, Tompkins attests, contain the potential for extended
life spans and higher brain capacities similar to what the Nordics normally
experience, because our genetics are essentially the same. He says humanity
currently does not experience such long life spans due to a combination of
factors, which include harmful gasses being pumped into the atmosphere by
Reptilians and their allies in order to limit human capacities and capabilities.
In the following interview, he explained:

So this then touches with the numbers of times per month that the
[Reptilian] extraterrestrials drop the five gases on the industrial areas
of the planet. These tankers – there’s several sizes of them, some of
them are only about 150 feet long. They are a very strange shape for a
supersonic vehicle. Of course, they come from a mothership…. So
they operate at a low altitude, not because they are afraid they’re
going to be seen, but because they want the gases to be distributed
close to the people.[407]

Tompkins maintains that the Nordics have been covertly assisting companies
such as TRW (now part of Northrup Grumman) in developing a range of
pharmaceutical products, such as the life extension pills to counteract the
biological effects of the toxic gasses pumped into the atmosphere by
Reptilians and their allies. If Tompkins is correct, this provides an explanation
for the chemtrails phenomenon, which many researchers have concluded is
responsible for spreading airborne diseases such as Morgellons.[408]
According to Goode, the Nordics belong to a “Super Federation” of
between 40-60 human-looking extraterrestrial races that have been
intervening on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years in 22 long-term
genetic experiments. It’s feasible to assume that these genetic experiments are
designed to test how humans respond to a range of environmental conditions,
where alien interventions either inhibit or assist human evolution. Therefore,
it is quite plausible that the Nordics and other human-looking aliens have
been countering the efforts by Reptilians and their allies to pollute the
atmosphere, water and food supply, and alter human genetics. The life
extension and brain enhancement pills developed by TRW, with Nordic
assistance, in this light appear to be yet another attempt to alter human DNA

in order to help individuals overcome toxic pollutants and attain their fullest
It would be incorrect to infer that the Nordics themselves depend on
pharmaceutical products to achieve the remarkable thousand year life spans
they are credited with by Tompkins, Goode and others. In his 1955 book,
Inside the Flying Saucers, Adamski provides special insight into exactly how
the Nordics are able to achieve their extended life spans. He describes being
inside one of their motherships when he saw a remarkable picture whose
significance was explained by his Nordic host, “Kalna”:

On the wall exactly opposite the door through which we had entered
hung a portrait which I was certain must represent Deity. The emotion
which the beauty of the two young [Nordic] women had aroused in
me was momentarily forgotten as the wonderful radiance emanating
from the portrait enveloped me. It showed the head and shoulder of a
Being who could have been eighteen to twenty-five years of age, in
whose face was embodied the perfect blended balance of male and
female, and whose eyes held a wisdom and compassion beyond
description. I do not know how long I was enrapt by this beauty.
There was no interruption, until I myself returned to an awareness of
my surroundings. I did not need to ask who this Being was. Kalna
broke the silence by saying: “That is the symbol of Ageless Life. You
will find it in every one of our ships as well as our homes. It is
because we keep this symbol always before us that you will find no
age amongst our people.[409]

What Adamski was told suggest that the Nordics, with their unrestricted brain
capacity and unpolluted bodies, are able to hold the idea of youthful vitality in
their consciousness in a way that directly influences their genetics. Put
simply, aging is not experienced by them because their consciousness does
not allow the idea of being old to enter. What is remarkable here is that the
science of epigenetics, which is based on a similar theory proposed by
biologists, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, was developed more than seven decades
after Adamski’s book![410]
According to the Kardashev scale for categorizing advanced
civilizations, the Nordics (as well as Reptilian and Gray extraterrestrials) fall
into the categories of either Type I civilizations (able to work with planetary
energies); or Type II civilizations (able to work with energies at a stellar
level).[411] They need to be distinguished from a more highly evolved group of

extraterrestrials Goode describes as the “Sphere Being Alliance,” which are
Type III extraterrestrials that work with galactic scale energies.
Goode says that the Sphere Being Alliance has created a basic
technological parity, between different space programs and extraterrestrial
alliances, in terms of offensive and defensive weapon technologies. This is
consistent with what was discussed in chapter 11 regarding the claims by Dr.
Preston James that Russia was being secretly assisted by “Nordic
extraterrestrials” in developing defensive weapons. This technological parity
is essential to the different factions of humanity negotiating the peaceful
transition of power, enabling them to move it from a small group of global
elites (the Cabal), into the hands of genuinely representative organizations
that will promote the interests of all people on the planet. This peaceful
transition is critical for humanity so it may adequately prepare for upcoming
stellar events such as a possible “solar sneeze” involving immense coronal
mass ejections that Tompkins and Goode’s insider sources predict is highly
Lack of preparation for such an event can be catastrophic, exemplified
by what occurred to the flash-frozen civilization discovered in Antarctica. If
Presidents Trump and Putin, or other world leaders do move forward, the
predicted announcement of the Antarctica discovery will carry with it the
implicit warning that such events have not only been regular occurrences in
human history, as Charles Hapgood claimed, but may occur again in the very
near future.
Goode has pointed out that the Sphere Being Alliance has strongly
emphasized spiritual development and consciousness-raising (the “hippy love
and peace message”) as indispensable for humanity dealing with the
challenges it faces.[412] At an individual level, Goode has advised people to
increase their “service-to-other” activities in order to help create the optimal
time-line of circumstances, and to also be prepared for impending stellar
events that he has been told are part of an upcoming “Ascension Event.”[413]
While the concept of a “service-to-other” comes from the “Law of One” or
“Ra” material, this was not the only literature recommended to Goode by
officials running the secret space programs for understanding current
cosmological events and the nature of consciousness. In August 2015, in his
response to a question, Goode said:
I knew that some groups were ordered to read the “RA” and “SETH”
Data while in the programs at the same time I knew many groups
were working to discredit both works.[414]
The Seth books (1963-1984) preceded the Law of One books (1981-
1984) by almost two decades, and are widely regarded as among the finest

and most influential channeled material ever to be released. While the Law of
One focused on presenting a comprehensive conceptual framework for
understanding how consciousness evolves, the Seth books in contrast focused
on concrete steps an individual could take to change their personal and
collective reality by altering their conscious belief systems.
Goode has been told a service-to-other polarity, recommended in the
Law of One material, is essential for humanity at this point in our personal
and collective evolution. Complimentary, the approach taken by the Seth
material is to explain the nature of consciousness and how it relates to the
body, allowing movement in this evolutionary direction. According to Seth:

The body’s main purpose is not only to survive but to maintain a
quality of existence at certain levels, and that quality itself promotes
health and fulfillment.[415]

In this regard, the ability to survive, let alone live a thousand years, becomes
meaningless if the “quality of life and experience” does not meet the
minimum requirements deemed by the species itself as acceptable.
One of the vast problems, in terms of individual and mass perceptions,
is a sense of hopelessness or lack of personal power to change things for the
better. In the Seth book, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, many
illustrations are given of those who saw themselves as “effective rather than
ineffective,” thus rising up to do heroic deeds within otherwise mundane lives
because they did not succumb to despair. Seth explains how a negative belief
can be undermining:

Despair or apathy is a biological “enemy.” Social conditions, political
states, economic policies, and even religious or philosophical
frameworks that foster such mental states, bring about a biological
retaliation. They act like fire applied to a plant.[416]

If, as Seth states, “the quality of life is important above all,” then how
can individuals fuel the belief in being “effective” to maintain and enhance
the very quality of life, which by nature will be interconnected with others.[417]
Here is Seth’s answer that may surprise some:
When you are having fun, you are helping others. When you are not
having fun, and telling yourself that you are helping others, you are

not helping them or yourself. So when you think in terms of
responsibility, and when you make a division in your mind between
responsibility and joyful fulfillment, then you are denying yourself
and the world much pleasure, and hiding … from yourself and the
world the great joyful symphony that is yourself.
When you are fulfilling the joyful nature of your being, you are
helping yourself and you are helping others. When you help others
because you think you must, but it goes against the grain, then they
know it, and you inflict upon them the obligation that you have no
right to inflict.[418]
Seth provides clarity on how one can achieve this positive orientation, and
feel connected to the needs of others. It does not come from sacrificing one’s
own joy or needs to make others happy, as a service-to-other polarity might
suggest to some, but by following one’s own life path:
When you follow your own nature, you automatically and naturally
feel for the needs of others … When you are joyful and free, and
when you are having fun, you automatically feel … your oneness
with all other creatures of the universe, and you know your place in
All That Is. [419]
Incredibly, this “joyful and free” attitude is what Tompkins says
distinguished the Nordic extraterrestrials he worked with at various
corporations during his aerospace career. His book, Selected by
Extraterrestrials, highlights how fun-loving the Nordics were, despite the
many dangers they faced and the complexity of situations they often were
dealing with.
This meant that the Nordics, by example, were naturally showing how
they had mastered a sense of “oneness” that was evident in their fun-loving
attitude, reflecting the pursuit of their “own nature,” inclusive of advanced
technological development. Therefore, the Nordic extraterrestrials Tompkins
describes meeting had achieved a rare balance of spiritual understanding
along with technological development. People do not have to spend months in
meditation or follow rigorous spiritual exercises to raise their consciousness,
but Seth states that “consciousness requires new experience, challenge and
accomplishment.”[420] When people strive to connect instead of disengage,
believing that their innate inner wisdom is guiding them, fun and joy can
freely enhance life’s quality, serving not only oneself, but others too. The
advice of the famed mythologist Joseph Campbell to “follow your bliss,”
therefore, becomes a critical step in raising one’s consciousness.[421]
Consequently, creating the optimal timeline for full disclosure and an

“Ascension” event means having the courage to freely follow a true calling in
life coming from within, finding the fun and joy even in challenges, and then
realizing satisfying accomplishments by overcoming them. This spiritual
advice is a key part of the assistance provided by the Nordics and other
extraterrestrials through their “contactees” such as Tompkins. In turn,
authorities in the Secret Space Program Alliance emphasize the Seth material
as Goode states, and recognize its value to influence personal reality.


Documentary evidence provided by Tompkins in this book clearly
reveal that the US Navy has been involved since the 1950’s in designing and
developing kilometers-long space battle groups, which it views as critical for
planetary defense. The Navy’s interest in building space battle groups is an
outgrowth of its earlier experiments with flying aircraft carriers that date back
to the 1920’s, when the Navy commissioned the Goodyear and Zeppelin
companies to build the USS Akron and USS Macon.
Tompkins’ testimony, and the degree to which covert Navy officials
have encouraged him to come forward with his information, reveal that he is
part of a Navy sanctioned “full disclosure” process. Consequently, there is
good reason to be optimistic that the foundations for full disclosure are
currently being laid as the Trump administration appears to be coordinating
with the Navy, FBI, and Russia in developing its policies. Some of these
policies are focused on revealing the existence of highly classified technology
programs, extraterrestrial life and even archeological discoveries, such as the
site in Antarctica.
Among the many benefits of full disclosure is that it will bring an end
to a decades-long separation between a technologically advanced “breakaway
human society” and the rest of humanity. This technological form of apartheid
is global in scope, devastating in the impact it has had on the quality of life of
citizens around the world, and has spawned many criminal abuses.
Furthermore, full disclosure would put a stop to any harmful practices
involving toxic chemicals deliberately inserted into the atmosphere to
severely limit our innate human potential. It is very doubtful that the “limited
disclosure” initiative supported by the USAF would bring an end to this
technological division. The same applies to those doctoring the content of
artifacts discovered in Antarctica to create another limited disclosure
scenario, brought on by impending announcements featuring leading
scientists and archeologists to reveal only what is authorized.
Limited disclosure would most likely usher in a more subtle form of
“technology apartheid,” which for decades has continued maintaining the
global system by which our innate capacities continue to be inhibited through
toxins covertly pumped into the air, water and food supply, keeping us as an
easily exploited species. Ending the artificially created global system of
technology apartheid between different portions of humanity is essential for
developing a global leadership that genuinely represents the aspirations of all
humanity. Most importantly, full disclosure will facilitate our evolution as a

species, where human life spans and mental capacities are restored. This is the
innate potential we possess through our genetic connection to the Nordics and
other human-looking extraterrestrial groups, thereby allowing us to join the
rest of the Galactic community as full partners.

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