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Top 5 Fishing Tricks and Tips to Remember

This blog post highlights best the fishing tips and tricks and how people in love with fishing would work on it. To know more read the post.

Every individual who takes an interest in fishing has his or her own special tricks. However, above everything, there are a few common tips everyone follows. Catching a big fish or some small fishes is certainly an interesting thing but trust me it’s just half fun. If you want to be a part of the total preparation then spend time in the preparation, work as per your tricks and enjoy fishing.

Did you know the top secrets of fishing? Here are some from the professional anglers: Save the shredded worms, keep hooks sharp, skip your bait, face the wind, make your bait seasonal, look at the livewell water and so on. Now, if you are a fresher and planning to step into fishing then here’s a checklist for you. You can even consider this as your recommended fishing tips and tricks.


  • A fishing reel and rod
  • Depending on Your Age You should have a state fishing license
  • 4-12 pound test monofilament fishing line
  • Fish hooks (6-10 in size)
  • Fishing weights
  • Fishing lures or live bait
  • A cork or plastic bobber

Now, here are the tips and tricks followed in details:

1.      Mark Your Baits

Did you know that with the help of indelible markers, you can actually add a number of practical baitfish patterns on your plastic baits? With time, the colors will start bleeding into your bait giving a unique fish-attracting look.

2.      Stow Swivels and Snaps

Always remember that the most significant links in connection to any fish might be the easiest way to lose. In order to keep the tiny pieces of your terminal tackle, try to slide individually onto a large snap and then attach the same to a lanyard which would be worn around your neck. This process would actually keep the swivels and snaps in easy reach.

3.      Clip the Trebles

In order to keep the fishing plugs swim right and at the same time gain easy-unhooking advantages of single hooks, just clip off the particular points on 2 of the tines.

4.      Reduce Tangles

With the help of manual flipping right over the bail, the dreaded wind knot can be reduced or prevented. This would control the disturbance from twisting and help the fishing pole work smoothly.

5.      Get Local Reports and Maps

For the proper and relaxed fishing session, check the nearest bait shops, which would give you local fishing activity reports and topographical maps. You can also take advice from local fishermen as well.

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