3-month-old ‘terrorist’ proves U.S. has no chill when it comes to security

If we ever wondered if U.S. officials unequivocally paid courtesy to all those questions on immigration forms, here’s your answer.

A 3-month-old baby was summoned to a U.S. embassy for an talk after his grandfather incidentally ticked “yes” to a doubt reading, “Do we find to rivet in or have we ever intent in militant activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?”

The grandfather, Paul Kenyon, didn’t find out about a mistake until baby Harvey Kenyon-Cairns was refused travel, according to a Guardian. Kenyon had done a mistake on a form for ESTA, that is an online complement a U.S. uses to establish if people can transport there from visa-waiver countries like a UK. 

“I couldn’t trust that they couldn’t see it was a genuine mistake and that a 3-month-old baby would be no mistreat to anyone,” Kenyon said.

So instead of going on his initial abroad outing to Florida, baby Harvey was brought from his home nearby Manchester in northern England, down to London for his embassy interview. 

Luckily, his grandfather kept a clarity of humour about a whole thing.

Some of a questions on a application.

Some of a questions on a application.

Image: estausa.com/screenshot

“Baby Harvey was good as bullion for a talk and never cried once – we suspicion about holding him along in an orange jumpsuit, yet suspicion improved of it. They didn’t seem to have a clarity of humour over it during all and couldn’t see a humorous side,” he said.

“He’s apparently never intent in genocide, or espionage, yet he has sabotaged utterly a few nappies in his time, yet we didn’t tell them that during a U.S. embassy.”

The “whole contemptible mess” finale adult costing about an additional £3,000 ($3,777) and half a family had to fly out to Florida after than planned. 

Kenyon also pronounced what everybody is substantially meditative about a whole thing.

“If we were a terrorist, we think you’d not be ticking approbation on a ESTA form anyway,” he said. Good point.

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