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YouTube offers non-apology over Logan Paul controversy

YouTube has finally responded to that outrageous Logan Paul video. In a series of tweets the site says “The channel [Logan Paul] disregarded the village guidelines, we acted accordingly, and we are looking at serve consequences.”

The matter spans 5 tweets and ends by observant the site will exhibit stairs it’s holding to forestall this from happening again. But as of publication, Logan Paul’s channel is still on YouTube, so whatever.

Last week, the internet was rightly angry by news that YouTube star Logan Paul, who has 15 million subscribers and is partial of YouTube’s Red subscription service, posted and after deleted a video that enclosed endless footage of a self-murder victim filmed at Japan’s “Suicide Forest.”

Paul deleted the video reduction than 24 hours after posting it following outrage, but not before it had been watched by some 6 million people and — it emerges — been okayed by YouTube’s mediation team.

YouTube’s guidelines specifically state that “it’s not fine to post aroused or bloody calm that’s essentially dictated to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful.”

Paul has given apologized a second time, but now the concentration must be on how and because YouTube did not mislay the video.

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