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Women’s lifestyle startup Tara&Co brings on house advisory council

Despite a faith that women don’t support any other, TaraCo is bringing on 3 womanlike leaders in the tech attention to offer on the lifestyle startup’s advisory council. Hearsay Systems CEO Clara Shih, Google GM of tiny and middle business ads Kim Spalding and Etsy COO Linda Kozlowski are all coming on house to advise TaraCo.

“There’s a common meme that women don’t support any other and that’s because they don’t rise,” TaraCo CEO Julia Lam told TechCrunch. “I don’t consider that’s true.”

As an example, Lam remarkable the new launch of Female Founder Office Hours, led by Sequoia Capital’s Jess Lee and other distinguished womanlike VCs in tech.

“When you have women at the top, it trickles down,” Lam said.

With Shih, Spalding and Kozlowski on board, Lam hopes to serve TaraCo’s idea of building pleasing nonetheless organic products for the veteran woman.

“For any startup to be successful, you need the best group — both staff internally and advisors and mentors to help beam you along the way to help you concentration and iterate on your product, and future business strategies,” Lam said. “People who have seen the problem before, and can indicate you in the right instruction so when you see a challenge, you can some-more simply navigate it.”

TaraCo’s idea is to “fuse conform and function,” Lam said. All of the products are designed to be aesthetically appealing nonetheless have lots of dark and automobile functionality.

“The women we pattern for need to demeanour good, but also find unsentimental accessories as they navigate their bustling schedules and mostly switch from work to play.”

TaraCo was totally bootstrapped by the investigate and growth process. In June, the company finished a crowdfunding campaign that resulted in some-more than $110,000 in funding. Already, the company is generating revenue, mostly from its Tracy 2-in-1 bag, which is named after former Pinterest operative and Project Include co-founder Tracy Chou.

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