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Time Warner will be excellent even if the AT&T merger doesn’t go through

Time Warner will be excellent even if the supervision blocks the bid from ATT to buy the company.

That’s the word from John Martin, the free-wheeling arch executive of Time Warner auxiliary Turner Inc., who was speaking at the Code Media discussion in Huntington Beach.

For the record, Martin says that the government’s position on the partnership offer is “stupid” and that it will likely remove its case. “It is a large misallocation of resources and collateral to fight this thing,” Martin said. “They are going to lose.”

Martin argued that while the value of ATT had remained prosaic after news of the partnership broke, Amazon and Google combined roughly the homogeneous of the telecommunications company’s marketplace top over the same period. Meanwhile, Facebook’s gratefulness grew to the distance of two Time Warners, Martin said.

“So if you’re the supervision and you’re worried about regulating the rival landscape, what are you worried about?”

His indicate was that the rival landscape would not be spoiled by a partnership of the two companies.

“In the story of the country, what straight partnership has slanted the landscape of the rival environment? Let me give you the answer: Zero.”

Still, should for some reason the supervision make its case, Time Warner could survive… for a time. The company is coming off its best year opposite many of its media properties, according to Martin.

“Time Warner is a flattering stable, big successful company. So we mean, HBO is on fire right now. Warner Brothers had the many successful year in its story in 2017. We did too. Whatever happens happens,” pronounced Martin. “The future is really bright.”

That said, converging is the name of the game, and should Time Warner not be bought by ATT it would need to find another acquirer eventually.

Martin and his associate panelist, A+E Networks authority and arch executive Nancy Dubuc, remarkable that in this new media landscape distance does matter. They both approaching that Viacom would have to reintegrate with CBS — and that regard matters for Martin’s own comment of Time Warner’s stability.

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