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Teen jailed for plotting to kill relatives with bomb

Gurtej Randhawa, 19, has been condemned to eight years in jail after he tried to buy explosives on the dim web in a crime that police contend was not terror related.

Intelligence suggested he had attempted to buy a automobile explosve which he wanted to use to kill his parents, fearing they would meddle in his relationship.

According to police, he suspicion his relatives would try to force him to finish it, nonetheless it is not famous because his mom disapproved of the girl.

Randhawa, of Wightwick, Wolverhampton, was arrested by armed officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) last May after he obtained what he believed to be an bomb device and attempted to test it.

The NCA pronounced the package had been transposed with a “safe manikin device” before they allowed it to be delivered to the residence he had supposing when grouping the explosives.

In July, Randhawa pleaded guilty to attempting to import explosives and was convicted at Birmingham Crown Court in November.

It is not transparent either he had successfully systematic an bomb device on the dim web, or either the person he believed he was shopping the device from was an clandestine officer or how police rescued the sale, which typically would be by encrypted channels.

Tim Gregory from the NCA said: “The bomb device Randhawa sought to squeeze online had the intensity to means critical repairs and kill many people if he had been successful in using it.

“He was not concerned in an organized crime organisation or related to terrorism, but his actions show he is someone who poses a poignant risk to the community.

“Identifying people like Randhawa – who find to entrance illegal firearms and weapons – is a priority for the NCA and we will not stop in the efforts to make certain they are arrested and held accountable for their actions.”

Andy Young, from the CPS, said: “Gurtej Randhawa attempted to squeeze explosives which could have resulted in deaths or critical injuries had they been used.

“He denied he designed to use the explosives to means damage but the CPS demonstrated to the jury that this was a distortion and Randhawa was celebrated attempting to test his device before being arrested.

“Randhawa had used the dim web in an try to equivocate showing but instead he is now portion a poignant jail sentence.”

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