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Speedinvest x is a new micro VC fund that will deposit in European early-stage marketplace startups

A new straight fund from pan-European VC organisation Speedinvest is strictly tour today. Dubbed “Speedinvest x” and targeting a final shutting of €25 million, of which €20.5 million has already been committed, the micro VC fund will aim early-stage marketplace startups exclusively.

Specifically, I’m told Speedinvest x will make pre-seed, seed and early Series A investments. This will operation from €200,000 to €1 million in European entrepreneurs who are building the platforms and marketplace businesses of tomorrow and/or technologies that capacitate them.

Aside from a marketplace straight or record requirement, the new micro VC says it stays totally sector-agnostic and will back “network effects-powered” height businesses of any type. In fact, it has already begun doing so, making 4 investments during the initial closing. we know they include Myclubs, Sunlight, and Stowga.

Another thing to note is that Speedinvest x will effectively have €50 million to deploy. That’s since investments will be matched by the existent Speedinvest ‘mother’ fund, which will co-invest alongside Speedinvest x on a deal-by-deal basis.

Speedinvest x is headed by Mathias Ockenfels who recently assimilated Speedinvest, alongside Daniel Hoffer, who is aiding with the launch of the fund. Having formerly focused on investments in marketplace startups at Point Nine Capital, as good portion as a General Manager at Uniplaces in Germany, Ockenfels brings copiousness of marketplace experience. He’s formed in Berlin and will conduct up Speedinvest’s new Berlin office.

In further to assisting to get the new micro fund off the ground, Hoffer, who is co-founder and former CEO of CouchSurfing, will continue to support Speedinvest x on a part-time basement as “Advisory Partner,” including evaluating investment opportunities and assisting portfolio companies succeed. He stays formed out of Speedinvest`s San Francisco office.

Michael Schuster, Managing Partner at Speedinvest, says that “verticalization” will have a poignant and certain impact on founders, LPs and the firm’s investment team. “Founders can entrance a immeasurable pool of knowledge from some of the many successful marketplace models in new years,” he says, citing the likes of Lieferando, SpotHero, CouchSurfing, Shpock, Xeneta, wikifolio, StarOfService, and Tourradar.

Speedinvest x reckons that there are still many B2B marketplace categories far-reaching open and in need of a “platform approach”. They embody logistics, manufacturing, cultivation or construction.

Adds Ockenfels: “I have a clever self-assurance that the ‘platform trend’ is here to stay and has actually just begun: Centralized or decentralized marketplaces will continue to “eat the world” enabled by new technologies in areas that we can't even suppose today.

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