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Serial businessman Ben Metcalfe joins newly eccentric VC Ridge Ventures

Ridge Ventures, which is the new incarnation of the old IDG Ventures USA, has finished a poignant new sinecure in its trail towards its future as a newly eccentric VC firm. It’s brought on Ben Metcalfe, before of WP Engine and Uber, as its first-ever Principal. He brings a very extended knowledge as an entrepreneur, angel investor, program engineer, product developer and operator, pronounced the firm.

Metcalfe was partial of the early technical group which launched BBC News online, co-founded and scaled WP Engine — a successful SaaS startup that had 70,000 business and over 500,000 websites rest on it — and he’s built accessibility products for Uber.

He’s also implemented vital selling plans, evaluated technical solutions and business models as an investor. At WP Engine, he helped grow the company to tens of millions of dollars in revenue, while contributing to product, sales, marketing, and partnerships. Metcalfe is literally a jack of all trades.

Speaking to TechCrunch he said: “I’ve always been a technologist and operational person. So this is an engaging pierce for me. If we demeanour at my career, it feels like a prolonged fight for the user. From BBC data, Uber, deaf and tough of conference drivers, WP Engine and democratising publishing. So for me, fighting for the user can also be having a chair on the other side of the table, wanting to urge the knowledge for founders. So that’s since I’m joining Ridge Ventures.”

Metcalfe pronounced he wanted to be in a “smaller organisation where we can make a bigger difference, rather than a incomparable organisation where it would be harder.”

“I adore B2B Saas, as they are always engaging companies to deposit in. I’ve been a program engineer, finished product and open policy, and since of this sundry knowledge and I’m meddlesome in a lot of things.”

In a matter Ridge Ventures said: “Ben provides a credentials and fresh viewpoint that we acquire and value: he understands the needs of today’s founders better than many investors, sketch from his time training about record and scaling businesses with no grave university background. He also helps enhance Ridge’s network among young, desirous founders so we can continue to work with the best and brightest.”

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