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Russian hackers targeted 21 states in election

Opening a Congressional session, the clamp chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Warner, described the hacking as imprinting a watershed in domestic history.

“At a minimal cost, Russia sowed chaos in the domestic complement and undermined faith in the approved process,” he told attendees.

Testifying before the Congressional committee, an central from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reliable the series of states targeted by hackers seeking to impact the electoral results.

Jeanatte Manfra, the behaving emissary undersecretary of cybersecurity at the DHS, told the Congressional cabinet the group had justification of 21 states being targeted.

Ms Manfra declined to divulge which states were targeted and how successful the attempts at hacking were, other than to attest that the outcome of the election was not in question.

Committee authority Richard Burr asked either Russian hackers targeted the US election
Committee authority Richard Burr

The authority of the name committee, Richard Burr, asked: “But in no case were tangible opinion tallies altered in any way figure or form?”

“That is correct,” the DHS behaving emissary undersecretary responded.

Her statements were the first open acknowledgment of the scale of unfamiliar division in the US presidential election.

While the attacks achieved varying levels of success in perspicacious their aim systems, the entrance was not adequate to concede the enemy to manipulate the ballots themselves.

Last year, reports circulated that hackers had targeted the voter registration systems in the states of Illinois and Arizona.

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