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Online examination startup Podium has lifted a fat new $32 million turn from Accel and GV

Podium, a Utah-based craving program company specializing in patron examination government has pulled in an over-subscribed $32 million Series A round, led by Accel Partners.

Several sources close to the matter told us about this round, which we wrote about yesterday in an essay about Utah-based Peak Ventures. However, Podium has now reliable the numbers to TechCrunch.

We were before told the turn is valued at north of $100 million and that the startup creatively tried to lift $20 to $25 million but as other VC firms wanted to come into the turn Podium was means to take in even more. Podium did not wish to criticism on the gratefulness but was means to endorse it before sought the smaller volume before holding in $32 million.

Co-founder Eric Rea attributes the success of the turn to the work he and his partner Dennis Steele have finished in the last year. Podium launched in 2014 to help offline businesses get a hoop on online patron reviews. Local brick-and-mortar businesses were starting to get reviews on Yelp, Facebook and other sites but those reviews could be from anyone and not indispensably from authentic customers. Rea and Steele saw a need to help those businesses get better reviews from accurate customers.

The Startup now claims 10,000 business in its register (or 80,000 particular customers) and has seen a 600 percent boost in income in the last year. Rea also tells TechCrunch the company is on aim to hit $30 million in annual income by the finish of 2017.

Accel led the round, along with appearance from GV (formerly Google Ventures), Summit Partners and Y Combinator (Podium was also in YC’s winter 2016 batch). But it has taken a while for the startup to locate the glances of some of the bigger players along Sand Hill Road.

However, Silicon Valley seems to be holding note of the Silicon Slopes newly and this could very good be partial of the reason for Podium’s ability to lift such a vast round. There are now a handful of companies worth over $1 billion dollars along the Wasatch Front and firms like Sequoia, Insight Venture Partners and Accel frequently send partners to director the area. Qualtrics, worth about $2.3 billion, just lifted another $180 from these 3 firms. Rea told me it seems like every Silicon Valley VC organisation now has their Utah expert.

Rea also says he plans to use the new cash to sinecure a lot of engineers, quite for building a new patron communication height to help Podium with some appurtenance training goals. The startup already uses a special algorithm to brand online examination information but Rea says this would pacify the startup’s ability to go deeper at-scale, including discovery, making appointments, confirming appointments and a lot of other work that could be used to urge the patron experience.

The new appropriation now brings the sum up to $36 million to date.

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