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Mobility services height Stratim, before famous as Zirx, sells to KAR

On the heels of its rebrand in November, mobility service STRATIM has sole itself to KAR Auction Services, a automobile remarketing company. Terms of the understanding were not disclosed.

STRATIM, before famous as on-demand cheuffer and automobile services startup ZIRX, powers swift government for some-more than 50 companies, including BMW (DriveNow), General Motors (Maven), Ford (Chariot) and Toyota, to energy their particular mobility services.

Through STRATIM’s businessman marketplace, for example, Ford can ask gas fill-ups for its Chariot shuttles. The next day, a fuel company will come to fill up the tanks and then send that information back into the system.

“KAR shares the entrepreneurial suggestion and has the resources to fuel the continued enlargement and expansion,” STRATIM CEO Sean Behr pronounced in a statement. “We’re anxious to join the KAR family and broach record and creation that energy the customers’ fleets.”

STRATIM will continue to work from its domicile in San Francisco, but will technically be partial of KAR’s digital services group. ZIRX had formerly lifted over $36.4 million from investors like Bessemer Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, BMW’s iVentures and others. The leftover appropriation rolled over into STRATIM.

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