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Microsoft Windows bug lets hackers take control of your PC by promulgation you a email

A WINDOWS bug could concede hackers to remotely take over your PC or laptop by promulgation an email which can attack your complement even if you don’t open it.

The purported smirch could concede crooks to make changes to your device and steal all you have saved on there.


Microsoft users risk having their PCs taken over remotely, just by receiving an email

The terrifying problem lies in a confidence apparatus used in all complicated Windows systems.

The issue was picked up by Google researcher Tavis Ormandy, who pronounced it was the “worst” Windows remote control smirch he had ever seen.

Windows – which is one of the many widely used handling systems in the universe – is being updated right now to solve the problem.

In a tweet, Mr Ormandy pronounced the conditions is “crazy bad”.

Microsoft has noted the bug “critical” and has offering a fix for the problem.

The issue effects Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

It should come by to Brits’ systems automatically but you can manually trigger an Windows Update if you’re worried you competence be infected.

You can do that by clicking on settings and acid for “Windows update” in the hunt box.

Click “install discretionary updates” and then click “check for updates”.

Mr Ormandy after praised Microsoft for how fast it dealt with the bug.

Google recently warned of a Google Docs “phishing” fraud targeting Gmail users.

The “sophisticated” fraud was targeting accounts with a summary – clearly from someone in people’s residence book – mouth-watering them to share a Google Doc.

If you click on the link it appears to go to a Google page asking the user if they wish to concede widespread permission, which if postulated gives the fraudsters full entrance to your account.

Doing so also forwards the email on to everybody in the user’s residence book, swelling the intensity penetrate even further.

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