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Google takes AMP over simple posts with its new story format

For the many part, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages plan was about what its name implies: accelerating mobile pages. Unsurprisingly, that mostly meant fast loading and digest existent articles on news sites, recipes and other comparatively text-heavy content. With that partial of AMP being utterly successful (if not always beloved) now, Google is looking to take AMP over these simple stories. At its AMP Conf in Amsterdam, the company currently announced the launch of the AMP story format.

The altogether thought here isn’t all that opposite from the stories format you are substantially already informed with from the likes of Instagram and Snapchat. This new format allows publishers to build image-, video- and animation-heavy stories for mobile that you can simply appropriate through. “It’s a mobile-focused format for formulating visually abounding stories,” as Google’s product manager for the AMP plan Rudy Galfi called it when we talked to him last week. “It swings the doors open to create visually engaging stories.”To launch this format, Google partnered with CNN, Conde Nast, Hearst, Mashable, Meredith, Mic, Vox Media and The Washington Post. Like all of AMP, this is an open-source plan and publishers can extend it as needed.

The thought here is to start surfacing AMP stories in Google’s hunt results over time. For now, though, this is only a preview that is meant to give developers and publishers time to support this new format.

Indeed, the first thing publishers will likely notice, though, is that there’s no production nonetheless for building AMP stories. To some degree, that was also the case when Google first showed AMP for unchanging posts, nonetheless developers fast wrote plugins for all of the renouned CMS systems to support it. “Publishers that have been operative with AMP stories managed to build sincerely easy integrations with their existent CMS systems,” Galfi told us.

Even once production is available, though, publishers will have to create AMP stories from scratch. They can’t just simply recycle an existent post, slap on an picture and call it a day. The success of the AMP story format, then, is going to be about making the right collection accessible for building these stories but adding beyond of developers, who are not indispensably all going to be happy about the fact that Google is rising nonetheless another format that it may or may not support in the future.

It’s also still misleading how Google will surface these stories in hunt and how publishers can safeguard that they’ll be enclosed here. Because these AMP stories live apart from unchanging posts, Google will likely give publishers another means of pinging it when new stories go live.

For now, if you wish to try an AMP story, conduct here and hunt for one by the launch partners. You’ll find AMP stories under the new “Visual Stories from” header in the hunt results.

While I’m not certain if publishers will entirely welcome this format, we have to acknowledge that the existent AMP stories we looked at done for a good diversion. The Washington Post used the format to examination with a timeline of North Korea’s appearance in the Olympics, for example. Vox, unsurprisingly, used it for explainers, among other things, and Mashable substantially went serve than many by using video, sound and animations opposite many of its stories.

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