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Google pronounced to launch AMP-based Snapchat Discover-like feature

Google is formulating a visible announcement format for media companies identical to Snapchat’s “Discover,” formed on its AMP mobile optimization record for webpages and called “Stamp,” according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

The program is pronounced to be announced as shortly as next week, and could embody a operation of edition partners including Vox, CNN, The Washington Post and more. The “Stamp” name is pronounced to be a portmanteau of AMP, and “St” from “Stories,” the report claims, which is a term ordinarily used now for one-to-many brief form failing visible calm among social service providers, including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

The WSJ describes the product as charity slideshows stoical of “swipeable slides” incorporating content as good as photos and videos, which is fundamentally what you get out of Snap’s own Discover stories in Snapchat. Stamp stories would be accessible broadly on the mobile web, and flush directly in Google hunt results, which could help extremely in terms of augmenting their interest vs. platform-specific products like Discover that need a user to already be within a specific app.

It sounds like we’re likely to hear some-more about this earlier rather than after in terms of central details.

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