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Google Drive goes down and takes worldwide capability with it (updated)

Google Drive is having some major issues this morning. Starting around 7:30am PT, Google’s file storage service, which forms the fortitude of much of Google’s G Suite, became possibly unreachable or impossibly slow, depending on where you were. Since then, the problems have only continued and Google doesn’t now have an ETA for when the service will return to normal.

In further to Drive, Google Classroom is also pang an outage. That one is likely associated since Classroom, Google’s apparatus for teachers and students, uses Drive for saving attachments.

While outages are inevitable, it’s surprising for a Google service to go down for this prolonged but any denote for when it will come back. This will really cost Google, which is trying tough to get enterprises to adopt its platform, given that it will revoke trust in a service that’s rather critical for a company to function.

It’s worth observant that this is Google’s second major Drive outage this year. In January, the service also went down for an extended period.

Update (8:38am PT): Google now says that service has been easy for some users and that it expects a fortitude for all users “in the nearby future.”

Update (9:24am PT): and all is back up again. “We apologize for the nuisance and appreciate you for your calm and continued support. Please rest positive that complement trustworthiness is a top priority at Google, and we are making continual improvements to make the systems better.”

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