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Freshdesk owners Freshworks acquires Joe Hukum as it plans a pierce into chatbots

After lifting $55 million last year to build its business over its existent help table services, now Freshworks (the primogenitor company of Freshdesk) has done an merger to help it fill out that strategy. The company has acquired Joe Hukum, a startup out of India that offers a height for businesses to build their own chatbots.

I’ve asked, but the companies are not divulgence any terms of the deal. Joe Hukum, before famous as Speedy, was creatively focused some-more on building its own personal partner / concierge app to help people sequence products and services before pivoting to benefaction the service as a height for building bots for other businesses.

“Joe Hukum” is a anxiety to its pre-pivot incarnation: it is a phonetic transliteration of a Hindi word that translates as “as you wish.”

This is Freshworks’ eighth merger in two years, and comes in a tiny series of acquisitions it has done in the area of synthetic intelligence, privately “neuro-linguistic programming” (also shortened “NLP” but not to be confused with healthy denunciation processing): the other two acquisitions were of Chatimity and Frilp. Freshworks pronounced it will use the tech and talent from the 3 startups to launch chatbot-powered solutions.

Specifically, Joe Hukum’s believe tree coding has been built to automates sales, service and support workflows, and so the group from the startup — led by co-founders Arihant Jain, Ajeet Kushwaha and Rahul Agarwal — will be building bots on top of existent Freshworks products.

The understanding underscores the stability seductiveness in chatbots that we’re seeing from the universe of patron support: companies are looking for some-more fit and reduction costly ways to yield simple information and help to their customers, and many have their sights set on chatbots as a viable solution, notwithstanding that a lot of what is being built right now still in its very early stages.

“We are seeing clever seductiveness from the business on how they wish to precedence chatbots as they are looking for new ways to rivet with business on their web and mobile channels,” pronounced Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO of Freshworks, in a statement. “As patron preferences change from normal phone tree formed call core support, chatbots offer a new support experience, while radically elucidate for the age old plea of triaging patron inquiries and routing that to the right support agent. These are still early days for chatbots, but Joe Hukum’s innovative group and record will help the clients better rivet and support their customers.”

Freshworks cites investigate from Gartner that predicts that by 2019, 40 percent of enterprises will be using natural-language chatbots both for communications within the business (think Slack-style bots) and with the outward world.

That is where Freshworks hopes it could have an opportunity. The company now has around 100,000 companies using Freshdesk, giving it a decent bottom from which to start selling new services like these bots.

“Being a partial of Freshworks is super sparkling for all of us as it gives us a height that provides us scale and strech and impact hundreds of thousands of customers,” pronounced Joe Hukum’s Jain in a statement.

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