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FIFA 18: Here’s all you need to know about EA’s hotly expected new diversion – leagues, review, price, The Journey, sealed beta, demo and app

FIFA 18 is not distant divided at all – and Cristiano Ronaldo is at the helm of the new game.

Here is all you need to know about FIFA 18 – from what console to get it on to who’s going to be the best player.

Let’s kick off.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the new face of FIFA 18

Cristiano Ronaldo is the new face of FIFA 18

So, have you played it?

Yes, and we’re very impressed.

Why not take a demeanour at the FIFA 18 early review.

What platforms is it on?

FIFA 18’s lead consoles will be the Xbox One (Scorpio) and PS4 Pro.

It’ll also come on on Xbox One, Ps4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Small imitation on FIFA 18’s exhibit trailer has suggested some pivotal differences between the diversion and the Nintendo Switch version.

The video includes a line of content that reads: “Frostbite diversion engine record and The Journey: Hunter Returns mode are accessible on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC height versions only. Not all facilities accessible on all platforms.”

In other words, it’ll be a totally opposite game.

FIFA 17 looked the part, but the Frostbite Engine is means of so much more

FIFA 17 looked the part, but the Frostbite Engine is means of so much more

So, will it demeanour better on current-gen platforms?

In short, approbation – but don’t design a outrageous improvement. It’ll be powered by the same engine.

In fact, one gamer has filmed some footage of FIFA 18 at E3 and posted it on to FIFA Reddit.

Speaking to Dream Team Gaming,  Frostbite Studio Director Jonas Skantz revealed: “I can assure you that Frostbite continues to be a loyal differentiator.”

“With some-more and some-more games powered by Frostbite – possibly it is FIFA, Battlefield, Mass Effect or others – the growth teams can spend some-more time building new groundbreaking gameplay innovations.”

FIFA 17 was the first diversion in the series to be powered by Frostbite – which transposed Ignite used the prior year.

While graphics took a boost this year, generally facial and player animations, FIFA 18 will see some-more forked improvements as it’ll run on the same Frostbite 4 engine.

Player models looked considerable  but design polygon count to be increasing in FIFA 18

Player models looked considerable – but design polygon count to be increasing in FIFA 18

Expect player transformation and animation to demeanour crook – not to discuss larger fact and likeness.

Other marginal graphical tweaks, such as softened throng detail, will also be present.

PS4 Pro owners and PC gamers will once again accept the best-looking versions of the game.

The former will once again gain on ‘Pro Mode’ – permitting for increasing fact and some-more quick framerate at above 1080p resolution.

Pro Mode offering discernible improvements in FIFA 17, but this year, EA will have some-more time to pull this even serve and make larger use of Pro’s estimable GPU grunt.

Tell us about the Xbox 360 and Ps3 versions – positively they’ll be better than last year?

Sadly, not. It won’t underline The Journey or use the Frostbite engine.

“Yes, it will be coming out on Xbox 360 and PS3 but is going to be a ‘Gold’ version”, EA SPORTS’ lead gameplay writer Sam Rivera told Dream Team Gaming.

“So there will be updates in the rosters but zero big, new – like the new engine. It’s just fundamentally an update.”

Rivera reliable the diversion will run on Ignite – which has been used given FIFA 16.

This means it will be almost matching to last year’s diversion and demeanour noticeably worse than FIFA 18 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Bringing The Journey to last-gen consoles would need recreating the whole knowledge using Ignite – a pierce that creates no clarity from possibly a technical or blurb perspective.

Still, that didn’t stop fans from expressing their anger at Alex Hunter’s repudiation on older consoles in FIFA 17.

Last-gen console owners also missed out on The Journey in FIFA 17

Last-gen console owners also missed out on The Journey in FIFA 17

Last year, some didn’t realize until it was too late – and bought FIFA 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3 only to be unhappy that the pivotal mode didn’t feature.

Retailers were equally as confused, with Amazon.co.uk coming under fire for incidentally using screenshots from the current-gen chronicle of the diversion on adverts for the Xbox 360 version.

One wrote: “My son bought this as it clearly pronounced it enclosed tour mode distinct the customary chronicle costed over 50 pounds. He is now bitterly disapointed having squandered his income this diversion is no better than fifa 15.”

Another said: “This was purchased for my 12 year old out of his birthday money.

“He was so vehement when it arrived and looking brazen to personification it, however this shortly incited to sour beating when he detected that it did not embody The Journey and therefore not much opposite from prior versions of FIFA.”

Despite the miss of Frostbite and The Journey, FIFA 18 is now being listed at £49.99 – the same cost as the current-gen version.

A screenshot of the Amazon page using the wrong imagery for the last-gen chronicle of FIFA 17

A screenshot of the Amazon page using the wrong imagery for the last-gen chronicle of FIFA 17

It’s not the first time Xbox 360 and Ps3 users have been handed a bad deal.

The whole single-player campaign of Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was wanting from last-gen consoles.

PES, meanwhile, uses the Fox Engine, which is much some-more last-gen friendly.

While it won’t demeanour as good as the glossy new current-gen versions, Konami’s diversion will still perform good on older hardware, so could infer a better gamble this year.

Tell us about the Nintendo Switch version

The attribute between FIFA and Nintendo is a bizarre one.

When the Wii U launched back in 2012, it took 3 months for FIFA 13 to make its way on to the console.

When it did finally arrive, it was lacking arguably the many renouned mode, Ultimate Team – and gameplay was sub standard compared with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Subsequent FIFA games were scrapped from the Wii U, with EA focusing efforts on the then next-gen consoles and the ageing Wii.

fifa 18

FIFA on the Switch lets you play your friends on the move

However, the arrival of the Nintendo Switch heralds a new fresh start for the attribute between the Japanese manufacturer and EA.

Speaking at a FIFA 18 eventuality in London last week, EA writer Sam Rivera reassured gamers the Switch chronicle is some-more than just an afterthought.

“The only thing we can tell you is that there’s a big group of people operative on this,” he told Dream Team Gaming.

“It’s being combined in a very critical way – the gameplay, it’s fun and different.”

In fact, if both companies play their cards right, the Switch chronicle of FIFA 18 could be the many appealing tender of the lot. Here’s why.

You’ll be means to play FIFA 18 on the go

The Switch has already proven itself as a shining handheld companion, so being means to play the full diversion (not just the Web App) on the go will give this chronicle the edge.

Thankfully, FIFA has been ‘custom built’ for Nintendo’s new hardware.

It may not use the latest Frostbite record but gameplay is sleek, manageable and runs at 60FPS.

You can play friends by detaching the Joy Con controllers

You can play friends by detaching the Joy Con controllers

Plus, you’re means to detach the Joy Con controllers and play a crony – nonetheless this can be a bit fiddly.

A battery life of up to 6 hours creates it ideal for prolonged journeys.

It has Ultimate Team

As prolonged as you have Wifi you’ll be means to play Ultimate Team and buy packs as you routinely would.

Champions won’t underline but that’s not the finish of the world.

Graphics and presentation 

Sure, it’s not as frail as the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of the diversion – but FIFA on the Switch is by no means ugly.

EA writer Andrei Lazaresco told Eurogamer about how they done the many out of Switch’s Nvidia Maxwell-based Tegra X1 chip.

The Switch chronicle will not underline The Journey: Hunters Return  which will anger some Nintendo fans

The Switch chronicle will not underline The Journey: Hunter’s Return – which will anger some Nintendo fans

“We’re using physical-based rendering,” he said.

“The crowds are 3D. The weed is 3D. The lighting is new. And on top of that you’ll have Ultimate Team for the first time on Nintendo – and for the first time you’ll be means to take it on the go.

“You’ll be means to play on a plane, on a bus, even from just a hotspot.”

Sounds like a leader to us.

It’ll be easier than ever to meet new players

Right now, if you wish to supplement a crony on the Switch you need to use an annoying 12 number Friend Code. But that’s all about to change.

Nintendo reliable to Polygon that some-more ways to supplement pals are on the way – using the likes of Twitter, Facebook and the elementary Nintendo Network ID.

Expect FIFA 18 to have a tradition interface for adding players – nonetheless no sum of this have been announced.

What about Legends – are they making a return?

FIFA 18 has ditched Xbox disdainful Legends in multi-platform Icons.

As good as Ronaldo Nazario, the first call of Icons will feature:

  • Pele
  • Diego Maradona
  • Lev Yashin
  • Thierry Henry

David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho are also rumoured to be on the way.

You can find out some-more information about FIFA 18 Icons here

Will it play the same as FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 has come under fire for some aspects of its gameplay – but as FIFA 18 will be powered by the same engine, we doubt much will change here.

Input check – the time it takes for a symbol press to translate into an on-screen movement – has led to some disastrous feedback in FIFA 17.

There have also been claims of ‘EAaids’ or ‘scripting’, which refers to the diversion boldly adjusting online matches to foster weaker players.

Animation was infrequently clunky and assumed in FIFA 17  but were assured EA will well-spoken things out in FIFA 18

Animation was infrequently clunky and assumed in FIFA 17 – but we’re assured EA will well-spoken things out in FIFA 18

Whilst the former issue is a outcome of the game’s severs compensating for ‘Ping’ or tie strength opposite between online players, we’d design to see movement taken over ‘EAAids’.

What other things do fans wish to see addressed in FIFA 18?

There’s utterly a few things that angry gamers with FIFA 17.

Here are the categorical ones.

Long Shots – from 45 yards 

These find the back of the net distant too often.

It’s mostly since goalkeeper AI isn’t up to scratch, definition they spend too mostly station still before attempting a dive.

The shots themselves are way too accurate – so incorporating some-more human blunder would make things some-more realistic.

Keepers Mechanics and suspicion line technology 

In penalties, the keepers infrequently do not save the spin despite the fact they dive in the scold direction.

During open gameplay, they also get confused about when they should punch or locate a spin – the former mostly ensuing in the spin alighting to an opponent.

The goal-line record complement is also impossibly erratic.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after concealment a suspicion in the FIFA 18 trailer

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after concealment a suspicion in the FIFA 18 trailer

Player animations

When a player is fouled, the ‘complain’ animation takes distant too prolonged – holding them out of the diversion for a conspicuous duration of time.

This needs to be shortened.

Defensive AI

The CPU AI is distant too good at defending, so much so that it’s mostly some-more effective to put the controller down and let it do the work.

This needs to be toned down so it doesn’t feel that you’re trying to kick the mechanism as good as the human opponent.

Scrapping automobile restraint and automobile tackles would be acquire too.

Cristiano Ronaldo in movement in the latest FIFA 18 trailer

Cristiano Ronaldo in movement in the latest FIFA 18 trailer

Corners, Headers and chesting

Some fans have reported that corners leave you too unprotected to a opposite since players don’t get back quick adequate to cover.

Regarding headers, it seems the assailant always has the ability to step in front of the defender, making it easier for them to measure regardless of stats.

Adding some-more control to the aerial scuffle would urge things no end.

Chesting the spin is also unsuitable and in unfortunate need of some-more control.


These have been somewhat flaky via FIFA 17’s lifespan, so larger optimisation generally during rise times would be welcome.

Thankfully, EA suggested that they have a dedicated group of people tasked with ensuring the servers are much softened come FIFA 18.

Players should also be kicked for loitering if they put down the controller for prolonged durations of time.

If a diversion disconnects during a match, there needs to be a duration where it tries to reconnect to the player until a certain time extent is hit.

Crowds have been totally re-worked in FIFA 18  and now show off a much wider operation of animation

Crowds have been totally re-worked in FIFA 18 – and now show off a much wider operation of animation


These are mostly cited as being too unsuitable – with officials mostly awarding fouls for very diseased challenges.

Cards need to given out some-more frequently, generally for slip tackles.

The red label bug, where the ref will send the last defender off if they yank on an attacker’s shirt, needs to be axed, too.

When they recover a trailer?

EA Sports have expelled the trailer for the new diversion here – you can watch it here.

They also expelled a Journey 2: Hunter Returns trailer

When will it come out, and will there be a demo?

If past years are anything to go by, the FIFA 18 demo will arrive on Sep 15 – two weeks before launch.

The FIFA 17 demo forsaken on Sep 13, with the full diversion nearing on Sep 27.  FIFA 16 followed the same pattern, with the demo nearing on Sep 8 and the diversion expelled on the 22nd.

So, what’s in the demo?

If it’s the same build EA have been showing off at their preview events, you’ll be means to play as Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG Juventus, Gamba Osaka, Lyon, Inter, Seattle Sounders and Tigres in the demo.

You’ll also likely be means to play by the first partial of The Journey: Hunter Returns – nonetheless we wouldn’t doing that unless you’ve played the first one.

No sweat, here’s what happens at the finish of The Journey  – if you won’t have time to play by it.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo still be the best player?

It’s been an implausible year for the Portuguese, so he’ll definitely remain the game’s best player in FIFA 18.

Some trust he may have a stats downgrade, nonetheless – generally with regards to his gait and dribbling.

Lionel Messi, who has been in peppery form of late, will keep second spot.

I can’t wait until the demo drops – is there any way we can play FIFA 18 earlier?

You may not need to wait until Sep to get you hands on the game.

That’s since EA is doing another sealed beta this year – due to kick off around Aug 18.

Select members of the FIFA village – from YouTubers to veteran gamers – will be invited to play on the diversion and contention feedback.

But there’s an outward possibility you could get in on the action, too.

The FIFA 17 sealed beta entice was circulated at around this time last year

The FIFA 17 sealed beta entice was circulated at around this time last year

To give yourself the best shot, you’re going need to have an EA account – then, conduct to email settings and check the box that says you wish to accept promotional materials.

If you’re propitious adequate to accept an invite, you’ll be means to play an early chronicle of the game.

It’s worth mentioning that the screen will underline a watermark – finish with your gamer tag. This is to stop you from holding screen shots or streaming the diversion – both of which will outcome in comment ban.

The sealed beta will underline a watermark with your gamertag on there to stop you streaming or holding screenshots

The sealed beta will underline a watermark with your gamertag on there to stop you streaming or holding screenshots

For those who can’t get their hands on the sealed beta then you’ll have to wait for the demo, which drops a few weeks later.

It was too late for one man kick offs to underline in FIFA 17 – but will they come along this year?

The change in football laws came into outcome at the start of the 2016/17 season, but too late for EA Sports to exercise the change into FIFA 17.

Fortunately, they have enclosed the new order into the game, definition players will be using the one-man kick-off complement in all matches.

Dream Team was given the possibility to play the new game, and gifted for ourselves the one-man kick-off format.

Of course, we tried the best to kick it all the way back to the keeper, but we couldn’t do it in the build of the diversion we played (doubtless someone will come up with a YouTube video showing how to at a after date).

Stadiums are much some-more minute in FIFA 18

Stadiums are much some-more minute in FIFA 18

But we were means to pass it back to the executive defenders, far-reaching midfielders, as good as just hit it back to the other forward.

We also asked FIFA’s Lead Gameplay Producer Sam Rivera how frustrating it was that football changed the kick-off laws, just days after FIFA 17 had left to press.

He said: “I remember we talked about possibly or not we could get it into the last game, but it was unfit for us to do it.

“It’s a good further that you see in genuine life, how it works is fundamentally we tried to find out which teams were doing one player kick offs and who weren’t, but we couldn’t find find any patterns.

“So we just done it so that if you start the diversion with a one player kick off, you lift on the whole diversion with it whenever you take a kick-off.”

Will the Chinese Super League feature?

EA reliable to Fox Sports that the league, arguably the fastest flourishing and richest in the world, will not underline in FIFA 18.

EA SPORTS’ lead gameplay writer Sam Rivera said: “Our suspicion with FIFA is to bring the best leagues in the world.

“Yes, we suspicion about the Chinese league, but for now the Super League will not be enclosed in FIFA 18 .”

Gamers have been job on EA to embody the Chinese Super League for months after a fibre of high-profile players done the pierce overseas.

Earlier in the year, Jiangsu Suning’s Alex Teixeira Santos posted a picture on Instagram, with the caption: “Official display for FIFA 18 new jersey for the 2017 season.”

Some took this to be a sign the joining was set to be enclosed – but it’s transparent now this is not the case.

Will The Journey underline again? (SPOILER ALERT)

Yes, it’s called Hunter Returns.

The Journey 2 will still follow the life and career of Alex Hunter, and no, you won’t be means to be anyone else.

Unfortunately for those anticipating to put themselves in the game, or play with a player of their choice, you still have to be Alex Hunter.

Here’s what we know:

The story line decisions are much broader

Last season’s diversion mode saw the story line utterly narrow, with singular decision making.

It was the first time EA Sports had entered in a story mode like this, so we can pardon them, but this time spin the story line is much, much broader, and the decisions you make will make a much larger difference.

Whereas many of us finished up winning the FA Cup with the Hunters in FIFA 17, it’ll be engaging to see where the impression can finish up once we’ve taken opposite decisions from the mates.

A screenshot from the FIFA 17s The Journey

A screenshot from the FIFA 17’s The Journey

The gameplay and mechanics are substantially the same

We haven’t had a possibility to play the whole thing, distant from it, but it looks as if nonetheless they’ve confirmed the things we enjoyed many from The Journey.

So decisions of fiery, cold or assuage stay, you’ll have to earn ratings in training and matches to excel, and scenes will occur irregularly by the story.

You can cgange your Alex Hunter to have blonde hair and tattoos

…And the rest. You’ll be means to change the demeanour of your Alex Hunter to have a immeasurable array of opposite hairstyles, tattoos, tracksuits and so on.

There is apparently ‘hundreds’ of options to select from, which will be an sparkling change.

Read some-more about the changes you’ll be means to make to your impression here.

How we consider Alex Hunter could seem next season

How we consider Alex Hunter could seem next season

Will you be means to start where you left off in FIFA 17?

That’s one thing we’ve not been told as yet, but it looks likely that you’ll have to start new with your new Hunter in this game.

Presumably the meditative behind this (if it were the case) will be that since everybody finished their Hunter in a somewhat opposite way but broadly on a identical trail (winning the FA Cup, getting a 75 FUT label etc.), it would make some-more clarity to just purify the line-up clean.

Slightly irritating for those who became lustful of their Hunter, but substantially it’s all for the best.

Does Alex Hunter get a girlfriend?

Hmm, now this one could get interesting.

At the FIFA 18 preview eventuality in May, we watched a display on The Journey 2, in which an picture of a woman, substantially a identical age to Hunter, popped up.

The guys from EA Sports forked it out, pronounced they won’t tell us exactly who it was, before adding that there were ‘a lot of new characters’ that you come opposite and correlate with.

We can’t contend it definitively, but positively one to watch.

Marco Reus chats with Hunter in FIFA 17s The Journey

Marco Reus chats with Hunter in FIFA 17’s The Journey

Cristiano Ronaldo facilities in it, and utterly heavily

CR7 is the genuine star of FIFA 18, given what we’ve seen of the diversion so far.

It’s no opposite in The Journey 2, and we’ve seen images and clips of Cristiano appearing in a stage alongside Hunter.

Considering he’s the cover star, the Real Madrid man will underline prominently in the diversion opposite the board.

Speaking of which…

Alex Hunter gets offering a pierce to Real Madrid?

Whether or not this is as a outcome of a few decisions and good performances going right for your character, but we’ve witnessed a stage in which Hunter’s agent storms into his kitchen/dining room/lounge (that hasn’t changed) and offers him a pierce to Los Blancos.

That’s all we’ll contend about it here, you can review all about the scenes we’ve played here.

You can play internal multiplayer in your game

This is a lovely little further – you’ll now be means to play The Journey alongside your friends.

When you’re met with the start diversion screen, you can play internal multiplayer mode, definition you can censure your crony sat next to you for not slipping in Hunter to secure a suspicion an a much-needed 7.0 rating.

Oh, and Hunter now his own Twitter account.

Yep, Hunter has assimilated Twitter… which is heading to some interesting results.

The account, @MrAlexHunter, was started by EA as a means of ramping up PR forward of the launch of FIFA 18 in September.

It’s a good suspicion in theory, but in reality bad old Alex is getting ripped to shreds.

Largely since he’s a illusory video diversion impression and is little some-more than a gold of pixels with no soul.

Will free kicks and penalties stay the same?

Penalties won’t change much, but free kicks could see an overhaul.

The new “momentum” complement that governs the set-pieces is impossibly tough to master and has been panned by FIFA players.

As a result, we’d design this to return back to the some-more “traditional” shot energy and twist mechanic.

Penalties can be tough to master  but can be disposed to haphazard goalkeeper AI

Penalties can be tough to master – but can be disposed to haphazard goalkeeper AI

The complement works wonders for penalties, nonetheless – permitting for much some-more control over shot chain and power.

Goalkeeper AI during mark kicks is mostly found wanting, so design EA to residence this.

When will EA recover some some-more information about the game?

EA is formulation an Ultimate Team ‘showcase’ at this year’s Gamescom gathering in August.

FIFA 18 artistic executive Matt Prior suggested the publisher will use the discussion in perfume as a springboard for FIFA 18 news about the renouned mode.

“Ordinary we don’t announce much about Ultimate Team around this time since we’re in the run up to Gamescom – that’s the big FUT showcase,” he pronounced at a FIFA 18 eventuality in London.

What will be the best new underline in FIFA 18?

Dynamic weather will almost positively underline in FIFA 18.

Need For Speed (2015) and Battlefield 1 -are both powered by the same engine and make use of indeterminate in-game weather systems.

Speaking to Metro last year, EA DICE’s Patrick Bach explained since weather is so much some-more than just a ‘pretty effect’.

Image outcome for terrain 1 rain

Battlefield 1 uses a energetic weather complement – which affects gameplay

“We mostly speak about these opposite measure in Battlefield, where you have the rock, paper, scissors and then you marry that with the drop and you create unpredictability from opposite angles. And with the covering of weather we actually change the way you play in a very extreme way,” he said.


“So, if you have the strategy of being a sniper and it starts to rain then you substantially have to change tactics. And the same with warrior planes, once the haze rolls in it’s like, ‘Okay, this is not as effective anymore, so we substantially need to go back on the ground’.

“It’s not only a flattering effect, it actually changes the way you play the game.”

Dynamic weather would supplement a whole new covering of strategy to gameplay in FIFA.

For example, weather holding a spin for the worse could negatively impact player belligerent speed, flitting correctness and damage probability.

Players could tumble over some-more easily, goalkeepers could be some-more likely to fail quick shots… the list is endless, and would all help supplement an additional turn of realism to the game.

Are there any cheats? 

A lie called ’99OVR’ gives every singular player in your group a 99 rating in every ability – and it could hurt FIFA 18.

The penetrate has done its way on to the PC version, where entrance to the games code is easier

The penetrate has done its way on to the PC version, where entrance to the game’s code is easier

This theoretically means that even bronze or china players can be better than 93-rated Lionel Messi and 94-rated Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s also intensely deleterious to Ultimate Team as it results in a 10K patrol being better than a 5 million FUT-coin team.

Now for the misfortune bit – it’s intensely tough to tell if someone is using the lie until it’s too late.

It’s suspicion EA is wakeful of the matter and holding stairs to exterminate the cheat.

Reddit users have speckled that when you compare against an competition and their group comes up on the screen, a undo occurs.

EA now registers player stats server side, so every one of those disconnects could be a charlatan using 99OVR.

Worringly, it took almost the whole of FIFA 17’s lifespan for EA to find a workaround for the cheat. By that time, many normal players had deserted the PC chronicle of the diversion altogether.

Given that there are forums clinging to anticipating out ways to penetrate the game, something tells us a chronicle of the 99OVR lie may back its nauseous conduct in FIFA 18 on PC.

How much will it cost?

FIFA 18 will cost around £49.99 – but given the demand, some outlets may undercut this.

We design the cheapest the diversion will go for at launch to be around £45.

When will pre-orders start?

FIFA 17 pre-orders have kicked off now.

There are 3 editions: Ronaldo (Deluxe) and ICON (Super Deluxe) Editions. You can find some-more information by visiting the FIFA 18 website 

What is in any package?

Icon Edition 

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