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Facebook pushes for some-more personal updates with launch of new Lists feature

Facebook’s standing refurbish box is getting a new underline called Lists, which starts rolling out today. This is the first major refurbish to the entrance margin given the launch of colored backgrounds just over a year ago, and also serves as a way to inspire Facebook users to share some-more personal content. The feature, like it sounds, lets users make lists of anything they select – New Year’s Resolutions, To Do’s, restaurants to try, transport ideas, and more.

Users can create their own lists with colored backgrounds, and adorn them with emoji.

The lists are also designed with the thought that friends could duplicate any other’s lists to share their own opinions about the theme at hand.

The underline is not nonetheless broadly available, as it’s a delayed global rollout starting today, we understand.

The further appears as a partial of the “What’s on your mind?” (status update) box as another option alongside things like Polls, Feeling/Activity, Photo/Video, Check In, GIF, and other items.

The idea with facilities like these is to pull users to post some-more personal updates – like stories about their lives, what they’re up to, and what they’re thinking. These forms of posts were once Facebook’s bread-and-butter, and enticed friends to record back in to see what others were saying. But over the years, Facebook’s News Feed has filled with videos, links, news, memes, updates from Facebook Pages, and, of course, ads.

Facebook currently is trying to solve the problem of too much non-personal calm in its News Feed.

Recently, it pronounced it’s tweaking the News Feed algorithm to show some-more posts from users’ friends and family, and fewer from brands and publishers. But one problem with that strategy is that people have been posting reduction personal calm over the years.

A report from The Information expelled in Dec 2016 pronounced that personal updates had declined 15 percent over the year, and had declined 21 percent from mid-2014 to mid-2015.

On top of this, Facebook’s younger user bottom is also in decline. According to a report from eMarketer this week, Facebook lost approximately 2.8 million U.S. users under 25 in 2017, and will remove around 2.1 million some-more this year.

With the hopes of reversing this trend, Facebook has been building facilities to interest to younger users. For example, it bought the viral app tbh in Oct 2017 and then fast rolled out a QA underline identical to tbh’s in the News Feed. Lists also feel like the arrange of thing that will interest to younger users, yet they could help anyone call some-more courtesy to their posts – like the colored backgrounds now do.

Facebook did not give an ETA as to when the rollout would complete, but Lists will start appearing for some subset of users commencement today.

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