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Despite controversy, Logan Paul hasn’t finished anything to be kicked off of YouTube

Despite the debate surrounding YouTube luminary Logan Paul (thanks to a fibre of videos exploiting an apparent self-murder and tasering a rat), the immature media celebrity hasn’t finished anything to aver being kicked off of the height that done him a star.

That’s according to arch executive Susan Wojcicki, who shielded her company’s diagnosis of Paul’s video debate on theatre at the Code Media discussion in Huntington Beach, Calif.

While YouTube has dangling Paul’s ability to monetize videos by ads, it has not booted him from the height — a step Wojcicki pronounced could only be taken if a user violates YouTube’s calm policies.

“We cancel accounts all the time,” Wojcicki said. Things that get accounts consummated embody the graduation of drug use, the graduation of hatred or use of hatred speech, aroused activities, releasing private information about people and adult content. “These are discipline to be partial of the village and we outline clearly the strikes,” Wojcicki said.

Since Paul’s videos — yet uninspired and awful — did not violate YouTube’s policies, the company was forced to take other actions to stifle the star’s ability to make income off of the platform.

“We took two actions — a dismissal from the reward monetization and a hold of all of the strange shows,” Wojcicki said. “And due to a settlement of gross function we have motionless to postpone monetization.”


Wojcicki insisted that YouTube was unchanging opposite the platform, enforcing the manners that it can while not apropos an judge of what calm can be distributed. “We need to have unchanging behavior,” she said. “What you consider is uninspired other people competence not consider is uninspired [so] we need to have unchanging rules.”


Even but terminating an account, Wojcicki pronounced that holding divided the monetization is absolute in itself and a line in the silt for what the company will and won’t concede on its platform.

She also emphasized the stairs that YouTube has committed to take to safeguard that inapt calm isn’t distributed.

In the past year alone, YouTube has run afoul of relatives — interjection to inapt calm distributed under the guise of children’s party — and advertisers for its placement of what Unilever arch selling officer Keith Weed called “toxic content”.

As a response YouTube’s primogenitor company, Google, will sinecure 10,000 people to inspect calm and safeguard that featured videos do not embody element that could be deliberate inappropriate.

“It’s really critical to see where are you sketch the line. on one side is censorship and on the other side is too much freedom,” Wojcicki said. “You can go too distant and bury calm that is really critical for the universe to see. Where do you draw those lines? You need to go to the experts. You need to speak to the experts and you need to establish how to do this globally.”

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