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Bonfire Ventures closes $60 million to deposit in SoCal B2B startups

Los Angeles is apropos one of the some-more engaging destinations for startups and the investors that yield income for venture collateral firms to place bets on immature companies are increasingly starting to take notice.

New supports are rising in Los Angeles at a flattering hectic clip, and the latest to plant its dwindle in the city is Bonfire Ventures, which just sealed a $60 million car for new investment.

Jim Andelman

Bonfire may be a new flag, but the first partners at the organisation have been investing in Los Angeles for the better partial of two decades.

Jim Andelman was formerly at Rincon Venture Partners and his partner Mark Mullen, was investing out of Double M Partners. Both men focused on early theatre and seed theatre business to business program investments opposite Southern California.

And after anticipating themselves co-investing on many of their deals, the two motionless that it was time to mix resources and lift a incomparable institutional fund.

Much of the firm’s committed collateral came from entrepreneurs who’d been corroborated by the partners at their prior funds. “We have 20 founder CEOs that we corroborated in the past who have invested in the fund,” says Andelman. “A lot of them are coming to us as their financier of first choice when they’re doing their new thing.”

Leah Volger

Joining the two longtime Angelenos in the fund is Leah Volger, a former Google sales exec who’s done her way down to sunny Southern California as a clamp boss of the new fund. Volger formerly worked as an financier with The Collective Growth Fund in London.

“I had worked at Google for years [and] we was looking to not be in San Francisco… from my investigate we know that LA is a flourishing tech,” says Volger.”I was looking to join a smaller fund, a nascent fund where we suspicion we could grow and grow with the fund and in terms of what zone and size.”

The validation from all the founders who’d been corroborated by Jm and Mark at their prior vehicles also assured Volger that Bonfire was the right shop for her.

The opportunity, says Andelman, is undeniable. “There are substantially 100 firms that do B2B program investment in the Valley,” he says. “We see this concentration [on B2B] in this marketplace as dramatically underserved.”

Indeed, the partners note that there were 13 business-to-business program companies that had open offerings in 2017, and Los Angeles was home to 4 of them.

Mark Mullen

The 3 partners design to make roughly 8 investments per year in seed and Series A rounds, committing up to $1 million in a turn with over 100% held in haven for follow-on investments. Geographically, the partners contend they’ll demeanour at deals opposite Southern California, primarily, since those are the markets that are slightest penetrated by investors.

The organisation has already invested in 9 companies including: Branch, a time government apparatus for hourly workers; Trinity Mobile Network, a company that optimizes mobile connectivity; Saferide Health, a communication height for medical transportation; the approach mail selling platform, Postie; and Fuel50, which maps intensity career paths for employees in an organization.

“Now we have some-more collateral and that’s driven by the opening of the own particular funds,” pronounced Mullen. “We’re surpassing with the Los Angeles marketplace and subsidy it up by performance.”


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