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Apple says iCloud China information emigration notice sent to some users in error

Apple says that an email sent to users with Apple IDs with locations not set to China that their iCloud information was being changed to a Chinese company’s servers was finished so accidentally.

The Cupertino tech hulk had announced Wednesday that next month it will start the routine of moving Chinese users’ iCloud information to servers hosted in China by state-owned Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (GCBD) as it complies with new legislation in the company that mandates that cloud services are operated by Chinese companies. Apple sent sum to influenced users, but TechCrunch detected reports that a series of users with U.S. Apple IDs had perceived presentation that their information was also being moved.

In a apart email sent this evening, Apple has sensitive users that these emails were sent in error, reiterating that only users with their Apple ID country set to China will have their iCloud information migrated to GCBD servers.

The email, obtained by TechCrunch, reads in part: “We are very contemptible that you perceived this email. This email was dictated only for business whose Apple ID country is China. A very tiny series of the business whose Apple ID country is not China also perceived this email by mistake.”

Apple accurate the essence of the email but didn’t offer serve comment.

The specific phrasing of the email is important, as it records that users who have their plcae not set to China in their iCloud comment are not now theme to the information emigration routine that Apple has announced. A pointed but critical fact for users in China and elsewhere.

Article updated to simulate Apple ID plcae info in email

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