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Amazon sole ‘millions’ of Alexa inclination over the holiday selling weekend

On the heels of news that Amazon may have accounted for half of Black Friday online sales, the tradesman currently announced that the Black Friday holiday selling weekend – which it defines as Thanksgiving by Cyber Monday – was its best-ever, in terms of Amazon inclination sold. The company historically doesn’t recover tough numbers associated to its device sales. Instead, it claims that “millions” of Alexa inclination were sole during this time frame.

One important object it did share was that its Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote were not only the best-selling Amazon inclination during this sales holiday, but they were also the best-selling products from any manufacturer in any difficulty on Amazon.

Of course, that’s not too startling given that Amazon gave its inclination a big pull this year, charity low discounts to inspire shoppers to buy.

For example, Amazon slashed the cost on its Echo Dot on Cyber Monday to $29.99 – the lowest cost ever for the tiny Alexa-powered speaker. It also took advantage of its newly acquired brick-and-mortar footprint to marketplace the device at its Whole Food stores during this sales holiday, which done the Echo Dot the best-seller at those locations, the tradesman noted.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, meanwhile, was ignored $15 to bring it to $24.99 on Cyber Monday, vastly undercutting its closest rival, the Roku Streaming Stick with voice remote, which is $49.99. The tradesman pronounced business purchased 2.7x some-more Fire TV Sticks than they did last year, which could also be an denote of the drive towards cord slicing and streaming, some-more so than the recognition of Amazon’s streaming hang in particular.

“Customers purchased millions of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled inclination this weekend, and Alexa inclination were the top sellers opposite all of Amazon,” pronounced Dave Limp, Senior Vice President, Amazon Devices Services, in a statement. “We’re vehement that tens of millions of business around the universe will be using Alexa to ready for the holidays.”

That “tens of millions” is about as close as Amazon gets to articulate about Alexa inclination sales figures. It’s the same figure CEO Jeff Bezos forsaken in Amazon’s Q3 2017 gain release, clearly a acknowledgment that Amazon has sole some-more than 20 million Alexa devices. That’s in line with progressing estimates of 16.1 million Echo inclination sole by the finish Q2.

Voicebot’s research of Bezos’ progressing matter estimates that Echo sales to date have totaled 19.5 – 21.5 million units, while non-Echo smart speakers with Alexa built-in were in the 1 million section operation by Q3 2017.

Note that Amazon didn’t announce “record” sales for this 2017 holiday selling weekend, only record numbers of Amazon inclination sold. That could meant that shoppers were swelling their dollars around among other online retailers. This year, shoppers spent a record $5.03 billion in Black Friday online sales in the U.S., and a record-breaking $6.59 billion in Cyber Monday online sales. Those numbers extend distant over Amazon.

But don’t worry about Amazon – it done up its own sales holiday called Prime Day, which was the biggest sales day in company story in 2017 and the year prior.

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