ME to Release Hernandez’s Brain After Lawyer’s Accusation

The overwhelming self-murder of Aaron Hernandez led to another startling spin — a quarrel over his brain.

Hernandez’s family wants his mind to be complicated by a Boston University CTE Center for a mind illness found in some football players. While state officials have now pronounced they would recover a mind to a family, that proclamation wasn’t done until after accusations from a former New England Patriots parsimonious end’s lawyer.

“It is a position that they are holding Aaron Hernandez’s mind illegally,” profession Jose Baez said.

Baez combined that BU’s CTE Center is “the excellent lab in a country,” and pronounced medical examiner’s bureau does not have a same turn of expertise.

BU’s CTE Center refused to criticism on a matter Thursday.

“If it’s not recorded properly, they won’t be means to take correct specimens and we won’t be means to get a information and a believe we want,” pronounced Baez. “It is literally a drop of justification issue.”

The Medical Examiner’s bureau expelled a matter observant a mind was being kept since it was partial of a review into Hernandez’s genocide and could need serve analysis. But only hours later, only as fast as a tragedy escalated, it seemed to come to an end.

When a Worcester County District Attorney’s Office announced that Hernandez’s genocide had strictly been ruled a suicide, it combined that a state would do as a family asked.

“Now that a means and demeanour of genocide have been determined, a mind will be expelled to Boston University’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center as Mr. Hernandez’s family wishes,” DA Joseph Early Jr. pronounced in a statement.

Baez says a family hopes a mind can be examined to assistance destiny athletes, and to strew any some-more light on his client’s death.

“We need to privately do all probable to find out what happened,” Baez said. “Why not? Doesn’t everybody wish to know?”

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