Tim Tebow personification in NJ is closest he might ever get to Citi Field

LAKEWOOD, N.J. – We are 85 miles from Citi Field, and for a foreseeable future, this is as tighten as Mets farmhand Tim Tebow will get to Queens.

Tebow’s rarely expected New Jersey entrance finished with a former football star mired in an nauseous slump. And while he competence be offered out South Atlantic League ballparks like he did here this week, Tebow hasn’t given his many fans anything to see.

It’s loyal we can’t spell Tebow though a O, and that was really many a box a final 4 days as he went a sum 0-for-10 with 5 strikeouts. He’s now batting .227, that begs a question: if he can’t strike low-level A-ball pitching, what could he presumably do opposite stiffer competition?

Last week, published reports indicated Tebow, 29, competence be in line for a call-up during some indicate this summer, though it’s transparent after examination him scuffle in Single-A opposite kids, some 10 years younger than him, that Tebow is not prepared for a promotion.

“We don’t speak about it,” Columbia manager Jose Leger pronounced of a Tebow speculation. “It’s only rumors and they’re always going to be there. We’ll be prepared whenever that happens.”

Realistically speaking, 22-year-old Michael Paez, attack .284 with 5 HR, 21-year-old Dash Winningham, .240 with 46 sum bases, and 19-year-old Luis Carpio, .262 with a well-balanced bat, all would seem some-more judicious callups than Tebow.

So what does a actor primed for a graduation indeed demeanour like?

Some ball people trust it takes 1,500 teenager joining at-bats to ready for a major-league promotion. Tebow has only over 100 underneath his belt and isn’t even median by his initial pro season.

Mike Piazza indispensable tools of 4 years in a minors to morph from a 20-year-old child batting .268 with 8 HR in Single-A into a 23-year-old masher who was promoted to a Dodgers from Triple-A. In his final year in a minors, Piazza warranted his ball master’s, batting .350 with 23 homers.

When Gregg Jefferies was called adult as a 19-year-old in 1987, he was attack .367 in a minors. Derek Jeter was attack .317 when he was promoted. Aaron Judge is carrying a beast deteriorate with a Yankees, though he didn’t get called adult until he was attack .270 with 65 RBI final year with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

“At this level, we demeanour during guys removing better,” Leger said. “Guys during this turn have to learn about failure. That’s what we see during this level. You see guys going genuine good for dual weeks and afterwards all evens out a subsequent dual weeks given they only mislaid their timing or mislaid their confidence.”

Despite a rumors, Tim Tebow’s on-field opening doesn’t consequence a graduation any time soon.

Despite a rumors, Tim Tebow’s on-field opening doesn’t consequence a graduation any time soon.


Tebow knows all about disaster on a football field, though now he’s training about disaster in a new sport. He was stranded in a 1-for-15 unemployment over 4 games given May 8 and was 0-for-11 during a image over a awful three-game span.

By all accounts, Tebow is a pleasure to have around a clubhouse. He’s a tough worker. He’s committed. He’s humble. But is that adequate to energy an extraordinary sports quest? We’ll have to wait and see.

“He’s got a good swing,” Leger said. “He’s got some strength in there. It’s only a matter of reckoning out a timing. The biggest plea for him is removing a timing, removing a feet down, removing his stroke during a image to hopefully get a coherence we wish in a hitter.”

Tebow indeed has some-more to learn in left field.

“The biggest plea was going to play a outfield correctly, though he’s doing it,” Leger said. “He’s improving and given open training he’s gotten better. His arm has gotten stronger, he’s reading balls improved off a bat. He’s industrious and leads by example.

“His bat is entrance around,” he said. “You can see there’s a lot of adult and downs though we can see that in a lot of guys, who after 6, 7 years, they’re still reckoning out their swings.”

Tebow will be closer to 40 in that volume of time, so watchful for him to make a healthy course by a minors competence not be picturesque even for his many righteous supporters.

Imagine, a 36-year-old MLB rookie.

Tebow is years from reaching Citi Field. Maybe he never will.

Maybe this array in New Jersey is a closest he’ll ever get to Queens.

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