Giants perplexing to infer Evan Engram is a loyal parsimonious end

Giants descent coordinator Mike Sullivan is already operative to boot a visit hit on first-round collect Evan Engram’s game.

“He is not a large far-reaching receiver,” Sullivan pronounced Friday, a initial day of a Giants’ three-day rookie minicamp.

While being a big-bodied wideout competence not be such a bad thing, a import when used in Engram’s box is mostly that he can’t line adult during his listed position: Tight end. That, Sullivan indicated, is a myth.

“Often times people competence demeanour during him and contend he’s usually going to be there to be separate out far-reaching and when we consider of a large far-reaching receiver, in my mind, we consider of Brandon Marshall, Plaxico Burress, that’s a large far-reaching receiver,” Sullivan said. “He is not someone who you’ll see particularly as someone that is replaced out in a container that is usually a bigger body. He’s a versatile player, he’s a tough guy, and we’re vehement about saying what we can do with him.”

How Giants tip collect Evan Engram shakes adult Ben McAdoo’s offense

While a Giants positively didn’t breeze Engram 23rd altogether for his restraint ability, Sullivan’s comments advise they will during slightest try regulating Engram as a hand-in-the-ground parsimonious finish during times.

“This is someone who has some of that top physique strength and a distance where he can fill some of those roles that we wish as a parsimonious finish and we’re going to be resourceful in a things we wish him to do,” Sullivan said.

Aligning as a normal parsimonious finish is something Engram isn’t used to − he pronounced it was “rare” that he put his palm in a belligerent while in college during Ole Miss. But he said, when told of Sullivan’s comments, that he’s adult for a plea if that is what is asked of him.

“If that’s what a O.C. says. I’m usually perplexing to do whatever we can to assistance a team. If that’s in line, removing physical, afterwards I’m going to do it,” Engram said. “If it’s out wide, being a straight threat, I’m going to do that too.”

Evan Engram has family’s superintendence to appreciate for creation NFL

If a Giants can spin Engram into a actor that is a speed receiving hazard that still be used in-line during times, that would be vicious for a Ben McAdoo offense that used 11 crew (one using behind and one parsimonious end) on an a strenuous infancy of plays final year.

“We can’t reason opposite him what he has been asked to do in a prior offense,” McAdoo pronounced when asked if he could use Engram reliably in 11 personnel. “We have to rise him as we go along and see what he can handle, see what he is gentle with and see how we can pull him to grow being gentle and being worried and where we start and where we finish competence be dual opposite things.”

It was usually one day of practice, though Engram already likes how he’s being used.

“I adore it. Especially my position … how most we pierce around and stuff, puts a invulnerability in binds, anticipating holes in a defense. It’s a good offense, it’s a lot, though we can’t wait to unequivocally learn it.”

Evan Engram has family’s superintendence to appreciate for creation NFL


There’s no pound speak like punter pound talk.

When Brad Wing saw a twitter from a FOX Sports Australia writer that called audition punter Felix Menard-Briere a challenger to Wing, Big Blue’s Aussie punter wasn’t carrying it.

“Child please,” Wing wrote. That could make for someone ungainly review if Menard-Briere creates a group and a dual have to spend training stay together.

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