Eight tips to win your Mar Madness joint pool

There are few people in a universe who know some-more about betting on college basketball games than Joe Gagliano. It’s a indeterminate distinction.

A executive figure in one of a misfortune gambling rings in college hoops history, Gagliano spent a year in jail for his purpose in a Arizona State indicate shred liaison that took place during a 1993-94 NCAA basketball season.

At a tallness of a scandal, that he recounts in a book “No Grey Areas,” Gagliano was carrying around a duffel bag pressed with $3 million he won betting on bound college basketball games.

While those high-flying days are prolonged left and his regulating days are a apart memory (along with all of that cash), Gagliano stays a gambling guru with copiousness of recommendation for amateurs stuffing out NCAA basketball contest sheets this week.

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Here are his 8 best tips for building a winning bracket:

1. Most brackets demeanour a same

You’re not going to find many newness when it comes to picking normal contest powers.

“Everyone is going to collect a common suspects in a tournament,” Gagliano told a Daily News. “You’re going to have a Kansases of a world, a North Cariolinas, Duke, Villanova, Gonzaga. Everyone is going to have those teams in their Elite Eight and their Final Four and they’re going to have them in a final championship game. So you’re not going to warn anyone there.”


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2. You win in initial dual rounds

If you’re still alive during a finish of your bureau pool, chances are you’re not a usually one to collect teams that have modernized low into a tournament. Set yourself adult for success starting with a initial weekend of a tournament.

“Where you’re unequivocally going to do repairs and where you’re going to make a disproportion in creation your pool improved than others is what we do in a early rounds,” Gagliano said. “All those early points are what’s going to apart we from a pack. So when we start picking a 5-12 games, a 6-11 games, when we start picking a 7-10 games, those are a games that are a disproportion makers in rounds one and two.”

3. Forget Cinderella

Be realistic. They’re called Cinderella teams since eventually a time strikes midnight. So don’t build your joint around anticipating one.

“You’re unequivocally not going to have a Cinderella go all a approach to a Sweet Sixteen and if we do, it’s a fluke,” Gagliano said. “You’re not going to have that Cinderella go all a approach to a Elite Eight. If we do, it’s flattering damn certain nobody is going to have those teams anyway.”

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4. Ride a call of momentum

It’s a many essential evil of a group primed for loyal Mar Madness.

“I’m a large fan of momentum,” Gagliano said. “One of a pivotal indicators we demeanour for is their final 5 games. Researching a final 5 games is genuine easy to do. All these websites have their final 5 games. You can see how they’ve done. It’s movement with these kids. If they’re 4-1 or 3-2 though their dual waste were spike biters, we would be some-more prone to gaunt toward that group rather than a group that’s on a three-game movement and is in a contest usually formed on who they are, a discussion they’re in and their early record.”

5. Not a distance of a dog in a fight

Don’t be frightened off by no-name schools from conferences you’ve never listened of. In fact, underdogs play with a critical chip on their shoulder in a tournament. Against a second-tier propagandize from a large conference, we competence wish to take your chances with a small guys.

An instance of this: Michigan State is going to get in a contest quite since of a extraction and they play in a large conference. But MSU hasn’t been personification good to finish a season. Stay divided from teams like that.

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“So we put that adult opposite a group where they could be like a Middle Tennessee State or a Northern Kentucky, a group that is on glow and usually vehement to be there and has rattled off six, seven, 8 wins in a quarrel and they have some talent and they could substantially kick anybody on a given night, those are a kind of upsets we can hurl a bones on,” Gagliano said.

“Look for a group with talent, movement and a whole garland of appetite behind it.”

6. Predictability is death

Don’t usually collect all a aloft seeds.

“The common mistake is being predictable,” Gagliano said. “The rookie or a untaught sports chairman is going to take a aloft seeds opposite a board. They’re going to take a one seeds in a Final Four.

“I consider predictability is a many common mistake people make,” he said. “It’s really unlikely, in fact we can’t remember it ever happening, where a aloft seeds have carried a whole tournament. You’re going to see some Cinderellas come out of a (Sweet) Sixteen, you’re going to see some upsets early on and that’s a usually approach to win these forms of pools.”

7. Do your homework.

This is a diversion of lowest common denominator and by simply reading adult and familiarizing yourself with contest teams and matchups, you’ll have an present advantage over many people in your bureau pool.

“You’re competing opposite a masses and a masses are a lot of untaught sports players,” Gagliano said. “Those untaught players are going to be picking a aloft seeds all a approach opposite a board.”

8. Some pools will slice we off

Stick to friends and family. Gagliano is explanation that there is a rapist component sneaking behind college basketball betting. In a online world, there are lots of untrustworthy pools and tournaments run by people we don’t know. Stay divided from them.

“It’s a lot of fun to fill out a joint and attend in bureau pools and things like that, though when we take it to a turn where you’re going online to sites or companies that don’t have a repute of being credible, that could presumably manipulate a outcome, that you’re going to compensate income to and wish they do a right thing, I’d run from that as quick as we can,” Gagliano said. “Do it in a approach where it’s fun and with people that we know.

“And we do it in a approach where you’re not risking a lease money.”

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