Acting Warriors manager scarcely arrested by Spurs military escort

Acting Warriors manager Mike Brown was late to his Game 2 pregame assembly with a press on Tuesday, though his forgive is golden.

Brown was pushing in front of a Spurs group train during a turnpike exit en track to Golden State’s Oracle Arena with his son Cam and a integrate of friends in his Range Rover.

“We’re exiting a off-ramp and we tell my son — since my son loves (Spurs manager Gregg Popovich) for a prolonged time — we said, ‘Cam, a Spurs are behind us,’” Brown recalled, per a San Jose Mercury News. “He said: ‘How do we know?’ we pronounced there’s a military chaperon with motorcycles in front of them. So one motorcycle gets in front of a red light off a exit ramp, pauses, tells everybody to go through. So my buddy’s like, ‘Oh, we got to appreciate a Spurs for that.’ Go to a subsequent red light, some-more cops come, a train is right on us. They’re like, ‘Get through! Get through!’ This is kind of assisting us, assisting me out since we have (PR male Raymond Ridder) respirating down my neck.”

Suddenly, officers on motorcycles yelled for Brown to stop right before a embankment to a track parking lot.

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Mike Brown had some difficulty removing to Golden State's Oracle Arena on Tuesday.

Mike Brown had some difficulty removing to Golden State’s Oracle Arena on Tuesday.

(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

“So we literally start to go and get in a distant left line to go by where we all go through. Then a patrolman out of nowhere pulls in front of of me: ‘Hey, you! Stop!’ I’m like, ‘Warriors behaving coach!’” Brown said, indicating to a trademark on his shirt. “He’s like: ‘I don’t care! You, stop!’

“So I’m like feeling myself a small bit, like I’m not removing bullied by Oakland PD or San Francisco PD. Bullied, in my possess parking lot? So afterwards another one pulls up: ‘Hey, you! You listened him, stop!’ So I’m like, OK, we possess a motorcycle and if we bestir a small closer, they’ll get frightened since I’d get scared. So we started scooting forward. Then an SVU pulls adult and we hear him on their shrill speaker: ‘Hey, we in a Range Rover! Stop! Right now! You listened a officer!’ Then we get frightened since we have 5 cops around me. So we only stopped.”

Brown afterwards let a group train and 18 cops go brazen of him. That’s when his phone rang, with a informed name on his tourist ID: Gregg Popovich.

Gregg Popovich.

Gregg Popovich.


“So we answer a phone and Pop is failing (laughing),” Brown said. “He said: ‘Mike, we didn’t know that was you. I’m sitting here and we see this black Range Rover, we see all these cops surrounding him and we see a automobile perplexing to in. brazen and I’m like, he’s about to get arrested.’ we said: ‘Pop, this is my possess building!.’ He said: ‘I know when we saw it was you, we died laughing.’”

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Popovich common his doctrine for Brown during his possess pregame presser.

“Somebody’s got to learn him that when a California Highway Patrol tells we to pierce over, we pierce over,” Popovich said. “He didn’t do that. But it was funny.”

Brown’s brief run-in with a cops didn’t disquiet him on a sidelines, however, as a Warriors remained undefeated in a playoffs with a 136-100 feat over a Spurs in a Western Conference Finals.

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