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Netanyahu should face temptation charges, police say

Mr Netahyahu, who has been questioned several times given the start of 2017, is a think in two apart cases.

In one of them, he is purported to have perceived $100,000 in gifts from Hollywood noble Arnon Milchan and other rich supporters.

In the other case, he is accused of charity favoured diagnosis to a journal publisher in sell for enlightened coverage.

The 68-year-old has denied any indiscretion and claims the recommendations “will finish with nothing”.

In a televised address, he pronounced he would “continue to lead Israel responsibly and faithfully”, describing the allegations as “baseless”.

His long-running domestic career had been only “for the good of the nation”, he said.

In addition, he accused police of conducting a witch-hunt against him, and pronounced he would run for re-election.

A decision on either to press charges will be taken by Israel’s profession general.

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