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Giant elephant tusks seized at Bangkok airport

The transport of ivory worth around 15 million Thai Baht (almost £345,000) and weighing 148kg (325 pounds) was detected at Bangkok airport after it was flagged by officials.

The 3 vast tusks and 31 spike fragments from Nigeria were unfailing for China, where direct for ivory is still high despite a new crackdown.

Officials pronounced the distance of the tusks show they were taken from at-risk African elephants. Discoloration suggests they have been in storage for a prolonged time.

Somkiat Soontornpittakkool, an central from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation said: “From what we can tell, these ivory tusks were taken from very big elephants, and elephants of that distance are now tough to find even in Africa.

Thai debate experts work nearby confiscated elephant tusks after a news discussion at the Customs Department in Bangkok
Thailand is a major movement heart for smuggled tusks

“And judging from how the tusks look, they seem to have been taken a while ago. They weren’t wanted recently. They were taken and stored for a while before smugglers sent them out.”

The seized load has now been impounded as police try to brand the smugglers.

Despite laws to umpire the domestic ivory markets and criminalise the sale of African elephant ivory, Thailand is still deliberate a major movement heart for smuggled tusks.

The Customs Department pronounced last year Thai officials seized 510 elephant spike fragments in 4 apart cases.

The biggest direct comes from China where the Government has tried to cut the trade by making the domestic sale of ivory illegal starting this year.

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