Man Shatters World Record, Devours 255 Peeps in 5 Minutes

In a suggestion of a Easter season, San Jose’s Matt Stonie inhaled 255 Peeps Saturday on his approach to outstanding his prior universe record.

The rival eating fable downed a thriving volume of surgary marshmallows in only 5 mins during a second annual National Harbor World Peeps Eating Championship, according to Major League Eating. That symbol set Saturday was 55 improved than a prior universe record, that happened to be set by Stonie during final year’s Peeps-eating competition in Maryland.

Stonie’s first-place finish helped him things his wallet with $1,750, according to Major League Eating.

Stonie, nicknamed “Megatoad,” is a No. 2-ranked rival eater in a universe behind associate San Jose, California, local Joey Chestnut, according to Major League Eating.

The rival eater is many famously famous for winning a 2015 Nathan’s Famous Fourth of Jul International Hot Dog Eating Contest. That feat finished Chestnut’s eight-year dominant strain during a world-renowned event.

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