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UK’s fattest city decends into chaos after locals group to new Domino’s Pizza that was giving divided free food

Locals in the UK’s fattest city caused chaos by flocking to a new Domino’s Pizza that was giving divided free food.

Police had to be called to keep sequence in Whitehaven, Cumbria, after an offer of the first 100 pizzas free sparked a feeding frenzy.

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza caused a frenzy after locals flocked down to the new bend which betrothed to give out their first 100 pizzas for free

Stunned witnesses pronounced people pushed and shoved in an try to reserve burst and some families deserted their cars at the roadside in their rush to squeeze a freebie.

Andrew Burns, 26, said: “Cars ditched. Police called. All for a free pizza.”

Another witness said: “The city was ridiculed for being the fattest in England and this is the outcome when a new pizza shop opens.


Police were called to the pizza sequence due to the volume of people pulling and shoving for the free food

“Police were called since of the perfect volume of miserly people pulling and shoving.”

A consult by Public Health England found Whitehaven’s precinct of Copeland was the fattest in England in 2014, with a towering 76 per cent of the race obese.

Yesterday Whitehaven mayor Raymond Gill complained there were too many quick food outlets in the area.


The mayor or Whithaven complained about the series of quick food outlets accessible but pronounced there isn’t anything the legislature can do about it

He said: “I am not having a go at Domino’s but it is terrible how many kebab shops and pizza outlets there are now.

“It’s a shame now people don’t really cook.

“There is zero the legislature can do. There’s an plumpness problem opposite the country.”

Heatwave Letterbox lets you accept a Domino’s pizza whenever you need one

A orator for Domino’s said: “We were gay to accept such an eager acquire by the residents of Whitehaven and we demeanour brazen to bringing the singular ambience of Domino’s to the area.

“Our menu caters for all tastes including lighter options.”

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