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Wolves may have killed mauled British tourist

Celia Hollingworth, 62, from Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire, was reported blank on Thursday after disintegrating on a walk back from an archaeological site in Maroneia, nearby the Turkish border.

The condition of her remains, found on Saturday, advise she was not pounded by wandering dogs as primarily thought, coroner Nikolaos Kifinidis said.

“It seems like she may have been pounded by other furious animals, like wild wolves and jackals,” he told The Times.

Ms Hollingworth reportedly tried to hit family members in London after being pounded but lost vigilance on her phone.

The 62-year-old was a former Oxford highbrow who worked as an director for the University of Bristol.

She spent time campaigning for the Bath Against Cuts group, which described her as “always optimistic”.

A orator for Wiltshire Police pronounced the force was “working closely with officers in Greece per the grave marker of the deceased”.

The force pronounced it was also operative with the Foreign Office and ancillary Ms Hollingworth’s family.

A orator for the Foreign Office said: “We are in hit with Greek police in propinquity to a British lady blank in northern Greece given Thursday.

“We are also providing consular assistance to her family.”

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