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Surgeon who burnt initials on livers avoids jail

Simon Bramhall, 53, was given a village sequence and fined £10,000 after revelation two charges of assault.

During sentencing, the judge pronounced he had “betrayed the trust” of patients.

Prosecutors described how the surgeon used an argon lamp to code his initials on the livers of two drugged patients at the finish of transplant operations in Feb and Aug 2013.

One of the livers unsuccessful – for reasons unfriendly to Bramhall’s actions – and it was then that another surgeon detected the initials “SB” burnt on to it and took a photo of the 4cm mark.

Bramhall, who is world-renowned in his profession, quiescent from his pursuit at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2014.

One of the victims was left feeling “violated” and still suffers extreme psychological difficulties, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

In a victim impact statement, she pronounced the moment she was shown the symbol “will perpetually be etched on my mind”.

A helper who witnessed the surgeon’s actions pronounced she had asked him what he was doing; he is pronounced to have replied: “I do this.”

The justice listened Bramhall after told police he had “flicked his wrist” and done the symbol in a few seconds.

“He knew that the movement could means no mistreat to the patient. He also pronounced that in hindsight this was genuine and great – a misjudged try to soothe the tragedy in theatre,” pronounced prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC.

Judge Paul Farrer QC condemned Bramhall to a 12-month village sequence with 120 hours of delinquent work, and fined him £10,000.

He told him: “I accept that on both occasions you were sleepy and stressed and we accept that this may have influenced your judgement.

“This was control innate of veteran audacity of such bulk that it strayed into rapist behaviour.

“What you did was an abuse of energy and a profanation of trust that these patients had invested in you.

“I accept that you didn’t intend or predict anything but the many pardonable of mistreat would be caused.”

Sky’s Tom Parmenter, in justice for the sentencing, pronounced a “significant series of other former patients of Simon Bramhall were in justice to show their support and gratitude”.

Bramhall was also described in slackening as “one of the superb surgeons of his generation”, Parmenter added.

One of the patients ancillary the surgeon was Barbara Moss, who was given just 3 months to live in 2006 when Simon Bramhall told her he would work on a 15cm tumour.

“It was Mr Bramhall who gave me my first instincts of hope,” she told the court.

Military surgeon Colonel Douglas Bowley also paid reverence to the work Bramhall has carried out on harmed service crew returning from the fight in Afghanistan.

Bramhall collaborated with Army doctors to drastically urge presence rates from the conflict.

The surgeon was given a grave warning by the General Medical Council last Feb and now works as an anaesthetist at a hospital in Hereford.

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