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Parents criticize university over daughter’s suicide

Emily Drouet, 18, killed herself at her Aberdeen halls of chateau in Mar 2016 following weeks of verbal, earthy and psychological abuse by her tyro boyfriend.

Angus Milligan, 21, pleaded guilty last Tuesday to 3 charges of assaulting Emily in the months heading up to her death.

Emily’s mom Fiona told Sky News: “He’s immorality to the core. We wish to make certain he doesn’t repairs the family any some-more than he already has but he’s taken the daughter. He broken the daughter.”

Emily gimlet signs of earthy mistreat by Milligan when she consulted a tyro proprietor partner (SRA) at Aberdeen University a week before she killed herself. They suspected she was being abused but didn’t intervene. Neither the police nor Emily’s relatives were contacted.

Emily Drouet took her own life following weeks of physical, written and psychological abuse by her tyro boyfriend
Emily suffered weeks of physical, written and psychological abuse by Angus Milligan

The university says Emily denied she was being subjected to violence, but her family says she told the SRA she “didn’t wish to get him (Milligan) into trouble”.

Emily’s family told Sky News that while they hold Milligan alone obliged for their daughter’s death, the university could have finished some-more to forestall it.

Mrs Drouet said: “We’re shocked. Why, when the university gifted him screaming and cheering abuse at Emily – as distant as we’re wakeful that was the first occurrence – they just told him to close up, sent him back to his room, sent Emily to her room but any regard for her care… after she’d just been verbally abused in a really assertive way, so assertive that the whole halls listened it.

“Why were we not informed, given that was her in a exposed position. A crime had been committed and we weren’t told. We’re her next of family and she’d just incited 18.

Emily Drouet
Aberdeen University says Emily denied she was being subjected to violence

“Our expectations were simple reserve for the daughter, simple care, and we don’t feel any of that was delivered. They knew, the night when he strangled her, and she… almost died.

“Emily went to the SRA. She’d been to them on several occasions. She didn’t contend accurately what had happened with the abuse. She pronounced events had happened that she was dissapoint about and that he had been angry and the attribute was really bad. Obviously they could see she had a splendid red distended face and they asked her: ‘Emily, has he hit you?’ And Emily’s respond was, ‘No, we just don’t wish to get him into trouble.’

“They didn’t follow it up. They didn’t advise us that they felt Emily had been hurt. If they felt they couldn’t advise us, could they not have sought some recommendation from Women’s Aid? From a doctor? From the police? They left Emily in the same halls as him for it to occur again. So, already we feel there was a transparent settlement of the assault rising and sharpening and zero was done. We feel that the university could have saved the daughter if they had delivered the simple avocation of care.”

Angus Milligan pleaded guilty last Tuesday to 3 charges of assaulting Emily Drouet
Milligan pleaded guilty last Tuesday to several charges of assaulting Emily

Milligan, a psychology tyro from Edinburgh, pleaded guilty at Aberdeen Sheriff Court to assaulting Emily on 10 Mar last year. He also pleaded guilty to melancholy and abusing her over using violent and descent denunciation and promulgation offensive, indecent, pornographic and ominous texts to her.

Five other charges, including one alleging he attempted to throttle her mins before she killed herself, were forsaken due to miss of evidence. He will be condemned on 5 June.

Aberdeen University maintains that the first time staff suspected Emily was concerned in an violent attribute was in the week before her death. It claims that she denied any abuse had occurred and staff reputable her wish that no movement be taken.

Angus Milligan pleaded guilty last Tuesday to 3 charges of assaulting Emily Drouet in the months heading up to her death.
Milligan will be condemned on 5 June

Professor Margaret Ross, at Aberdeen University, pronounced Emily’s death “was a tragedy that was deeply upsetting” for everybody at the university.

She said: “The university is committed to ancillary any students who are experiencing problems during their time here, however we must change respecting the students’ rights as eccentric adults with the own responsibilities to offer support.

“Having reviewed the resources surrounding Emily’s death, we are confident that the turn of support offering by the university before to her death was appropriate, formed on the believe of the resources at the time.

“Nonetheless we have given carried out a examination of the tyro support procedures, and where we have identified opportunities we have done changes to raise the turn of support available.”

Emily, who was the oldest of 3 children, was a “caring, fun-loving, kind and special daughter”, contend her parents.

Her relatives haven’t been back to work given the tragedy, having endured what they call a “year of torture” following their daughter’s death.

Her father, Germain, said: “We never suspicion anything like that could ever happen. It’s a vivid moment, it still doesn’t feel genuine to us. We don’t really know how to develop from that moment.”

:: Anyone feeling emotionally unsettled or suicidal can also call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org in the UK.

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