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Missing teen Gaia Pope died from hypothermia

Gaia was reported blank by her family from her home nearby Swanage in Dorset on 7 Nov last year.

She had not been seen for 11 days.

Family and friends launched a large campaign to find the 19-year-old student, who suffered from serious epilepsy.

Two men aged 19 and 49, and a 71-year-old lady were arrested but expelled but charge.

Gaia’s body was found by police in undergrowth between Dancing Ledge and Anvil Point, close to the Swanage coastal path, on 18 November.

Members of the open assisting the hunt for Gaia in Durlston Country Park
Her disappearance sparked a large campaign to find her

Her family pronounced they wanted to know some-more about the resources of her death, observant she had been “really struggling” with a “lot of issues”.

The only family at the opening of the inquisition at Bournemouth Town Hall were her cousin Marienna Pope-Weidemann and her mom Talia Pope.

“I am wakeful the family have a series of concerns in propinquity to Gaia’s death and some of those will be very applicable to my inquiry, but some will not be,” pronounced Dorset Coroner Rachael Griffin

“It is not that we am unpleasant to those concerns but they simply tumble outward my remit.”

Coroner’s officer Andrew Lord pronounced that pathologist Dr Russell Delaney was primarily incompetent to settle a means of death.

But after tests he was means to contend that Miss Pope had died from hypothermia.

Mr Lord pronounced she was rigourously identified by a “distinctive” tattoo on her body.

“Following the results of the autopsy conference police have reliable they are no longer treating the death as suspicious,” Mr Lord said.

Miss Griffin pronounced she would be requesting statements from Miss Pope’s family, her GP, the Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Dorset Police and Professor Matthew Walker, a neurologist from University College London who Miss Pope was under the caring of.

Gaia Pope (R) with her cousin, Marienna Pope-Weidemann. Pic: Facebook / Marienna Pope-Weidemann
Gaia Pope (R) with her cousin, Marienna Pope-Weidemann. Pic: Facebook / Marienna Pope-Weidemann

“It has been brought to my courtesy that there are some concerns in propinquity to caring supposing by social services,” she said.

“I will ask a matter from Dorset County Council in propinquity to that hit with Gaia.”

The coroner combined that she would also wish an entomology report to see either the accurate timing of Miss Pope’s death could be established.

The coroner shelved the conference until 14 May for a pre-inquest examination and she had not bound a date for the resumed inquest.

Gaia’s cousin, Marienna Pope-Weidemann, pronounced after the hearing: “We know now what took her from us but when, how and because are all questions that must still be answered, not just for the consequence but for the consequence of the next family who wakes up in that calamity some day.

“We are carefree that the inquisition will find those answers. The highway is prolonged but with your support we will get probity for Gaia.”

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