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Judge asks Charlie’s relatives for new evidence

Charlie’s father Chris yelled opposite the justice room at a barrister, demanding: “When are you going to start revelation the truth?”

Both relatives interrupted record and aired concerns about their son’s case directly to Mr Justice Francis.


Parents ‘still fighting’ for baby Charlie

He told them he wanted to know what had changed with the 11-month-old’s condition and pronounced he would make decisions on the basement of “clear evidence”.

“I will hear new evidence. we am not going to hillside over facts,” the judge said, adding he would analyse the case “calmly and fairly”.

Grant Armstrong, representing Charlie’s parents, pronounced there was “encouraging” justification from researchers at the Vatican’s children’s hospital about an initial treatment.

However, lawyers representing Great Ormond Street Hospital and a defender allocated to exclusively represent Charlie’s interests told Mr Justice Francis they were struggling to find any new evidence.

Charlie Gards relatives delivered a petition to the hospital
Charlie’s relatives appealed directly to Mr Justice Francis

Following the hearing, Gard family orator Alasdair Seton-Marsden, said: “If Charlie is still fighting, (his parents) are still fighting.”

Earlier, Ms Yates told Sky News that the initial diagnosis could be a “miracle” for her son.

She pronounced that if the remedy works Charlie “could potentially be a normal child again”.

“There are 18 children now on this diagnosis – one of them wasn’t means to do anything and now she’s roving a bike,” she said.

Ms Yates combined that she hoped judges would listen to experts and “give us a chance”.

She said: “We’re not observant Great Ormond Street is a bad hospital but they don’t have a dilettante for his sold condition.

“We don’t see what’s cool about him failing – we consider it’s cool that he has a possibility at life and if it doesn’t work then we’ll let him go.”

The relatives of Charlie Gard have lost their interest against a statute which would concede doctors to repel life-support treatment.
Charlie suffers from mitochondrial illness and has brain damage

Dr Trevor Stammers, techer in bioethics and medical law at St Mary’s University, told Sky News the Vatican’s justification has to infer the initial diagnosis has “some possibility of consultation benefit”.

He said: “It seems that if he stays at Great Ormond Street it seems that almost positively his life support will be cold and clearly he is likely then to die.

“I determine that if there is even a tiny possibility on the basement of this justification then the hypothesis and authorised fashion on these cases is that the visualisation ought to be given in foster of preserving and prolonging life – but we don’t know precisely what the inlet of that justification is yet.”

Meanwhile, Conservative Woman author Caroline Farrow pronounced the claims of Charlie’s relatives are “not essentially vast or unreasonable”.

She told Sky News: “The case is so finely offset you could disagree it possibly way. In this case, the wishes of the relatives ought to be respected.”

Charlies relatives Chris Gard and Connie Yates wish to take him the America for treatment
Charlie’s relatives wish to take him to the US or Italy for treatment

Charlie suffers from mitochondrial illness and has brain damage. His relatives wish him to bear an initial diagnosis in the US or Italy.

A GoFundMe page set up to lift income for his diagnosis has so distant lifted some-more than £1.3m.

Great Ormond Street doctors contend the nucleoside therapy would not help him and life support should be stopped.

The conference continues on Thursday.

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