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‘Dangerous’ schoolboy condemned for petrol bombing M3

Nicholas Elger from Winchester, Hampshire, was described by the judge as a “dangerous immature man”.

The 17-year-old threw petrol bombs on to the M3 motorway on two occasions in Sep 2017. Thousands of motorists and passengers were stranded for hours.

Prosecutors pronounced Elger confessed to carrying out the attacks. They contend he had been conference voices and “was arrange of trying to kill someone”.

Judge Keith Cutler systematic that the suspect be treated and assessed at a psychiatric unit. If doctors are incompetent to provide him, Elger will face a substantial custodial sentence.

“It’s transparent to me that you are a dangerous immature man who has committed critical offences,” Judge Cutler told the court.

The judge carried stating restrictions on fixing Elger given of the open seductiveness in the critical offences.

Elger assembled Molotov cocktails using apparatus stolen from a Tesco store.

He threw them from a overpass close to connection 10 of the M3, which is the categorical track between London and Southampton.

Thousands of people have been stranded on the motorway
Thousands of people were stranded on the motorway

Prosecutors told the justice that a declare described the “carriageway fervent with abandon reaching the tallness of a person” and another had to snake on to the tough shoulder to equivocate the “firebomb”.

The second attack, on 23 September, sealed the motorway for several hours and sparked large tailbacks.

Rob Welling, prosecuting, said: “The estimated repairs to the internal economy is £40m, we know that many people were left stranded on the M3 for many, many hours as a outcome of that closure.”

The teen had pleaded guilty to two arson charges, as good as thievery and extort charges against Winchester College, a top open school which he attended as a boarder.

He also pleaded guilty to two charges of theft.

Elger had twice demanded remuneration of £10,000 in the online banking Bitcoin from the school in sequence for him to stop carrying out serve break-ins – during which he had stolen mechanism apparatus worth £37,000.

Referring to the burglaries, Mr Welling pronounced “he did it for compensation and he found the risk enjoyable.”

When interviewed, prosecutors contend Elger pronounced he enjoyed the risk.

The motorway stays partially closed
The incidents caused outrageous tailbacks

The tyro adopted an change ego, James, and engraved the name into a knife, Mr Welling said.

He also collected hundreds of matches and had drawn an “eerie” picture on a notice board.

Elger has given been expelled.

Robert Morris, defending, pronounced Elger was a “deeply uneasy individual”.

Mr Morris went on to contend Elger had been described as a child as a “kind and pleasing boy” but had “lost the event to go to a top university”.

A serve conference at Winchester Crown Court will be held on May 18.

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