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The Point: (Re)Learning to Read

So, what’s your page extent these days? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

A page shouldn’t be a tough thing to turn, but for large smart-phone owners, reading books—either in paper or digital form—has turn really hard.

“Last year, we review 4 books,” admits Hugh McGuire in the San Francisco Chronicle. “I indispensable a little something else…Something to blemish that little eagerness at the back of my mind—just a discerning demeanour at e-mail on my iPhone; to write, and erase, a response to a humorous tweet…”

You see, he’s describing the battle that we all face in this age of distraction. Constantly accessible electronic impulse in several forms is rewiring the brains—it’s making it formidable for us to read, and to think, deeply.

But here’s the good news: electronic detox is possible. McGuire went on to report how banishing mobile inclination just from his bedroom offering him the mind space he indispensable to settle back into books. To really adore God with all the minds, and to deeply rivet His book—and any others that are estimable of the attention—may meant that we do likewise.

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