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The Point: Pray for Jack

Please, today, urge for Jack. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Today the Supreme Court will hear verbal arguments in the staggering case of Jack Phillips, the Christian cake shop owners who refused to use his artistic talent to adorn a cake for a happy wedding.

Jack paid a high price. He was hauled before the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and fined. He was forced to give up marriage cakes and lost 40 percent of his business.

The free debate and eremite rights of Christian artists, business owners, and all of us are at stake. So currently we will join in at a convene on the stairs of the Supreme Court as the case is being argued.

Please, urge right now for Jack Phillips, for Alliance Defending Freedom profession Kristin Waggoner, who will be arguing the case, and for Justice Anthony Kennedy, who may very good be the determining vote.

Also, you can attend the convene or you can follow it live at the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Facebook page from 8 to 11 AM eastern time. Or on Twitter, follow #JusticeforJack.

Images pleasantness of Brianna Herlihy – ADF Media.

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