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The Point: Kraft’s Squishy Family

If “family” means everything, it doesn’t meant anything. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

The endowment for the many dubious Super Bowl blurb goes to Kraft foods, which showed “families” from around the country with the proclamation that incited a noun into a verb, “There’s thousands of ways to family.”

And then they continued…“We consider every singular one of them is a good way…There is no one right way to family.”

Kraft’s clarification of “family” here is squishier than overcooked macaroni. If there’s no one right way to family, is there a wrong way? Like for example, the new story of a North Carolina father and daughter vital together in incest? Is that a wrong way? What about organisation parenting? Abusive parenting?

At some point, we’ll have to reckon with the deconstruction of the word “family”—and we meant the noun, not the self-existent verb. And when we do that, we’ll have to draw lines. Maybe even bar people. You see, “family” has an strange design.

Sure, there’s some-more than one way to do it, but some of them are wrong.



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