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The Point: Immigration and the Word

Immigration affects the economy, the inhabitant security, and the lives of millions. The issue ought to be treated with the pinnacle seriousness. And that includes the difference we use when we discuss it.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the President’s viewpoint and policies on immigration, we can't contend that the difference he was pronounced to have used don’t matter. Or even worse, that even if he pronounced what’s been reported it can somehow be justified.

No, if he did contend what’s been reported—or anything close to it—he demeaned the whole debate.

Words have artistic power. Christians of all people should hold debate and even difference themselves in the top regard. We trust God spoke the whole creation into being. Our savior, Jesus Christ, is the Word done flesh. We worship the difference of dedicated Scripture. And we should ensure the own.

Finally, it is never fine to pronounce about people in ways that repudiate their grace as bearers of God’s image. Never, even if we do have clever philosophy on policy.

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