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The Point: Every Day Is a Gift

“Every singular day is a gift. And you can’t let that go.” For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Assisted-suicide advocates are good at producing moving stories about people who confirm to finish their lives since of the suffering.

And too many, generally Christians, desert principle—that every human life is dedicated from source ‘til healthy death—for feelings: sadness, empathy, and pity.

So here’s a story to strengthen your joining to life—even when life hurts.

In 2014 Marine maestro J. J. Hanson schooled he had depot brain cancer and only 3 months to live. But instead of giving up, he motionless to live as if every day with his wife and son were a changed gift. As Hanson told the Daily Signal, “I indispensable care, not assisted self-murder pills.” He became a ardent disciple for life with the Patients Rights Action Fund, a organisation that opposes assisted suicide.

Hanson died on Dec 30th. But you need to see his story. Please come to BreakPoint.org, and I’ll couple you to an moving video about his finish of life journey.


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