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Son of a British attorney ‘raped a uni tyro as she slept’ in New York

THE son of a British attorney raped a 20-year-old university tyro as she slept, a justice has heard.

George Fay, 23, clambered into bed with the lady after she had consensual sex with his friend, who was defunct beside her, prosecutor Sara Sullivan told a jury in New York.

 The case is being listened in New York's Supreme Court
The case is being listened in New York’s Supreme Court

“As she slept next to her friend, she suspicion she was safe. Instead she woke up to this man George Fay, a stranger, forcing verbal sex as she lay sleeping,” she said.

Fay, whose QC father Michael sits as a emissary high justice judge in the Caribbean and is now formed in the British Virgin Islands, had spent the night celebration with pals, including childhood crony Jack Slye.He gave Slye the keys to his parents’ Upper Eastside apartment, in Manhattan, so he could “hook up” with the woman.The couple fell defunct after having sex and did not hear Fay come into the room, the justice heard.

Slye, who gave justification for the prosecution, told New York Supreme Court he was in the city celebrating his 22nd birthday and asked to stay at Fay’s flat.Dark-haired, sun-tanned Fay, dressed in an costly colourless grey suit, blue and white striped shirt and patterned tie, stared earnestly at his crony as he gave evidence.

He has pleaded not guilty to 3 depends of rape, sex abuse and committing a rapist passionate act while the victim was “physically incapable” of giving consent.Fay, once a star lacrosse player at his costly American boarding school, is on bail but is accepted to be wearing an ankle monitor.

 Fay's father is formed in the Virgin Islands
Fay’s father is formed in the Virgin Islands

Fay’s mom Sofia, a partner in a Caribbean PR company, sat at the back of the justice listening to the evidence.

London-born Fay, whose family now separate their time between the Channel Islands, the Virgin Islands and America, was arrested shortly after the purported attack in Jul 2016.

His 53-year-old father, an titular member of London’s Radcliffe Chambers and now a partner in a top Virgin Islands law firm, was also in justice and is approaching to give justification for the defence.Fay’s counsel Steve Sirocco told the jury that the lady had given “several versions” of what had happened including “omissions and distortions”.

He told them: “She woke up with a stranger’s penis in her mouth. She gagged? No. She screamed? No. She struggled? No. She fell back to sleep.”
The trial, which is approaching to last two weeks, continues on Monday.

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