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Parliament package related to ‘Punish a Muslim day’

Two people were taken to hospital as a prevision on Monday as police assessed a package, after found to be non-hazardous, at one of Parliament’s buildings.

Sent to the bureau of Labour MP Mohammad Yasin in the Norman Shaw Buildings, the occurrence stirred a response from dilettante police officers and paramedics.

“Everyone is fine, but it was clearly a worrying incident,” a member of Mr Yasin’s staff said.

Speaking in the House of Commons after conference news of the incident, Tory MP Michael Fabricant lifted fears the package sent to Mr Yasin may be connected to reports anti-Muslim letters have been posted opposite the country.

West Yorkshire Police have reliable they have perceived reports of “potentially antagonistic communications”, which are now being investigated by counter-terror police.

Social media users in London and Birmingham have also reported receiving the letters.

As MPs debated reports of the letters, Mr Fabricant – referring to Mr Yasin – said: “Earlier today, there was an occurrence in Norman Shaw North that concerned him and his staff which may or may not be connected – but we consider it competence be – with this letter.

“We must lift together to safeguard that this does not happen, not only here but via the country.”

Labour MP Mohammad Yasin
The parcel was sent to the bureau of Labour MP Mohammad Yasin

Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi had progressing described the calm of the letters, job for an attack on Muslims, revelation MPs they offer enemy rewards “ranging from 10 points for written abuse, 50 points for throwing poison and 1,000 points for bombing a mosque to 2,500 points for nuking Mecca”.

In response to Ms Qureshi’s obligatory doubt on the letters, Home Office apportion Victoria Atkins told MPs the Government “condemns the calm of the letters as clearly abhorrent, with no place in decent society”.

The discuss also saw Conservative MP Anna Soubry call for a “proper authorised clarification of Islamophobia”.

Ms Atkins replied: “We do not accept the need for a decisive definition, but we know that Islamophobia is clearly recognized and that we have very effective monitoring of race-hate crimes.”

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