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Labour MP denies ‘slapping woman’s buttocks’

Shadow ride apportion Karl Turner is also reported to have done comments about the woman’s breasts, after she had a double mastectomy.

A declare told the Financial Times of the startle of those benefaction after the East Hull MP allegedly slapped a womanlike party member’s backside when she walked by Mr Turner’s subdivision bureau in 2015.

When the MP was challenged, the declare told the journal Mr Turner replied with something identical to: “I couldn’t help myself.”

It was reported two witnesses also pronounced they listened Mr Turner tell the woman, who had recovered from breast cancer, she “shouldn’t have got absolved of her genuine t*** since they were great”, before adding: “The ones you’ve got now are good enough.”

The MP, a former barrister, is purported to have first done such comments in 2014 and steady them on other occasions.

Mr Turner denies the allegations.

“I am wakeful of reports in the media about my purported inapt behaviour,” he pronounced in a statement.

“I strongly reject any idea that we behaved inappropriately or in a misogynistic manner.”

Andrea Leadsom speaking out against abuse

Andrea Leadsom MP speaks out against abuse

Sky News understands the Labour Party has not perceived an central censure about the allegations.

A Labour orator said: “The party takes all complaints of passionate harassment, abuse and taste intensely seriously.

“We ask that anyone with a censure comes brazen so that allegations can be entirely investigated, and any suitable disciplinary movement taken in line with the party’s order book and procedures.”

It comes after House of Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom last month announced plans for a new behavioural code for all MPs, peers and staff, which will underpin a new eccentric complaints and protest procession apart from the domestic parties.

The recommendations of a cross-party organisation came in response to a new scandal, which saw a series of allegations of passionate nuisance and bullying done against politicians and staff from opposite domestic parties.

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