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Love Life Hopes to Show Others How to End Abortion

Nearly a million abortions will take place in America this year. Since 1973, when Roe v. Wade effectively ratified termination nationwide, we have seen some-more than 50-million abortions in this country.

Given such daunting and comfortless statistics, is it probable even to dream about finale termination in this country?

Justin Reeder, who leads Love Life in Charlotte, N.C., says yes.

“Our idea is to combine and muster the church to create a enlightenment of adore and life that will outcome in an finish to termination and the waif crisis,” he told me during an talk this week at his bureau in Charlotte. “We trust what the Bible teaches about the church, that the gates of ruin can't overcome against it. We trust that God has called the church to figure the culture.”

Justin Reeder’s life is in some ways a embellishment for the devout church’s attribute to the life issue. He was lifted in the church, and deliberate himself pro-life, but until 4 years ago he was not very active in the pro-life movement. He was a successful businessman whose business had just distinguished 10 years of operation, and he was looking for new challenges. Several pro-life friends took him to the largest termination trickery in the southeastern United States, A Preferred Women’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive in south Charlotte. In fact, Reeder was doing business with a company on the same road.

“But we had no thought what was going on there,” he says.

Reeder met true pro-life activists demonstrating in front of the facility. Some offering path counseling. Reeder was challenged and convicted by what he saw. He believed God was job him to mount with these true few.

While Reeder’s heart was convicted, his entrepreneurial mind was also spinning. He could see that the efforts of these pro-lifers was having some success. Individual lives had changed for the good. But these efforts would need to be scaled up to have an impact on the region.

After two years of praying and planning, Reeder launched Love Life Charlotte. Today, some-more than 100 churches and, over the past two years, some-more than 23,000 people have assimilated the true few who Reeder saw in front of the Latrobe Drive trickery 4 years ago. On one new Saturday, the perfection of a 40-week effort, thousands showed up to urge for an finish to termination in Charlotte. On that Saturday, a day when 50 women would routinely come to the trickery for abortions, only 5 women showed up.

Reeder says one reason Love Life Charlotte has been successful is its proceed to the church. “We don’t ask them to lift signs, or to protest, or to yield path counseling,” he said. “Initially, we just ask them to teach themselves, to pray, and to show up.” Each participating church is reserved a week to urge and study, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays, members of the church show up at the termination trickery to pray.

Love Life Charlotte also hopes to promote adoption. “More than 10,000 children are in encourage caring in North Carolina,” Reeder said. “About 2000 of these children are prepared for adoption-ready,” definition they have privileged all authorised hurdles and could be adopted today. “Our idea is to get all these kids adopted, and have a watchful list not for kids to get adopted, but a watchful list of Christian families watchful for kids to adopt.”

Reeder says that in the past two years some-more than 800 women who came to the trickery for abortions eventually chose life, many of them on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the days when Love Life Charlotte has the largest participation at the facility.

The expansion of Love Life Charlotte has not been but challenges. The thespian expansion in the series of people showing up at the Latrobe Drive trickery caused the business owners and other pro-abortion activists to petition the Charlotte City Council for a change in internal law to shorten the pro-lifers. The bid was unsuccessful, but it generated debate in the city for weeks.

Also, yet Love Life Charlotte has some-more than 100 churches holding partial in its activities, that is just a fragment of the some-more than 700 churches in the Charlotte area. Nonetheless, the organisation gets high marks from internal pastors, who get almost daily requests from ministries to attend in projects that advantage the method but not the church or the church’s members. Dan Burrell, a long-time Charlotte priest who is now executive priest of Life Fellowship, said, “Love Life Charlotte has finished some-more to bring churches together on any issue in this city than anything I’ve seen given a Billy Graham Crusade.”

Kelvin Smith, priest of Steele Creek Church, praised the group’s “well-organized, low-hurdle, high-impact events.” He said, “Many who are not gentle with path confrontations can still take partial with good effectiveness.”

Will this judgment work in other cities? Reeder and his group consider so. In 2018, Love Life will dump its “Charlotte” appendix and start efforts in other North Carolina cities. Reeder says they trust what has happened in Charlotte can occur in cities all opposite America, but they wish to test their ideas and learn profitable lessons in cities close to home first.

So while any city is different, Reeder believes that the God he serves and the idea of the church will sojourn unchanged, to be a partial of “restoring all things,” starting close to home, with your own neighbors, as the Good Samaritan did in the famous biblical story. Then, one person’s actions becomes an instance to many.

“The problem is not the dark of the culture,” Justin Reeder said. “The problem is the deficiency of light.”

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