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Keenum and Diggs appreciate God, remembering Keith Jackson, Chinese churches destroyed, pro-life bills coming up

Thanking God. The Minnesota Vikings kick the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in a nail-biter of a playoff game. As overwhelming as the feat was, maybe even some-more notable were the post-game interviews. Vikings quarterback Case Keenum, who threw a last-second touchdown, said, “This is substantially going to go down as the third best moment of my life. Behind giving my life to Jesus Christ and marrying my wife.” The man who held Keenum’s unfortunate pass was far-reaching receiver Stefon Diggs. In an romantic talk after the game, Diggs said, “God put me in position. we just tried to take advantage of that opportunity.”


Whoa, Nellie! While we’re on the theme of sports, we wanted to take a moment to remember sports commentator Keith Jackson, who died last week. He was 89 and his death marks the flitting of a hulk in sports broadcasting, a man whose name became synonymous with college football. When we was a comparison broadcasting major at the University of Georgia in 1980, UGA was making a inhabitant championship run. In the days before a million wire channels, the Georgia diversion was mostly the biggest diversion of the week. That meant it got the promote “A-Team,” and that meant Keith Jackson. So, Jackson was mostly in Athens, and on one of his trips he spoke to my broadcasting class. It was a seminal moment in my budding career as a journalist. He desired football, but it seemed to me that he desired people, too. we would also note that he had one non-sports, non-celebrity fulfilment worth celebrating: He remained married to his wife Turi Ann for some-more than 60 years.


Chinese Church Destroyed. The Christian method ChinaAid has reported that a vast church in China was broken by supervision authorities. Military police detonated explosives inside the Golden Lampstand Church in the city of Linfen, in China’s Shanxi province. The building, which was the ceremony core for as many as 50,000 Christians in the region, was destroyed. According to the Christian Post, “Lampstand’s conduct Pastor, Yang Rongli, had formerly spent 7 years in jail on charges of convention a vast throng to disquiet traffic order, and has been under police notice given his recover in Oct 2016.” ChinaAid founder Bob Fu said, “The steady harm of Golden Lampstand Church demonstrates that the Chinese supervision has no honour for eremite leisure or human rights. ChinaAid calls on the general village to plainly reject the bombing of this church building and titillate the Chinese supervision to sincerely recompense the Christians who paid for it and immediately stop these shocking demolitions of churches.” This dispersion is the latest in a crackdown on Christian churches in China. Government authorities have also started stealing crosses from churches in Zhejiang province, observant they violate building codes.


Pro-Life Bills Coming Up. At slightest 3 critical pro-life bills are set for a opinion in Congress this week. The Pain Capable Child Protection Act would strengthen babies 20 weeks of rehearsal and older from abortion. It has already upheld the House.  The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act would supplement rapist penalties to a identical law upheld in 2002. The Heartbeat Protection Act would make it a crime to “knowingly perform an abortion: (1) but last either the fetus has a detectable heartbeat, (2) but informing the mom of the results, or (3) after last that a fetus has a detectable heartbeat.” The latter two bills are scheduled for a opinion on Friday, the same day as the annual Mar for Life.



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